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Poppy Build Guide by MRev

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MRev

[S6] (Patch 6.3) Stomp the jungle with your hammer!

MRev Last updated on February 22, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Poppy with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kindred A squishy. You can completely stomp her. Watch out for her ult.
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Hi! My name is Rev. I'm no challenger, but I have a certain amount of knowledge on my favorite champions and Poppy is one of them. Before the rework she was fun, and now even more so. I just wanted to share my ideas and experiences with different builds so anyone else could have the fun I'm having. This build isn't meant to be an impressive, off-meta, game-changing, broken build, but rather a fun alternative to a great champion. I wouldn't recommend using this build on ranked unless you're truly confident on your abilities with the champion. Tank Poppy is still equally as useful and still fun, but if you're like me, who just loves tearing down other people's health bars with massive damage, then this build is for you.

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Why AD?

But wait, isn't Poppy a nice tank? Why would you build her with AD in mind?
-Poppy has been reworked to be an absolute beast of a champion. She's relatively easy to use and every single ability has a decent AD ratio, her damage output is simply outstanding. In early levels people don't expect her to be so powerful.

What are the benefits of going AD as opposed to tank Poppy?
-The answer is simple. You delete people. With the changes to Hydra before the pre-season, Riot allowed tanky champions to output a decent amount of damage while still being able to resist some damage. That said, with the AD build you're not meant to go all-in and absorb damage, but rather to gank efficiently and try to get as many kills as you can in the early game to then snowball in the late game, making her essentially an assassin. And it works. Once again, this isn't for soloqueue but rather for normals to have fun. This, paired with another mid assassin, will make you a great threat to the other team. You'll die in teamfights if you're not careful enough though.

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Pros and Cons

-Great damage (even more with this build!)
-Her ultimate will simply help your team win teamfights if used well
-If she properly lands her E on a squishy and knocks them against the wall, that squishy WILL die
-Her W allows for some rather impressive counterplay to dash champions (Diana, Renekton, Yasuo, etc)
-Her Q helps her clear the camps impressively fast, while also being some nice CC for ganks
-Her passive's shield can also help you mitigate some damage against monsters for a healthier clear

-If you don't pick up some kills you'll fall behind, you're still useful because of your ultimate but you won't have that much of an impact in the game. If this happens, rush your objectives and try not to feed as much as possible.
-While her ultimate IS quite powerful, this is a double-edged sword. You may also find yourself accidentally taking away AD carries instead of tanks and that just might make you lose a teamfight.
-Tells terrible jokes.
-Her E is a targeted ability and also pushes your enemy quite far, so if you don't land them against the wall you might help them escape

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Summoner spells

Well, this is pretty obvious, huh? There's absolutely no reason NOT to take Smite if you're not jungling. With the new updates, you don't just deal damage to monsters, you also get some much needed buffs from not just red and blue, while also changing its utility depending on which jungle item you choose.

Flash is the way to go for almost every build and every team composition. It's quite useful for not only escaping but it's also a tool for making plays and a gap-closer. The amount of things you can do with this summoner spell are almost endless. If they decide to take it away in season 7 I'll be pissed.

Teleport is insane for splitpushing and general lane pressure. If your top, or mid lost their lanes, you could just simply teleport to a minion and help them split. This could also be used for helping your laners with an unexpected gank.

This is generally not a good idea. Poppy can dive turrets to secure a kill, and also your red buff gives you an ignite-esque passive that allows you to get some escaping targets if they miraculously escape your CC.

Why would you take this? You're not an AD carry, and you have plenty of ways to heal yourself. A big no.

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Jungle clear

As I stated before, clearing the jungle with her is fast and easy. This is a general route for all junglers but it works well for Poppy.

If you're on the red team, this is the route:
Don't smite the rocks, smite red buff, then kill the scuttlecrab. That little thing can help you sustain the jungle like no other. Also with Poppy's E it's easy to kill. Then go ahead and kill the blue buff, back, and kill the rest. Try to gank once you kill everything in the jungle and wait for respawns.

Blue team's route:
Smite gromp as soon as you engage him. His buff helps you kill the rest of the monsters. Don't smite the blue buff. You could smite the wolves if you suspect you're getting invaded, but nothing else.

As soon as you hit 6, call your mid or duo bot and immediately kill the dragon. Your ultimate helps you ward off anyone trying to steal it away.

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Poppy is a great champion with nice utility, great damage and a great kit. I think this assassin type of build works best in the jungle, because in the laning phases she's better off as an unstoppable tank.

I will improve this guide as soon as I can, with updates according to new patches and discoveries that I make. Any support would be appreciated. Tell me what you think, please. No matter your elo. I wanna know if I'm way far off or if you had fun with it. I have. But I don't have a ton of experience so I don't really know. Anyways, thanks for checking my guide, and good luck!