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Diana Build Guide by bigbluebarnicles

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bigbluebarnicles

(S5) Diana Guide- The Mooner McDooner

bigbluebarnicles Last updated on August 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Diana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina You literally counter Katarina. Your e cancels her ult. Your w stops alot of damage when she combos you. And your q outdamages hers. She's only a problem when she roams, so PLEASE, ping when she is missing!!!
Ahri Just dodge her q's and her e's. Poke her with q. The only problem is when you all-in her, you are literally in her face, so she can land an easy E on you, which will in turn backfire your combo. Keep that in mind, so when you do all-in her, try to avoid the e, and land another ult which could kill her.
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What up, my name is bigbluebunnies, and I'm not even that good at League of Legends and my favorite champion is Diana, and I wanted to make a silly yet serious guide about her, so let's go.

I don't care how familiar you are with Diana, the point of this guide is to point out some introductory and advanced tactics that go along with Diana. I hope you enjoy. If you hate this guide and think I'm spilling utter bull****, go right ahead.

So what's Diana like?
She's a pretty fun champion, and can seem easy at first to play, but there are many more mechanics hidden in her.

What I will be discussing
I'll be talking stuff like how to farm with your kit well, certain combos, teamfighting situations, and other things.

Pros of Diana
-If fed, she can destroy enemy squishies in an instant (focus on adc)
-Her passive does a surprising amount of damage
-Can travel through the jungle with ease with her q and ult combo
-Decently tanky, with over 2000 health late game, and with her shield.
-Her E can cancel any kind of channeling ult, like Katarina's, or Xerath's.

Cons of Diana
-She has no escape, unless you ult to some enemy minion if you're ganked to escape, but that depends on where the minion is.
-Her time to shine is only in mid game. Early game, hell no. In late game, she does tend to fall off.
-Some mid laners are mages, which are ranged, and Diana is melee, which makes it easy to zone her out of farming.

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I'm not good at League of Legends, so I'm not a whole big technical guy on Runes. In general, you want to focus on magic damage, and some defense runes.

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I'm not a whole big technical guy on masteries, but in general, I highly recommend you do 21-9-0 masteries, with your own variations on different categories. (I just chose random masteries that still give you 21-9-0 because yolo)

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Passive: Moonsilver Blade
-Every 3rd autoattack does extra damage. At early levels, this "extra damage" doesn't do quite alot. However, mid to late game, this extra damage is hella powerful.
-Since this also gives an AOE thing, use this to farm low health minions that are clustered together.
-Also, positioning yourself so that you hit the minions you wanna hit is important!

Q: Crescent Strike
-It's a curved skillshot that does a decent amount of damage.
-Towards the end of the skillshot, (you can't see this), but it does damage in a small circle at the area to which you are aiming at.
-Practice landing this skillshot first by using Normal Cast. It's not really popular, but it helped me a TON.
-It also reveals hidden opponents in the fog of war, or in bushes, so use this to scout around bushes if you're chasing down an enemy.

W: Pale Cascade
-It's like that power-up in Mario Racing games where the 3 turtle shells spin around you.
-Gives a shield, and damages opponents when they get close to the 3 spinning orbs.
-Once all orbs detonate, the shield is refreshed, and can stack onto the first shield that was produced when the 3 orbs were there.
-Also, the 3 orbs do disappear after a short while, and so will the shield. If an enemy is attacking you, and your shield is falling off, purposely walk to enemy minions to refresh the shield, depending on where they are.

E: Moonfall
-It pulls in and slows all enemies in a decently sized circle.
-Use this ability ONLY when enemies start to run, or right after you combo, if they are in range.
-It doesn't really matter when you use it, as long as they are within your range, pulling and slowing them down helps alot.
-By the way, this ability has a pretty high cooldown, so don't use it on minions or stuff like that since it doesn't do any damage.
-(I also like to say: "get BACK here, where da hell do you think ur goin, eh?" when I catch them with e. It's fun)

R: Lunar Rush
-Dashes to your enemy and does lots of damage.
-If your q hits an enemy, and you ult to them, the cooldown of your ult is refreshed.
-Even if you ult to someone who isn't hit with q, the cooldown is 20 seconds long anyway, so not a huge deal unless you need the ult to escape.
-The cooldown refresh can be used in so many ways. If you're chasing down a low health enemy in a lane, q and ult to a minion, then ult to the enemy.
-The same tactic can be used to escape.
-I don't do this often, but this can also be used to dodge skill shots. If you feel really pretentious, try it if you want, but I don't use the ult to dodge skill shots.
-One very important thing to note: If you are close to an enemy, and ult that enemy, you end up dashing BEHIND them, so this is useful to dodge things like vel'koz's giant apocalyptic laser.

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-Your passive makes farming much easier than it could be.
-For example, in a minion wave, there are 3 caster minions in the back. Charge up your passive by last hitting 2 melee minions in the front, Q through some minions and make sure the q hits the 3 caster minions in the back. Now, aa them with your 3rd autoattack and that will kill all 3 of them
-(^^^, ideally, you should do that while your enemy laner isn't present, or is afraid to approach you when you are farming)

-This next tactic is kind of hard to pull off.
-Last hit some minions, and then q through another minion, killing it, while at the same time the q hits the enemy and other minions. It doesn't have to be exactly like that, though
-The important thing is that you kill minions while at the same time you hurt your opponent.

-Using your w to farm also works, if your lane opponent is bullying you hard, but you can't tell anyone about it because no one listens to you, since you're a socially awkward person and you bottle up your emotions and let them spill out during the night when you cry yourself to sleep. So yeah, use w to farm is good :D

-When a big group of minions are surrounding your tower, position yourself next to them so your q perfectly curves through all of them. Aim your q to the farthest minion from you, and then press q, then immediately press r and w. It will kill 90% of all minions, and the seeing all that gold pop up is satisfying af, lemme tell ya.

-Or, something like this could happen

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-The general combo for Diana is Q, R, W, R, E, AA. Although, after the first Q, R, W, you can choose to use a second ult or wait for the q to come back up.
-For me, I only use the second ult when the enemy has a quarter health left, which should be enough to finish him off with a few aa's.
- One very important thing to maximize your damage during your combo, is to charge up your passive.
-Before you fully go in and combo, try to first land 2 aa's on minions, and when you're ready, combo them and use that final autoattack, which will greatly increase your damage output.
-One trick I like to use to give me and idea of how much damage I do, is I do the usual Q, R, W combo, then walk away. The amount of damage I did on the enemy gives me an idea of how low health the enemy should be for me to combo and kill him based on my damage.

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-During teamfights, Diana can totally engage. What you should really focus on during teamfights are the adc or other squishies, like mages. Diana's full combo does hurt alot, but not enough to instakill tanky champs.
-Make sure you always land your q on your desired target before you go in, because the cooldown reset gives you an extra opportunity to ult to another enemy, and kill them.
-If the enemy has someone with a channeled ult, like Katarina's ult, be sure to save your E in case that ult is activated. It will save your team a lot of trouble.
-Remember to keep your Zhonya's ready in case things get hairy

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-So yeah.....this is pretty much it. I hope I've given you readers some good knowledge about Diana. If not, go read someone else's guide who is actually good at League of Legends.

-If you are interested to master Diana, watch this Twitch Streamer called Realpama
Your text to link here...
-He is one of the best Diana players out there, if not the best.

-Also, watch montages of Diana on Youtube. Those are always fun.