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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Bowseykyro

AD Offtank S5 Rek'Sai Jungle Guide

AD Offtank S5 Rek'Sai Jungle Guide

Updated on June 6, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bowseykyro Build Guide By Bowseykyro 8,253 Views 0 Comments
8,253 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bowseykyro Rek'Sai Build Guide By Bowseykyro Updated on June 6, 2015
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About me

Hello everyone im a jungle main playing on the EUW server so far my mains are Shaco,Rek'sai,Gragas,Udyr and also Nunu I started league in about mid season 4 and I have mained jungle from around late s4 early s5 if you want to add me feel free to, im mostly on so yeah my name is Bowseykyro also if you are looking for a active ranked team we have one and we normally scout out for people to join if they are good enough so feel free to join if you got the skill and yeah enjoy the rest of the guide
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Jungle Clear /Route

First I like to start botside, why? Because you will get more help on your camp, so it means clearing it faster, also you don't want your toplaner to be late in his lane and become first blood and also you can clear faster becuase you also get a faster leash

Start botside then smite golems/ gromp so you get the passive then Go into burrow form clear red/blue then if you want to go for a gank level 3 on the bottom
side of the map take raptors/wolves then skuttel to heal up and go mid or bot for a gank but if you want to help top side go to blue/red after and then gank top.

TIP:Smite Gromp just after it spawns, so you reset the CD of smite faster and can have the passive poison earlier. Then quickly go to your blue buff and clear it (if there is a SHACO jungle, FORGET GRAUP and start your blue buff right away coze if not he might kill you when you are doing it which you OBVIOUSLY doesn't want to happen).

OK STEP ONE IS COMPLETE, now you are in the shop, what to do next? EVOLVE your machete into Stalker's Blade, this is A MUST HAVE ITEM ON REK'SAI (and most of junglers in my opinion) as it will provide you a little free CC that will really help your ganks, do not underestimate it. What do buy next? BOOTS, YOU NEED BOOTS because MOBILITY in the jungle is EVERYTHING. If you move faster than enemy laners, your gank has more chance to succeed, as a jungler mobility is even more important than damage because with Rek'Sai sometime JUST ONE SINGLE BUMP can result in someone death if your laner follow your gank the way he should. Some junglers prefere to complete their jungle item before getting boots, this is their choice but I prefere to rely on speed when I'm ganking.

When I play Rek'Sai, I try to let the kill to my laner, generally, but sometime picking up the kill will still be worth on are not Nautilus, you are Rek'Sai and if you get kills, you will start to snowball other lanes and your ganks will have more chance to succeed, so if you KS a bit early, this is not a big deal, but try to let the kills to your team-mates most of the time, specially if you see they are good players (if not better you get the kills than them).
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How to Gank Efficiently

How to gank with Rek'Sai? Well, first, you must look the lane the most vulnerable to gank (not the most important, but the most vulnerable, remember that).

Before you gank make sure you know it isnt warded it it will just be a waste of time becuase in the jungle wasting time is a very valuable thing to loose becuase you need to be putting the most ammount of pressure on the map at all times.

when you are engaging for a gank make sure your laner engages first so that when your comming in they have the majority of their spells on CD and it will be more likely that you either get a flash,heal or a kill unless he is a SKT T1 Faker with his zed plays but back to the guide.

BUT HOW TO GANK WITH REK'SAI? So your team-mate engaged as planned, watch carefuly, not long after (but not too quick, watch with your nose urm i mean eyes and decide the right moment), go in this way : always travel in burrow form becuase you have higher movespeed + possible vision of a potential counter gank if the enemy jungler is nearby + possibility to dash on your enemy.
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What are the most important things to get in a match? OBJECTIVES. Kills matter less, kills only matter because they can allow your team to take objectives, nothing more. When you get vision of the enemy jungler, or he is dead for instance, GO TO GET THE FIRST DRAKE. You are able to solo it early game after your first back, remember that, but be careful to not be spoted while you are doing it, becuase this could result in your death + a free drake to the enemy team if you don't have time to smite. That's why you must always ward around when you are planning to solo a Dragon, and don't forget to use your red trinket and/or a pink to be sure no ward is spotting you. If everything seems fine go on and while doing so, keep an eye on bot and midlane in order to make sure nobody will try to stop you.

If you want to take baron try to tell your team to prep baron then have a team fight and if you ace them you can take a free baron but also if you can duo baron or 3 man baron then go ahead just try have your supports scout out for you while you do so.
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Pros / Cons


+ very Strong early ganks + Very Fast Farmer
+ Good AOE damages
+ Great splitpusher
+ Good Early, Mid and Late game damage
+ Give aditionnal vision to your team while burrowed
+ Free TP after level 6
+ Versatile
+ Doesn't need mana


- Easy to kite for an adc (Vayne, Kalista...)
- First clear a bit tough and risky
- VERY WEAK before level 3
- Often Incite to flash and be greedy
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As im rounding up here I would like to just say thank you for reading my guide I hope you enjoyed it this was my first ever guide so it might not be amazing but im still working on others for my mains and also to remind you im also on the EUW server :bowseykyro and yeah that's all please comment if you want any specific answers to your question but other than that cya later on EUW
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bowseykyro
Bowseykyro Rek'Sai Guide
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S5 Rek'Sai Jungle Guide

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