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Diana Build Guide by Njoror

Jungle S14: Jungle Disastrous Diana Going Offensive or Defensive

Jungle S14: Jungle Disastrous Diana Going Offensive or Defensive

Updated on May 17, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Njoror Build Guide By Njoror 2442 275 12,435,764 Views 158 Comments
2442 275 12,435,764 Views 158 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Njoror Diana Build Guide By Njoror Updated on May 17, 2024
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Runes: Sustain Damage

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Champion Build Guide

S14: Jungle Disastrous Diana Going Offensive or Defensive

By Njoror

This is a guide for Diana jungling. I made this guide because I've been jungling Diana pretty much the moment they introduced her as a jungler/assassin. I will be going over my build with her and all the items that you can build with her. I will also go over some of the people that have an advantage over her in the jungle and that have a higher likely hood of invading you as you jungle. Plus if people want to try her out in the jungle this guide will certainly help you out with that as well. Diana jungle does take some time to get used to and will take some practice so don't be depressed if you don't figure her out right off the bat. I hope you all enjoy my guide.
Summoner Spells.
Flash - Always run this because this is really her only escape mechanic. Sadly Diana doesn't really have any escape mechanic which is a really big downfall of hers. She can use Q and her ult if you are near any minions or camp sites in the jungle to get away.

Smite - Always take this while jungling it makes clearing your jungle a lot faster.
Pros / Cons.
The Pros and Cons of Diana

- She is a great assassin
- Great burst damage with her Q and Ult / This is also a great gap closer
- She can be a great initiator
- She can catch people out of position
- Give sight of people with her Q
- She can be a mage tank if need be

- Building full force offensive leaves her vulnerable
- Doesn't have an escape mechanic. (Flash is her only escape mechanic in a team fight)
- Some jungler ganks can be devastating as diana as she is kinda weak in the beginning
- Her true burstyness doesn't happen untill level 6

These pros and cons still exist but not as much anymore. Her damage was lowered due to the change of her ultimate. The difference is her ability to teamfight much more effectively as her ult gains damage the more people you hit with your ultimate. The most devastating combination is Yasuo / Diana as her pull will proc yasuos ult and as his ult lands so will dianas.
Here are different rune set-ups you can run, depending on the enemy team composition.

Domination - If the enemy comp is lots of squishy with only 1 tank and/or a bruiser. Good for quickly picking off high priority targets. This will also help even if they have a support with heavy CC. (Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Eyeball collector and relentless hunter)

Precision - For added attack speed and damage. (Alacrity and coup de grace)

Situational Runes

Precision - Run these runes if the enemy team has 2 or more tanks/bruisers (or a combo of both) and supports that give shielding, healing or both. (Conqueror, Triumph, Alacrity and Coup De Grace)

Domination - For added movement speed for better ganks and some scalling with eyeball collector. (Eyeball Collector and Relentless Hunter).

The Secondary Runes can all be switched out for Resolve or Inspiration if you feel it is needed Vsing specific enemy team comps and you feel those secondary runes are more valueable at the current time.
Jungling Path

1. Start with your W and start Blue or Red Buff (depending on what side you start on).

- If you started blue go right to gromp and follow step 2 and skip 3 as this will
be before red

2. Head to your red or blue (depending on what side you start on).

3. Go To Gromp (this will make you level 3. (I have done different camps and none of any other rotation make you level 3. This seems to be the only combination of 2 buffs and 1 camp that makes you level 3 the fastest)

4. Go to wolves or raptors (depending on what side you started on)

5. Kill the Scuttle crab (Top or bot depending on what side you are on)

6. After taking the scuttle decide if you wanna gank early or continue your jungle rotation. Since the changes to diana you can gank earlier and possibly get summoners in a lane since her dash is now on her E.
Mid Game to End Game Item Build As Jungle Diana.
These items can be swapped / replaced to fit your play-style as jungle Diana

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This item is great for sustain gives you Hp, Ap and a slow. This item works great especially if the enemy team has anyone that does true damage. If not it is a great item you can tank with as diana as she won't die immediately when she enters the fight.

