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Kayle Build Guide by skilletmonkey

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skilletmonkey

S5 kayle. lots of builds.

skilletmonkey Last updated on May 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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But, this is a guide for Kayle, The Judicator. I'm a fairly big kayle fan and have played her for a while, and there are many builds she can utilize depending on what your looking for. Dps? Burst? Support? She has it all. Unfortunatley shes kinda weak rn :/ The only thing keeping her viable is a decent enough early game and an ult that is always useful/impactful. Howevever her own scaling is piss poor after many nerfs. As long as her ult is so strong i dont see them buffing any aspect of her. Which is kinda sad because she's kinda just an ult bot.

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About Kayle

Kayle Imo is primarily a magic damge dps fighter sort of character. She brings resistance shred, a slow tied on to a point and click nuke, heal/speed boost, and of course the ultimate which provides immunity to all damage for a short time. Her mechanics aren't especially hard, but nonetheless it may take time to master her as with any character. Mostly similar to an adc playstyle of autoattacking and kiting.

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The lich bane build.

Real quick. Someone told me once to not get lich and instead get ludens. Ludens is trash on kayle. It really, really is. Kayle doesnt have much poke or burst OR spell spam. All of which are the things ludens synergizes with. Anyway the lich bane build is about trying to add a bit of burst to your combo. Its an alright build but you still wont burst as hard as most other mages. Starting off with sheen is pretty strong. And if u want to wait on completing it, and instead get nashors, zhonya's,void staff then thats fine. Remember that with this build you'll have to time your spells to get the most out of the spellsword proc.

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Runnans kayle.

This build is used for dps and applying kayles passive resist shred to multiple targets. Probably the most practical build right now and certainly most used. Play this build like playing adc. Just don't expect any crits.

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Hybrid kayle.

With this build you get a huge powerspike after nashors and guinsoo's. Its easy to snowball this into a lead, but be careful letting the game last too long, hybrid damage doesnt scale well. The runes help tho.

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Ad Kayle

This build utilizes bork and murumana active being on applied on aa's AND runnans bolts. Its actually pretty strong. Run this mid or top though, kayle is not an adc. You deal alot of damage in teamfights and shred resists for the adc to clean up.