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Qiyana Build Guide by HaderrQ

Middle [S13] Challenger Qiyana Handbook (Mid/Jgl/Top) In-depth all matchups Guide

Middle [S13] Challenger Qiyana Handbook (Mid/Jgl/Top) In-depth all matchups Guide

Updated on August 24, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HaderrQ Build Guide By HaderrQ 60 3 69,522 Views 6 Comments
60 3 69,522 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HaderrQ Qiyana Build Guide By HaderrQ Updated on August 24, 2023
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Runes: Mid Qiyana

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Presence of Mind
Last Stand

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S13] Challenger Qiyana Handbook (Mid/Jgl/Top) In-depth all matchups Guide

By HaderrQ

Hey, I am HaderrQ I have around 3 Million Points on Qiyana and an insane amount of Games in High Elo EUW.



If you want to learn Qiyana faster I would suggest the Guide and that you to check out my Twitch here.


- Really fun Champ

- Insane Skill cap

- Alot of Outplay potential

- Really strong mid/late game

- Almost perma invis

- The champ tilts alot of People


- Rough early game

- Alot of hard matchups

- Weak against tanks

- Weak when behind

- Reveal champs kinda cuck you

- kills your entire kit

is the way to go,but sometimes you can take if you go Tear start in hard lanes.

is 100% they way to go, this rune is way to broken.

is the best small red rune for Qiyana because you get the 18 AD Pretty fast most of the time.

gold value is just the best and makes you snowball games even harder.

if you don't take this rune you will have no fun during the game and you will have mana problems 24/7.

always the best because Qiyana is low like 90% of the time in the lane and it gives you good angles to turn lost fights.

Try to rush this item as fast as possible, skip everything else you don't need you just need damage to get Gold.

got nerfed a couple of times and is not that good anymore compared to our lovely so i recommend going Prowlers always in Mid, on Top you can look to go into Tanks etc. otherwise NO

Royal Privilege (P):

Qiyana's first attack or ability against an enemy deals bonus physical damage. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than[ic once every 25 seconds.

Changing element resets that damage.

Edge of Ixtal (Q):

Qiyana swings her weapon, dealing damage with a bonus effect based on her element.

Terrashape (W):

Qiyana dashes towards an element and enchants her weapon with that element. Her attacks and abilities deal bonus damage while her weapon is enchanted.

Audacity (E):

Qiyana dashes to an enemy, damaging them.

Display of Talent (R):

Qiyana sends out a shockwave that detonates whatever elements she hits with it, stunning and damaging nearby enemies.

If we look at Qiyana's laning Phase we all know it's really bad and not good.

So first thing we want to do is look where the enemy Jungler starts and try to hover on the otherside of the Lane where the jungler is not.

If hes botside you stay topside mid and otherway around ofc.

As Qiyana you always trade your HP bar for minions or you trade your minions for a good trade.

Always look at how much of Poke will you get when you go for that minion.

Its never worth losing 200hp for 1 Minion rather try to trade your oppenent or drop that minion.

If you get more then 5cs/per before min 13 it's all fine you can catch up later on side lane.

Try to survive the lane and don't die, wait your Jungler and set him up with your Ice root.

If you get a kill try to push in the wave so it crashes into the Turret and then you reset, try to never reset on slow pushes to the enemy unless you will die.

If you have time or your wave is frozen and you can't walk up just look top or bot for a sneaky roam angle if it works it's worth that you lost 1-2 Waves.

The moment your botlane gets their turret swap with them and destroy sidelane with your Bushes

In the mid game, Qiyana's main focus should be on getting as many kills and assists as possible to help her team gain a lead. Here are a few tips for playing Qiyana in the mid game:

Look for opportunities to roam: Qiyana's mobility allows her to roam and make plays around the map, so keep an eye out for opportunities to gank other lanes or help out your team.

Keep an eye on objectives: The mid game is when teams often start to contest objectives such as towers, dragons, and Rift Herald. Make sure to communicate with your team and coordinate your efforts to take these objectives.

Look for picks: Qiyana excels at picking off isolated enemies, so try to look for opportunities to catch enemies out of position and take them down.

Be mindful of your positioning: Qiyana is vulnerable to being focused down due to her lack of defenses, so try to position yourself in a way that allows you to deal damage while minimizing the risk of getting focused.

Use your ultimate wisely: Qiyana's ultimate, Elementalists's Decree, can deal a lot of damage, but it has a long cooldown, so use it wisely and try to get as many kills or assists as possible with it.

