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Kayle Build Guide by ZulaWarrior

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZulaWarrior

[S6] Stomping Solo Que with Kayle Jungle [6.13] UPDATED

ZulaWarrior Last updated on August 15, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys, I'm Zulawarrior (Zuluwarriors), and this is my new Kayle guide.

I am #2 Kayle NA

First off, this is my current League and my Kayle stats

I think Kayle is a very underestimated champion in solo queue, especially in the jungle ( 3 weeks from gold to diamond with Kayle played in about half of the games ) . The fact that she is rarely played as well, means people won't be expecting the play making moves you'll be making.

In all seriousness, a well played Kayle is more than capable of stomping solo queue, even at the highest of elos; I played my Kayle jungle vs Nightblue3's (Ranked 3 Challenger) smurf, NightBlack, while he played his main Elise Jungle in solo que and it was none the less something not even he could stop. Some other pro's I've played as Kayle Jungle are on my stream HERE.

There are three main reasons for Kayle jungle to be able to compete at this level:

1. Her clear time is among the fastest in any jungler ( especially late game ) due to her E

2. She can not be juked and has crazy good ganks with her Q E combo that other junglers don't have (the range... oooh the range!) and easily tower diveable ganks with her R

3. The sustain while you have blue buff, you can almost always stay in your jungle until you have 1200g+; considering you didn't gank, and easily 1700+ if you get one or two successful ganks in (which is easy)!

Kayle is stronger than most people think and extremely fun due to her unique play style, mobility, and range (unlike almost any other jungler).

Oh, and if you're looking for a champion to get out of "Elo hell" with, Kayle will be the one. This is one of my smurfs, a Bronze I account which I played on to test out how hard it really is to get out of "Elo Hell." Was ending games 17-20 mins every single game. Enemy team was just wowed.

One last thing, if you are interested in seriously upping you game and want some type of guidance, I offer lessons so you can email me at!

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One of the Most Important Chapters

If there is any chapter in this entire guide, this has by far, the most potential to help you on your way to Mastering your League of Legend skills and aspiration to become a top ranked player like me. And since a lot of people have been asking me every day to duo with them and give them tips, coaching, one on one sessions, ect, I decided to do something about it (as well as a very large team of other master/challenger players). We all got together and decided to help out the league community. We know everyone, from beginners to the pros, has the potential to improve their skill level in League of Legends. Helping the community with their League of Legends skill is something that we are really passionate about, thus this guide was born.

Duo Legends, a website that follows that same passion, actually teams you up with Diamond 1+ Players (Masters and Challengers) to duo alongside them in ranked games so you can learn from them and ask questions while playing ranked; all while they are giving you tips on your game play. essentially offers you your own professional coach and through the use of voice communication, you can get the coaching you need to excel! You're more than capable to request me or any other challenger on the site as well, so if you're specifically looking to learn the champions/roles I play just let me know through the website or on our Teamspeak server (which you get access to once join the site) and we'll get paired up! However, we have Challengers/Masters that play every champion and every role so the choice is yours. The goal is simple: give my readers the tools and knowledge they need to become the best players out there and have fun while they’re doing it. So go ahead and check out ! It'll be your best decision- after downloading LoL of course…

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The best masteries right now are 21/0/9 for Kayle. There is no real reason to get any in defense since as in most of this guide I am going to show you how to be defensive just with your ultimate, healing, and kiting ability. I don't get butcher because you don't really need it and it doesn't scale into late game. Also since you have 10% increase potions and elixirs it only makes it more viable to get both!

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Runes make the world of difference for Kayle jungle!

Marks: I take 9 attack speed marks because you need to have the attack speed for her E in jungle clear and for ganks. These help you early game and late game and are probably the most important runes you can have as Kayle

Seals: 9 armor seals because without these you'll have a hard time having good sustain in your jungle. Try to keep in mind that this is all the armor you will need because late game you'll be stomping people and if you ever feel endangered just ult yourself ( more about this in Ultimate chapter ).

Glyph: I suggest taking 9 flat AP marks because flat AP is stronger early game than scaling AP ( obviously ); with these your ganks will be stronger and your clear time will be stronger, ABUSE THIS! I like to stomp people early game ;) It's just too much fun to pass up.

Quintessence: 3 flat AP quints to boost Kayle's early-game. This are pretty much needed for your first clear and ganks. They're a massive help so try to get these if possible!

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Zula, is that seriously a jungle build?

