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Kai'Sa Build Guide by JCgo22

ADC S11 PTA Kai'sa

ADC S11 PTA Kai'sa

Updated on May 16, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JCgo22 Build Guide By JCgo22 2,534 Views 0 Comments
2,534 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JCgo22 Kai'Sa Build Guide By JCgo22 Updated on May 16, 2021
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Runes: PTA

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role Ranked #34 in
ADC Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

S11 PTA Kai'sa

By JCgo22
Even though PTA sacrifices some of that early-game burst you get from Hail Of Blades, PTA does huge amounts of damage that your opponent usually does not expect. You should try to auto attack 4 times, or as little as 2-3 times if you know your support will apply plasma or you know you have enough damage, and then W when they have 4 stacks. The auto attacks will proc your PTA rune, making them take increased damage and your W will deal a good amount of damage and on top of that, proc your passive stacks on your target, dealing massive amounts of damage. It will also over-stack your passive so there will be one stack already for you to keep auto attacking and proc another passive. Kai'sa just does lot of % damage and these runes really take advantage of that. PTA does 8-12% more damage when activated, Kai'sa's passive does 15% of the target's max hp, and coup de grace does 8% more damage to targets under 40% hp.

- Can sub PTA for Fleet Footwork if you need to survive the laning phase against hard poke.
- Can sub Triumph for Presence of Mind and Coup De Grace for Cut Down.
Kraken vs. Galeforce
Personally, I prefer Kraken Slayer over Galeforce. Kraken Slayer has a lot more damage output with the true damage third shot passive, 5 more AD, 5% more attack speed, and 10% attack speed passive per legendary item while Galeforce just gives you an active that gives a little more burst and a 3% bonus movement speed per legendary item. In perspective, Runaan's gives you 7% bonus movement speed so Gale Force's passive isn't really that great. Also, the 5 AD and 5% attack speed makes it easier to get your evolve Q and E. Going Galeforce will delay your Q and E evolve by a few levels which is critical to you being able to carry the game.

Optimal Build Path
Evolve Q as soon as you buy Kraken/Pickaxe or with Kraken/2 Long Swords at level 10. (Don't sell Doran's blade pre-level 6 if you go the long sword route). Upgrade into collector and buy a dagger to get evolve E.

Standard Build Path
Evolve Q as soon as you buy Kraken/Pickaxe or with Kraken/2 Long Swords at level 10.(Don't sell Doran's blade pre-level 6 if you go the long sword route) (Also you'll have to upgrade your 2 long swords into Serrated Dirk before you evolve E)
Evolve E with Zeal/Dagger at around level 8.
Upgrade into Runaan's Hurricane/Collector.

Anti-Heal Build Path
Only build if your team isn't already building anti-heal and YOU specifically absolutely need it.
Evolve Q with Kraken/Executioner's at around level 9. (Don't sell Doran's blade until after level 13) (Also, you'll have to upgrade your 2 long swords into Last Whisperer before you can evolve E)
Evolve E with Zeal/Dagger at around level 8.
Upgrade into Runaan's Hurricane. Upgrade to Mortal Reminder if you REALLY need the heal-cut, but otherwise, build collector or a situational item if necessary.

Anti-Tank Build Path:
Only build if the enemy team comp is made up of at least 3-4 tanks and you are going to fight front to back instead of diving the backline.
Evolve Q with Kraken/2 Long Swords at level 10.(Don't sell Doran's blade pre-level 6 if you go the long sword route)
Evolve E with Zeal/Dagger at around level 8.
Upgrade into Lord Dominik's Regards, then Runaan's Hurricane.