In the late game, Qiyana's role is typically to deal high burst damage to key targets and to disrupt the enemy team with her abilities. Here are some general tips for playing Qiyana in the late game:

Look for opportunities to use your ultimate ability to get close to enemy champions and deal a lot of damage to them. You can use it to initiate fights or to pick off isolated targets.

Try to position yourself behind enemy lines, either by using your dash or teleport, or by using your W ability to pass over terrain. This will allow you to get closer to enemy carries.

Pay attention to the element you have empowered on your abilities. You can use this to adapt to different situations, for example by using your empowered grass ability to zone your enemies or your empowered earth to finish of targets.

Be careful not to overextend or you get caught out of position, as you are relatively fragile and can be easily killed if you are isolated.

Look for opportunities to use your abilities to disrupt the enemy team, either by separating enemy champions or by disrupting their positioning. This can create openings for your team to follow up and secure kills.

Good Bans:


I'm perma banning Vex, for me it's the most annoying matchup to play


Leblanc is also a good ban, we all know how annyoing this matchup is


Winable,but i can totaly understand if you ban this dog champ


Boring as champ way too much DPS and if she gets good W's have fun

Qiyana Combos:

Trading Combo: E Q(grass) AA W out Q(rock)

this will be your main Trading Combo in Lane in the most matchups.

Burst Combo: Q W E Q

if you are really fed and you see a Squishy exetue this combo fast and you will delete them in 0.1seconds.
Learn this combo as fast as possible.

Teamfight Combo: Invis Q take (grass) Q go E R Prowlers AA Q W Q (rock)

you should always 1shot 1 target and hit more people with your R if you can.

Advanced Combos:

(grass) Q W Prowlers AA E Q(rock)

E Minion Q(ice) R W Prowlers AA Q(rock)

AA Q R Prowlers W Q AA

HaderrQ on Twitch

My TikTok

My Discord Server I would enjoy if you Join

This is a very uncommon matchup and a pretty hard one if you are unfamiliar with Aatrox's kit. Aatrox's Q cooldown is very long in the early game and his sustain is not really great either. Try to punish him when he uses q on the wave with e (grass or ice) (rock/grass)

If you are looking to kill her, try to poke her down in lane with e (ice/grass) (rock/grass) to about 50-70% hp. After she gets around that health range, try to dodge her charm before you go all in or you will lose the trade by a lot. If you fail to kill her pre 6, look for a flash e (ice) into r opportunity to kill her.

Luckily riot hates Akali more than Qiyana so your champion is a lot more useful in teamfights. It will be very hard to kill her when her shroud(20s) is up, so try to bait it out by going in with e (grass). It will be a harder matchup if she takes fleet footwork because she will sustain all your poke and you can pretty much never all in her unless her shroud is down. tl;dr - go invisible if she goes invisible

You can go Tear + 2 potions start and farm well. You will be a lot more useful in dragon/ rift herald fights so it really doesn't matter if you go even. Make sure you are keeping grass form to deny the anivia from pressing e on you to chunk 50% hp. Look for roam opportunities after clearing a wave and you are gucci. TL;DR play to go even in lane unless your jungler is able to break the egg and you can look for solo kills

Pre 6, use your e on her when she is chasing you to q(stun). The travel time of your e will almost negate the stun time, and you can get a better trade with (ice/grass) w and auto until she is out of range and (rock).

If the asol took exh or boneplating, take the trades slow. If you commit for a all in he will most likely live and get a way better trade or kill you for it. Asol runs out of mana pretty easily in the early levels so bait him into using mana so that he can't fast clear the wave and get a free recall on you with his e. He doesn't really have surprising damage so it's not a bad matchup.

I prefer going the safe route and take teleport in this lane matchup unless you got a very strong jungler compared to their jungler. Although azir is known for his monster scaling, you can actually be more useful in dragon/baron fight and also sidelanes. Don't get poked out too much in the early game, concede some minions until you are level 3 and trade with your (grass).

You can dodge most of his skills except his e. Focus on dodging his q or w, and you should win most of the trades. I recommend the corrupting potion start because brand runs out of mana fast if he is focusing on harassing you more than farming.

Cassiopeia runs out of mana really fast if she uses e on the early levels. Good cassiopeias will try to land more autos than e in the laning phase. Try to stay healthy and wait for your jungler to come by and help you. I recommend taking corrupting potion because she is an immobile carry that can be punished later into the game.

