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Renekton Build Guide by BubbleBursts

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BubbleBursts

S4 Jungle Renekton

BubbleBursts Last updated on January 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello summoners, and welcome to my jungle Renekton guide for season 4! My ign is BubbleBursts, I was platinum 1 during season 3.

Here is my lolking: profile

I am hoping to inspire and introduce jungle Renekton into normal gaming experience.
I started jungle renekton in season 3 and ended up with very good win streak during my ranked games in platinum. I was like 25 win - 10 lose in a week once.

When patch 3.14 happened with new mastery and changes to the new items, it is totally a buff for jungle Renekton! (Spirit of Elder Lizard has higher true damage, and new passive Bounty Hunter that earn gold!
Doran blade is now 440 gold, and kindlegem is only 850 gold now too.)

This guide is still under development and I will try to record more ranked game videos to show how op jungle Renekton is.

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing aa animation
+ Fast jungle clear (as fast as shyv, mundo after getting Spirit of Elder Lizard)
+ Lose very little hp from jungle
+ Tanky since mid game
+ Can kill wards instantly with (aa + W) or (fury W)
+ Incredible damage
+ Good ganks (2 gap close, 1 stun)
+ Can jump over walls and easily
+ First E (slice) does not consume fury
+ Manaless
+ Health steroid from ult
+ Tons of AOE damage
+ Good turret diver
+ Good initiator
+ Dive enemy back line easily
+ Very fast (split) pusher

- Rely on Fury
- Rely on hitting first E
- Can be kited
- The wall at base are very difficult to E over

I only lost 300 hp from golem -> wraiths -> wolves -> Wights at lv 3-4. (see video at the Jungle start Chapter)
Renekton does clear very fast, especially after getting Spirit of Elder Lizard.

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Reign of Anger

Passive that doubles our fury gains from both auto attacks and abilities when under 50% health points. Great for faster jungling under 50% health. Great during team fights, allowing you to build fury faster increasing your damage and utility by empowering your spells more often.

The damage of W is 10/30/50/70/90 (+1.5 ad) without fury
15/45/75/105/145 (+2.25 ad) with fury.
Leveling Q increase damage by 30/45 (+ more heal)
Leveling W only increase damage by 20/30 (without/with fury) (which is nothing compare to Q,E) and less cd.
Leveling E increase damage by 60/(75 + 0.45ad) and less cd
First E (slice) does not consume fury

If we take cd into account, leveling Q increase damage output the most.

So max Q first, then E, and lastly W.

When you gank someone, and he starts running, you can E into minions and then E again for 2 gap closer.

When fights breaks out and you need fury, E into minion wave and Q. (Try to use fury on W)
When team fights breaks out and you need fury, E into enemy team and Q. (Use fury on Q, or W for squishy target)

This video (showing me diving shen top lane) illustrate some important points of his abilities and how to put them into use.

important points: - escape with double E.
- save fury for W
- Use Q,R to get more fury.
- jungle short cuts using E

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Renekton full combo videos

You need to know how to full combo with Renekton : (E -> aa -> Q -> aa -> W -> aa -> E), or (E -> aa -> W -> aa -> Q -> aa -> E). (try to use fury on Q or W)

This video shows the full combo (E -> aa -> fury W -> aa -> Q -> aa -> E)

This video shows full combo with exhaust

This video from 0:23 to 0:35 (end) shows you an example of how to full combo in fights. (aa -> W -> aa -> E -> aa -> Q -> ...)

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Rune pages

Armor pen gives Renekton much more damage output mid and late game.

Flat Armor seals are 100% needed for jungle, and against a team with some AD.

CDR is very important for Renekton, Renekton is manaless so the lower the CDR, the more damage output. With mastery, Renekton has 12.5% CDR lv 1.

Attack damage give Renekton damage early game, easier clear. (All his skills scale with AD)

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I use two different mastery page for jungle Renekton. Primarily I use the 9-21-0 page. The other one is 21-9-0.

Comparing the two pages, the 9-21-0 helps more in clearing jungle and losing less hp in fights/jungle. Since I am building tanky, this mastery page would be better.

The other mastery page is this: if you want to overwhelm the enemy with your damage, go for it.

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Summoner Spells

This is a must for jungles. Renekton can easily ensure dragon/baron kill with fury W + smite. (similar to nunu's consume + smite, voli's bite + smite ...)

I use exhaust on Renekton because with exhaust Renekton can basically 1on1 anyone and even 1on2. (Renekton can 1on1 most champs without exhaust anyway)

Exhaust is extremely good if Renekton wants to target someone. Use full combo on someone: E into him, aa + fury W, aa + Q, (when stun ends, exhaust him), aa + E. The enemy will have no change to do any damage.

Flash will be the alternative to exhaust. Flash gives Renekton extremely easy gank. Renekton has 2 gap closer from skills (relay on hitting first E). Flash will give him 3 gap closer and ensure Renekton to hit the first E!

