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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author solarizde

Rumble, Survive & Destroy

solarizde Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings and Welcome to my Rumble Guide,

this is my first Guide - I personal see it more as a "hint book" for myself cause I`m not always playing the same champ. I note down my experience I made with several tries and what turns out Best will be written down in here. So please don`t expect a perfect "guide" it`s more a "did worked like this" notebook :)

If you like it feel free to vote, if not please be open minded and tell me your critic I`m always open for new suggestions to improve my game.

Enough Introduction Talk - let`s stop wasting time and start with the Guide :)

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Ok a short explanation why I chosen this Runeset.

As you can see I building on some survival some Penetration and finally a bit Cooldown reduction. Why ?

Cooldown Reduction

1st why CDR ? Because of the little Rumble totally rely on his ability to quickly cast. Your Autoattack is, compared to many other AP Champs, mostly useless without your Q or E. Your Ultimate is absolutely Great so every second you can cast it earlier can be the deciding cast in a Teamfight or 1:1. Even for Escaping from a unlucky situation your Ulti is very usefull so many things - I forgot about the farming ability. Conclusion: Use your ulti as often as possible and have it ready for ganks!

Ok why I chosen Celerity instead of Focus runes ? Thats easy, look at this Graph:

As you can see with celerity you start low and continue to increase each level. With Level 13 you reach the point where celerity pays out. In random Games it`s most likely that the game won`t be over before level 13 and especially in the highlevel endgame a reduced cooldown is important. If you playing in a premade team and normally win a Game before reaching level 13 it`s better to prefer focus. But whom I`m telling this - it`s just math.

Armor & Life

On the other hand the Armor runes I take the flat ones because rumble is very sensitive in the early level stage without his first def. items so +13 Armor will defenitly payout in the early game. To prevent you just from hugging your own tower in the first levels I also recommend Quintessence of Fortitude for +78 HP It`s not much but can save your *** in the early game.

Magic Penetration

I choose Mpen because with my build little rumble gains AP very late after his first armor items. So to not get totally resisted in the beginning Mpen is usefull.

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Masteries, ok - Masteries... I`m not a genius in mastery trees so this is rather short chapter of the guide. I use a mostly common caster build of 9-21-0
I think there is not much to explain. Rumble don`t need Mana so it would be a waste to go for a utility build - sure the CDR is great but I prefer a little more survivability. 9 in Offense are compulsory because of the Archaic Knowledge giving 15% MPen this is the "cheapest" Mpen you can get! A must have.

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Ok, the Items. I tried out some other builds and figured out this is the best way to go. As mentioned before - rumble is weak in the early gameplay so additional AP in the first levels is mostly waste of Gold because you won`t survive. Many other builds starting with Soulstealer or at least some kind of AP Equipment, I noticed that I`m much more useful for the whole Team if I play defensive at the beginning and try to harass with my E and Q.

So please see the suggested Purchase Order just as a "rough way to go" the real order always depends on many factors. For Example the Regrowth Pendant, I don`t buy it each time, only If the enemy is playing agressive. If they play more defensive I buy a tome instead to get some more AP asap so feel free to try and play. Another good example of how a build have to vary is the Chain Vest, don`t buy it if you only face against magical AP enemys. In this case it`s better to save the gold and go directly for a Giant's Belt or on a heavy Caster team a Null-Magic Mantle.

Early Game Items

For sure add some Health Pots depending on your needs but don`t spend to much for Pots, if you need to much you should consider buying a and play a bit defensive.

Mid-Game Items

As soon you got the basic early Game stuff you should start upgrading your previous items to those:

Depending of the game so far you should either go and complete a or more AP start shopping

Items to Complete the Build

For sure if you don`t build until now you should seriously consider it. Rumble with less then 300 AP in the endgame won`t help you much. To finish the Build I suggest one of those:

Totaly depending on the Situation and the current Gameplay. If the enemy team is more tanky I would go for the on more AP enemys go for instead. A good alternative is the Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Guid not yet ready....

Excuse me but the guide isn`t finished yet. Will be continued by me tomorrow any first comments are appreciated.