Nashor's Tooth - Attack speed, Ap, CDR and adds 15% of your ap to each attack. This item is nice because it allows you to get to your cleave faster adds 15% of your ap on every attack. Stack this with your Moonsilver Blade and Lich Bane and you have a very high burst damage on someone squishy.

Lich Bane - This is a very essential item on Diana the burst you put out as Diana with this item is very large any squishy target will die if you hit them with your Q, R and auto attack. If they do live they will be extremely low and another auto-attack will kill them. Do Not build this first under any circumstance. You want the sustainability first and some AP before building this.

Rabadon's Deathcap - This item as all Ap casters know is extremely good on Ap units especially Diana. This is a must on Diana with or without Lich Bane. The amount of Ap you get from this item is huge. With this your burst damage is pretty high.

These are other offensive items you can build as Diana depending on how their team is building.

Riftmaker - This item is when VSing a tanky team, Constant true damage once fully stacked. The AP, HP Ability haste and Omnivamp make it a good choice when VSing much more beefier teams. This will be mostly used to try to do a FRONT to BACK type of fight as you give up a little bit of burst for more sustain fighting. I enjoy this item cause it fits my playstyle of how I play diana but everyone is different so pick and chose how you wish to play Diana.

Zhonya's Hourglass - If you are running Rocketbelt or any of these items and you want to dive the backline you are most definitely going to need this. The stasis from this is long enough after casting your ult to get your ult to land without dying. Cause the moment you dive the backline everyone is going to be focused on you and this is going to be needed to get your ult off.

Hextech Rocketbelt - This item is very great when VSing a team that has mostly squishies on the enemy team. AP, Health, Magic Pen and ability haste plus a castable dash to close in on enemies to do your E+R combo. This is another good all-around item for diana when looking to dive the backline to get your primary targets.

Luden's Tempest - Build this if you want to have some poke damage from a distance if there is alot of poke on the enemy team. You can use the proc affect to close the gap on someone if they are a little bit out of range. You can also use Rocketbelt if you want a healthier build.

Void Staff - If the enemy is really stacking Magic resist buy this item. Since the re-work of how stats work this is a really great item for people stacking magic resist. For those who do not know the re-work does Percentile based then flat based.

Say someone had 200 Magic resist and you had 40% magic pen (percentile) and 25 (flat magic pen) the equation goes like this now.

200 x .40 = 80 (This is how much Magic resist the opponent loses off that percentile)

Now your flats

120-25 = 95 (This is his total magic resist to you with your 40% magic pen and your 25 magic pen flats)
Defensive Items You Can Build As Jungle Diana.
You can build Diana as a mage tank if your team doesn't really have a tank on the team. If I have to go tank with Diana I try to do it as an Ap tank.

Warmog's Armor - As the Hp it gives is extremely high it comes with a-lot of sustain. This item gives Diana quite of bit of sustain you can take a-lot of hits with this before having to back out.

Abyssal Mask - Gives you Ap, Magic resist and a aura that decreases your enemies magic resist. This is a nice item to have on Diana if you are building her as a tank or even an off-tank.

Wit's End - This is a nice offensive and defensive item on Diana if you are the tank on the team. It gives attack speed, magic resist and procs that do extra magic damage on hit and increases your magic resist as well. The attack speed is nice because it gets you to your passive faster also your passive also procs the extra magic damage to anyone it hits. The added magic resist is also nice especially if you are facing a heavy Ap team.

Guardian Angel - Armor, magic resist and a passive that revives you when you die. This is all around a great item when running a more defensive build as Diana.

Iceborn Gauntlet - This item is nice, I actually started using this in place of lichbane for more armor, mana, a AoE slow and CDR. I stack this with my rylais and this makes people walk so slow. Once you go onto them they are not getting away from you. Unless you get cc'd under the sun or they use a inbread jump/flash and then use flash to get away from you. I find this item actually quiet nice on diana because she is a melee unit the effect last longer and because she can use abilities often and has a gap closer it is extremely effective on people who try to get away from you.
Champions Jungling A-H (Chances of Invading you)
Aatrox - ((Medium) - (High))Haven't seen many people jungle this guy but his sustain in the jungle is extremely high compared to dianas. If you are facing this guy in the jungle try not to fight him until you are atleast level 6 or if your team is nearby. Cause if you fight him unless he is extremely weak his built in sustain is more then enough to kill you in your own jungle. When you reach level 6 you can take this man as your burst drastically spikes compared to him.

