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Ryze Build Guide by DabiDabi

Middle [S14] Masters Ryze Guide | Runes, Builds, & All

Middle [S14] Masters Ryze Guide | Runes, Builds, & All

Updated on May 7, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DabiDabi Build Guide By DabiDabi 37 5 209,931 Views 10 Comments
37 5 209,931 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DabiDabi Ryze Build Guide By DabiDabi Updated on May 7, 2024
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Runes: Phase Rush / Domination

1 2
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[S14] Masters Ryze Guide | Runes, Builds, & All

By DabiDabi
Hello, I am a high Diamond elo Ryze main in season 1-3. Though I am currently an Akali one-trick, I still play a decent amount of Ryze and still am able to win many games and reached D3 on him. And I want to share my knowledge with you all. Ryze has changed a lot over the years so I took the knowledge I have and combined some knowledge from other Ryze mains and put them together to the best of my abilities.
Pros and Cons
- Good Early Trading
- Good Farming Power
- Good Ganker
- Can Control Wave Very Good
- Strong Teamfighting

- Bad Champ After Nerfs
- Large Mana Use So Good Mana Managing Is Required
- Vulnerable To Ganks
- Short-Ranged Mage
When to Pick Ryze. Coutners/Synergies
Ryze is good for the first and second half of the game. Pick Ryze when your team has low wave clear so they can get through early/mid game easier.

Hard Counters:
- Kassadin has been one of Ryze biggest counters ever since Season 1. Early game, you can poke him really hard and maybe find a solo kill since he is immobile. But after level 6 you cannot do much. If he brings Electrocute/Ignite, you'll need to respect his damage. Later on all you can do is to prevent him from getting to your ADC with your CCs.

- Cassiopeia is a pretty scary matchup. The matchup is in her favor. I would not recommend to pick Ryze against her. But if you do, you may want to go Ghost against her for extra movement speed.

- Yuumi is just really good into almost any champion. She can heal, stun, slow, and gives movement speed. Almost any Support that has some CC can be very useful for Ryze. It lets him get off free damage and set a chain CC. More agressive supports are better in my opinion.
- Viego is just an example, but almost any Jungler that has some CC can be very useful for Ryze. It lets him get off free damage and set a chain CC.
Ryze's Abilities
Ryze's passive lets his spells deal extra damage based on his Bonus Mana, and his Maximum Mana is increased by 10% per 100 Ability Power.

Passive: Rune Prison and Spell Flux refresh this ability's cooldown and charge a rune for 4 seconds (max 2 runes). When Ryze casts Overload with two runes charged. Ryze will gain a breif burst of Movement Speed.

Active: Ryze unleashes a blast, dealing 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 (+50% of ability power) (+2% of bonus mana) magic damage to the first enemy hit. If the target has Spell Flux on it, it is consumed, causing this ability to deal 10 / 40 / 70 / 100% increased damage and bounces to nearby enemies with Spell Flux.

Ryze deals 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+60% of ability power) (+4% bonus mana) magic damage and slows by 35% for 1.5 seconds. If the target has Spell Flux, it is consumed and this ability roots instead of slowing.

Ryze fires an orb, dealing 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (+30% of ability power) (+2% bonus mana) magic damage and applies Flux for 3 seconds to the target and nearby enemies. Enemies already afflicted with Flux will cause it to spread further.

Passive: Increases Overload damage against targets marked with Spell Flux by 40 / 70 / 100%.

Active: Ryze opens a portal to a nearby location. After 2 seconds, all allied units within the portal's sphere are warped to the target location. If Ryze becomes unable to cast or move, Realm Warp is cancelled.
Ryze Combos
Ryze really only has 3 main combos.

1. Ryze's E+W+Q combo is his best combo. It lets you lock enemies down, and you can follow up with Everfrost+E+Q

2. The second combo is W+E+Q. You should really only use this combo, if you are sure that you can bounce your Spell Flux. Otherwise, the E+W+Q combo will be better.

3. Next is E+E+Q. This lets you chase down enemies and is good for deuling.

Other than that, you can pretty much freestyle with your abilities. If your Rune Prison is down, You'll just want to spam Spell Flux and Overload.
Phase Rush and Domination is the best rune page for Ryze in my opinion. This rune page allows you to be stronger in 1v1s and Teamfights. It keeps you relevant all game, and you just scale harder with this rune page.

