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Rumble General Guide by allredf



Updated on June 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author allredf Build Guide By allredf 6,898 Views 1 Comments
6,898 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author allredf Rumble Build Guide By allredf Updated on June 5, 2016
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Welcome to my Rumble Guide, I have been playing League of Legends since 2014 and in that time as of 3:12 pm Sunday June 5th I have played 739 games with Rumble. Because about 95 percent of the games I play are with Rumble I have become so adjusted to his unique play style that I have found it extremely hard to play other champions. This being said I consider myself fairly knowledeble of his mechanics.

In this guide I will teach you how to play rumble as TOP, Jungle, MID, and BOT(in place of your ADC,yes it actually is viable, don't judge until you have seen it.)

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Pros / Cons

Built in escape with scrap shield
Built in Kiting ability with Harpoon
Built 5 second cool down shield that scales off AP
Strong AOE for team fights and easy chasing.
No manna

No built in flash
Can be countered in lane by ranged champs.
If you fall behind its hard to catch up.
Very dependent on teamwork, Unlike Yi if you have a ****py team you won't be of much use.

Rumble Is a very unique champ in that He has a little bit of everything, speed, ale damage, single target nukes, slows, shield. This makes him able to adapt to most matchups regardless of your lane.
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TOP/MID vs AD/JG- I go Greater Quints of Ability Power, Greater Seals of Armor, Greater Marks of MP, and Greater Glyphs of MP. I don't need MR right now vs an AD. You can build MR items later in the game if you need.

TOP/MID vs AP- I go Greater Quints of Ability Power, Greater Seals of Armor, Greater Marks of MP, and Greater Glyphs of MR. You lose a little damage but gain some needed magic resistance.

BOT LANE- Because you will naturally get poked like crazy while farming bot lane you will need to start with armor quints, seals, and marks to mitigate the damage. That combined with your Dorans Shield and teleport will allow you to stay in lane farming long enough to be able to start trading with your opponents. With these runes you can build your normal items without needing more armor.
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Jungle Masteries - Similar to your laning Masteries, except you want a little more sustain in the jungle.
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Skill Sequence

Top/mid vs champs which little harass i.e. garen, singed, - I sometimes take this order vs ranged attacks, but I have to make sure I deal the same amount of damage to them that they do to me.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Top/mid vs champs with early harass i.e. gangplank, pantheon, gnar. - You need to be able to approach minions safely to get that one hit. Your shield will block their auto or spell attack. You also can start out with your e if you don't think your shield will be enough. Just stand back and harpoon your cs.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

BOT lane - You have to start your cs with your harpoons because if you try to melee you will be attacked by two opponents, which will be too much for your scrap shield to handle. Don't bother grabbing your flames until three, in order to actually do damage with it you have to stay inside their range of fire for several seconds, which means two of them attacking you for more time.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Flash Always take this. You need it to escape dicy situations, as well as blink to an opponent to finish them off. It's element of surprise makes it better than ghost. No one expects you to flash/dash(using you hex-tech belt) clear across the screen into their face.

Teleport I take Teleport Top, Mid, and Bot. All you have to do is have your top or bot ward deep into their grass down their lane, and let their opponent/s push. Teligank behind them and secure an easy double or single. just make sure to have them engage before you teleport, otherwise they will simply run past you
Always take Teleport while playing bot lane. You should avoid trades until you are at least level 3 or 4. Teleport will allow you to buy, heal, and return to lane full health before either of your opponents has time to do the same. Think, you could take heal, which will give you somewhere around 100 health or so, or you could just teleport home, gain 500 health, and return to lane immediately. It also allows you to gank your top and middle, which can further secure your kills.

Smite Of course take this instead of Teleport when Jungling.

Ignite I used to use this until I realized that with rumbles chasing ability, he really has no need of ignite. All you have to do is poke them down to half health or lower and then commit to an engage. If they run just chase them down before they hit their tower. When chasing someone, your flames are basically constant ignite.
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TOP/Mid melee and castors start - Gives you a headstart on your core items as well as providing sustain.
Ruby Crystal Health Potion Stealth Ward

Bot Lane/ any adc opponent - help reduce the damage of long ranged autos that you will be constantly receiving.
Doran's Shield Health Potion Stealth Ward

Jungle: Most of your damage comes from spells, not autos, so grab Hunter's Talisman first.
Hunter's Talisman Health PotionX3 Stealth Ward

All lanes RUSH Hextech Rocketbelt as as fast as possible. This is rumble's new bread and butter item. It allows you the escape by dashing away. It allows to you close the distance on a bank without burning flash. It scales off your AP. It gives you extra burst damage Think: Dash- harpoon/Luden's Echo- ultimate- sheild-flames- harpoon-overheat- melee = bursted down squishy. It also gives you AMAZING wave clear. This item was made for Rumble.

