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Lulu Build Guide by Danny x111

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danny x111

[S5/Support] Lulu - The unrated yordle

Danny x111 Last updated on August 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

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Defense: 7


Utility: 14

Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nami People say Lulu counters Nami, but if you get a good Nami, you will get caught by her bubble when trying to poke, so play safe against her.
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IGN: Danny x111
Rank: Gold
Region: Europe West
Main Role: Support

Hey Guys, a little time ago I wanted to make this build,
but I wasnt sure if it was good, after playing with him and
making a few changes, I found a good build for AP Support
Lulu.Before saying more, let me tell you something, after
my provisionals I ended up at Bronze II and I got of bronze
and went Gold V while playing only with Lulu and this build.

Now, why do AP on Lulu, and not items to buff your

team ? Well, you can do that, most build here are about
that, but I wanted to make something different and viable,
so, we have this build, wich in my opinion is better, 'cause
all lulu's abilities scales well with AP, including her
passive. But the main purpose is actually to help your
teammates (nice hypocrisy), since your shield/ult will be
better and your W will give more movement speed, and
your Q, well, it will deal more damage. Lets get started !

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+ Practically CC in every Ability;
+ Ultimate can change teamfight if used well;
+ Good disengage/engage with W;
+ Annoying poke with E-Q;


- Naturally Squishy;
- Need to control your mana;
- Doesnt have a good escape;

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Items + Tips

Start And First Back
- You can get Ancient Coin instead of this one, but it will be less efficient.
- Must Have to ward.
- Get this instead of Sorcerer's Shoes 'cause of the cdr it gives you.
Mid/Late Game
- Like I said, Zeke's Harbinger is very good now, that 50% critical chance and 20% AP for 6 seconds, can help alot at the TF's if well executed. I usually use the active on the ADC, but if you have a stronk AP Laner in your team, put the active on him instead.
- This will give U more Health and Mana, wich will let you survive the TF's and poke/peel alot.
- This is a 99% item you must buy, it will be very unusual the times you dont get it, even if its for the smallest thing, you need to get it.
Last Item (Situational)
- If their team has a strong AP get this as you last item
- In some cases this item will be better than Abyssal Mask, get him instead of abyssal.
- If their team as more then 3 players with much HP, get this.
- If you're very ahead of your enemies, you can get this, and you will deal insane damage.
- If their team has more than 3 AP's, and your jungler/top doenst do this, you should get it as fast as you can (get this has 4rd item).
- In case they have an "healer" on their team.
- You rarely get this item, 'couse of Zhonya's Hourglass and Zeke's Harbinger already give you enought armor, but if you need it for more health, and armor, get it.
- If all their team is AD, get this.
- If you feel like more AP will help your team, buy this.
- This is a really good item combined with your Whimsy (W)


- Use Help, Pix!(E) on the enemy then use Glitterlance(Q), that will almost always hit him at least once.
- If an enemy is running away, use Help, Pix!(E) on the nearest minion of him and try to hit him with Glitterlance(Q) and he will get slowed.
- At the lanning phase, use your Whimsy(W) at the enemy since he will be polymorph and cannot use nothing while transformed.
- Dont only use your Wild Growth(R) defensively, he knocks up, so when your jungler is ganking or in a teamfight, use your ultimate to get that knock up and turn around the TF.

Thank you Guys, it's my first build, so dont forget to leave a comment below with sugestions for this build or to help me improve it.