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Yasuo Build Guide by Polarshift

Middle diamond


By Polarshift | Updated on January 24, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Yasuo with Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #48 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide


By Polarshift

Hello everyone, welcome to my in-depth guide!

My name is Polarshift. I'm a player that has always been interested in a bunch of roles and champions, allowing me to possess quite a lot of general game-knowledge. So why don't I use my knowledge to help other people out that are interested in the same champions that I enjoy to play? Before I make any of these guides, I like to do my own little research about the champion to correct any wrong views I might have, thus raising the quality of these guides. I hope that you enjoy reading my guide and that it'll answer any questions you had.

Yasuo is one of my favourite champions and he's really strong when piloted correctly. Don't get deceived by his low winrate, because he is really hard to master and you will get punished very hard when played incorrectly, since he's melee and quite easy to kill with some CC. Even some of the harder matchups can be won if you're skilled on Yasuo!

I've spent a lot of time on this guide and I'd love it if you'd like to follow me on Twitch. Come and join my Discord community server if you have any more questions or would like to chill, join giveaways and be updated for more guides and tips!

Please upvote and leave a comment if you liked the guide so more people get to see it!

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Here are the topics that you'll learn in this guide:

+ Pros and cons and when is the best time pick Yasuo.
+ Ability sequence, rune setups and summoner spells.
+ In-depth itemization. Read the notes on the builds too.
+ All kinds of combos, tricks and animation cancels.
+ Making your runepage and choosing a spell pre-game.
+ How to play Yasuo in the laning phase and after it.
+ Matchups for Yasuo; they're at the top of this page.

Note that matchups are a bit sketchy to do since it doesn't take into account that you have a jungler!
Don't forget to read the notes at the top of the page for more info on the builds.

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+ His early game is not useless and can be infinitely improved on; when you snowball, you will snowball hard!
+ Yasuo has a lot of mobility with his E, especially when fighting inside of minionwaves. His R allows him to dodge stuff too!
+ Yasuo's Windwall is incredibly good against champions that rely on projectiles. Dodging ranged attacks is a piece of cake!
+ Yasuo is really good at teamfighting because of his knock-ups, exceptional mobility, Wind Wall and his ultimate. Yasuo has a knock-up every few seconds which is quite, to say the least, broken in a fight.
+ Yasuo's cooldowns are extremely low, hence making him mechanically advanced to play. You can cancel his abilities with other abilities or just a plain auto-attack. Yasuo has incredibly high DPS because of the amount of abilities he can cancel; this can definitely catch enemies offguard.


- Yasuo is probably one of the hardest mechanical champions in the game.
- It will definitely take you a lot of time to become good at him; mastering him is a long journey!
- Yasuo struggles when behind since he's basically a melee carry. Which means he doesn't have a lot of health to work with and can easily get one-shot. Some match-ups will just be running Fleet Footwork and surviving.
- In lower elo's people tend to have an extremely negative prejudice about Yasuo players; be prepared to dodge these games if you want to climb. Don't mind them and play what you enjoy though!
- Yasuo is incredibly squishy and will get oneshot if he has no targets that he can lifesteal on. Thus, he's very vulnerable against crowd control.

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Yasuo will frequently level his abilities in the same following order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Exceptions in this might be an 'E - Sweeping Blade' start on lvl 1 if you think you can poke an enemy down after they overextend to break your shield. I recommend only trying this with Fleet Footwork because you will most likely get a lot of minion and disengage damage from the enemy laner.

WAY OF THE WANDERER (PASSIVE): Yasuo gains 'flow' relative to the distance he has travelled. He gains flow per 59/52,5/46 units he travels (based on level). Distance travelled with Sweeping Blade counts towards this too. At 100 flow stacks Yasuo will gain a shield (of 115 to 525 based on level) that triggers when he gets damaged by a champion or monster. Yasuo gains double his critical strike chances from other sources, but his Critical Strikes deal 10% reduced damage. However, every 1% of excess critical strike chance converts to 0.5 bonus AD.

STEEL TEMPEST (Q): Steel Tempest will thrust forward his sword and damage all targets hit. Steel Tempest's cooldown and cast time are reduced by attack speed; capping at a maximum cooldown of 1.33s and cast time of 0.18s (level 1 cooldowns are 4 seconds and 0.39 for cast time). Steel Tempest has a range of 475. Hitting a target with Steel Tempest grants you a Gathering Storm stack for 6 seconds. After 2 Gathering Storm stacks you will get the ability to send out a whirlwind the next time your use the ability. This whirlwind has a range of 900. You can cancel your auto attacks with Steel Tempest. Casting Steel Tempest while inside of your Sweeping Blade dash will allow it to strike everyone in a circle, knocking them up if you had your whirlwind ready. This circle has a range of 375. Steel Tempest can critically strike and will apply on-hit effects to the first enemy hit. Using Steel Tempest on a champion behind a minion (hitting them both with the same ability) will not draw minion aggression to you.

