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Ryze Build Guide by xXAisuruXx

Ryze: I am God V1.2

By xXAisuruXx | Updated on May 22, 2012
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So this will be my first guide, please take your time to read it all.

So I've been playing Ryze for about.. a year, even before he got this "nerf" from epic burster to carrier. I personally LOVE Ryze because of he is kinda "Underused" and underestimated most of the time. Ryze is actually DEADLY now after the "nerf", no he CAN'T kill a champ in 2 sec like he could, but now he can easily go 1v3 and leave with nearly full hp.
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V1.1 Changed item build and ability sequence, also added Baron solo video.
V1.2 Added more explanations to runes, changed some runes, added more picture, removed baron video, and added the lastest patch nerf.
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Patches (Only most important nerfs/buffs)
Comments for patch

Ryze received some hard nerfs from this patch, mainly the range reduction of Overload from 700 to 650. Overload is now no longer safe to harass with, considering most of other champion's abilities has the same range all around. With Spell Flux being the longest range and the weakest ability (With my build) I'd say RioT did well on this nerf to balance Ryze.

Rune Prison also got it's duration reduced by 0.25s which doesn't seem too much, but you will notice in between your combo, you might not be able to cast the last Overload considering the enemy will run away and your range is not shorter.

Desperate Power got it's passive mana removed. Not that big of a deal, it was just 225 mana, which, when you are level 18, is nothing at all. The new active though, gain some movement speed, which just balance out the Overload range reduction. Combine Desperate Power active with Ghost, you can now easily chase and hunt down escaping enemies.
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Pros / Cons

    INSANE Damage with Overload WITHOUT any AP
    Survive most of the time if played well
    Easily solo dragon
    Easy farm
    Nice heal from ulti
    FUN and LARGE build pools avaiable to experience with
    Mana hunger at early game
    Depends A LOT on blue buff
    Focused down easily with silence
    Depending on spells, vurable to CC
    Not really a con, but Overload missile speed is quiet slow, so you will get ksed couple of times
    Quiet "hard" to master
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What makes Ryze Unique?

First of all, Ryze is Unique caster because his main damage comes from MANA, not AP, which makes him Caster who has no need for AP. Just compare it to a psychical DPS with no Damage? It's not possible (BloodRazor doesn't counts)

So, What I'm trying to tell you is, After Tears of the Goddes, Banshee and Frozen Heart, your damage is more than enough (500 with overload maxed mana). Still don't get it?

After the core item, you can build WHATEVER, yes, WHATEVER you want and still does HUGE damage.

By that, I've tried Hybrid Ryze (Manamune, Black Cleaver and Rageblade)
Or total tank Ryze (Warmog, FoN, FoN/Thorn)
Even full DPS Ryze (Archangel, Rylai, Mejai/Rabadon)
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Why the runes?

I bet most of you readers will question my rune choice, well, heres the explianation.

Greater Marks of Insight: Self explained. Every caster needs magic pen. By having 9 Greater Mark of Insight and 2 Greater Glyph of Insight, you will start off with 10 flat magic penetration. Now, most of the champions you will face at mid will start with 30 magic resist, which means you can pen 1/3 of them.

Greater Seal of Intellect: Why? Why mana and not mana regen? Well, consider this: Ryze starts off with 250 mana, which allows you to cast only 4 Overload, or 7 if you start with Sapphire Crystal. Your Overload will be able to deal 60 (+ depends on ap 1 - 10) (+36) With magic penetration, you can deal around 50 - 60 damage.

Now with my runes, you will start off with extra 253 mana, that makes roughly 700 mana which equals 11 (regen) not counting leveling up. With masteries, your overload @ level 1 will be 60 (+1)(+50) with magic penetration, you can deal around 60 - 70 damage to champions at level one.

Now with my runes, you can harras at average 600 - 700 damage from Overload alone.
With AP runes, you can deal at average 350 - 420 damage.

A huge difference.

And by having these Intellect runes, you don't have to recall after 7 overload, you can stay for 11, which, if you ONLY harass and last hit with AA, you can stay in lane long enough to obtain 1000gold and even a blue buff before your first recall.

