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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quinn Build Guide by Kittehnatorz

Other [S4] Quinn TOP

Other [S4] Quinn TOP

Updated on June 7, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kittehnatorz Build Guide By Kittehnatorz 10,361 Views 2 Comments
10,361 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kittehnatorz Quinn Build Guide By Kittehnatorz Updated on June 7, 2014
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Hello! This is my Top guide for Quinn! I will be going through why I love playing Quinn top and the pros and cons about it!

The reason I pay Quinn top is because I love her playstyle and mechanics but I just don't feel that she works too well as an adc. Toplane however, works like a charm with what I believe is the best harass in the early game as it gets.
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Pros / Cons

  • Great harass!
  • Easily deny farm!
  • Extremely good splitpusher!
  • Amazing burst damage!
  • Impressive escapes!
  • Isn't teemo :D
  • Has quite a hard time getting kills
  • Is a non-tanky toplaner.
  • Dirty looks from your ADC
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Harrier is Quinn's bread and butter. Together with a trinity force she can quickly and effectively deal tons of damage in less than a second.
The best way to take advantage off this ability is to keep poking the enemy champion as this will make your harrier target then instead of a minion.
Blinding Assault.
Blinding assault is great against auto attack based champions (yes, I'm looking at you, Tryndamere) as it simply will deny their damage completely. Even if they're not auto attack dependant, it is still a great tool for poking and denying farm.
I max Blinding Assault first as it scales the best.

Heightened senses.
Heightened senses only requires one level as it just doesn't scale too well and you really get it for its active which doesn't scale at all.
I max Heightened Senses fourth as the scaling just isn't good enough compared to the other abilities.

Vault is possibly Quinn's best ability as it allows her to do the simple yet extremely
effective combo: Harrier>AA> Vault>AA.
This let's Quinn get two harrier procs in about a second, and with Trinity Force this combo is extremely deadly.

tag team Tag team.
Tag team is Quinn's ultimate ability. In my opinion it's best use is to take turrets down faster as I find Quinn being able to 1v1 people with much more ease if you kite them with Vault and Blinding Assault.
But as I said, if you teleport on to a minion on a slightly pushed lane you have guaranteed yourself a turret takedown.

After Quinn has cast her ultimate she can use the ability Skystrike instead.
It deals AOE damage at Quinn's current position based on the enemies missing health. This can easily be used to pick up kills in teamfights.
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Summoner Spells

Oh, good o'l flash
Flash should always be picked as it's just simply quite overpowered. I always pick flash as it's the most useful in any matchup. Is the enemy ganks? Just flash! Is the enemy escaping? Just flash!

Teleport is great for doing recalls quickly followed by a Teleport which will cause you to disappear for 10 seconds and come back with new items. It can also be used to splitpush more easily.

Ignite is a great pick if you want to have easier early game. I rarely use it because I love Teleport, but it's a great pick if you prefer extra early game damage.

I never use this spell but it's definitely viable as it can help during the whole game.
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Here I'll go through my reason for choosing some of these items.

The bloodthirster.
The bloodthirster is a really good item on Quinn as it gives her a lot of AD and lifesteal. The lifesteal is great for trading with your enemy.

Trinity force.
Trinity force is great on Quinn as it gives massive burst damage if it lines up with Harrier. Quinn also takes use of all of the stats given. Both of its passives work beautifully on Quinn

I don't usually build zephyr but it's a great item on Quinn as it gives AD, movement speed, attack speed and CDR.

Phantom Dancer.
Phantom dancer works great as it gives crit chance which will help you with the massive harrier/spellblade combo.

Statikk Shiv.
It works just aswell as Phantom Dancer, but gives slightly worse stats. However it gives a passive which will help you push.

Infinity Edge.
This item works amazingly well with the whole burst combo. 250% critical damage is just amazing and this is a higly recommended item used with either Statikk Shiv and/or Phantom Dancer.

The Black cleaver
This item works great on Quinn as it gives her a nice amount of AD, CDR, armor pen., and health, all which are good stats on Quinn. This item can though be swapped out for a Last Whisper if the enemy toplaner has lots of armor.

Last whisper
The last whisper is a good alternative to Black Cleaver as it gives more armor penetration without having to reduce it with autoattacks. However, this item lacks the health and CDR. Just keep that in mind.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Youmuu's Ghostblade is a great pick as an alternative to Black Cleaver, however, it is recommended to be used in combination with Last Whisper as it doesn't give just as much armor penetration. It does give some sweet attack and movement speed with its active, which makes it a great chasing tool.

Frozen heart.
Frozen heart works really well as a defensive item as it grants you armor, CDR and mana, three important stats on Quinn.

Guardian Angel.
A great pick on any champion as it grants you a decent amount of armor and magic resistance, but also grants you revival upon death with a five minute cooldown.

Iceborn Gauntlet.
Iceborn gauntlet is a wonderful item on Quinn, granting armor, CDR, AP and mana. It also gives you the passive Moonflair Spellblade which is wonderful for bursting. Use this item instead of Trinity Force as this can be enough for defensive items.

Spirit Visage.
Spirit visage is another great defensive pick as it grants CDR, more lifesteal, health, HP regen and magic resist.
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Early game

Quinn has great early game as her burst damage early exceeds many other's. You want to poke alot during this phase and try to deny any possible farm the enemy can get by spamming autoattacks and popping Harrier on them. The early game should be easy against most enemies without strong gapclosers, but even if they go in you have your Vault to quickly give yourself a ticket out.
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Mid game

You now have your ultimate and you should keep doing what you alreday are, keep poking. You should try to focus on taking the enemies tower. That should be rather easy. When a tower is down you should push your lane and then gank mid. Ganking mid should be easy as long as your mid-laner hasn't pushed too much. When you gank, just Vault in and keep attacking. The slow and gapclosing should be enough to take down the enemy.
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Late game

In teamfights and such you should do what any adc's do. Just attack the enemies close enough for you to safely stay away from bursty champions. Even if it's a tank you should be fine as you have lots of armor shred and penetration. You can also use your teleport to easily splitpush if possible.
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I've encountered problems with a trynda once. As long as you keep your Blinding Assault off-cooldown you should be fine.

If he runs towards you to Fling you, just vault away from him and poke him down.
Singed bases his farming on walking around in a group of minions, something you won't let him do.

Rengar: EASY
Remember that little blind you have on your Blinding Assault? Now is the time to spam it when he initiates ;). This lane was easy, but in the lategame it gets tougher as he gets more defense.

Jax is really easy as long as you don't mess up your Harriers on him. Just make sure to wait out his Counter Strike

Gangplank: EASY-ISH?
I had trouble in the early game as he could poke as much as I could. However, he quickly ran out of mana and after that I could easily take him out.
Medium early game, easy-medium late game.

Irelia: HARD
This matchup is disgusting. Irelia does not care about your beautifully decorated feather armor and decides to jump on you, ruining everything. She ignores your poke and goes in with her Bladesurge and because you've damaged her with your poke she can stun you with Equilibrium Strike. This lane is a no no.
Better nerf irelia.
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This was my first ever guide on MOBAFIRE and I hope to come with more in the future! I'll update this one with pictures and possibly videos and with more matchups!
And if you try this PLEASE add a comment for me to add to the matchups or any other vital information I've missed (there's probably lots of "tips & tricks" I could add).

Thanks for reading!

Also, a BIG thanks to Kafurflgig for helping me with this guide. It was terrible before he helped, so a GIANT thanks to him! ^^
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kittehnatorz
Kittehnatorz Quinn Guide
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[S4] Quinn TOP

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