Cho will outsustain any poke you throw out and it's almost impossible to kill him. Taking teleport and matching the farm or roaming with your jungler to dive bot or top is your chance to get fed. If enemy team has cho mid, sett top, nunu jungle (tanky team comp overall) it is not a bad idea to go conqueror with eclipse and manamune.

This champion is very easy to abuse, try to trade with him agressively in the laning phase to deny cs or pressure kill on him. This does not mean you should be taking free damage pre 3. Concede some farm and go start trading after level 3. I recommend the long sword refill start.

I'd recommend going eclipse muramana against this matchup and you will most likely not get one shot and scale really well into mid/late game. Go edge of night if u still get one shot. During laning phase focus on getting prio(which means push diana and pressure her into the tower) and look for small trades in lane to get her in dive range or roam.

Try to trade with ekko by not getting hit by his 3rd passive stack. If there is no way to avoid proccing his passive on you, don't be afraid and fight back. Make sure to bait his w and respect his w. As long as you don't fight around his w, it is not a bad matchup.

I'd recommend going prowlers muramana against this matchup. Pretty much same idea as diana, except fizz's level 3 trade is pretty strong as well so it comes down to who can outplay who. This is where you get to learn how to outplay your opponent. If you are still getting one-shot after prowlers and muramana, go edge of night. Qiyana's teamfight is way better so you actually don't even need to try to go 10/0 in lane and just focus on going 0/0

Try to trade with him after he uses his abilities on you. You will win the trade as long as you stick with him. Keep in mind that galio's abilities are very long cooldown. Do not fight him when there is a lot of creeps around you or you will end up taking a bad trade.

Most likely he will take grasp/bone plating, which means you will almost lose out on every trade you do. He also has a barrel that he can place down in your stealth. Recommended to take teleport and make him waste mana on you. Teleport back with extra long sword or two and use the hp and item advantage to look for aggressive trades. Another way to play this lane is to hope you can kill him before his first back with sheen. After he gets sheen, this lane is over.

I feel gragas is hard mostly because, he is just too tanky to kill any point in game. He can w before you all in which negates a lot of your burst damage and can pretty much hit you with his big hitbox even if you play with your stealth. I would try to outplay him with stealth standing on the edge where gragas is less likely to aim for. If he uses abilites on the wave to push it, that is your window to trade.

Gwen's level 1 is actually exodia(good), so try to pull the wave under your tower until level 3 and look for opportunity to harass and trade with her using your electrocute. Use Grass element to quickly go invisible so she can't auto you because that is 80% of her damage in early game. You should be able to farm nicely and pressure a kill on the gwen.

Pre 6, it might be hard to kill him because he can stun you and w you for a 70-80% hp trade onto you. Trade agressively by using your e to the minion and landing a on him. He is very squishy so he does become killable as long as you are trading well with e (grass/ice) and w (rock/grass). Main thing is to dodge his abilities more than trying to land "full" combo on him. Post 6 you can all in him with flash e (ice) r into the wall and w auto (rock).

Irelia is honestly really easy if you make it past laning phase. Keep spamming grass so she can't auto you because irelia is a champion that bases off autoing you to keep her stacks. Watch out for her level 1 cheese( she waits for 3 melee minion to get low and stacks her passive with her q instantly on those and jump on you to trade). As long as you keep grass and don't trade often you can beat her once you get level 6 and serrated dirk + long swords. TL;DR - DO NOT FIGHT HER UNLESS SHE WASTES W and E pre 6

Jayce is really squishy but has a lot of damage. You will beat him in 1v1s most of the time post 6, but becareful when trading pre 6. Always have grass first before going in with e .

Free scaling off this lane because she doesn't have damage to 100 to 0 you. Only thing she can do is poke you down with mantra q and as long as you are dodging her q's this should be a free lane. Look to play aggressive with e (ice or grass) w (rock) proccing electrocute.