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Jungle start

I start with skill Q, Hunter's Machete, 3 pots and most importantly Warding Totem.

When game starts, guard blue (make sure enemy does not ward blue to smite steal)
Smite blue at 1:55 and finish blue. (1 pot will be used here)

Go straight to red (smite will be up since it has cd 40 sec), and use Warding totem to ward over wall (see video below). Walk to the bush to ensure no one is there to steal red. Now you can kill red using smite with 100% safety. (1 pot will be used here, you will probably have about 300 hp)

Go finish wraiths, and wolves (you may have to use 1 pot here, usually u don't need to). You will have enough gold to buy spirit stone. Recall and buy Spirit stone and sell Warding Totem to buy Sweeping Lens for ganking purposes!

But of course, u dont have to start this way. You can always start (smite red -> smite blue) and other orders as well.

When Renekton get Spirit of Elder Lizard, Renekton will be able to clear any non-buff camp with his full combo.
(E -> aa -> Q -> aa -> W -> aa -> E), or (E -> aa -> W -> aa -> Q -> aa -> E)

This video show the jungle start: (Smite blue -> smite red -> wraiths -> wolves -> recall) (Golem -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Wights)

This video is a ranked game showing the same start but had to gank after red.

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Spirit of Elder Lizard

Spirit of Elder Lizard is extremely good for Renekton and it is the first item I finish for jungle Renekton. It increase his jungle clear speed so much.

Sometimes I get Spirit of Elder Lizard for top Renekton as well.

When Renekton get Spirit of Elder Lizard, Renekton will be able to clear any non-buff camp with his full combo. Jungle Renekton is one of the fastest jungler, similar to mundo, but Renekton lose less hp doing jungle.

Spirit of Elder Lizard's true damage passive works with aa,Q,W,E and even his aoe effects from R.

30 ad, 10% cdr, true damage, conservation, +30% damage on monster, (14 hp regen) are extremely good on Renekton.

This game I carried the team and out level everyone.

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(Jungle) Shortcuts

The are many shortcuts you can take using Renekton's E. The following picture basically shows all of them but it missed a few at wolves and base.

Missed shortcut at base:

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Renekton is a fast jungler (full game play videos)

Here are several full game play videos:

When you evaluate how fast a jungler renekton is, consider the following:
- Level relative to solo lanes, bot lane.
- How long it takes to clear camps and move through camps

Video 1 (Platinum 1):

Video 2 (Platinum 1): This game went back and forth so many times.

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Renekton jungle is a tank!

Being able to soak up so much damage is also a skill!

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Enemy jungler matchup

This Chapter is still under development.

The difficulty rating is between 1-10.
Fiddlesticks is one of the most bothersome enemy jungler. His fear can disturb many of your plans. Fiddlesticks' counter gank are very strong against renekton. And Fiddlesticks has potential to carry his team by using his ult wisely. But in terms of counter jungling and 1on1 with Fiddlesticks, Renekton can catch fiddle pretty easily and kill him in his jungle. Renekton has 2 gap closer and he can stun fiddle when fiddle try to drain.
Difficulty = 8

Hecarim is also a pretty even matchup because Hecarim has the potential to put up more ganks. But in terms of strength, Renekton is better.
Difficulty = 4

Lee Sin is weaker than Renekton. Lee also jungle slower than Renekton. And Renekton's gap closer is more reliable.
Difficulty = 3

Master Yi cannot do anything against you. Renekton out damage, out jungle and out gank master yi through out the game, especially early and mid. Renekton can easily stop yi's mediate using stun. There is no worries unless yi is fed and it is late game when yi shines.
Difficulty = 2

Shaco is not a problem for Renekton. Starting mid game, Renekton can instant kill his boxes with Q or W. Renekton can also use the boxes as a step to land his first E. Shaco is way too squishy and Renekton can easily 1on1 Shaco and win. Renekton can counter gank Shaco easily as well. When Renekton gets tanky, Shaco will always try to run away from you and choose squishier targets.
Difficulty = 3

Udyr and Renekton is a pretty even matchup. Their jungle speed is similar and they are both very mobile. They both has damage but Renekton has an upper advantage in aoe damage and gap closing.
Difficulty = 6

Volibear hates Renekton because Renekton has tons of burst damage. When volibear's passive is activating, Renekton can instant kill volibear using his full combo, or even just fury W.
Difficulty = 3

Xin Zhao is a slower jungler than Renekton. Renekton also have a more reliable stun and have far more sustain and tankiness than xin zhao. Renekton has tons of aoe damage while xin zhao does not.
Difficulty = 3

Zac is a very good ganker and he is tanky with a lot of close range cc. He has a good passive as well. But Renekton can kill Zac's 4 blobs very easily since Renekton's Q, E, and R are all aoe. They are pretty even in terms of strength.
Difficulty = 6