Alistar - (Low) Don't really have to be worried with Ali jungle his damage really isn't that high but he can be an annoyance if he decides to run into your jungle.

Amumu - (Low) This guy can be a huge pain if he jumps you when you are low so be careful if this guy is jungling. You can also invade him pretty easily as he will be low in his jungle if you jump him at his red.

Aurelion Sol - (Low) I have seen this man be jungled before and it isn't the best but can be done. His invade rate is low but his ganking potential is high just due to his ability to glide over walls with his abilities. Don't underestimate him or else you could find yourself on the losing end of the jungle.

Camille - (High) This chicks ability to duel you insanely early is crazy and the fact that her E has a insanely far jump range when launching herself to her opponent is nuts. If her leash is bad she might not invade you but that is a low chance. Don't fight her without help from your laners.

Cho'Gath - (High) This person you have to be extremely careful for because his burst is just a little bit stronger then yours at low levels. His rupture and his feral scream can put some serious hurt on you if you are not careful.

Darius - (Low) I have seen some darius jungles but I haven't really had many problems with this man if he is jungling. But just be on your toes because he might invade you at your red when running Diana

Dr. Mundo - (High) This man has a high probability to invade you in your jungle. Him throwing his cleavers at you can hurt a-lot. If he catches you with cleavers at your red you are pretty much dead so check before you start red.

Elise - (High) The probability of elise invading your jungle is high now with the rework of the jungle. With her W and Q and the Q in her spider form if you are below half health she can almost 1 cycle you so always check the bush before fighting red and always fight it in the bush.

Evelynn - (High) This lady will most definitely invade you while you are jungling since her passive stealth her sneak attacks are deadly and if you are low in the jungle she can pretty much drop you in a heart beat.

Fiddlesticks - ((Medium)-(High)) He is very well known for ganking you when you are attacking red. So when you get to your red check both the side bush and the far back bush just in-case he is sitting there.

Fiora - (High) Most of the time if she is played she is normally top but because she can jungle I am putting her in here. She can invade you early to almost mid game jungling non-stop. This persons burst damage early is extremely high and can wreck you at any point in time if you are not paying attention. So play extremely careful if you see this person jungling.

Gragas - (High) This man has good clear, good sustain and not only that good damage. If he catches you at any point while you aren't paying attention this man will kill you pretty quickly do not underestimate his damage.

Graves - (Low) - (Medium) Depending on how his lanes are doing depends on if he is going to invade you. Graves does has damage yes but if he can't use his Q to instantly proc damage his damage drops off significantly. Always be aware of where you are to a wall to try to mitigate his damage as much as possible.

Hecarim - (High) This man can be a huge pain he can clear distances very rapidly as well as clear his jungle fast. He can invade you very effectively and efficiently so always keep your eyes on the mini-map to see where he is if your team has wards down.
Champions Jungling I-P (Chances of Invading you)
Jarvan IV - (High) Him being pretty tanky he can take a beating from the jungle and still have enough hp to come invade you and possibly kill you. His flag drop and his Q give him great mobility when ganking you so you have to be on your toes when someone is jungling him.

Jax - (Low) This man is truly a royal pain late game. His early game invades are really low so you won't have to worry about them. But if he does decide to invade your jungle just be sure you have a good amount of health.

Kha'Zix - (High) This is another person that has a high chance of jumping you in your jungle because of his passive and his Q. Those two will eat your health like no other. If he does jump you in your jungle be ready to flash because ten to one odds you are gonna have to.

Kindred - Very High Kindred has pretty high damage even early. Don't even try to fight her as her kite potential against you is pretty high. If you see her invading you ward up and see if you can get help from your laners. She can easily 1v1 you pre-6. At level 6 you have more then enough burst to cycle her before she can cast her ult.