While WITHOUT my runes, you will face some difficulties, not being able to have mana for Rune Prison in case of ganks, which will happends from time to time, can result in giving the enemy first blood.
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Ability Sequence Order /w Explanations

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Overload is Ryze's main source of damage. Max it first for the best damage output possible.
Rune Prison is his second damage dealing and chasing/escaping mechanism. Max it second.
Spell Flux this ability serves only for magic resist reduction, no other useful purposes. Max it third though.
Desperate Power not the best ultimate in League of Legends. Mainly used to proc Arcane Mastery and quick farming. Very useful in a team fight where the whole enemy team is stupid enough to stand next to each other, allowing you to AoE the duck out of them. Max it last, since Spell Flux will allow you to do your combo more with it's lower cooldown.


Many people disagree with me on starting with Overload instead of Rune Prison since Rune Prison is a CC and allows level 1 team fight to kill. To be host, those level 1 team fights doesn't happen too often below 2000ELO. And it doesn't pay off at all, the chance of getting level 1 ace is too low, and when you return to lane with Rune Prison you will find yourself in trouble if the enemy harass you. Why? Rune Prison has the cooldown of whole 14 s while Overload has 3.5 which means you can at least cast 4 Overload during the cooldown of Rune Prison and the mana won't be problem at all if you have read all the sections above.
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Tips n Trick

Change your Smartcast Abilities to QWER (You will able to cast all his ability by simply mmoving the cusor over the target and hit Q/W/E This makes your combo goes faster and flawless
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Okay, so, at the beginning of the game, start off with Sapphire crystal and one of each potion.
Go mid lane or lane with your premade partner, do NOT Overload minnion, use it to harras enemy with your 100 damage and 3.6sec CD. Last hit until you have 945 gold or 985, recall and buy Tears of the Goddes + Boot of Speed and a blue potion (985) Return to your lane, now LAST HIT with Overload and ONLY use it to harras when enemy tries to attack you.

At level 6, pop the remaining pot and go to blue golem (Make sure you have at least half mana bar else you will fail. Take him down, recall, return to lane. Now farm for Sorcerer's Shoes and the leftover money on potions.
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Item Purchases

This is where the game start for you

TAB, check the score, and check which one of the enemy is the most dangerous (fed)

If AD > Farm for Chain Vest then rush Frozen Heart

If AP > Sapphire Crystal/ Negatron Cloak > Catalyst The Protector > Banshee's Veil

If nobody is yet fed, rush Banshee's Veil for core item

If you got at least 2 kills before 15 min; Rod of Ages instead of Banshee's Veil

Remember to KEEP your BLUE Buff/Relic up ALL THE TIME, Demand it from your team mate

Your core item will be these four

Tear of the Goddess
Sorcerer's Shoes
Banshee's Veil
Frozen Heart

Two(3) last item are often different depending on game situation for me..

If my team is loosing hard, and fed some of enemy.. I would then go for more defence, Force of Nature for AP, Thornmail for AD. I also add up Warmog's Armor aswell and the last item Archangel's Staff

If my team is winning, or at least Im too fed with max mana, I go for AD builds.. no, it's not literally trolling, since you DO boost the damage you lacks (when waiting for cd 1sec) Those 300 damages DOES kill.

So, if enemy stacks HP ( Warmog's Armor) I go, Madred's Bloodrazor - Black Cleaver - Manamune

If enemy has no defence, Infinity Edge - Black Cleaver - Manamune

If I cant keep my blue, I go for Guinsoo's Rageblade - Manamune - Black Cleaver

Just remember... if you want to go AD, DO NOT substitude/swap out your Tear of the Goddess for ANYTHING, you main damage comes from Tear of the Goddess.

Please note: After playing AD Ryze can either result in total ownage or total disaster. With the damage nerf all around, Ryze lost about 500DPS from mana only. You can choose to replace that with either AP build or AD. Please take note as well that Ryze doesn't scale off AP too well. So AD is the way to go!
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This is why Ryze is dangerous, yes, his combo

Probly the longest chain combo a champion can do

Some might wonder
why not QEQWQRQEQWQ for more damage?
Well, enemy is likely to FLASH/Escape you before you can trap, but you are free to try.
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End game results

Depending on your team and yourself, you might loose sometimes.

Here's some of my recently matches..
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Some score pictures

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Well thanks for viewing my guide, hope you enjoyed it :) Ill be updating this as soon as I get more time and more idea's. Comment&Rate ;)