Karthus' abilities are pretty easy to dodge but I put this as medium because he can trade the kill back if the karthus is good. Karthus will usually take Exh into Qiyana so make sure if he does take exh, try to bait it with e (grass) and w (rock). Karthus likes to perma shove you or else he will have to play very safe way behind his minions. The reason you don't want to trade kills with him is because karthus can utilize the gold better than you because he just has to press r even if he dies to be useful. Becareful when roaming and going for dives, don't get too low or karthus will just outplay you with R. TL;DR - dodge his q 4head and don't trade kekw

A lot of misconception that kassadin is weak into ad assassins, but kassadin with electrocute can outtrade you very easily if you are not careful. he can chunk 50% of your hp just by doing auto w e. If kassadin starts w give him prio, but if he starts with q you can push this lane to pressure him with level 2 and 3. He will be killable if you can trade him with e (grass/ice) w (rock) and electrocute. Don't ever let him w you to get his mana back and it does a lot of damage.

This is a skill matchup where as a Qiyana you want to trade aggressively before she can get seekers. Katarina has so much outplay potentials of dodging your ult so make sure to save your ult to when she uses her ult. If they katarina went conqueror, make sure to grab grass element at the end of every trade so she can't keep her conqueror stacks to out trade you. If you have Jungler's prio you can get roams off before she does and use that lead to snowball on the lane. *Build Hexdrinker* Going precision 2ndary and taking presense of mind/ coup is also a good option. P.S.) you are stronger than katarina in levels 1 and 2 so don't give up prio.

Only way she can out trade you is if she lands her chain because she can fit in extra 4-5 auto attacks. Don't be predictable meaning don't walk straight into her trying to get a e combo on her. Use the minions to dodge her e. If she goes on you with her w while the minions are around, quickly go trade with her with your e and auto. Use the w after to dodge her chains.

Probably one of the hardest matchup if enemy lee knows what he is doing. If its one of those lee sin that watched a montage and playing it mid, then you can probably limit test on him and kill him. However, if the lee sin is actually good, don't even try to trade with him because he will outsustain you and you have almost 0 outplay potential because of his e and q that reveals vision.

She has a easy time poking you with her q in the early levels. Start with long sword and refillable potions because Qiyana's all in damage is so much better than lissandra's. Concede farm until level 3 and you can trade aggresively after you reach level 3. She is squishier than you think, only thing to worry is her q poke. Go merc treads if you are struggling to fight against her.

Lucian can literally do anything he wants pre 6. He will look to trade agressively against you and win the trade even if you e (grass) w (rock). Try to play this matchup towards your first back with serrated dirk and long swords. Then you have enough damage to flash e (ice) r w auto (rock).

Her abilities are really slow and weak in the early levels. Once you get level 3, go agressive whenever you can using the e and a propelling tool and trade. It's okay to take bad trades against her because you will have good kill pressure when she is low. Serpents Fang could be a good 2nd item choice against her if she goes barrier. also just dodge 4head.

You can pretty much never kill him pre 6 unless you are able to get good trades with your e (grass) and run out before he can even q you. Because of his passive shield I wouldn't really recommend trading with him, instead take corrupting potion and use your health and mana to farm up properly so you can all in him at level 6 after your first recall.

This disgusting champion that nobody wants to play or play against will perma push 24/7 till the game is over. Before commiting an all in, use your e (grass) to get rid of his passive and wall bang him with your r and humiliate him. If you are unable to find a kill opportunity with your ult, just look to scale because your teamfighting is so much better than malzahars. Not a bad option to go edge of night and qss is a last resort.

Take teleport in this matchup because it is absolutely impossible for you to kill him before you get the grudge. Look to farm up well and take the opportunity to r oam when your jungler helps you shove out the wave. Avoid fighting him at all costs.

Only thing you have to worry about is dodging her Q, because most of her damage comes from staying in her w. If you can't find an opportunity to kill her because she is staying very far back, make sure to just push it out and start roaming. Get early sweepers and start roaming and get that MID GAP

Her auto attack range and poke is very annoying to deal with. Most of the time you will find in a position where you have to use your w or e to dodge her e or q. If she uses e on the wave and q to wave clear, use this opportunity to trade. If the neeko is good, she will save her e and q just for you so don't be frustrated that you can't kill her and start inting. Play around your teamfights around dragon/baron if you go even this lane.

This is a very rare matchup because nocturne in lane comes in and out of meta but if you are going against one, he basically will outheal and perma shove on you. The laning phase should be played safe with your grass form, and always toss those grass form before he can ult you. Don't look for trades unless you can kill him in 2 burst cycle( e w combo). Later into the game, when nocturne turns off the lights(ult) it is very hard for your team to follow up on your ultimate so try to get your ultimate out before he ults or after he ults.

