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Janna Build Guide by Poop Jelly

Support *S3* Support Janna - How to be a Janna-rous Support

Support *S3* Support Janna - How to be a Janna-rous Support

Updated on February 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poop Jelly Build Guide By Poop Jelly 14 2 90,407 Views 17 Comments
14 2 90,407 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Poop Jelly Janna Build Guide By Poop Jelly Updated on February 20, 2013
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What's good people, Poop Jelly here and welcome to my first guide about my most favorite champion: Janna. Now, I'm probably new to making guides but I have had vast experiences with LoL. (umm... Yeah, S1 player here!)

My main and most effective role is support. Indeed, I do bounce around with different roles, but when I get to play support it's all 'Home Sweet Home' again!

Support champions are champions that help your team to victory! In this case we will be covering Janna, the sexiest champion in LoL. Like come on, who else can give you a better image for a morning wood?
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Pros / Cons

  • Good Crowd Controls and escape mechanism
  • Ability to cancel team fights/help initiating team fights
  • Helps your mobility while playing/ Move around
  • Good movement speed
  • No heal in lane
  • Squishy
  • Situanional Support
  • Takes practicing to master ultimate and tornado
  • Her looks can seduce you not paying attention to the game
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Flat Armor Marks: Unless some crazy matches in tournament, supports-adc usually go bottom lane and facing other supports-adc. Flat armor is the best choice for marks with Janna since she does not rely heavily on AP penetration for harassing.

Flat Armor Seals: main armor runes source

Flat Magic Resist Glyphs: these will help you more chance to survive from APC ganks, also to against incoming bursts from champs like Sona, Tristana, Lux, Zyra, Taric and etc. You could go with mr/lvl, but I prefer flat resist for early endurance.

Gold/10sec Quints: with Season 3, income for supports were limited since Heart of Gold is no longer available, supports income is scarce. These would be most relevant to get.
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Skill Sequence

Increases the movement speed of all allied champions by 3%. This bonus is lost while Janna is dead.

Now in S3, base movement speed had been increased, boots are no longer necessary as starting items, Tailwind is an extremely good passive to your teammates.

Cost: 90/ 105/ 120/ 135/ 150 mana - Cooldown: 14/ 13/ 12/ 11/ 10 seconds / Range: 1100-1700.

An important spell of Janna use for interrupting channeling spells and knocking up enemies: good for both defensive and offensive.

Cost: 40/ 50/ 60/ 70/ 80 mana - Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / Cooldown: 8 seconds / Range: 600

Zephyr is a good spell that its passive increases Janna'smovement speed and providing her the ability to move through units.

Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana / Cooldown: 10 seconds / Range: 800

A good shield that has a great AP scaling for AP Janna; but since we're talking about support Janna,the bonus AD is what we're looking at.

Cost: 150 / 225 / 300 mana - Cooldown: 150 / 135 / 120 seconds / Diameter: 725

With this spell, Janna can reposition or even cancel any teamfight as she wishes. This ability, however, can be a little tricky and need understanding to function it right.
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Item Sequence

Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation 50
These are the items you are provided at the beginning of the game from the mastery tree points. Use Explorer's Ward to quick check the bush at the start of laning phase if you suspect enemy champs might be camping in there. If you run out of Health Potion, use Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation in case of longer sustain in lane.

At the beginning of the game, you could get all sight ward or you can get a Vision Ward with 2 sight ward if you know your jungler will gank bot and/or you don't want the enemy to have visions inside your side bush.

Item Sequence

Nomad's Medallion 850
Boots 300
Stealth Ward 0
Unless you have 1650 gold or more when recalling, make Sightstone your first priority item over philosopher's stone; philosopher's stone will also help with your income and upgrade into better items. I noticed in patch 3.01 Sightstone price has gone up and this is very unfortunate for supports like Janna, but I still prefer 1st Sightstone than philosopher's stone. Boots is optional at early phase and those extra speed from her Zephyr & mastery points somewhat replaced boots already.
Even after you purchased Sightstone, extra sight ward is always necessary because you won't know when an extra ward can benefit the vision for spotting isolated enemy, dragon steal, or prevent a gank.

Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads 1100
Targon's Buckler 400
Ruby Sightstone 1600
Kindlegem 800
Stealth Ward 0
By now you should have your boots ready for the phase of mid game. 2 possible choices for boots:
[*] Ionian Boots of Lucidity is when you think there are champions that can get to your carry positions in a blink and you need to minimize all the cooldown of your abilities to save your teammates. Champions like Katarina Kha'Zix Riven Diana Vi and some other champs that have the ability to enclose the distance and jump on your damage dealer very quickly, you want this for your boots choice.
[*] Mercury's Treads is when you are dealing with enemy champs with a lot of Crowd Controls or those with long duration spells. Get these to escape Leona Veigar Lux Morgana and many others with long duration stuns or snares.
Emblem of Valor and Kindlegem are next after your boots. Ruby Sightstone is optional but necessary for lategame. Don't forget, if you have an extra inventory slot, grab a sight ward or two.

Item Sequence

Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Zeke's Harbinger 2250
Enchantment: Captain 450
Oracle's Elixir 400
By now you should have your Shurelya's Battlesong and getting Aegis of the Legion. Get Zeke's Herald too because it is an overall good support item for most of the team sequence. Enchantment: Captain is the best upgrade for your boots and how can you say no to a support item added from your boots. Oracle's Elixir is important especially at late game when visions are very important and negating enemy wards would create a huge advantage on teamfights. Oracle's Elixir also helps to clear wards when your team decided to get Baron or Dragon and seeing the wards will inform you that the enemy already knew the place you are standing.


Item Sequence

Warmog's Armor 3000
Locket of the Iron Solari 2300
Frozen Heart 2700
Randuin's Omen 3000
Mikael's Blessing 2300
Twin Shadows 2400
Elixir of Brilliance 250
Elixir of Fortitude 350
Let's start in order:

Runic Bulwark - Get this if their APC is farmed/fed and is a threat to your team. Also get this if their are many sources of AP damage coming from the enemy team.
Warmog's Armor - Get this if they have many tank champs and AP damages. Not a very core item for Janna but works in situation if enemy would like to burst and eliminate you out immediately.
Locket of the Iron Solari - A good optional item for supports overall. This provides an AoE shield which means more than one target will benefit when activating this item. Also the HP and armor as well as CDR from this item is a nice bonus to Janna herself.
Frozen Heart - Get this if none of your teammates are able to buy one. To me there has to be one of this on each game because this works every time with any enemy team sequence (except all AP champs.) The nice amount of armor and its slowing attack speed passive worth an inventory slot for Janna.
Randuin's Omen - Works, but not recommended. Although the nice armor and HP stats with the slowing movement speed passive are nice, this item is better for melee champions since the active of this item has a small range.
Mikael's Blessing - If the opponents have many CC that can stop your ADC or APC from inflicting damage and/or none of them have Cleanse, this item would be fantastic to cancel any disablities your teammates are facing.
Twin Shadows - Extra magic resist is nice and the slows are helpful to gank isolate enemy champs. A decent choice of item to get.
Elixir of Brilliance Elixir of Fortitude - Grab these when you are finished with all your items, Elixir of Brilliance is recommended to get at soon as late game phase started.
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Summoner Spells


- Even though this summoner spell has been nerfed and nerfed and nerfed and nerfed, it's still the best summoner spell for most champions in any role. Why? Flash provides the ability to transport from one place to other place in a blink of an eye. You can flash through walls and trees to shorten or longer the distance from you and the enemy champs.

- There has been argument about the change of Exhaust from S2 to S3, I think the new Exhaust in S3 is better as the role of support. Once enemy is being exhausted, it's most likely the enemy champion will not shoot a basic attack for seconds. Very useful against ADC.


Let's be real here, I'll not list the summoner spells that most likely never work or least helpful to Janna.

- Since Janna has no heal in lane, Heal is a good optional summoner spell to keep both of the couple alive while fighting or being ganked.

- Could be a good summoner spell to spot out the movement of the enemy champs. Good for using to spot out enemy jungler to prevent ganks, dragon, baron, etc.
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About Janna

For most of you, JANNA IS A SAFE, DEFENSIVE SUPPORT. Not only you, oh my fellow support players, you also need to inform this valuable information to your ADC and other teammates as well.