YES! The answer to the title is yes, a lot of junglers you see now days are just going straight out tank and just needing their team to do all the damage while they soak it up. A good tanky jungler will be able to soak up most the damage for about 2 - 3 seconds before his team comes in for the clean up. Well, think about what I just said there, " 2 - 3 seconds before his team comes in", "2-3 seconds" 2- WAIT A MINUTE! YES THAT'S RIGHT, you have 2 - 3 seconds with this little button on your keyboard called "R" Intervention where you take NO, yes let me repeat that, NO DAMAGE AT ALL! Now I realize that doesn't mean you can just go in 5v1 expecting not to get cc locked and die before you can hit that wonderful button, but we'll go into that later, lets talk about some items!

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Spectral Wraith is the more useful jungle item for Kayle right now, with the 80 AP, 10% CDR, and the two other passives, this item is probably one of the best in the game, just remember, that you have to watch your stacks, you don't want to be at 80 Stacks and find yourself sitting there for a minute waiting for the enemy top laner to come back to lane! So watch your stacks and enjoy the free win :)

Sorcerer's Shoes - Some people ask if you should go Sorcerer's Shoes vs Berserker's Greaves, as I show in the podcast show I do over jungle (which can be found on youtube or through my twitch), Sorcerer's Shoes are the better option because it scales better with Kayle and even with Feral Flare since it does bonus MAGIC damage, as does Nashor's Tooth, Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, and obviously your Righteous Fury, so the attack speed isn't quite worth it compared to the Magic Pen.

Nashor's Tooth - Everything about Kayle revolves around her Righteous Fury and Nashor's Tooth is no exception, as a hybrid champion you want both the power of an AD and an AP champion, well what makes AD strong? Their auto attacks!, what makes Kayle strong, HER AUTO ATTACKS ( and more but we'll get to that later! ) so get Nashor's Tooth is is the most powerful item any Auto Attack-Hybrid Champion can get due to a huge amount of CDR (half the cap) a lot of AP, Fast Attack Speed, and a crazy Passive!

Rabadon's Deathcap - The highest AP damage item in the game, you want this item for obvious reasons but since this is a guide I will explain :), late game this item will give you about 220 AP alone if you include bonus Magic Damage (100 Bonus) and when you buy this item as your 4th pick it gives around 70 bonus damage so a total of 190, that's why you should get this item as your 4th over something like Lich Bane because you get an insane amount of AP.

Lich Bane - Even after the nerf this item is still pretty damn good, you will defiantly notice a big difference in that first Auto Attack and late AA's when you get this and also give 80 AP ( plus 24 bonus AP from Rabadon's Passive ), 250 Mana helps since you don't have any real source of mana other than blue buffs, and movement speed always help even if just a little, imagine, a melee with no gap closer chasing you and not being able to catch up because you have just 1 MS higher than him, makes him frustrated right! and that's what we like to do, make the enemy team rage in all chat so they afk and we stomp solo que!

Zephyr - So out of all the items in my build this may be the most controversial, you just don't see a lot of people getting Zephyr and more because it's stats are used by generally Tanky Attack speed champions, but most of those champions run Mercury's Treads so the Tenacity for this item would be wasted since it doesn't stack, and running this on an ADC would be pointless because if you get CC'ed by someone you're probably already going to die. But Tenacity on Kayle is different, 35% reduced CC's is huge because the difference between a 2.25 second Fiddle Terrify and a 1.48 second fear is life and death, and when there are multiple Stuns/Fears/Slows/ect. on a team, that really adds up into being quite a bit of CC. If you need a further explanation I'd be happy to help you out ( read more in "Up your game" chapter ). Other than that, the Attack Speed is big since cap is at 2.5 AA per second, the AD helps with your Q and your E making you a better hybrid champion, and once again, movement speed always helps! SO get this item because it is OP!

~ Will add more to Item list when I get time; just wanted to get core items out of way. Stay tuned more coming soon!

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First Clear

Alright, first thing is first, as Kayle you will always start your first camp at the bottom of the map, So if you're blue side go red, if you're purple go blue. Here's and example:

Please SMITE THE BUFF! It makes life sooo much easier! and you'll have it up for the next one either way.

This way you will be able to kill your first buff before you even have to pop a health potion.

Now that you have your first buff cleared, make your way over to wraiths ( no matter which side you started go to wraiths ), when you get the wraiths Q Reckoning the big minion then move on top of the top small wraith ( i'll upload a video of this soon ), this way your Splash damage from your E will deal damage too all off the wraiths and you'll kill all small wraiths at the same time all with the splash damage of your E Righteous Fury, ( don't Q the big wraith twice because you'll just waste mana and/or kill time for your next buff ).

