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Yorick Build Guide by YorickTopOnly

Top S13 YorickTopOnly's Low Elo guide to Yorick Guranteed LP Gains / SHoVeL (Current Full Guide in Progress)

Top S13 YorickTopOnly's Low Elo guide to Yorick Guranteed LP Gains / SHoVeL (Current Full Guide in Progress)

Updated on February 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YorickTopOnly Build Guide By YorickTopOnly 6 2 19,552 Views 0 Comments
6 2 19,552 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YorickTopOnly Yorick Build Guide By YorickTopOnly Updated on February 3, 2023
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Runes: Standard

Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Cut Down

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

S13 YorickTopOnly's Low Elo guide to Yorick Guranteed LP Gains / SHoVeL (Current Full Guide in Progress)

By YorickTopOnly
Lore & Introduction
[*] do you like shovels?
[*] do you like maidens?
[*] do you like 1v1s that are really 2v1s?
[*] do you like ghouls?
[*] do you enjoy mindlessly split pushing and ignoring your teams pings all game?
[*] do you like free LP?

Then Yorick, The Sheperd of Souls is exactly what you need for free LP to climb out of low elo hell.


Essentially, Yorick was a child and said "I see dead people" and it scared him knowing everyone around him who would die, he would eventually see as a ghoul. His endless goal is to free all the souls from the Shadow Isles.

The last survivor of a long-forgotten religious order, Yorick is both blessed and cursed with power over the dead. Trapped on the Shadow Isles, his only companions are the rotting corpses and shrieking spirits that he gathers to him. Yorick’s monstrous actions belie his noble purpose: to free his home from the curse of the Ruination.

Even as a child, Yorick’s life was never normal. Raised in a fishing village at the very edge of the Blessed Isles, he always struggled to find acceptance. While most children his age were playing hide-and-seek, young Yorick was making friends of a different kind—the spirits of the recently deceased.

At first, Yorick was terrified of his ability to see and hear the dead. Whenever someone in the village passed away, Yorick would lie awake all night, waiting for the chilling cry of a new visitor. He could not understand why they chose to haunt him, and why his parents believed the spirits to be nothing more than nightmares.

In time, he came to realize the souls were not there to harm him. They were simply lost and needed help finding their way to the beyond. Since only Yorick was able to see these spirits, he took it upon himself to be their guide, escorting them to whatever awaited in eternity.

The task was bittersweet. Yorick found that he enjoyed the company of ghosts, but each one he brought to rest meant saying farewell to another friend. To the dead, he was a savior, but to the living, he was a pariah. The villagers only saw a disturbed little boy who spoke to people who weren’t there.

Tales of Yorick’s visions soon spread beyond his village, and drew the attention of a small order of monks who dwelled at the heart of the Blessed Isles. Its envoys traveled to Yorick’s island, believing he could become an asset to their faith.

Yorick agreed to journey to their monastery, and there, he learned the ways of the Brethren of the Dusk and the true significance of their trappings. Every monk carried a spade as a symbol of their duty to conduct proper burial rites, which ensured souls would not lose their way. And each brother wore a vial of water drawn from the Blessed Isles’ sacred spring. These Tears of Life represented the monks’ duty to heal the living.

Yet, no matter how he tried, Yorick could never gain the acceptance of the other monks. To them, he was tangible proof of things that should only be known through faith. They resented his power to easily perceive what they themselves had struggled their entire lives to understand. Shunned by his brothers, Yorick found himself alone again.

One morning, as he tended to his duties in the cemetery, Yorick was interrupted by the sight of a pitch-black cloud roiling across the surface of the Blessed Isles, devouring everything in its path. Yorick tried to run, but the cloud quickly enveloped him and plunged him into shadow.

All around Yorick, living things began to writhe and contort, corrupted by the foul magic in the Black Mist. People, animals, even plants began to transform into vile, ghoulish mockeries of their former selves. Whispers emanated from the turbulent air around him, and his brothers began ripping the vials of healing water from their necks, as if the objects were causing them great anguish. A moment later, Yorick watched in abject horror as the monks’ souls were ripped from their bodies, leaving cold, pale corpses behind.

Among the quieting screams of his brethren, Yorick alone could hear voices within the mist.

“Remove it. Join us. We will become one.”

He felt his fingers grasping for the vial at his neck. Mustering all his resolve, Yorick forced his hands away from his throat and commanded the howling souls to stop. The Black Mist writhed violently, and darkness overtook him.

When Yorick awoke, the winds had calmed, and the once-fertile lands had transformed into the grotesque hellscape of the Shadow Isles. Isolated tendrils of the Black Mist clung to him, trying to overtake the one living thing not yet corrupted. As the Mist wrapped itself around him, Yorick saw it suddenly recoil from the vial at his neck. Yorick clutched the blessed water, realizing it was all that kept him alive.