I put this matchup as hard because as long as ori is playing well, she shouldn't die to you and poke you out. If you are not familiar with this matchup, I would highly suggest taking teleport and play to teamfight and go even in lane. Use the teleport to farm up nicely and tp bot or top. Later into the game you should try to split because your sidelane is better than ori's. The teamfight is better for qiyana as well because it's so much easier to land your ult around baron or dragon than ori's ult. During laning phase, look to trade with e (ice/grass) and w (rock). It's very unlikely you can e onto her so make sure you e the minion to get closer to her.

Honestly, don't expect to kill pantheon. To kill him, you are basically gambing that the pantheon is bad and misses his abilities. His cooldowns are pretty long in the early game so whenever you see him use q on the wave, don't be afraid to e (grass) and w (rock) out. With that trade you might be able to kill pre 7(before panth's q become like 2 second).

Pyke is easy in my opinion but you have to watch out for his level 1 cheese. Most pykes will start e level 1 and use his hail of blades to get 300+ hp trade against you and look for kill level 2. Pyke has a terrible time pushing the lane so focus on shoving it out yourself and getting a roam. If you see him come at your with e, use your stealth to dodge his autos because that will be his main damage in the early games.

You could go 5 0 and the renek can go 0 5 and still one shot you with prowlers claw. In the early game, just focus on farming under your tower and keeping your grass element at all times. Don't try to farm minions when he is clearly looking to e q you because if you get low like that he will be able to dive you. His abilities are fairly long cooldown in the early stages of the game so if he uses his abilites on minions always look to trade with him.

Honestly, this is a very hard matchup to learn against. I found the most success taking teleport and farming up and look to kill when you have serrated dirk + 2 long swords. Or you can use the teleport to roam to other lanes and get kills there. The reason why this matchup is hard is because he has a very good trade pattern with his shield and even when his shield is down, if you go in to trade his overload + q + ignite can actually one shot you. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIS DAMAGE

Ryze usually perma shoves and if you go for e (grass) trade he can keep doing the e q on the minions to get you. Ryze is really squishy so you will be able to all in him once you get 6 and long swords or serrated dirk. Just don't get too low staying behind the minions because it won't save you in the matchup.

She scales incredibly well and it's almost impossible to get in range of her. She can start full clearing waves really fast level 7 so your best bet is to roam and control vision. If she ever gets into range, her jungler might be near so don't just mindlessly all in her.

Sett's base regen is just too much. This matchup you are going to be pushed in 24/7. Keep grass element at all times and look to farm and possibly roam on a good reset.

You can out push the soraka around level 7 and just look for roams after. Before level 7, don't look to trade her unless she uses e on you first.

Swain has a very long cooldown in his abilities so you just have to dodge them. They are pretty slow except q, but swain's q doesn't do much damage in the early game so it's no big deal. Look to roam or if he ever tries to contest the wave, don't be afraid to jump on him.

Sylas is a lot easier to kill before level 5+ so look to trade aggressively before and all in around level 4. Once sylas gets more than 3 points in w, you will lose most trades. Once sylas gets his items and is level 7+, he will pretty much win you for free until mid/late game.

Syndra will harass you before level 3 but thats ok. Once you hit level 3 you can start pressuring her with e (ice/grass) w (rock) trades. Don't be predictable in your movements meaning don't just walk in the a straight line trying to e onto her because that will lose you the trade.

I would try to look for opportunities to go in level 3+ and trade. She is quite squishy and have a really long cooldown on her abilities which gives you room to punish her. Go in when you see her waste abilities on minions or time it so you can get on top of her before she uses e.

Talon can out trade you most of the time and especially with the most recent buff, he will be able to push out the wave and outroam on you. Before level 6 you might be able to kill him if he uses the w on the wave. Try to dodge his second w because that will be the only way he can get 3 stacks on you to proc his passive and win the trade.

Basically same idea as lucian, he will be able to do anything before level 6 which is when you have pressure to kill her. You can always just test the tristana for a solo kill with e (grass) and decide if you have the damage to kill her or just w (rock) out for a quick trade. You are an assassin so you will be able to kill the tristana later into the game so it's totally fine going even with her.

This is one of the matchup I can say going merc treads doesn't hurt. You will have to poke him out and trade with corrupting potion before you can all in him. TF is really squishy so you can start pressuring him after level 3. However, Qiyana have a very bad time in teamfights against tf's r because you can't stall with grass element.