After this make your way to the next buff and just start with Q and E + AA the hell out of it, smite it when you get your second Q off on it, you should kill it by then.


Kayle's ganking is just WOW! You see someone pushed to our tower? He's gonna die regardless if he has flash or not. But let me explain how/when/and who you should gank for!

Ill start with the First gank:

First Gank

This can honestly be the most important play of the game ( CAN BE not always ) the LAST thing you want to do at this point is DIE! I REPEAT DO NOT DIE during the first gank! This doesn't mean be afraid to take 1 or 2 hits from the tower just don't lose those double buffs! Flash if you need to its worth it!

Ok so now that I expressed how important it is not to die DONT DIE DAMNIT, sorry still had a little left in me, your first gank is almost always going to be for top or mid. "But Zula how do I tell which lane I would gank?" WELL IM HERE TO ANSWER YOU QUESTION! For the most part Gank for the lane that is most pushed towards YOUR tower, but this isn't always true; For example you notice that your top lamer is pushing all the way to the enemy tower, you also know that the enemy jungler started with the bottom buff, obviously their jungler is going to gank your top lamer, but your top laner has no ward, YOU WANT TO CARRY HIM DON'T YOU ???Here's what you do, Go top and go in the middle bush; (ambush gank, they'll never see it coming) COUNTER GANK THE ENEMY JUNGLER, RESET YOUR BUFFS, GET A DOUBLE KILL, AND GG THE GAME! These are the plays you have to make when you're ganking, this is why I say the first gank can determine the game. But that's just one example. Come watch my stream if you want to see more plays like this and learn a bit HERE

Summary of first gank: Gank TOP OR MID whichever one you'll most likely get the kill at, respect the counter ganking because this will win you games as Kayle and almost any jungler.

After you get the first gank done ( hopefully it was successful ) move onto your golems if you went top or go top wraiths again if you went mid, now you have to look at your mini map and pay attention to all the lanes. Try to keep your farm as close to your mid lanes as possible, this means you don't need to just gank but you also need to clear out your jungle, counter jungle, and ward. There is no true way to give you a pattern you can follow for the jungle but just try to keep it cleared while still ganking and counter jungling. Wards and counter jungling will have their own chapters.

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Ability Explaination

Holy Fervor A very underestimated passive, this passive is basically the reason I don't buy Magic Penetration, it gives you 3x5 = 15% MP, thats only 20% less than Void Staff…. Combine this with Devastating Strikes and you have 21% Magic Pen no runes or anything needed.

Reckoning (Q) This Nidalee spear, I mean ability, does A LOT OF DAMAGE but the damage isn't really isn't what makes this spell amazing; the real killer is the slow, from the very first point you put into this to the last, the slow is just amazing and allows you to use Righteous Fury with ease.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use this ability to slow your enemy when you are ganking them.
  • This is your biggest burst spell, so in team fights use it on ADC's or other squishy's ( it won't provide enough peel for your team, even though you'll probably be getting focused, so just use it to kill theirs )
  • If you know your opponent has a spell shield try to let your team know and make sure they use a weaker spell to get the shield before you throw this at the enemy.

Divine Blessing (W) Out of all the spells Kayle has, I'd say this is the one that will make the plays ( other than your ulti of course ) The heal itself isn't that great until late game, but it so provide some sustain in the jungle. But the movement speed both early game and late can really overcome your opponent and lead to some awesome ganks / saves !

Tips and Tricks
  • This is the first ability you want to use when you go for a gank, don't use it too early ( like don't use it in the river ) but just use it right before you come out of the bush for the gank and then yell "SURPRISE!"
  • If you gank and your laner took some damage and you didn't ( or you need to buy them some time or something ) use it on them and they will greatly appreciate it and help them a lot.
  • Nidalee on the other team? Never fear Kayle is here. If you are just sitting there waiting for a chance to attack the other team ,but they just keep poking, heal your team with this. It is a great help and works like a charm if you have a support that can heal as well.
  • Use the Movement speed to dodge spells
  • Use this spell to have sustain in the jungle and also help you with your clear time, if you have blue buff SPAM IT! ( use this before Health pots, but try to stay full health )

Righteous Fury (E) The bread and butter to Kayle's existence, this will be where most of your damage comes from.
Tips and Tricks
  • Don't use this too early because it is not a toggle, use it just as you are about to need it an no earlier no less
  • Be careful with this spell, you only gain 400 range so you can't really use it to poke, however there are times when you should use it to poke ( Zed just being stupid? Send him a little message), but don't underestimate your opponent either cause they might just send you a message too.'
  • I decided to save this tip for this spell because it's really what separates the good Kayle players from the bad. The ability to KITE, You have a slow, and a movement speed that equal a total change of mobility by 85%, if you have their entire team focusing you, use this and all of your other spells to run around them in circles while blasting them ( don't literally run in circles ) I will upload a video soon of me kiting someone.