In the days that followed, Yorick scoured the islands for survivors, but found only the twisted remnants of what once lived there. Everywhere he walked, he witnessed wretched spirits rising from the bodies of the dead.

As he searched, Yorick slowly pieced together the events that led to the cataclysm: A king had arrived seeking to resurrect his queen, but instead, had doomed the Isles and everything on them.

Yorick wished to find this “Ruined King” and undo the curse he had unleashed. But he felt powerless in the face of the seemingly endless death that surrounded him.

Almost lost within his grief, Yorick began to speak to the spirits around him, attempting to find solace with them as he had as a child. Instead, as he communed with the Mist, corpses left their graves, guided by his voice. He realized the bodies he once laid to rest were now his to command.

A glimmer of hope shone from the heart of his despair. To free the dead of the Shadow Isles, Yorick would wield their power and their strength.

In order to end the curse, he would be forced to use it.

-Your text to link here...
Why Yorick?
Yorick is one of the strongest split pushers, if not the strongest in the game currently. His kit includes everything you need to end games as early as 18 minutes, from important runes such as; , to items; , , and most importantly, Yorick's true split push potential; and .

With the updates of season 12, teams now have a chance at gaining extra gold for taking dragons, barons, and towers while behind. Extra forms of income for Yorick allows him to catch up rather quickly if you start the lane off poorly. Due to his items as a fighter, his total build cost is quite expensive and any forms of extra gold would benefit you greatly. The name of the game as Yorick is to farm as much as possible, create as much gold and level differential, and continue to push top lane while lane opponets and teams avoid you. This means each game is a coin-flip depending on if your top laner wants to stay and stop you from destroying lane or if they want to group with their team. The latter means you are alone to destroy towers and farm at the cost of your teaming constantly fighting 4v5. Knowing when to use your maiden to push is crucical, as the cool down is incredibly long.
INNATE- FINAL SERVICE: Yorick raises a grave for every enemy Champion, large Monster, and 12th / 6th / 2nd (based on level) non-champion enemy that dies near him, as well as for every enemy he kills with Last Rites. Only 4 graves can exist at the same time, with the furthest ones being replaced by the newest. Large monsters that die near Yorick always leave a grave.

Yorick can use Awakening and Mourning Mist's mark to raise a Mist Walker from each grave.

INNATE - THE HORDE: Only 4 Mist Walkers can be active on the battlefield at a time, with the closest ones being replaced by the newest.

This passive is where a large chunk of your damage and trade potential comes from, especially in lane. Your ghouls chase down enemies after they have been struck by your . In lane you want to focus creeps until you have struck 3 last hits with your . Think of your similiarly to Nasus' . It is techincally an inhanced AA, and you want to last hit minions with your to spawn graves. After 3 graves have been spawned, you can spawn 3 ghouls (as long as there are in your giant blue circle 1200 range) by pressing Q while is on CD, which turns it into Awakening. They will help destroy waves and towers unless you direct them to attack an enemy champion with .
ACTIVE: Yorick summons a wall of spirits around the target location which arises after 0.75 seconds, lasting for up to 4 seconds, acting as impassible terrain to enemies, and also granting sight inside the ring. Enemies within the wall's perimeter at the time of its summon are knocked aside over 0.25 seconds; within 210 units, they are pulled inside, outside this radius they are pushed away.

Dark Procession can only be targeted by enemy champion basic attacks and turrets. The wall takes 1 damage per attack from champions and is destroyed instantly from turret attacks.

Essentially this is Yorick's no-no zone. It is a great tactic to use to hold down enemies before you want to engage with either R,E,Q combo, or just a simple E combo from pre-exisiting graves. This circle allows you to stay stuck to the enemy you are trying to kill, whether the opposing laner or the enemies' ADC. This is also a great ability to stop minions coming to your tower, stopping enemies from hitting your maiden, as well as a blocking tool to either hold enemies in place, or to force them to back off/or focus the circle's health. Later on in the game, if you max W last, it will have a health bar of 5 hits. This means enemy champions have to attack atleast 5 times to clear the circle, and this can be a large waste of time for bruisers/tanks/fighters with low attack speed. Use this as a zoning tool defensively and you will increase your chances of staying alive against the consistent ganks coming your way.

League of Legends Build Guide Author YorickTopOnly
YorickTopOnly Yorick Guide
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S13 YorickTopOnly's Low Elo guide to Yorick Guranteed LP Gains / SHoVeL (Current Full Guide in Progress)

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