If you get edge of night he will never be able to kill you. It is pretty hard if he cages you but there is a trick where if he is pushed up above the middle line in mid lane, you can flash out of his cage and all in him level 3+. This will trade into your favor and abuse the fact he has little hitpoints.

Qiyana has a hard time using her stealth against velkoz because everything about him is skill shots. Velkoz will most likely keep you pushed in under tower so it will be frustrating sometimes but look for the moments he uses abilites on minions to push it and jump on him to trade. You should be able to dodge his abilities with your w.

Avoid Fighting her, have Grass element up most of the time unless you are looking to kill her (take ice if your jungler is coming)

Viktor's early poke is very very annoying and hard to deal with because he takes 0 damage from minions with his shield from his q. Try to pull the cannon wave to your tower and hit level 3 first and look for all in. Before this it is crucial you don't get poked out too much or you will lose the all in. If this doesn't work keep looking for opportunities using grass and go in if he steps too far in and don't go in if he is too far away.

Levels 3-6 is probably your only time to really kill the vlad. In those levels, go in and trade agressively and try to bait his w out. He should be roughly 40-60% hp from one trade with him and after he uses w, look to all in him with flash and ignite before his w comes back up. Post level 7+ try to roam but you will most likely never kill him.

Wukong is extremely tanky and he has a lot of sustain from his passive. Keep grass element at all times and trade with your grass element. You usually don't wanna jump on him unless he uses e or q because once you get out of your stealth, he can trade you back. Try to bait his w out with your e (grass) and maybe look for a kill before he starts getting items. The only time you are stronger than him is when you have serrated dirk and 2 long swords. After or before that, your best bet is to farm and be more useful in team fights.

Xerath has an easy time pushing in the wave and poking you until level 3. As long as you consereved your health enough until level 3, you should be able to pressure him after on. If he is playing really safe, just look to push up the lane and roam.

This is a matchup you need to go serpents fang 2nd core and it will save you a lot of trouble. I would take ignite with cosmic insight (inspiration secondary +18 summoner haste) and boots of lucidity so you can have ignite up to kill him. He has a lot of shielding and lifesteal with immortal shieldbow so that will be your only chance to kill him before he heals all of it back up. During laning phase it's very cruical to have grass and go in to trade with e (grass) near your tower. If you try to trade with him away from your tower, he can start dashing onto your minion and harass you out of the stealth. Best thing you can do is try to dodge his q on your stealth but it will come down to your skill to dodge his abilities.

I think this is similar to yasuo where you want to abuse your grass element and hope you dodge his q's. Yone and yasuo have a lot of shielding and healing from their runes and item builds so make sure to go serpents fang. You have to respect yone at any stage of the game and it is very crucial to dodge his q's. Try not to trade with him when he has w(shield) up. When he e's to poke you, try to run and wait from him to chase you a little further. Once you think he reached the point where he wants to go back or he will be forced back, go in with your e (grass) and poke him out before he is forced back.

I don't think Zed is hard against him in laning phase but it does become a skill matchup. I think it is slightly zed favored because Qiyana has such little room for error as to zed. When you see a zed throw his w out to poke or push the lane, go on him agressively because his next q is roughly 5-7 seconds which is more than enough time for you to get a nice trade on him. When you are both level 6, try to bait him to ult you near a wall and time your ult when he comes out of r. Becareful because he can flash immediately or w immediately to dodge your r, so it comes down to skill who can outplay each other.

Similar to Xerath and Velkoz, Zigg's abilities are fairly easy to dodge and he just pokes you. It's hard for ziggs to land abilites on your if you are on his face so try to trade with him e (ice) w (rock) until he is in lethal range.

Zilean has a fine time against qiyana because he can wave clear from far away and slow you down if u ever try to e on him and double bomb you. If he uses q on the wave, go in for a trade with him because the best thing he can do is land a q on you while you have every abilites up to trade with him. This matchup really comes down to punishing his mistakes more than outplaying him.

A good zoe will use the ranged advantage and keep her bubble until you jump on her. So you have no choice but to be poked down by her q. Always go in for the trade if she wastes her bubble to get her in lethal range so she can't freely poke you. Most of the time she will take corrupting potion start so it will be hard to poke her down before she pokes you down. She is hard if she gets feed and medium if you go even with her.

Thank You for reading until here.I really put alot of time in this and if you enjoyed this guide please leave a like and maybe a Follow on my Twitch and BYE BYE

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