Situational Items
Last 2 items are extremely dependent on the game. Oftentimes, you'll have to build these items before Infinity Edge or not build IE at all especially if the enemy team has hard cc, a fed tank, etc.
Infinity Edge: Build only if you know that you absolutely don't need any of the other items to survive and just want the raw damage.
Mercurial Scimitar: Build if you have to QSS long CC or suppression. Ex. Malzahar R, Warwick R, etc.
Lord Dominik's Regards: Build if there is a fed tank on the enemy team that you cannot kill otherwise. Can be built 2nd item instead of Collector's and build Collector 5th or 6th item if you want more damage.
Phantom Dancer: Build if you want a little bit more of damage and don't need any of the other situational items or if you prefer this over Runaan's Hurricane.
Mortal Reminder: Try not to build this at all costs. Try to get a non-carry to get anti-heal such as a tank or an enchanter since its stats are not all that great and its just bought for the active.
The last three items do not give Crit; however, it is oftentimes better to deal a little less damage and survive much longer than to be able to deal tons of damage and just get one-shot in a fight. After all, you don't deal damage when you're dead! (Unless you're Karthus).
Zhonyas: Build if you know you or your teammates can engage and that you'll R in aggressively or if you know the enemy will dive you and need to buy time for your teammates to peel you.
Guardian Angel: Build if you absolutely need to survive for your team to win the game.
Hexdrinker: Never really build it unless the enemy team has a fed Leblanc or Xerath that you need to survive against.
All of Kai'sa's evolution animations can be canceled. If you want to save time or need to get to lane 1 second faster, you can use this trick. There are other ways to cancel you evolution animation, but the recall evolution animation is by far the easiest and the other ways are a lot harder to pull off and save small fractions of a second. If you click to evolve an ability the same time you press b to recall, only the recall animation will play and you can quickly cancel your recall animation by clicking in the direction that you want to move.

Kai'sa's passive does massive amounts of damage and its her most reliable damage source. Activating Kai'sa passive does 15% of the target's max hp. Allied cc stacks plasma on enemy champions, but they cannot activate the passive.

Ability: Q
Does pretty good damage and does double damage to minions under 35% hp so its great to push out waves and iso q does some damage.

Evolved Ability: Q
A lot more damage and its really important to isolate one target so that all of the missiles will hit the same person.

Ability: W
Great for activating the passive since it does more damage the more stacks the person has. It can also be used to execute low hp targets or to engage long range.

Evolved Ability: W
Never really going to evolve this since when you build Crit, you have to build all Crit. Doesn't really do much except make W on a really short cd.

Ability: E
Use before you get into auto attack range so you can get the attack speed boost before the fight and to dodge skill shots and abilities.

Evolved Ability: E
Use to reposition away from enemy threats and every auto reduces its cd by 0.5 seconds.

Ability: R
Always auto cancel with this when you can since it maximizes your dps and only engage with this if you know you can get out. Use to position properly and if an enemy is running away, dash to the other edge of the circle where they're running away and not to the edge of the circle closest to you.
Q Usage:
Use your Q on targets that you want to deal damage to.
W Usage:
You should always try to W someone with 4 stacks as it will deal the most damage.
E Usage:
You can use this before you get into fights if you feel like you don't need it to peel yourself from the enemy team and to reposition. However when it is evolved, you should try to hold onto it more, especially if you know the enemy team is going to try to all-in you.
R Usage: Hold onto this ability as long as you can and use it defensively to reposition and to get more damage from its auto attack reset. Only use it aggressively if you know you have enough damage to kill someone, you know your team can come quickly to protect you, and/or you have summoners or actives to protect yourself from a collapse.

Auto, Q:
The most basic trading combo. Walk up to your target and auto, then immediately Q after, and walk away. Most of the time, you will win this trade since you get an ability and an auto attack while you opponent would get one auto. You can also use your E immediately after you use your Q because your Q missiles will still fire and your E will act as a disengage.

E, Auto, Q, Auto, Auto, W:
This is Kai'sa's maximum damage combo that you should use whenever you have the chance. You should use your E before you get into a fight so that you won't have to cast it during the fight which inhibits your ability to auto attack. If you have a support who has already applied a plasma, you only have to auto 3 times to get to 4 stacks. Your W does the most damage when the target has 4 stacks so always try to save your W for 4 stacks. If you know that you can kill the target, you don't have to always W at 4 stacks. You can W at 2 stacks and then auto after to quickly activate the passive if you know that you can kill the target. Adding the R, Auto attack combo in the middle of this makes the combo even faster.

