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Katarina General Guide by Aveldine

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aveldine

S3 Katarina, counter that Veigar!

Aveldine Last updated on January 6, 2013
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Summoner spells

HI Guys, this is my first build guide, so tips are helpful! First I will show you summoner spells! Enjoy!

The average summoner spells you will use on Katarina will be
ignite and flash.

Big NO-NO, this especially in in 3's, big fat NO. Katarina is NOT a support! She is an assassin, clarivoyance is for a SUPPORT

I've never used it, but I wouldn't recommend it, I think it's useful for ADC (attack damage carries) more.

BIG FAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Katarina has NO MANA. do not use this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously would not use this... ever....

This is for jungling, if you want to jungle, find a different guide to tell you HOW.

This is good if your aim is to be super freakin' fast

I would only use this if you like it.... otherwise... don't even bother.

I would only use this when you're in a 5's match and are forced to top

Yeah.... um.... let's see... this is for supports and tanks.. not really 3's... soo.... NOPE.

Pretty freakin great if you want to exhaust veigar to further reduce his ultimate damage on you.

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Tips on your spells

For your Q,Bouncing blades, make sure to use it to range harass as much as possible

For your W, combo it with your q, , especially on a group of minions, if you have a fair amount of AD, you can wipe out a minion wave with one and
For your E, shunpo use it in emergencies or while chasing due to it's long as heck cooldown, it's good for last hitting on champion kills, due to because of the 15 second CDR from assists/kills.

Okay, your R, Death Lotus, is extremely high damaging and is anti-heal. Great for bursting down veigar. Use it whenever, it's got a short CD (cooldown) so you should be able to use it frequently.

A good combo is Q,E,W. This order allows you to use a long range poke, then jump on your enemy, and then W for high damage. use Q,W,R if you are in the middle of a team fight, then use your E to catch stragglers.

Keep in mind, you can shunpo minions, turrets, monsters, shrooms, zyra's plants, wards, heimer's turrets, and even tibbers, voidlings etc. Your E is very viable for a quick escape.

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My item choice...

I chose Hextech-gunblade as my first major item, because first, you still need AP ( ability power) and it supplies good AP and AD (attack damage.) The SV and LS are really, really helpful. (Spell vamp and life steal) The active on is AMAZING for chasing people down, and doing extra damage. SCORE! :)

I chose as my boot enchantment for one simple reason: It stacks AMAZINGLY with your W , either helping you chase or GTFO.

I chose because of the amazing extra AD and life steal it grants! It's really useful! Espcially on your W and R. the more AD, the more your W and R do, so this I feel is a good item =)

I chose Because boy, that item is a LIFESAVER, especially against AP heavy teams.

I choose for the extra AD, AP, and movement speed. It's really, really nice to have, especially with the Sheen proc.

And lastly, because of the extra high magic resist, and a good amount of ability power, in addition to that, it's aura makes you do Morley damage, and any AP teammates!

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Skill sequence

I max this first. The reason why is the big increase on the damage of the mark, which is useful for farming. Another reason why, is the frequent far away pokes you can pull off. It's great for harass.

I max this 2nd, right behind bouncing blades. The reason why is because of the AD ratio it has, the short CD, and the speed buff. It's great for activating Bouncing Blade's mark for a quick minion wave kill, or a high damage poke, using Shunpo to get away. Keep in kind you can Shunpo anything, teemo Shroomd, wards, minions, monsters, champions, basically anything except for towers, ETC.

let's be honest, we all like a jump. But max this LAST. It's not very important as AD katarina, because it's a jump and doesn't scale off of AD. I know what you think "but neither does her Q" Well, her Q is different, it's a long poke that hits multiple targets, low CD and can do high damage harass when combined with her W. Shunpo should still be learned at level 3, for obvious reasons, escaping, chasing, whatever,

ahhh, sweet baby. The best ability katarina has. Don't be afraid to use this to harass enemies, because it has a fairly short cool down.

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Pro: high AD burst
Very quick
People underestimate AD Katarina damage
Lots of HP
Good harass
Great farm

Cons: Squishy agains AD
Can be caught easily if she isn't helped by a teammate, she can get stranded.
Low AP

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Farming is no problem, with your Q and W combo, that should be no problem. Jungling, well this is no guide for jungling, sorry. Katarina can clear huge minions wave sin a heartbeat, it's super nice for pushing.

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Max Q first, then W, R, then E.

Use her harass well!!

What we went over today was:

Her skill sequence! Q,W,R,E
Her items! Hextech-gun blade
Her pros and cons: High burst,
Very squishy

Farming: easy as cheesecake

Well, thanks for viewing my guide!



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