WIND WALL (W): Wind Wall is an ability that will block all projectiles except Turret shots. It travels for 0.25s and remains in place for 3.75s. This ability has a decently big hitbox allowing you to walk in and out of your Wind Wall to block projectiles. Wind Wall grants sight over the small area it covers, allowing you to sometimes dash to jungle camps over walls. Fun fact: Wind Wall is probably a projectile since it gets stopped by other Wind Walls.

SWEEPING BLADE (E): Sweeping Blade allows you to dash through a champion. This dash will ALWAYS travel a distance of 475 units and will lock you into the animation for the amount of time it takes to travel that distance; unless you cancel the movement with a flash. Every dash grants 7.5 flow. Dashing speed is affected by the amount of movement speed you have. Dashing through a target with Sweeping Blade will put them on a cooldown of 10-6s, making you unable to dash to that target for the remainder of the cooldown. Sweeping Blade can be stacked up to 2 times for up to 50% extra base damage (you can dash to minions before dashing through an enemy for more damage. Since this ability has a fixed distance it allows you to dash over walls. A Steel Tempest cast while mid-dash will always go through as a circle whirlwind after the dash, no matter if you flash to another position (Beyblade).

LAST BREATH (ULTIMATE): Yasuo can use Last Breath on enemy champions that have been knocked up. He will blink behind the target most near to his cursor. After casting Last Breath the shield from Way of the Wanderer gets refreshed, he knocks up all enemy champions for one second and revealing them for the duration. After using Last Breath Yasuo's critical strikes gain 50% bonus armor penetration. Yasuo gets placed out of turret range if he would get placed inside of the turrets range after using Last Breath (since Last Breath normally blinks you behind a target).

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versus as keystone:

Conqueror and Fleet Footwork are both amazing runes on Yasuo. Conqueror enhances your damage in fights and gives 2 stacks per AA or ability used on melee champions so it also stacks quite fast. Fleet Footwork will allow you to survive through a rough laning phase and sometimes even allows you to win hard matchups if the opponent doesn't manage their mana properly. Generally speaking, take Conqueror in lanes where both enemies want to go for extended fights or when there is no poke from the enemy and Fleet Footwork in lanes where you'll be consistently abused for your short range.

For the smaller runes you can decide on Overheal instead of Triumph. It's especially useful against enemies that want to assassinate you. Legend: Bloodline over Legend: Alacrity in matches where you think it will go to late-game, in matches where you think you won't get one-shot and in matches where you won't be able to access the backline anyway (long-range poke enemy team composition). In all of these cases Last Stand is also very useful, especially combined with Shieldbow and Bloodline. Don't take Last Stand when the enemy has executes (e.g. Garen, Darius and Pyke).

Secondary rune choices:

You want to take Taste of Blood with Ravenous Hunter for the insane amount of healing it gives you. Sudden Impact is an option, but it's not as good as Taste of Blood since you are laning and getting poked. Especially when you're going Conqueror you'll struggle without Taste of Blood.

You have the possibility to use the Resolve tree in lanes that rely on burst damage. Think about Assassins and champions that use HoB. Bone Plating will allow you to deal with them more easily. Second Wind is another option instead of Bone Plating when the enemy want to for short long range trades like Xerath. For the second rune choice, I recommend going Revitalize because it will enhance our healing with the builds above. Revitalize is actually also really good for healing from external sources, so if you have a Soraka feel free to go for this rune over the Domination tree then. I'll also have to add that if you think you'll be able to absolutely dominate the lane, feel free to go for Demolish instead of Bone Plating.

The small rune shards should be ALWAYS be: AS, adaptive and Armor/Magic Resist depending on matchup. Do not take the Health shard, because Armor and Magic Resist are more effective on Yasuo.

Rune choices on Yasuo are pretty straightforward. Let's move on to his summoner spells now!

Ignite is probably the best summoner spell on Yasuo. It allows you to snowball really hard and scales really well into the late-game with Grievous Wounds and 410 True Damage dealt over 5 seconds at max rank. Ignite reveals the target that is affected by it. Take it and become confident with it!

