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League of Legends Build Guide Author lurviq

[S6] How to kill EVERYONE. In-depth Twitch Guide [6.6]

lurviq Last updated on March 26, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Twitch with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sivir Easy fight. She can spellshield your W, but that's about it.
Miss Fortune Unless she has a support with a lot of cc to combo with her E, she's nothing. Destroy her.
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What is twitch?

What is twitch?
Have you ever imagined if Shaco and Katarina turned into one champion and got ranged poisonous auto attacks? That's what Twitch would be. Twitch can go invisible for up to 8 seconds at maxed Q, which is the longest stealth in the game, giving him a movement speed buff to roam at god speed and an attack speed steroid after the duration. On top of this, after getting a kill or an assist, his Q will RESET. Yeah, you heard me right. He can go invisible after every single damn kill, making him a deadly pick for picking off unsuspecting carries in teamfights.

Is Twitch for me?

I'll be frank with you; If you're not good at handling stealth mechanics, he's not for you. Twitch relies heavily on the element of surprise and being able to take down people before they realize what has happened. While he's not the best at it, he can in-fact duel other ADCs 1-on-1, due to his E being strong in 1v1s. (scroll down for a deeper explanation on his abilities). If you also like massive AoE damage and long range, he's a fun character to play.

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Pros and Cons

-Longest stealth in the game
-Attack speed steroid
-Decent duelist
-Good 2v2 trades with E and W.
-Can delete a team in a second with hurricane.
-Reset mechanic on stealth
-Longest range in the game with ult active

-No dashes or escapes in fights.
-Stealth takes 2 seconds of not taking damage to activate.
-Basic attacks in ult can miss
-No hard cc (only a slow)

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Twitch's passive. Each basic attack applies a stack of poison to your target, dealing true damage over time. This effect stacks up to 6 times additively, lasting for 6 seconds. Basic attacks refresh the duration, even at maximum stacks.

Twitch's selling point. Longest stealth in the game with a movement speed buff, but takes 1.5 seconds to enter stealth. Taking damage will delay the stealth, so you can't do it while taking damage. Burn and damage over time counters this. Gives you an attack speed buff after breaking stealth for 5 seconds. Sneaky sneaky.

Generally, you want to use this somewhere where the enemies cannot see you, as they won't be prepared for you to surprise them.

A ground target area skillshot. You throw a cask of poison, slowing enemies in the area and applying two stacks of your passive. Good for early trades and chasing or running away. When poking early, throw a cask to apply two more stacks before using your E to add some sweet extra damage to it along with more poison.

This is where your burst comes from. You can only use this when you have poison stacks on your enemies. The more stacks you have, the better. At full stacks, you'll pack one hell of a punch, even late game. This is what makes your trades strong. You and the enemy adc trade three basic attacks for example and do similar damage to each other. As you're running away from each other, you press E and do even more damage. Bonus if you threw a W in the fight.


The ability makes your basic attacks piercing bolts with much longer range. Unlike your normal basic attacks, these ones don't follow the target and can be dodged with dashes if you're unlucky. The further they are away from you, the more likely are they to outrun or dodge your basic attacks, so try not to shoot at max range. The ability used to be called "Spray and Pray" for this reason. The selling point of this ability is, tadah, it can be used with Runaan's Hurricane, making you shoot three long ranged high damaging piercing bolts on every basic attack, making you able to DESTROY enemy teams with the element of surprise and right positioning. ;)

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Here's a really important part.

You do not want to go too offensive with Twitch during lane phase and by that I mean you need to farm passively for most matchups. Twitch is a mid/lategame hypercarry that doesn't necessarily do that much worse than other ADCs in lane, but is very risky to lane with because of his low mobility (you'll get caught out a lot if you're not careful).

I'm not trying to say that playing twitch offensively is wrong, but takes a lot of practice to do it correctly.

My typical lanephase includes me and my partner passively farming at first, warding the river brush/tribrush with our trinkets. Now and then the enemy ADC or support will screw up and get too close to me where i throw in a basic attack or two and a casket, finishing the poke by hitting E to deal another burst of damage. Around level 6 things get more heated and the enemies get thirsty for a fight. I am still patient here and try to avoid fighting unless the enemies screw up or my support lands some cc. Remember: Twitch does not initiate 2v2 fights in lanephase unless it is by stealth surprise at low enemy HP. I still have the "farm passively" mindset until either we get ganked by the enemy or our team.