However, Janna CAN be an assertive support for two reasons:

1/ You HAVE to know good Janna works as when you sing the alphabetic song
2/ You AND your ADC knows each other play style and can understand how to deal with situations.

Otherwise, aggressive support Janna will fail hard and eventually you give away bottom lane to the enemy team.
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Tips and Advices - Laning & Teamfight

1/ This works not only on Janna but all support champions: KNOW YOUR PARTNER ADC PLAY STYLE. I have seen a lot of good Janna player but because they don't know how to cooperate with the ADC so resulting both don't understand each other and sometimes there are conflicts. Learn your ADC play style is the best way to prevent any mistake:
[*] If the player seems more likely to kick back and farm, protect him defensively and be ready for any kind of gank.
[*] If the player seems to be an aggressive poker, 'play along' with him but always remember you are a defensive support, so if anything happen do whatever it takes as a supporter and guide him to safety or a kill.

2/ JANNA DOES HAVE A POKE. Majority of her poke comes from the damage her shield provides. Zephyr is another one, but I recommend using that for slowing enemies from running away or chasing you & your partner.

3/ DO NOT SPAM Howling Gale. The most common mistake all Janna players have made and I have to admit sometimes I did spam nado too from getting carried away. This usually happens when your lane is winning and you want to spam nado from the bush to harass the enemy champs. The damage is poor and it's not worth the mana and the cooldown for such foolish poke. Use them for disrupting enemy champs channeling spell, helping your partner engage, and/or emergencies only.

4/ CORRECT WAYS TO USE Monsoon This spell can either support your team OR support the enemy team. Here is the list of when to use Monsoon effectively:

[*] In lane:
- If your ADC is low vs the other ADC and he seems to be losing and running back. Run in front of your ADC ally and pop Monsoon to knock back any enemy champs trying to harm your man. Don't stand there and channel for too long or else they can switch and target you: Janna, the Squishy's Fury.
- If your ADC vs the other ADC and they both seem to lower each other heath with the same amount. If you already used all the abilities you had, stand back on your ADC position and pop Monsoon without blowing the enemy champion too far away. By this way vs any melee support Blitzcrank Leona Thresh Taric you can knock them away to deal any extra damage to your ADC. You want to stay and channel as long as you can unless there's another enemy approaching. This is risky but from my experience, 80% your ADC will win the fight.
- [Optional] If your ADC vs the other ADC and the enemy appearing to be losing and wanna run away. Run as close as you can to the enemy, if you have flash, pop it and press Monsoon immediately to knock the enemy back to your ADC. Don't have flash? If your Zephyr or Howling Gale cooldown is almost refreshed, use them and run in front of them, pop Monsoon and knock them back.

[*] In teamfight:
- Never use them right away if your team has AoE spells like Soul Shackles, Curse of the Sad Mummy, Death Lotus or other abilities contrasting the diameter with Monsoon
- Unless you're 5v1 or 5v2, never use Monsoon as an offensive engage.
- Saving teammates with Monsoon is more important than using that to save yourself
- Use Monsoon as a second Howling Gale if you have to protect enemy champs from getting close to your ADC.
- If using Monsoon as an assertive purpose, try to separate the enemy team apart. WARNING: if your team wants to go for the ADC and APC as they should, don't blow them away if you have an initiative on your team.

5/ MAKE YOUR ADC YOUR #1 PROTECTING TARGET. Unless you know... if they suck. APC would be the 2nd backup


7/ Only take minion kills when your ADC recall and you are the only one left in lane. Otherwise, leave all cs to any member of your team.
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Warding Placement

As in labeled, these are the areas that are crucial to ward.

Area inside the orange box would be where your laning phase is. You want to make these spots your priority to ward. Later onto mid game/late game, start spreading out and ward places that enemies tend to walk by and important areas like Baron, Dragon, Blue/Red Golem.
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ADC Match-up with Janna


  • In my opinion Ashe works best with Janna. Ashe has an extremely hard poke early game with her crit damage + heavy damage on Volley combine with Janna's Eye Of The Storm can put any champ to 1/3 HP and a kill if they do enough damage input. Ashe is also a very utilized ADC which is perfect with Janna.