Lee Sin - (High) The chances of him attacking you in your jungle is moderate. But if his team has invaded you level 1 those chances become very high as his Q is really the only thing needed to close the distance on you since it can be used on minions. If you see lee sins Q go whizzing by you try to hide yourself and counter-attack him to try to get the jump on him.

Malphite - (Low) His jungle is kinda slow and him invading your jungle is pretty low. Actually as Jungle Diana your best bet would actually be to invade him.

Maokai - (High) This guy can check your jungle with his E and poke you with it. His root and knock-back is kind of a huge pain. If you time your ult wrong his knock-back can put your ult on cool-down so be very careful about that. His invades in your jungle can come around level 3 through 5 but most of the time this guy will focus on ganking your lanes. Counter ganking him is very effective.

Master Yi - (High) I am updating this guy ASAP. With his new re-work Not only does his Q now scale off AD it can also crit you. His E is now a % base that increases his attack damage and also on activation it now deals True Damage. At level 5 it does 30 base and an added (20%) of his currest AD. So if Master Yi has 250 AD he does 30 + (50) true upon activation. His passive is now every 4th *CONSECUTIVE* Strike so what that means is that he has to constantly be In Combat to get this strike but it also deals only 50% damage on the extra strike. His meditation no longer gives armor and MR but instead it is a % base reduction and when used against turrets that % value is halved. Yi's ultimate still refreshes most of yi's abilities but instead of reactivating Highlander it only extends the current activated highlander by an extra 4 seconds on a kill or assist. So the max amount he can earn from a teamfight is 20 seconds. So a maximum of 30 seconds total on his ult.

Nautilus - (High) This guy will mostly likely come to clear your camps and look for you to kill you in your jungle. His pull and passive root is nasty so keep your eyes open for him.

Nocturne - (High) This man will most definitely come into your jungle not only to take your camps but to find you and kill you. His passive AoE attack that heals him is pretty nasty and can clear camps very quickly. So just be ready when he makes his way to your jungle.

Nidalee - (Very High) Nid has very high clear speed and can roam around the map insanely quickly even at a early level. She will also counter jungle you and will invade you to put you behind as her damage early in her kit is way more then yours. If she lands a spear have flash ready as you will need to burn it because of her ability to not only close a gap but to deal damage in the process. Once you hit 6 your damage output is far stronger then Nidalees. Your chase mechanic against her screws her royally with the increased range on your pull her W isn't long enough for her to escape it so once you are in her face she really can't go anywhere. Even if she flashes you can re-ult to close the gap. So for nidalee Do your best to avoid fights with her until level 6. If your teammates are around to help you then fight her or if you feel that you have an edge fight her but always be careful because she can kite you on early levels and will always try to counter jungle you to stall your level 6.

Nunu & Willump - (High) Since Nunu's rework he has become quite a strong jungler he can take blue and YOUR red very fast and if he so wanted too probably kill you when you scout your red. So if he is in your jungle call for help from mid/top or mid/bot because trying to 1v1 a nunu as diana is rough and could get you killed since your burst is no where near as strong as his.

Olaf - (Medium-High) This guys has a moderate to high chance of coming into your jungle and killing you. Just because his true damage is very powerful early game against you.

Pantheon - (Low) He may come into your jungle every once in a while but it is just to slow down your jungle. Highly unlikely that he is gonna invade you to kill you unless he absolutely knows he can kill you.
Champions jungling Q-Z (Chances of Invading you)
Rammus - (High) He will probably come into your jungle to try and kill you or just to stall you. He is pretty tanky even early so even after his clears in his own jungle he will still have quite a bit of HP when he comes into your jungle. So just be prepared for it cause if you are caught at low Hp you probably will die.

Rengar - (High) If the rengar is good at his jungle he will most definitely invade your jungle to search for you and kill you. His burst is more then enough to kill you in one rotation so definitely be on your guard.

Rek'Sai - (High) This void burrow is a massive pain she can build tanky and still have a huge amount of burst due to her Q and if she has full fury Her E. For those who don't know how her E/Bite works I'll explain. if reksais rage bar is full her E/bite will deal *True* damage to you which will give her an insane amount of burst. She also has the ability to detect you while she is underground she cannot see you but if you are within range she can see your characters movement paths on the map. When she un-burrows she will knock you up so you must be careful about that. When vsing reksai if you are further ahead then she is your burst potential outscales hers but if you are even it becomes a skill match-up so be on guard if you are even with her.