When I get ganked by my team, i go stealth just for the attack speed steroid and movement speed to follow up. Here is usually where i activate my ultimate for the 30 AD bonus and range in case they flash away. Remember not to stay too far away when using your ulti in fight, as your ulti basic attacks do not follow the target and can miss since they simply shoot in the direction of your target. If we get a kill here, great!

When I get ganked by the enemy team, depending on the situation, I either

A) Go stealth as soon as I see the gank coming and start running towards the tower while leaving my support to juke enemy CC on their own. If support gets buttmad at you here, I just mute them.

B) Same as A, except sometime while running to tower, I will throw a W to slow the enemies and kite them to help my support escape. I position myself somewhat safely before breaking stealth. This is what I do most of the time when getting ganked by only the jungler.

Whether I do A or B depends on the severity of the gank. If you're pushed really far and get ganked by 2 or 3 people, you should just kiss your support goodbye because you'd rather give them one kill instead of two, right?

When it comes to contesting dragon, you have a slight advantage due to your stealth. Keep in mind that they may have pink warded dragon or bushes near it to counterattack you while you think they can't see you. I haven't encountered this much in lower elo, but it's good to ward up dragon to see if they've got anything in the first place. Pick out the best target: For example, take the easiest kill first, whether it be the jungler, the adc, the midlaner and yes, even the support. Do not always follow the "don't focus the support" mentality. Supports are NOT useless, like, why do you think there's a support in every game? Whoever you kill by surprise, you can just go back into stealth right away because of your Q reset.

Once you start doing serious damage later in the lanephase and early midgame, you can start playing really offensively, picking off squishies with your prolonged stealth that lasts up to 8 seconds. Beware of true sight.

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After lane phase?

There's a bunch of scenarios with twitch, but the most common ones are:

A) Being ahead
B) Being behind
C) Being somewhere in between.

Being ahead

You've farmed up and after leaving lane phase your CS is around 120-180
You've got a couple of kills and assists.
You haven't got many deaths or maybe not any at all.

In this case, you're basically ebola. You could wipe out an entire continent with one ulti if you wanted to with the right positioning. Follow your team around, farm here and there, ward around with your yellow trinket by going invisible in more dangerous areas near enemy jungle. Pick people off if squishies happen to wander near you. Don't listen to their last words because they are merely distractions.

Being behind

You didn't farm well in lane.
You fed.
You have no kills.

Run a turtle strategy. Try to farm camps and sidelanes when they're pushed. Do your best to get Infinity Edge and Runaans hurricane before doing anything. Encourage your team to wait until you have hurricane to teamfight. Avoid roaming enemy jungle for picking squishies off, because they're probably stronger than you. Eventually you'll pull a vayne, becoming super strong anyways because you know, hurricane and ulti synergizes amazingly.

Being somewhere inbetween

Maybe you farmed well but got no kills.
Maybe you got kills but no farm.
Maybe your farm isn't good but not bad either.

You're still really strong. Follow your team around and farm whenever you see the chance. You should have hurricane at a decent time around 21-25 minutes. It's still possible to surprise rape squishies here and there, but be careful with who you choose.

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There are two key factors to teamfighting with twitch.

Timing your stealth and positioning.

By timing your stealth, i mean going into stealth in an area where the enemies do not see you. If they see you, they'll be on their guard at all times and ready to jump you as soon as you emerge from stealth. Even if you pull this correctly, there'll still be some people thinking that you're still around somewhere, but this reduces the chance significantly that there'll be people aware and ready for you. When stealthed, proceed to position yourself somewhere rather safe, but still within range of the enemy team. You want to use your hurricane on three targets. The main target should be someone in-between the two other. Your ultimate makes it so that your basic attacks become long range bolts that pierce through the enemy and ones behind it, meaning if your position is good and circumstances are good, you can hit the entire enemy team with your basic attacks, stacking stacks of your E on all of them and doing MASSIVE damage to everybody. Positioning varies from teamfight to teamfight since every teamfight is unique with a different place and different champions. Try to position somewhere where you can get a squishy carry, or maybe even in the backline if it's not safe enough to appear behind them. After a successfully carried teamfight, you'll feel amazing. You'll be like, 'holy ****, did i really just get a pentakill in three seconds?'