  • Caitlyn has a largest basic attack range and can poke any champ without being traded to heavily. However, Caitlyn is outclassed by most ADC if they fight face-to-face without any poking. That's why Janna works well with Caitlyn to provide her the AD from Eye Of The Storm and also support Caitlyn from dying.

  • As much as I love the combination of Ashe & Janna, this is a real couple right here. Draven has the ability to catch up and deal heavy damage to the enemy champs and Janna is like a perfect housewife, standing behind her husband and support him and beat the daylight out of the enemy team. Due to Draven's lack of escaping mechanism, Janna can provide Draven the safety he needs.

  • If Draven is Janna's husband, Janna can cheat him off with Ezreal sometimes. May I say that Ezreal is kind of a troll ADC that makes people rage sometimes with his high mobility and almost ungankable. Well, let's make it IMPOSSIBLE to gank with Janna then! Ezreal Mystic Shot scales 1:1 AD damage => Eye Of The Storm is just the perfect tool to maximize his strength on poking and kiting.

  • A perfect lady like Janna can't have just one or two man around. Varus with his incredible poke and fight abilities work just as perfectly with Janna. Like Draven, Varus has a large amount of AD input but doesn't really have a relied escaping mechanism. Unlike Draven, Varus deals more damage from his spells and poke harder than Draven. Janna can improve this poke better while she's around.

OVERALL, good ADCs work well with Janna are champs that she can be passive as well as aggressive with them.


  • shorter range = less pokes. These champs are good at fighting face to face which is not Janna's specialty. Less pokes = being poked. Most likely enemy ADC and/or support with the ability to poke will give these two a hard time considering the face that they're squishy. However, Janna's protection is still godlike and we cannot deny that. Not the best couples, but you'll live.

  • Even though Kog'Maw range is large, but like Miss Fortune and Vayne it is strong at fighting face to face. Don't get me wrong, Kog'Maw can still poke, but other than its Bio-Arcane Barrage it really has no other abilities for good addition damage. Janna's shield can provide extra AD which is good for Kog'Maw and can also fill in the protection that Kog'Maw lacks. A decently good match-up.

  • Why? Because they got burst. Confusing? not at all! Tristana got huge burst but most of her spells' damage come with AP scaling => Janna's shield only be useful for basic attacks. While Twitch has good AD scaling burst, he still faces difficulty in poking the opponent. Twitch is incredibly frail in term of defense, which Janna's protection can cover for that, but neither Janna nor Twitch has good tools to chase down repositioned enemy champs. Once Twitch activates expunge, his poke is most likely over.

  • Although I don't prefer him as ADC and he's not considered one, Urgot has some potential at bot lane as more of an AD caster role. Urgot has potential poking also with a shield and work well with Eye Of The Storm to prevent any pokes and burst but he is very mana-craving. Janna's shield providing extra AD points is good for his pokes and disabilities for incoming ganks/fights. Also, Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse (1st cast) + Monsoon (follow up) can isolate one enemy champ from the other and it's not a very hard combo to learn. I would say Urgot works as well with Janna as other ADCs.
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Match-up against other Supports

  • This guy is a beast! Hah, get it? But seriously, do not overextend around this guy or he'll make you pay dearly with his hard CC combo that 90% guarantee your death sentence. I recommend playing passively with your ADC and save your abilities to counter his combo if he have a chance to use them.

  • He used to be on my list of the most hateful supports. Back in the days Rocket Grab is very annoying due to me not being acknowledge of how to counter those grabs. All you have to do is ward bush that Blitzcrank will be camping in there and stay far away from his grab range or use minions as a shield from his grab. Aggressive Blitzcrank will follow up his combo by Overdrive => Power Fist => Rocket Grab. Don't give him this chance by never stand too close to Blitzcrank that he can have a chance to speed up and strike you down.