Core Items
Hextech Rocketbelt Sorcerer's Shoes Luden's Tempest Rylai's Crystal Scepter Liandry's Torment
If you are the jungler Luden's Tempest is replaced by Enchantment: Runic Echoes

For your final Item options:
Zhonya's Hourglass good for a heavy AD team. You can also activate your flames before turning to gold for continuous damage. This is great if you are the initiator for your team.
Abyssal Mask Definently is helpful against a AP heavy team, but only if it has not been bought by your teammates.
Rabadon's Deathcap for added raw damage
Void Staff for when your opponents stack MR.
Guardian Angel for late game when it comes down to one team fight. If you have the money feel free to sell it and buy one of the previous items once its passive is activated.
Elixir of Iron If you don't have enough money to buy your last and your team is having a rough time item you can buy this instead. Hold it in your last slot until you are about to have a team fight. By this far in the game you should be able to make up its cost in not time with farming in-between fights.
Elixir of Sorcery Buy this once your items are all built, but only if you are handling the other team well. I usually take Elixir of Iron to help me survive that last massive fight.
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Team Work

Teamwork is Key to playing Rumble. Here are a few team plays you can organize:
Have team ward baron and hide in a safe bush (usually near red or blue) When the enemy team commits to baron or dragon drop your The Equalizerinto the opening of the pit. Then have your teammates close in from behind. The enemy team will be trapped on your ultimate, with the baron attacking them, AND your team attacking them as well. I have one shotted ADCs and Mages in the pit with my The Equalizer by itself.

Have your team fight in the Jungle, this allows you to drop your The Equalizer on a jungle path; the enemy team will not be able to simply walk out of your ultimate.

When attacking the Enemy's nexus you can drop your The Equalizer across the double towers as the enemy waves appear. This will quickly clear all minions, and back the enemy off the towers allowing your team to destroy one or both of them.

When attacking a tower drop your The Equalizer across the front of it This will keep the defenders from attacking your ADC for five seconds while he shreds the tower.

When dropping your The Equalizer on a fleeing opponent drop it at a diagonal in front of them. This way they cannot simply sidestep it or walk through it. It also herds them in a direction that is very easy to anticipate. They will have to run at an angle that allows your team to catch them.

When waiting in ambush wait for their enemy to scout the bush your standing in (you have already verified that there is no current ward there by smiting raptors) When they get close harpoon them in the face twice while pouncing with your Hextech Rocketbelt and flames while dropping your The Equalizer= instakill.

Be Careful to not take the brunt of the enemy's damage. You will find that you will do by far the most damage to the enemy players at the end of the game. This is because of your AOE. You are a one man clean-up crew.
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TOP LANE FARMING: If you ward well you can push the wave clear up to the enemy tower, making it hard for them to CS. This however leaves you open for ganks, and makes it impossible for your Jungler to gank your lane.

If you are getting banked and there is no escape, run into the top bushes, then drop your ulti alongside the bushes and start flaming at the squishiest of the two, sometimes you can pull of a double.

A safer way is to simply use harpoons and auto's with overheat to CS. Overheating makes CS fairly easy.

Bottom lane- use your harpoons as much as possible to cs, at least for the first few levels.

Once you get your Hextech Rocketbelt you can clear a giant wave of minions in one single dash, which makes this item extremely cost efficient.
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In the Jungle I like to start bottom, I prefer it to be red, but the double leash is what is important.

I never smite on the leash. I have found that I don't really need the stun buff since I don't auto much, and smiting the red allows me to finish the jungle without using a single pot, many times at full health.

The mechanics are simple, you approach a camp at zero heat, then spam all your abilities at once. After THREE MELEE HITS you turn around and run away from the camp for 1.5 seconds, then you turn around and spam your abilities again and repeat. This makes it so that you take practically no damage in the jungle. Be careful not to overheat until you are close to killing the camp.

Try to gank middle or top as soon as you have your harpoon ability. This will help them and also give you time for your smite to recharge.

Always try to land a harpoon BEFORE dropping your The Equalizer. This helps ensure that you don't miss.
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Bottom lane Tips

The reason Rumble can be great bot is because he has amazing AOE, this means that he can focus both the ADC AND the Support at the same time. Most champions can only focus one opponent at a time.

Rumble can be a great success bottom lane, but you need to follow the runes that I layer out at the beginning of this guide.
Play extremely safe until at least level 3. Do not engage the enemy at all before that, you will lose the exchange.
Try to have a support that has some kind of heal. This way you will be able to freely farm. the perfect matchup I have found bot is RUMBLE/SONA. Sona heals him, and when you both are level 6 you are unstoppable, just coordinate your ultimates at the same time and dash in with your Hextech Rocketbelt.Their ADC will be melted by your advance with no chance of escape or retaliation. Just make sure you grab teleport for bottom lane.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author allredf
allredf Rumble Guide
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