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Annie Build Guide by SuiTalkKK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuiTalkKK

[S5] Annie Mid lane guide

SuiTalkKK Last updated on January 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About the Author

Hello fellow summoners! I'm SuiTalkKK and I'm going to be teaching you how to play Annie, the Dark Child! I am currently in Silver IV and trying to adjust to these season changes and what not. Annie was the first champion I ever felt comfortable playing in normals. Hopefully I can pass down my knowledge of this terrifying little girl to you all :)

Who is Annie?

Annie is a short ranged burst mage who excels at dominating her lane and bursting down everyone. She is armed with a strong CC in the form of Pyromania which can be transformed into an AoE stun with Summon: Tibbers or Incinerate making her a dominate factor in teamfights. I personally think she's one of the most fun mid laners to play because it's just so satisfying watching your opponent's health bar burn away or rather explode.

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Pros / Cons

+ Passive stun
+ Amazing teamfighter!
+ Powerful at all game stages

- Short range on spells
- Prone to ganks without Pyromania charged
- Squishy!

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Champion Abilities

Annie's skillset revolves around her passive, which allows her to have an extremely powerful on demand stun. Her abilities have very high damage, when she isn't deleting people with her insane burst, she's dishing out huge poke damage. Her Molten Shield makes her surprisingly tanky once it gains some levels. This allows her to make a few risky plays and make it out alive. Overall, her kit is relatively simple, but very strong when used correctly. If you don't know what her abilities do OR you're unsure of anything specific about her abilities, mouse over the ability icons for in-depth information!

Pyromania (Passive): Pyromania is Annie's passive. Whenever Annie casts an ability she will gain a stack of Pyromania. Once at 4 stacks there will be a swirling white/gray wind around her, indicating that her next offensive ability will stun it's target for a few seconds. This passive is what makes Annie strong and viable.
Tips and Tricks
Enemies will probably play defensive if you have your stun up.
Leave this at 3 stacks so they'll feel safe,then cast Molten Shield/ Disintegrate + Disintegrate/ Incinerate/ Summon: Tibbers to stun and burst them.
Use this to save yourself or teammates.
Your stun is the reason junglers may not gank you.

Disintegrate (Q): Disintegrate is Annie's main farming tool and harass. It refunds mana if it deals a killing blow making it an efficient farm / mana sustain. Due to recent Annie buffs, it now has a cooldown reduction mechanic if it scores a killing blow (in addition to it previously refuding its mana cost).
Tips and Tricks
When you have Pyromania up use Disintegrate + Incinerate to deal a good chunk to the enemy mid.
Disintegrate is an easy last hit tool.
You can push out surprising fast early on due to the half cooldown mechanic it possesses.

Incinerate (W): Incinerate is a deadly AoE cone shaped nuke. It has about the same range as Disintegrate allowing for easy comboing. It can be used to farm multiple minions at once as well.
Tips and Tricks
If you have Pyromania ready to stun, use it to stop ganks by stunning both / all of your offenders.
Pyromania + Disintegrate + Incinerate = A lot of damage early game.
If in a teamfight without Summon: Tibbers, consider Incinerate as your next giant team stun.

Molten Shield (E): Molten Shield is Annie's defensive ability. It gives her a boost in armor and magic resist and if attacked by an auto attack the attacker will be hit with magic damage. It's a shame not many Annie players use it to defend themselves, they only use it to charge stun. (HINT HINT)
Tips and Tricks
Molten Shield + Incinerate (or vise versa) at fountain if you have less then 3 Pyromania stacks to gain a stun (optional).
Use against ADCs and anyone who likes to auto attack alot.
When at 3 Pyromania stacks,using this and then quickly following up with an offensive ability can catch an opponent off guard.
Use when getting ganked to take less damage. (no brainer :o)

Tibbers (R): Summon: Tibbers is your ult that basically demolishes if you have Pyromania up. Tibbers will basically appear dealing a heavy burst of magic damage in an area, have a burning aura, and slap foes for magic damage. His damage after being summoned is not to be underestimated.
Tips and Tricks
Pyromania + Summon: Tibbers + Disintegrate + Incinerate is your burst combo.
Pyromania + Summon: Tibbers in a teamfight is devastating, enough to stun an entire team.
Use Summon: Tibbers to turret dive or kill a turret faster.
If you have Tibbers already in use, you could place him in a bush to act as a ward.
If your enemy is too scared to fight you at level 6 and you have Pyromania, use Disintegrate and follow up with Summon: Tibbers and Incinerate.
Pyromania + Flash + Summon: Tibbers + Disintegrate + Incinerate is OP.
After using Tibbers to demolish someone, try to get him to block skillshots for you and your teammates!

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Summoner Spells

Flash is used commonly on all of the champions. Use it to get into Pyromania + Summon: Tibbers range and scare the -teddybearstuffing- out of your enemy, to repostion, to instantly leave a bad situation, to get over walls, to chase, etc.

Ignite is often used early game to secure kills, you'll be using this when you hit level 6 and they aren't dead yet. The heal reduction is very good in teamfights against healing supports like Soraka and helps against Dr. Mundo.