  • Okay, for those of you who don't know, good Fiddlesticks can be a pain as a support. Reap hurts and Terrify is terrified! But most importantly, you have to watch out and deny Crowstorm as soon as possible. Spread a little further away from your ADC to prevent getting damaged and silence by Reap, save Howling Gale for Bountiful Harvest and Crowstorm. When you are too late to stop Fiddlestick to channel Crowstorm, immediately pop Monsoon to knock him away if he's not in range for a kill. One thing about Fiddlestick is he is very squishy, work with your ADC and strike him down & disrupt his Bountiful Harvest he will be an easy kill. Wards are important against him in lane and in teamfights.

  • I have to say I dislike mirror match! But here are some tips for you vs your ditto: 1/ you know how Janna works, use those knowledge and decide whether you should engage or disengage. 2/ if the enemy champ appears to be doing a better job than you, do not get competitive and lost your control: you will most likely to be playing MORE aggressively or MUCH MORE defensively; be calm, be cool and guide your ADC to turn the tide. 3/ A little 'show-off' pressure is nice to possibly decrease the enemy's Janna confidence, but don't be over-confident and throw your lane away.

  • Most people underestimate Karma's power; she should be named the Deceiver not LeBlanc. Although without any CC, Karma has good support & burst damage abilities. People usually miscalculated her protection because they're not aware of Inner Flame. The lower % of her health is, the more AP she has. Because of this ability, Karma's Soul Shield is the best offensive and defensive shield in game with good AP scaling as well as base amount of coverage. Heavenly Wave and Spirit Bond can both be used defensively and offensively. Karma is a hard champion and underused, but good Karma is very dangerous. With the good pokes in lane, Karma has no real good abilities to chase people down or stop a gank. You want to be ready to support your ADC at anytime when Karma pops her Mantra. If you don't know her well I recommend being extra defensive and observe how she works then play around with it.

  • Before 6, all her problem starts with Zenith Blade follow up with Shield of Daybreak stun and damage from Eclipse, bonus damage from Sunlight = death sentence. Best way to deal with her is ward the bush she is camping in, prepare your Howling Gale and immediately activate it when leona's approaching with Zenith Blade and 9/10 you can only succeed neglating her Zenith Blade by smart-casting it. Before lvl 3, Leona pretty much cannot do anything to either one of you; urge your ADC to harass her and stop her without full health so she can't freely fire her combo.

  • Lulu is a very tricky support to play AND to deal with. She can be good at defensive and offensive as well. She can out-trade damage very good and lots of mobility and protections. To deal with Lulu, you want to shield your ADC if Lulu appears out from the bush or having the attempt to harass your ADC. When your ADC being Whimsy, immediately activate Howling Gale towards incoming enemy ADC or jungler. Lulu's weakness is when after she used Help, Pix! and Glitterlance she basically has nothing else to fight with her long cooldown, she is squishy and easy to strike down if her Whimsy is out. Usually Lulu plays safe but some can be scary aggressive! Lulu is very mana-dependent, sometimes she will use all her mana for the combo of her spells. Basically facing Lulu you want to be defensive and ready to protect your ADC. DO NOT CHASE HER OR ENEMY ADC IF LULU'S Wild Growth IS UP. I've seen many tower diving fails because they thought they could kill and getting out alive without aware of Help, Pix! and Wild Growth.

  • Ward the bush she's camping in, dodge Dark Binding or Light Binding = successful lane! But what am I talking about.... Most Lux nowadays tend to max her Prismatic Barrier as a support first, and if talk about base scaling number THAT is the best shield in the whole game. But, there is one weakness all Lux cannot replace with is she's extremely squishy! If she misses her Light Binding there's the chance for you and your ADC to jump on her and strike this bish down. For Morgana, watch out when she hits 6 because Soul Shackles with her shield activate you cannot deal Crowl Control to her which means you cannot knock her up or knock her back = free stun for them. Be mobilized and try to run randomly with these two.

  • I don't see her that much but in my opinion she's Sona's 0.5 version (sorry, Nami's players :P). She has a good in lane heal which is annoying for Janna and she's got a burst herself when reaching lvl 6. Like all the other ranged female supports, she's squishy and her stun is debatable easy to dodge. Ward the bush she's camping in and make sure to shield your ADC once they're being stunned. Tidal Wave will cancel out the channeling Monsoon so watch out before popping your ultimate. You don't want to trade the pokes with her so it would be better to fight face-to-face with her and enemy ADC. I would say she will outclass Janna in term of laning phase, but comparing to protect her ADC Janna's better by a milestone.