The Phase Rush and Inspiration rune page is also very good with Ryze since it gives him everything he needs. Good damage, sustain, and Ability Haste. Only downside of the rune page is that you arent as strong in the late game. But if you want to only use one rune page, I would honestly recommend using this.

You'll almost never go Conqueror. Only time you will go with this rune page is if you are up against Full AD teams which is unlikely.

I don't like Unsealed Spellbook.. Some people run this rune but I personally don't like it at all. I'm probably just obsessed with the speed you get from Phase Rush. lmao.
More in depth for Itemization
Starting Items:
For starting items, you'll almost always go Tear of the Goddess and Health Potion. Only time you might start Corrupting Potion is when you are against extremely hard matchups that you will need a lot of sustain from.

First Back:
On your first back, you'll want to buy a Sapphire Crystal and a Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Sapphire Crystal, Tear of the Goddess, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the 3 main items you want to focus on getting first.

Core Items:
You will want to rush Rod of Ages. Afterwards, you'll want to buy a Zhonya's Hourglass. If you have the money to buy either a Zhonya's Hourglass or Archangel's Staff, always buy the Zhonya's Hourglass first. Never buy an Archangel's Staff first if your Tear of the Goddess is not fully stacked.

Q: What to build if against a dive Assassin?

A: Since BOTH Crown of the Shattered Queen and Stopwatch are removed, you are easy to dive. I would recommend getting an early Cloth Armor and rush Seeker's Armguard.

Q: Is Ryze playable?

A: Yes, since the item changes and the map change. I think Ryze should be played Top lane instead of Mid.
Summoner Spells
Flash and Ghost are your standard Summoner Spells. It is good for doding skillshots, chasing enemies, and escaping from enemies.

Flash and Teleport lets you travel around the map and get to lane faster. I only go Teleport when I am TOP LANE since the lane is longer, when I'm playing with a DUO since we have better communication and I can TP to their rescue, or if I'm against champs that have better ganking power than me. Since Ryze ult is pretty short compared to Galio and Twisted Fate.

Exhaust, Barrier, and Cleanse are good as well, but you should only really bring them in some situational games. But you'll usually never need to bring them.
Early Laning Phase:
For early laning phase, you should just focus on farming. Of course harass the enemy laner if they are coming up too close with E+Q, or just Q them when they aren't behind minions. Freeze the wave if you are ahead and when the enemy laner backs to deny exp and when they return to lane, break the freeze so you can trade again. You can shove in the wave and look for a roam. Even if you don't complete a roam, you'll barely lose anything. This will only work if you have a CS lead, Level lead, and Wave advantage. Which is pretty easy to get. This is generally how you want to play Ryze early game. But lets say you are behind. Then you'll want to just keep farming and help team when possible.

When fighting, don't rush to get a kill. Focus on dodging abilities and deal decent damage before going in. You want to start of with E+W+Q combo to root and deal the utmost damage. While fighting, you want to keep moving to avoid enemy abilities which should be easy since you'll have your Overload speed up too.

One of the worst mistake a Ryze can do is to overuse his Spell Flux and then having no Mana when Scuttle Crab is up. This will hurt your Jungler a lot if he loses first Scuttle because of you. So make sure to manage your Mana well.Bad usage of your ult can cost you teamfights as well. Your ult isn't just used for catching up to enemies or escaping enemies. Use your ult to reposition yourself or your teammates for better fights. Don't Warp your teams right in front of the enemy. Give a little distance so your team has time to react.

[Mid and Late Game:
To be honest, your gameplay shouldn't be too different from early game. If you are behind, stay with your team. If you are ahead look to farm sidelanes and just scale. And help your team with objectives. Whatever you do, have a way to get to your team as fast as possible in case there is a teamfight. So if your Teleport or Ghost is down. You may not want to farm sidelanes unless your team is in river or jungle near you.

In teamfights, all you really need to worry about is yourself. Position yourself well and abuse your point and clicks. When you are behind just peel for your carries.
Thank you for your time to look over my guide. Hope this guide has helped you and HAVE FUN ON THE RIFT SUMMONERS!
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