Auto, R, Auto:
Auto the enemy champion, but then immediately R after which resets your auto attack timer and auto attack again. This gets two auto attacks in really fast.

R, W:
When you R somewhere, you can cast your W ability while you are flying through the air making Kai'sa's ability to activate her passive quickly even faster and harder to outplay.

W, Flash:
After you point your W onto your target, no matter which way you flash, your W will always point towards that target. Use this to make sure your W hits for sure and also to reposition to hit W. If you flash during the last frame of the W animation, your W will be extremely misleading. Your W will still look like it is traveling from where you cast it towards the original target, but in reality, it is invisible to everyone and traveling from the new location towards the same target.

R, E:
Great Kai'sa mechanic to confuse your enemy and also makes it so that you won't have to channel your e after you engage. Makes Kai'sa invisible during her e invis duration in her ultimate. It makes it look like Kai'sa actually teleports and is basically instant.
You will only try to win lane if you have an engage support, otherwise, you'll just try to farm up and survive until you hit lvl 6 or your item power spikes.


Kraken, Pickaxe:
Gives enough AD for Kai'sa's evolved Q which does tons of damage on a single isolated target or can be used to cs and push out waves extremely fast.

Kraken, Berserker's Greaves, Zeal, Dagger:
Gives enough AS for Kai'sa's evolved E which can be used to reposition or as an attack speed steroid to auto attack a lot more.

Kraken, Collector, Berserker's Greaves, Runaan's:
Gives Kai'sa access to her evolved Q and E and deal massive amounts of damage because of her insanely high attack speed with her boots, Kraken passive, Runaan's and attack speed steroid from her E. She has tons of AD and damage output from Kraken, and collector, which also executes targets and grants gold per kill. This is the mid-game Kai'sa powerspike and one of her strongest points of the game. If you still feel weak at this point of the game, you're probably being bursted down and die too fast to deal damage so build protective items and use your R and E to peel yourself.

Lvl 1(HOB only):
Kai'sa with HOB is extremely powerful at level 1, especially if she has an engage support. She is able to quickly stack her passive with 3 fast auto attacks and if her support has already applied a stack, she would only need 1 more auto attack to activate the passive.

Lvl 2:
Kai'sa now has access to her W which makes her burst so much better. If her support can engage, she can easily kill them by stacking her plasma and using W to activate the passive.

Lvl 6:
Kai'sa's R should be used defensively, but if your support get a pick, you can R in aggressively to quickly join the fight. This opens up so many more combos for Kai'sa including her R, W combo, her R, E combo, and her Auto, R, Auto combo. However, her R should be used sparingly since the cd is fairly high and the range is not that long until you reach lvl 11 or 16.

Lvl 11:
Kai'sa's R gets a lot more range so she can engage from much further now and the cd is much shorter making her be able to use it much more often.
Mid-Late Game
Recognize your win conditions. Kai'sa is an adc that wants to scale to mid-game to reach her item and ability power spikes.
When you are ahead and your team has hard engage, you should be looking to bait out objectives and turning since the enemy team will oftentimes contest, further cementing your lead. If they don't contest, you still get a free objective.
When you are ahead, but your team doesn't have hard engage or against poke heavy team comps, you should be looking to create pressure in the sidelanes since Kai'sa thrives in a 1v1 or 2v2 scenarios.
If you are behind, you should always be looking for picks and be farming up for your item powerspikes. You can give objectives as long as you are farming up and closing the gold lead. Oftentimes, an fed enemy will be in the sideline solo pushing and your team can 5 man them killing them, and getting the bounty as well.
Default Kai'sa is the best skin.
+ Insane damage output
+ Percent health damage
+ Self peel
+ Long range engage
+ Strong 1 v 1 / Dueling
+ Always good in any meta
+ Very little counter picks
+ Strong at all stages of the game
- Short range
- Needs engage to fight
- High priority pick/ban
League of Legends Build Guide Author JCgo22
JCgo22 Kai'Sa Guide
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S11 PTA Kai'sa

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