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Renekton Build Guide by canuckforce1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author canuckforce1

[S5] Red Gatorade - Become a Top Lane Instigator

canuckforce1 Last updated on January 27, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to a quick guide highlighting Renekton in top lane! I thought I would write this guide to give a little variation to the current Renkton guides (most of which are pretty good). I am a highly ranked, competitive top laner and probably have one of the more consistent records on Renek top lane in NA. I pretty much main Renek and Irelia (although I've been known to bring out some Jaxer at some points) - so get on over here and enjoy the guide!

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Above, I tried to outline some good starting item grabs - of course all of this is situational and should be adapted to your play style, what you team needs, and what the other team is running. Renekton performs best as a top lane bully bruiser...he can easily win lane and shut down the opposing top lanner if played right. His kill potential really starts to sky rocket after he hits level 3 - but we will talk about that later.


Starting vs. Strong AD - This is best when you need some early armor and if you are playing against another bruiser with spammable moves. Since you are a melee champion, the cloth armor helps to deflect a lot of early game damage and the health pots allow for good sustain (shout out to Badders...he taught me all about early game sustain and is definitely the best Wukong NA although he quit league and packed it up to LA).

Starting vs. AP - Renketon does well early game against most AP champs - the first 5 minutes in lane are crucial to win as AP matchups especially, often out scale Renekton mid to late game. Here a good strategy is to go for a Warmog's rush and Merc Treds - these can help you to outlast squishier AP champs.

Agressive Start - Finally, really dependent on the lane match up and your play style but a Dornas blade can be really helpful for some early damage and possibly a level 2-3 kill.


There are two paths/items you can rush. 9 times outta 10 you will be going for a Tiamat - this gives you great waveclear and eventually some sustain in lane! Even if you are hitting your keyboard, scolding yourself and given up 6 kills to a Darius, a Tiamat will help you farm under tower and get you back into the game (followed by some nasty TP ganks bought). An alternative is to rush a brutalizer - while I find this item is really effective, dont be crazy son and buy this when you aren't winning duels 1v1. However, I find that with the S3 nerfs to BC - it has become less effective early game so I pretty much always leave it as so. This goes exactly for Hexdrinker as Maw, gold wise, doesnt provide much benefit early game as some other items (I've also been known to run: 1) two blasting wands 2) two vamp scepters 3) two dorans blades and 4) two boots, cause after all the gator (and Panth!) has two legs). So while tiamat and brutilizer is usually a good bet, Hexdrinker is also a good first item - especially if you find yourself getting out-traded by an AP heavy character.

For other items, Sunfire Cape is always a must and the other great Armor item right now is Randuins (especially against Auto Attackers/AS scaling champs). Apart from those two you can really take Renekton where you want and most importantly WHERE YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU! Jungler not tanky?...Continue to stack health/armor. Poor damage output?...start building the LW. Won the lane and mid needs help?...grab some speedy boots (swiftness and/or mobility) and some sport shorts!

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Skill Sequence

I like taking my W first, as it has some great single target damage output at the start (and the health regeneration benefit of Q isnt needed when you just arrive to lane). If your helping leash in the jungle AA and build up your fury. AN alternative strat I've been seeing on the streams and in the gameplay of the AM Legendary is to start the wraith camp, even though its the highest damaging camp in the game, and then roll to lane to give up a quick FB. Alternatively, if your team is invading, why not sit with them until its time to go top - back and grab yourself and extra health pot, because who really needs TP in the early game! If you've managed to keep over 50 fury when you come to lane, head straight to your opponent and welcome him to the game. If not, get those last hits, build up fury and then throw them a belated welcoming party. Depending on how that trade went, you have two options: 1. If you decimiated thier health, get E (gap closer) and all-in them next time you build up enough fury OR 2. If it didnt go so well, grab Q, regen some health and go at him at level 3 when you've got your gap closer.

In case you havent figured it out the best "combo" happens when you use your fury with W. The nice thing is you can use the first part of your E (slice) without draining your fury, so most trades should happen like so: E > W > Q > E (Away from target). You can sneak in AA's before and after the W because the move resets the animation so for max damage you should get in an auto attack before your W.

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I went over pretty much everything you need to know to play Renek in the section above (yes, its true!). Lanning pretty much consists of spamming your combo nathan until the enemy is low enough and then you all in them w/ ignite. Renekton is, by nature (with his AA fury benefits) a its always a good idea to pick up some wards, maybe a pink, to gain vision control in lane. You've heard it before but for the 75g that it costs for a ward, it more than pays for itself for the amount of gold/xp you would give up if you are so stupid Andrew.

I'll talk a little bit about reneks ultimate now. First of all, it is sweet. It gives you insta health, an impressive aoe damage output and gives you a bunch of furry to stun people and heal yourself. A lot of people, even in the high elo games that I play, underestimate how much of a buff it truly is. One of my favourite tactics is to stay in lane when you are really low on health, get your opponent to TD you and stun/doublelifft him under the turret. While this is a risky play, as long as you dont Gragas, aka Orianna, aka Alistar all your moves you should be fine. The ultimate aoe/turret agro/ignite, stun, Q combo obliterates pretty much anyone’s health in mid game. Alternatively, your ultiamte can be used to TD people, allowing you to outlast those 2-3 turret shots and your aoe damage will probaly finish them off/do most of their health before you get close to hit them with an ability.

Finally, a last note on the use of abilities, you E allows you to go through jungle walls - it is trickier than similar moves on other characters, but can save you in a bind. If your like me and have experience playing as a jungler, before your team figured out that you would die 5 times before 10 minutes on Udyr and cut you from that role, then this will definitely help you out. Even if you play Maokai remember you can still get caught out consistently, throwing the game, even though you may think you are a tree in the jungle. Finally Rek'Sai is mega FOTM and while you should buy him (along with popular AP mids), his ult allows him to just appear in the jungle to kill you - beware of this. The possible walls that you can go through are outlined below - try some of the harder ones in a co-op vs. aier if you have the time.

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Pros / Cons

•Has a gap-closer
•Strong AoE damage
•Abilities don't cost mana
•Single-target hard CC
•Can reduce enemy armor for a time period

•Falls off late game
•Relies on snowballing early game

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