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Twisted Fate Build Guide by adam2852

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League of Legends Build Guide Author adam2852

[S5] A Hybrid Twisted Fate jungle (IMPROVING!!)

adam2852 Last updated on April 19, 2015
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*WARNING* This build is still a work in progress. Add or replace items as you see fit. this guide maybe difficult to follow due to my lack of mobafire knowledge MAKE SURE TO ATLEAST PRACTICE IT A FEW TIME IN AI BOTS BEFORE YOU GO INTO NORMALS THEN COMPLAIN THAT IT SUXED

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Why Hybrid?

Lets face it, AD twisted fate is terrible and will always be unless some random buff/nerf, however AD twisted as an excellent mid game. Although he has a nice mid game, his late game is the weakest garbage i ever seen. Hybrid's W does Tons of damage and his Q isn't worthless unlike AD twisted. His E is also very strong like AD but instead of just pure AD you can stack the AD and AP combined along with the attack speed AND MAGIC DAMAGE ON HIT CUZ NASHR N STUFF giving him monstrous power.
Does that look like a face of mercy?

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Your normal AD runes or AP runes your choice ;) i usually use AD type masteries and AP runes. CAN SWAP?

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Skill Sequence

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Smite and flash or smite and ghost, Get creative

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Twisted jung, no matter hybrid or whatever, the best time to pick him is when you have a somewhat tanky team. Not only will you need that but you would also need a team thats cooperative if the people dont listen to you for anything you will get behind. Most of you are probably thinking 'ew twisted fate jungle burn it with fire' or ' Ad tf jung is bettr huehue' When you get a team that listens Hybrid tf will devour the enemy team when you get the items you need. AD twisted is bad k no offence but ad twisted needs 2 stop.

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Ranked Play

If you go into ranked prepare to get yelled at by people, even if you carry them super hard and still lose your going to get all the blame no matter what you do (just like using urgot in ranked <.< urgots actually op u scrubs) Only use TF jungle in rank when you think its right and make sure you know how to jg with tf or else you lose. Practice in normals for ganking routes and jungling routes. Who knows maybe you will find a unbeatable routine.

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Pros / Cons

-Extremely strong mid-late
-Great ganks
-Quick farming mid-late
-Super Slows, Stuns, Teleports
-If Fed Super fun and litteraly like a autowin

-Somewhat weak early game (theganksdoe)
-Relatively High skill cap
-Vulnerable to counter ganks/Invaders
-NEEDS cooperative teams and tank-like team

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Creeping / Jungling

I would start with blue or gromp first. Gromp if a heavy leash and blue if not.
I always start blue first because i usually have people who like 'omg your gey u jg tf reporting' or people who just dont cooperate at all. Its best to have a Pre-made team.
Since riot made the reset for creeps faster making it harder to jg with tf, its 3 resets instead of 10 now so you are going 2 need to learn techniques of using these resets wisely. Then you can choose what feels right next.

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Team Work

COOPERATIVE TEAMS!!!111 i said it so many times now but you really REALLY NEED THOSE TYPES OF TEAMS. Use you ult and stun or slow combo 2 help team mates escape or even gank. The ult on Tf for ganking gives so much pressure to the enemy team that they will play safe 24/7 (unless you are behind from counter ganks and invaders)


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I hope that hybrid TF works out well for you, it worked for me and im its prophet. If possible i would like you to show your friends n have fun with it. When you get fed and get the items you need... the enemies are going 2 FF 4sure and you are going 2 wish that you didnt bully them so hard so you can get more kills but in a slower fashion so they wont ff cuz FF is dumb and should b removed k (happens to me all the time)