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Kha'Zix General Guide by Zarno

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zarno

[S3] DA BUG goes mid (replay added)

Zarno Last updated on January 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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As AD casters go up in popularity at the mid position after the season 3 update, so does my interest in them. For this guide I will be showing you how to mid with Kha'Zix, who I believe may be able to change the unsettled meta. got the idea from a friend one day and it made perfect sense once i thought about it! Lets take a look at Kha'Zix's kit.

Passive: Unseen Threat; When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat, causing his next basic attack against an enemy Champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow.

Alright, not as useful mid than up top, but can still be used to detect wards, and for a minor CC, not bad.

Taste Their Fear - Kha'Zix passively marks enemies that are isolated from nearby allies. Taste Their Fear deals physical damage to a single target. Damage increased on isolated targets.

Here we go! going mid, your prey will be alone quite a lot of the time, leading to tons of damage!

Void Spike - Kha'Zix fires exploding spikes that deal physical damage to all nearby enemies. Kha'Zix is healed if he is also within the explosion radius.

Not to mention its ridiculous range this is a long range poke for good damage, that can heal you and generate CS in a snap. Amazing when you go mid.

Leap - Kha'Zix leaps to an area, dealing phyisical damage upon landing.

This is another essential ability, its used to harass, and more importantly, for avoiding ganks

Void Assault - Each rank allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities, giving it a unique additional effect. When activated, Void Assault stealths Kha'Zix, triggers Unseen Threat, and increases Movement Speed.

It's overall a useful ability for its utility, allowing for escapes, great ganking, and it re-triggers unseen threat allowing for some more CC.

Now look at the overall picture his kit paints; long range poke, a decent heal, increased singular target damage, highly mobile, and huge burst damage potential. Sounds like a great mid to me!

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Pros and Cons

+ Incredible burst damage
+ Good harass
+ Great ganker
+ Highly mobile
+ Effective heal

- Runs out of mana easily (unless you get muramana)
- Somewhat squishy early game
- not an AP champ, so team comp needs to compensate

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I take W 1st for good harass for the early game, and for the heal. E is taken second because it provides Kha'Zix's escape tool. From there focus on maxing w without neglecting the Q as is is almost as equally important. For the evolution's I HIGHLY recommend W, then E, then Q. Reasoning: W will provide amazing harass and farming early, not to mention the great heal. E will allow you do much better in team fights for the mid game, and will allow for better escapes outside of the early game. Q is evolved last because it will provide better damage for the late game. And honestly, no one ever evolves his R, it blows.

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Item Sequence

Early game:
You will want boots and pots, Zix is pretty easily harassed early, and while the heal helps, you will want the potions there for back up

Depending on how well your doing you may or may not want the Crystalline Flask, but I like it on him as it helps with his mana problems, and can prepare you for a gank.

From there get a Brutalizer, just do it. It's CD, Armor Pan, and damage are everything the bug needs to be effective.

Mid game:
Try to finish off The Black Cleaver as early as possible, as it provides tankiness and everything the Brutalizer does, which is perfect on an AD caster such as Kha'Zix.

From here I like the tankiness and slowing ability that Phage provides, while still allowing for more damage.

Now depending on how CC heavy the enemy team is you can either go for the Scimitar (huge MR boost, and has an active that disables all debuffs, and grants 50% MS buff for 1 second), of if you are fed or want the lifesteal go with The Bloodthirster.

Late Game:
Finish off that Frozen Mallet to get more slowing and health, and from there try for a GA, it will be great in team fights, and provided needed resilience.

After playing for a bit with different builds i believe this Manamune build is the best one, as it fixes nearly every flaw with Kha'Zix.

With Manamune/Muramara:
-Have nearly the same AD as the pure AD build
-rarely run out of mana
-slows with the gauntlet

There you go! In the pure AD build Zix constantly runs out of mana, and has very little CC. At the cost of around 20 AD overall you can have a reliable slow, and have a ton of mana to burn on abilities. This also helps with his sustain as he can cast his heal more often.

NOTE: If you go the manamune route, ALWAYS get the Ice Born Gauntlet. The Manamune gives you AD worth 2% of your total mana, which works out to 47 AD with both Manamune and the Frozen Fist. Not only that, but when Manamune evolves to Muramana, you recieve an active that consumes some n=mana for basic and single target spells, dealing EVEN MORE damage! It also gives essential CC.

I reccomend the Manamune build as my primary build, as while it may sacrifice a bit of damage early game, it becomes a absolute monster later in the game, as the Frozen Fist, Muramana , and his own passive combine to deal unholy amounts of damage.

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These are pretty standard for Zix; You simply need the AD quints and marks, as they provide key early advantage. The seals and glyphs also should to be armor and MR to keep him alive.

There isn't much wiggle room here, but you could try HP, or MS quints for a different feel.

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1st attempt: 5-0, enemy team surrendered at 20

2nd try: Enemy team forced to surrender by 30 mins
3rd attempt: After a terrible start, DA BUG put his team on his back

After nailing down my preffered build, i am shown to have quite the track record.

Hey guys! Here is a replay of me pub stomping the **** out of people!
8 minutes in is where things get fun, at 19 minutes i get a quad kill and things go bananas.
Zix played mid correctly

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1-15-12: Adjusted the pure AD build to have a better mid game and focus on burst over tankiness

1-16-12: Zix got nerfed! ='(, lol no big deal, just some scaling and isolation tuning, which was honestly absurd.

I have adjusted the manamune build to have a much better mid game, as rushing the manmune and black cleaver hurt more than i anticipated, the bloodthirster alleviates that.

Because of the most recent patch buffing manamune and nerfing zix's AD scaling, the manamune build is better than ever! Dont believe me? Here is a replay of me pub stomping the **** out of people!
Zix played mid correctly


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