Mostly taken when playing Toplane to join your team in important fights. Ignite just allows you to snowball way more in the midlane since you will be joining a lot of skirmishes.

Good if you struggle with dealing with high damage enemies/assassins. 40% damage reduction and a 30% slow for 3 seconds. They can't kill you and can't get away without dashes while you beat them down with your high DPS!

A lot of people are greedy and don't take Cleanse in lanes that they have to. There are some champions that have crowd control abilities that your Wind Wall can block, however if it isn't blockable you have to go Cleanse if you don't want to get 1v2'd all laning phase! Example matchup in which you take Cleanse would be Lissandra.

Just don't. You have plenty of mobility already and are not tanky enough to use it for a long time if you are playing the normal builds.

Barrier and Heal
Can be taken in the botlane to win early fights. Rather let your support take heal while you take ignite though!

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Wind Wall grants you vision of the area its casted on for the duration of the Wind Wall itself. Airblades deal damage to the target in the air, not the one you use E+Q on. You need atleast 1.27 AS to pull off a max-range airblade. You can weave in an auto before using the second E+Q in a keyblade. Yasuo's ultimate will always target the champions closest to his mouse. If Yasuo would position himself in turret range when ulting the game automatically puts him out of turret range. You can ult of every knock-up in the game, even the smaller ones like Vi's Q or Sylas's second E. If you Q while using Galeforce it will send out the whirlwind after your Q cast time, allowing for cool animations.

When I have a bit more time I'll make a proper combo guide for Yasuo with tips and tricks!

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To learn about proper warding spots:

It would be too long if I put it on Mobafire.

After reading the match-ups you should have atleast a slight idea of who you have a chance of beating and who you have to just survive against. Fleet Footwork will allow you to survive while Conqueror will enhance your dueling potential. Don't be greedy by going Conqueror while you should have gone Fleet Footwork; you will suffer by not being able to come near your minionwaves! For the first wave, you can stack Gathering Storm by using Steel Tempest on the raptor jungle camp. This will allow you to get the first three minions without coming close to the enemy in poke-lanes. Buying a Refillable potion on your first back can be a wise thing to do if you have a hard time in your lane. If you had to back really early you can buy another dagger for the health and lifesteal. The best first back you can have is when you can buy Berserker's Greaves.

Closing distance is often really easy to do on Yasuo since there will be minions between you and the enemy. To trade, dash through the minion wave, attack and fall back by dashing back towards the side of your turret. Sometimes, instead of trading, you want to go for an all-in (for example if the enemy overextends). The only thing holding you back of killing the enemy is CC. Make sure you try to dodge it by dashing through the minion waves and by using your Wind Wall properly. If it didn't work out for you just fall back again and wait for your next opportunity.

Since Yasuo has no resources and low cooldowns, he has an easy time clearing minion waves, whether that is by dashing through the whole wave, using Steel Tempest on all the minions or just by using his 3rd Q. This will allow him to have priority; make sure you use this priority and place your wards, roam with your jungler, take the enemy's jungle camps or gank a side-lane. Remember that warding is really important when playing Yasuo since you often want to play quite aggressive, using your laning power to the fullest potential. Buy a control-ward if you have any extra gold to spend. You don't want to lose the game because you were too greedy or lazy with warding!

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After laning phase a Yasuo player can decide to keep split-pushing until an objective spawns. If you're ahead you might even be able to tower-dive the enemy if they don't come and defend with multiple people. If you can't turretdive the enemy, and you have vision of everyone on the map, you want to enter the enemy jungle to clear their jungle camps. Another thing you can do is just push waves with your superior wave-clear until you're certain it's gonna hit the enemy turret and then group with your team till the wave you pushed comes back to your side of the map. If you need to recall always ping back your team or tell them to play it safe; however if you think they won't listen then stay on the map till you think its safe for you to recall.

After you're grouped with your team you want to play the teamfights slow. Let your tank engage (with a knock-up) or wait for them to make a mistake. This doesn't mean you can't be the initiator; if you can get Gathering Storm stacks you might be able to throw a teamfight-winning whirlwind. You either get those stacks by kiting the enemy frontliner or by using Steel Tempest on targets like minions or baron/drakes. Always take objectives, enemy turrets and enemy jungle camps whenever the enemy is not on the map!

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Not that important right now since they're in the build notes (the little pencil next to the builds). All items here in the future.

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I hope you liked my guide. I hope I have the motivation to make more extensive guides for other champions too so I can help you guys out. Please leave a thumbs-up if you liked the guide and I'd love it if you could follow me on Twitch!

If you need to know anything else come join me on my Discord:

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