  • Ward in the bush she's camping in, dodge Javelin Toss, watch out for Bushwhack. If you can do that, Nidalee is no threat. After lvl 6 she has mobility but needs to enclose the distance in order to do extra damage, most likely would never get to touch Janna if you use your Howling Gale correctly. But yeah, dodging spears is your objective.

  • Janna's number one enemy. This bish is hella trouble for Janna in laning phase. Every move she has is annoying and her pokes are painful and annoying as hell. But, thankfully the universe is balanced when her defensive stats were nerfed. She's the most squishiest champion in term of starting stat with a base 9 armor. Most Sona will use Hymn of Valor and Aria of Perseverance and by the charge of 2, she went in with another Hymn of Valor + basic attack enhanced by Power Chord and back off. DONT GIVE HER THAT CHANCE! either not getting hit by the combo or you and your ADC have to cooperate and strike her down when she's attempting to do just that. Sona's a threat in laning phase and mid game. Crescendo is a very powerful ultimate that can stun AoE in a row: Monsoon would definitely be outclassed. However, she's not a good defensive support: the only thing she can "protect" her teammate is to heal and Crescendo. She is very mana-dependent so be aware of her mana bar to engage. If your laning phase passed peacefully, you just won your bottom lane.

  • Kinda annoying, but got nerfed till now she's not a threat in lane. She can protect enemy ADC very good and has an annoying silence that's bad for Janna when she's in need to use her abilities. Soraka's weaness is after her Astral Blessing and its increasing armor duration is over, that's your chance to strike. She's not a problem in lane but the enemy champion will be. You want to follow your ADC's lead carefully when playing against Soraka and ward around for incoming ganks.

  • I hate this guy especially going with Graves. He has a huge burst, debuff, and a good 2 targets heal in lane. Basically you want to ward where he is camping and I recommend to get early movement speed items like boots for safety. Use Howling Gale if necessary to prevent him before he fires his Dazzle and he surely will follow up with Shatter and possibly Radiance if he hits 6. Caution: Shatter when activate will deal damage and decrease your armor; Radiance when activate will deal damage and increase enemies' AP and AD. Conclusion: prevent the stun.

  • This guy to me is Blitzcrank 2.0 version. I really find him interesting and cheap at the same time. Every spell he has carry its unique ability, even his shield is unique to take whoever clicks on Dark Passage will be pulled into Thresh. His most common combo is Death Sentence => Flay => The Box. Like Blitz, it is crucial that you ward the bush that he is camping in and like all the skillshot champions, use minions as your shield from getting hit. Poke him if he comes close to collect Damnation but avoid chasing him when he's full health.


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Summary & Conclusion

I have said this once, and I will say it over and over again. JANNA IS A DEFENSIVE, SAFE SUPPORT. If you wonder why my guide doesnt provide any support that Janna outclasses is because Janna's success comes from how well your ADC performs.

Well guys, it took a lot of time to gather all the information and strategies from me and other players that I can be able to reach to this section of the guide. I would very appreciate if you enjoy this and hopefully this guide will inform you of who is Janna and how does she work.

Special thanks to Daxromel, ALethalDomo, and MaBuMap that helped me and motivated me to make this in-depth guide. I apologize if this guide can be too wordy, but I tried my best not leaving any detail and be as meticulous as possible. I spent 3 days in total to make this guide, but it's all worth it :) !! I also apologized if my guide is not as neat and organized as it should be but since I'm not the best technician there is, I tried what I could.

If you have any suggestion, criticism, and/or contributions, please don't hesitate but leave a comment below and rate my guide!


P/S: I decided to change the "inappropriate title" since I was so carried away by how much I love Janna:P. Well, I think this will be much better =]
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Updates & Changes

2/2/13: Renamed the guide's title

2/6/13: Added the warding placement section. Combined Farming section into Tips and Advices - Laning & Teamfight section.

2/20/13: Fix title
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