Intervention (R) This is the spell that makes your team mates say, " OMG KAYLE OMG ILU BB MARRY ME! " or " I've NEVER seen a Kayle has good as you, duo with me ? " and your enemy say, " WTF how did you not die you? " or the classic " **** you. " I have dedicated an entire chapter ( the next one ) on explaining this spell and how to use it to it's full potential.

Guide Top

How to use Intervention

Coming SOON!

This chapter is still a work in progress due to the large amount of content it SHOULD and WILL hold because of how many things I can teach you when it comes to this ultimate.

Want to be a good Kayle? Yes? Well this is the most important chapter in this guide for you then!
The spell Intervention can make plays happen, win games, lose games, and make you the best ( or worst ) Kayle your team has ever seen.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when playing Kayle
  1. The most important thing is to not waste your ult. What I mean by this is that if you have a Leona support who got caught but manage to use everything before she died and started the team fight. Don't ult her... It's much better to use on yourself or another one of your carriers.
  2. 50% - 80% of the time you're going to be ulting yourself. The reason I say this is because by you ulting yourself is the only way you're really going to get the full potential of your ult, because no matter what you're team is probably not going to trust you, that's just human nature, and so when you ult yourself and are able to just straight up tank the damage while dealing more than your adc... well you get the point... Ulting yourself is the most efficient way (MOST OF THE TIME BUT NOT ALWAYS) to use your ult.
  3. Using your ultimate at the beginning of fights is not really the smartest thing, usually when I ult in a team fight, its when the ADC comes over to me and tries to kill me, 9 times out of 10 they'll either die when I use R/Q/E combo on them and the other times, well they use flash and barrier and usually even then they die cause I'm just gonna W towards them. I will however say that sometimes it is best to use early ( due to some high burst champions as stated a little later in this chapter ) because the last thing you want to do is get one shotted before the fight even begins.
  4. Never ult someone on your team who is essentially useless. This will bite you in the neck later in that fight.
  5. Remember that all of my advice is General and you as a player have to make the correct decision in order to win your game, often lower elo players ask me very broad questions and there really isn't an answer to some because everything is situational, sometimes it's worth it to ult that 0/6 Pantehon with decent farm, because your ult may just lead to him getting a quadra kill and you turning the game around.
  6. More to come in this list, due to large amount of content and me trying to hit Diamond 1 before January, it may take time to complete this guide ,but I will update it hopefully Daily and give you more advice on how to use this game changer.

Intervention needs to be used like your life depends on it ( at least your ingame life ) because it does.... Let me get into some situtaions:

Situation # 1 : I like to call this "lol ur funny situation" this is when you're up against champions like Caitlyn, Fizz, Morgana, Nunu, (ok zula we get it...), the list goes on. These are the situations where you have sooooo much time before you need to ult yourself. Remeber this especially when you havn't maxed out your ult yet, that you only have a small window of no damage... If you see that Fizz is in the air with Playful / Trickster and his ult Chum the Waters is about the emerge from the ground and on top of that, caitlyn has you in her sights with Ace in the Hole, I think me and you both can see how it would be a smart time to ult yourself, or whomever is about to get destroyed without it.

Situation # 2 : Since we're giving names to these situations I'll call this the " That was close " This is when you have that split second to react on the person that is getting the Darius/Cho/Syndra Ult. If you have the reaction ability then you can seriously win the game with this in a late game fight situation. Think about it, if Syndra uses Deathfire Grasp and then ult's you, you have zero chance of surviving, UNLESS of course, you get the the Intervention off and guess what, you basically just killed, yes KILLED syndra and will probably have her rage quit leading to you winning the game and in turn carrying your team.

Situation # 3 : The TANK, You have a squishy team with no tank on your team? Guess what.... You just became the tank. But Zula I'm an AP squishy jungler.... IF you successfully use your ult at the right moment and start the fight with your team KNOWING (make sure you let them know your plan, unless you just wanna look like a pro and trust your team, I don't suggest the latter :) ) But while you tank, don't just stand there looking pretty, GET IN THERE AND WRECK SOME HAVIC ON THEIR CARRIES! That enemey Jinx thinks she's an unstoppable force? Once you ONE SHOT HER SHE'LL be cursing her team out asking why she didn't get any peels in all chat and that's when you just reply with an, "Outplayed"... Making her even more mad and having her throw the game!

