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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Texsuo132

Rumble: TURBO ON!

Texsuo132 Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Please note that this guide is still a work in progress.

Rumble is a very fun champion who can be built to survive attacks and still deal out a good amount of damage. Since his release i've not looked back at any of my other champions.

This build will take a look at his items, runes, masteries and will give some tips on using his skills.
This is my first guide so i might rework it as i play more as rumble.

These are my latest matches as him that i played when writing this guide:

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I like to take some standard caster magic pen and ability power but i like to add some hp.
i do this because rumble is great at extending in his lane to push the enemy back so it helps to have a nice hp pool to tank through the damage.

Hp can be swapped out for more resistances or for more ability power but i like the extra hp.

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I take standard defence masteries to push the lane without being killed taking points in cdr ability power and magic pen in the offence tree. This works well for building up heat and then dealing out a nice amount of damage surviving people targeting him with the defence.

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Summoner Spells

my Summoner spells are basic
I like to take ghost or flash to use as a standard escape. I also use them to get away from a tower after a dive.

in my 2nd slot i take exhaust or ignite just to secure the kill early game or to stop damage in a team fight. i like to take one of these and have my lane partner take the other.

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I take a dorans shield first for the early game health per 5 and that little bit of extra hp and armor. i sell this later game when i buy force of nature/warmog's

These work well for ganks plus can be used to chase people down with Flamespitter

The extra magic pen can also work on rumble.

I take Mercury's treads against crowd control teams.

Crystal scepter i feel is really needed. it has a slow hp and ap thats everything rumble needs to stack so its a good buy. i like to rush this after boots buying the hp or ap first based on how my lane is playing

Force of nature is great for health per 5 and magic resist. the move speed also works well with rumble. this item can be dropped if the enemy is lacking in ap

I feel warmog's should always be taken to keep you tough in the late game though i never usually get the chance to build it.

If the game is still going a deathcap and hourglass will provide the ap the nuke down the enemy. the hourglass also gives a nice on use and some armor

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Skill Combo

Flame spitter is a great spam move that should be on when you are in melee range. It deals nice damage in a cone and has a great CD, just remember to watch your heat.

Scrap Shield is a great move to use for the move speed and the small amount of protection. I have used it many times to tower dive people and to survive from the spamable shield. i often use this with flamespitter to build up my heat

The Electro-Harpoon is rumbles skillshot slow. it builds up heat and allows you to fire a 2nd harpoon just after the first. The 2nd harpoon will not build any heat. the slows from these harpoons stack so putting the 2 on one target will greatly reduce their move speed though the shots can be spread out to slow multiple targets.
I use this to last shot minions if im being pushed back by a ranged such as Caitlyn or Ashe and use it to close the gap between us in the lane.

The Equalizer is a great move that can be used in many ways. Going for a gank on mid it can be placed behind the target forcing them to go around it or to take massive damage and a slow by going through it. because of its range it can be dropped onto a tower to pick up a kill from a runner or as a great start to a tower dive. The aiming can take a bit of getting used to but once its been mastered it can rip people apart in team fights.

Rumbles passive is great for dealing out extra damage but can be a very bad thing if used at the wrong time. When engaging you need to get that overheat off as soon as you can so that you can deal out damage and then chase them down with your Scrap Shield and Electro-Harpoon. If overheat is used too late in a fight you wont be able to escape/chase the enemey due to its silence so watch your heat bar and hold back on spells if you need to move out of the fight.

Skills need to be used in combination to get the best effect:
I like to stick to the same skill combo and try to avoid fights untill i have build up my heat to a stable level. I spam my Flamespitter and Scrap Shield untill my heat is over 50 then i will bully the enemy. If im going to engage i get my heat to 75 and keep it there untill i engage.

When moving lanes for a gank i spam Q and W when running so that i get there faster and have the heat ready to kill the enemy when i start the gank.