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Volibear Build Guide by Karl The Sheep

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Karl The Sheep

{S3} Volibear the jungle terror

Karl The Sheep Last updated on February 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first guide on mobafire, Volibear is one of my most played champions in the jungle he is a very fierce ganker grabbing easy kills for your team. He can also win some impossible fights due to his awesome passive and netting some nice kills.

Now this guide is HOW i play him but feel free to comment on improvements i could make.

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Pros / Cons


    Very good in 1 v 1
    Very strong ganks
    Fun to play
    Fast early game with utility
    Great passive

    Only escape tool is his Q
    Hard CC will completely destroy you
    Not to great at counter jungling
    Not the fastest jungler
    Bad against tanky champions

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Summoner Spells

This is a must have for all junglers this allows you to secure buffs and baron with no problems with a well timed smite.

I always take flash with volibear because he has very limited escape tools so this just gives you a little extra help to get away.

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His passive and abilitys

His passive is simply amazing especially in teamfights that is aslong as you aren't ignited, When he falls to below 30% health he will regenerate 30% of his base health, now with warmogs this can give you enough health to go back into the fight and mop up the kills but you must take note when it is off cooldown as its pretty long.

[Q] Rolling Thunder Volibear starts to run and gain movement speed while it is active the next champion or creep you hit will be flipped over his shoulder
[W] Frenzy Volibears basic attacks stack frenzy up to 3 times gaining bonus attack speed, once at 3 stacks you can reactive the ability to bite your target
[E] Majestic Roar This is a AOE ability which can hit multiple enemys once used it will fear and minions or monsters but will only slow champions
[R] Thunder Claws This is his ultimate once activated it grants your basic attacks to channel lightning hitting targets away from you dealing damage

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Jungling and ganking lanes

Jungling is pretty simple with volibear with the correct runes but you will need some help with the blue, first grab a point in majestic roar this will fear and damage all near by minions or monsters, then move onto the blue golem and get a teammate to help you, now here you have two options you can either use your smite on the golem and carry on the jungling route or you can get a smiteless blue which basicly means you kill it without using your smite, if you chose this option the its very easy to counter jungler the enemy simply walk over to the enemys wraiths and drop the explorers ward into it unless you have used it already, then sit in the blue near the red buff and sure enough the enemy should come to claim it this is a very easy way to pick up a first blood and their red buff, once the enemy jungler shows himself dont attack not just yet wait until he has taken the red buff down the around half hp and start attacking him he should have around half HP too, now they usually start running if you think you can pick up the kill go for it but if not just stick to stealing his red.

If you chose to carry on jungling head on down to the wraith camp, you should be level 2 by now and put your 2nd point into frenzy this will speed up your jungle clearing time when stacked 3 times, once the wraiths have been killed look for a lane to gank i would recommend clearing the jungle first to get your full potential when ganking the lanes, Head on down to the golems and kill them, put your next point in rolling thunder you can either gank a lane or try to counter jungle from here.

How to gank a lane correctly
Ganking is very easy with Volibear but there are a few things you need to take into consideration, firstly how long your rolling thunder will last for this is what you are going to use to start you gank with the additional movement speed you will catch up to them pretty fast and secondly who you are going to flip i would recommend to flip the most squishy champion in lane such as the ADC, also if you can give kills to your adc then do so because volibear can not carry games that well!

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Items / Build

Starting Items

Typical jungler starting items they are a MUST have for volibear in order to jungle

First Recall

If you can stay in the jungle and gank some lanes try to get the lantern on the first call back if not just start building towards it as it will make your jungle runs faster and the life steal will give you some sustain

Early - Mid Game

The plan is to build tanky as fast as you can so they enemy team will think twice about over extending there lanes this will allow you to dominate other champions in 1 v 1 fights too but also give you a great advantage in mid game teamfights

Mid - Late game

This is where we start to build some damage items as you are already pretty tanky from the warmog armor and witt's end is a great choice as it gives nice extra attack speed, damage and magic resist

Depending on how the game is going try to build a shiv this combined with your ultimate just has amazing AOE damage but also gives you extra attack speed and crit it will also help you farm in the jungle and lanes faster

Late game

This is the last item you will need to finish your build, depending of how the game is going you can deside the build this before the black cleaver for example if you versing speedy champions or that can easily get away such as nidalee you can slow them right down killing them pretty fast. The mallet also give you some more Health and attack damage to win the fights.


Boots are completely up too you, but we are building tanky i would recommend getting ninja tabi or mercury treads if the enemy has a lot of slows and cc

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Standard jungle route with volibear

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19/02/2013 Guide created
19/02/2013 Added jungle route video