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So a lot of my followers on my twitch and readers of this guide have been asking me if I could give them private lessons.

So I listened to them and started to do lessons, I can't tell you how many people just go on 10 game win streaks after their lessons, from bronze to plat players ( if you're diamond you probably have it down but I am a few games from challenger so I could still probably help you out. ) I have a lot of fun doing these lessons and enjoy doing them to be honest.

How my lessons work:

- We play a game together on one of my smurfs that is in your elo
- While playing the game I guide you through with any champ or any role you want to play, and through out the game I explain why you should do certain things. ( I'm almost challenger I know every champ pretty well ,but I main jungle so I can help the most on jungle ,but I am still a pretty good laner )
- After the game we review the game and I explain what you can do better and how you should go about doing it, I also give you some of my tips and tricks that I havn't put on this guide yet.
- I invite you to a custom game and give you some more tips and tricks ( this helps a lot of people I teach so much )
- Depending on how many games you want to play or how many champions you want to learn is up to you.
-Lessons are at a rate of $15/hr

That is basically how my lessons work

If you are interested in email me at

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Team Fights

Coming SOON!

Currently looking through some of my records to see if I can find an ideal team fight situation. Read through some of intervention situations for info on teamfights, I explain it a little in there.

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Warding, Counter Warding, and Elixirs

First things first, BUY WARDS! Let me list the importance of wards:

  1. Vision for you and your team on all of their players
  2. Protects you from being counter jungled
  3. Allows you to counter jungle
  4. Gives you the ability to perform easy counter ganks
  5. Pink wards give you vision on invisible targets, champions, stealth wards, Teemo/satan shrooms, ect
  6. Vision on objectives
  7. Allows you to ward a bush when the enemy walks into it to avoid being juked
  8. And last but not least, Protects those laners who seem to wonder why they always get gank

Those are just a few of the things wards provide you and your team!

Here's a picture of the "General" Ward spots I use:

I'll explain the picture: (sorry that my photoshop skillz suck!)

As stated in the picture, this is for when you start blue side ( if you start purple just act as if the image is flipped ), All wards are prioritized by size ( the bigger the more important/used they are.

The pink wards in river are essential imo, if you ever watch my Stream, you know that I always buy pink wards and classify them as the most OP item in the game. The pinks in river can literally last all game from the moment you place them till the moment you drop the enemy nexus! I prefer warding the right ( bottom ) side of the river. If you are getting counter jungled (usually the red buff) place a pink ward in front of your red buff ( as demonstrated ). If your mid is getting constantly ganked and has very low escape potential the pink in front of their red helps a lot!

So there are three places I place Stealth Wards (generally), The main place I put them are in the enemy's bush right in front of their wraiths. That is the smartest place to put them as it gives a lot of coverage on the enemy jungler since this path is taken to get to so many places. The other two spots or optional, if I am going for dragon I will usually place a ward in a least one of these spots but it's not essential nor always necessary. The ward at their blue intersection is nice and gives your bot lane really good coverage and it's not really something they can ward since they have potential to be caught if they go that far and/or lose a lot of farm/exp.

Warding for counter jungling is also important, I will usually ward inside their blue bush if I am wanting to steal the blues and at the tip of the red bush if I want to steal their red. I generally only use trinket ward if it is up for counter jungling warding :) aka don't waste your three minute wards on those.

TBH I almost always make sure I have 75/100g extra before I back just so I can get a ward.

The trinket ward is also great for warding a bush so that you don't get juked when an enemy walks into the bush and also gives you extra time to Auto attack using your Righteous Fury as Kayle!

** I'll work on the elixir part of this chapter soon!**

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Stomping Solo Que

So it's going to be a little while till I update this chapter, since I'm going for challenger ,but here this is....

Sorry bout the first game lol, other than that, this is at Diamond 1 Elo, 7 wins (ranked) in a row? Rarely happens to anyone at any Elo

This one is on my smurf ( Gold 3 ), 17 straight wins in a row 100% winrate with high KDA, But yea, like I said earlier I'll update this chapter and explain how to gain elo (If you don't wanna wait I do offer lessons, just email me at

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Final comments

I hope this guide helped you become a better Kayle player, this is my first guide so let me know how I did! Leave a comment HERE or visit my twitch and join the chat, Follow me too if you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! And just cause my friend wanted me to; My inspiration : SecureGravity

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Channel Log

4/26/14 - First Log, updated guide mostly core items and some visuals