Riven - (Medium) Depending on how good this person is at jungling she has a moderate to high chance of coming into your jungle. Her tankiness plus her stun and her shield can make her a pain to kill and her burst can pretty much wreck your hp again another person to be careful of.

Sejuani - (High) Since the rework of the jungle almost 90% of all tankish people will try to invade you since they have good hp and a decent amount of armor their sustain in the jungle is good.

Shaco - (Very High) This man will almost 100% of the time invade you and try to kill you either in the cross over bush to wraiths or he will sit and wait for you to start fighting red and then kill you. So always be very careful when facing a shaco jungle.

Shyvana - (High) Not only does this character have fast clear time in the jungle the semi-rework of her E makes her E+Q burst pretty high. So her chances of jumping you at your red is really high.

Skarner - (Medium-High) This character if jungled correctly will more then likely come and gank you in your jungle. His shield, Movement speed from it and his AoE slow is more then enough to kill you. His jungle sustain is a-lot better then yours. With his movement speed boost he is more then fast enough to catch you and possibly kill you if you are not careful.

Trundle - (High) The rework on this guy really helped his jungle. Due to the fact his Q is on a really low cooldown and reduces your attack damage and increases his makes him a very formidable opponent as a diana jungler. This man can kill you if you are not paying attention.

Udyr - (High) Depending on how his lanes are doing actually depends on how much he invades you but the chances are pretty high with this guy. He has a shield a stun and a movement speed increase for a short duration his sustain in the jungle is a-lot better then yours. If he catches you at any point when you are low you are probably going to die.

Vi - (Medium) This chick is pretty powerful but most of the time people will be focused on their own jungle because in the beginning she is pretty weak and can end up pretty weak from the jungle. If she has any kills from ganks best be on the lookout because she doesn't need much for her damage to shoot through the roof. If you can stop her jungle early and keep it that way do it because any kills to this character and she starts to spiral out of control.

Volibear - (High) High Hp a passive that regenerates his hp at low health and a W that can do quite the burst against a diana jungler. If you catch this guy in your jungle and he is low be careful because he will probably bait you with his passive since his passive regenerates his health faster then you can take it away so if you make him use his passive run because you will be extremely low and his W may kill you if he lands it on you when you are low on health.

Warwick - (Low) This characters sustain in the jungle is extremely high due to his passive so don't even try to attempt ganking him unless 1. He is weak or 2. You think you can burst him quick enough before mid or bot gets to you. This character has a low chance of ganking because he will be just as afraid to get ganked as you are because his ganks aren't truly effective until level 6.

Wukong - (Low) He can jungle but most of the time he is top but because he can he is on this list. The chances of him even jumping you in your jungle is low. This is because his jungle sustain is pretty low so he will probably be low himself and won't risk himself getting killed on trying to gank you.

Xin Zhao - (High) This man now has a High chance to come hauling butt into your jungle and killing you. If you aren't level 6 yet don't try to fight him. If he comes into your jungle unless you are pretty close to full health and he isn't his Q burst damage is enough to half your health. With his W passive that heals him every third strike it is more than enough to keep him up. So just be weary of this guy and come late game you should be able to burn this guy.

Zac - (High) This guys is just a huge pain in the jungle not only does he do % based damage he is also healed from picking up his blobs that come off him when he causes damage to anything. This man is truly a pain when built tank. Because of the % damage he can cause quite a bit of damage even as a tank. This man can also bait you with his passive if you tunnel vision him and chase him for to long. The plus side though is that your smite does work on his bloblets so also remember that. If he invade you which he probably will ask for help from one of your teammates or if you think you can kill him go for it. But just be careful because even at low levels he still has pretty high damage.
Alright guys I hope you guys got a-lot from this guide. I hope it was helpful feedback is greatly appreciated and I will be updating this guide daily to add in any points or more information that would be beneficial to readers.

Thank You ^_^.
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