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Taliyah Build Guide by Painters

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Painters

[S8] Patch 8.11 Queen of Earth | In-Depth Taliyah Guide

Painters Last updated on June 9, 2018
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Mid/Top Lane

Taliyah Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Middle Lane
Ranked #46 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Threats to Taliyah with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jhin Probably one of the easiest match ups, you can land pretty much EVERY ability, he has no mobility, so it makes it easy to land your W. This goes for most immobile adc's (Ashe, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Jinx etc.), so I won't add them just to save space
Draven All you have to do is place your W where his Axes are going to land, he'll have to make the choice of dropping his axe, or getting caught.
Twitch When Twitch ults, he usually doesn't move much if at all, so it should be pretty easy to land a E & W combo on him when he activates it.
Lee Sin Lee Sin is easy to face, if he lands his Q on you, place your E, he'll have the choice of taking damage just to kick/dash to you, or leave you be, and if he even misses his Q or lands it but doesn't dash, just engage, it's a free kill, 'cause once he misses it, he has nothing to fight you with.
Rek'Sai Just kite Rek'Sai, they won't be able to catch you, even if the tunnel, if they decide to tunnel, just place your E, it counts as a dash.
Riven You can kite Riven pretty easy because of Rylai's and your E, when she uses her Dash or her Q's, it'll count as a dash, so your E will damage her, and if she gets too close, you can always just knock her back with your W.

Hello! I am Painters, the writer of this guide. My IGN is Painters. (Just like my MOBAfire name) I used to play other champions, but I wasn't really GOOD as them, like sometimes, I would have fun, but other times I wouldn't, but I haven't had that happen with Taliyah yet. I'm gonna set up some montages of my plays, so make sure to look out for those.

I think Taliyah is a pretty unique idea, I know she's pretty simple, she throws/controls rocks, but there is just something about her that seems unique. I also like how she isn't "Perfect" looking, it pretty much shows a part of the real world.

I hope I can help you see how fun, and how much potential Taliyah has, I'll be telling you how I play her in different scenarios, how I build her, what Runes and Masteries I use, and how you should use her abilities!

Please keep in mind that even I'm still learning, I'm just sharing what I have learned, if it turns out something is wrong, I'll learn and update it.

I'll be updating my Introduction with my progress from playing Taliyah, at the bottom of the introduction, I'll update it every time I get a rank up.

Why you should play Taliyah

Taliyah is a real fun champion to play as. At first she may seem hard, but she's pretty easy to pick up. She has great CC for your team, and provides a lot of peel, you can play her as Top, Jungle, Mid or Support, she is real flexible.

People don't think Taliyah does a lot of damage, so many people doubt her strength, they'll be up for a surprise with your damage with this guide though! With her burst and utility, she's actually EXTREMELY powerful.

She is a control mage, so you pretty much control where the enemies go, they are your puppets. She has good wave clear too, so you shouldn't have a problem when it comes to opponents having good wave clear. If the Jungler ganks, you could win a 2 v 1 quite easy (To me anyways), you can either prevent the gank by just placing your Unraveled Earth or using Seismic Shove, if they go in anyways, it'll allow you to kite them using Threaded Volley.

Let me know if I helped you in any way!

Please keep in mind that this is my FIRST guide, so please feel free to share your thoughts. (If you liked the guide, why? And if not, why? Anything is appreciated, and will be considered.)

I'll add more to this later, but here's an image of my scores with her from a few of my previous games.



+ Has good CC.
+ Good movement speed.
+ Can kite easily.
+ Rarely a bad champ to pick.
+ Great at peeling.
+ Great damage.
+ Good map control.
+ If you're out of a team fight, you can rush in with your ult.
+ Great outplay potential.
+ Can gank with ease.

- Important to land abilities.
- Struggles extremely hard against counters.
- Doesn't have any escape abilities besides Weaver's Wall.
- Long cooldowns until late game.
- Pretty high mana costs.

Rock Surfing is a VERY basic passive on Taliyah, You gain 20-40% movement speed up to 20% - 40% (based on level) bonus movement speed by moving near terrain or structures (Including player created), which builds up over 1 second and decays over 1 second upon moving out of range.

Entering combat disables Rock Surfing and places it on a 5 second cooldown. This cooldown is continuously refreshed while Taliyah remains in-combat. Activating a damage ability will reset the timer.

Damage: 70/95/120/145/170 (+45% of ability power)
Cooldown: 9/7.5/6/4.5/3
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100

Threaded Volley is a great ability, you fire up to 5 rocks in one direction, if you're in Worked Ground, then you'll use less mana, but you only fire one rock.

Threaded Volley lets you kite real well, so you'll want to use it a lot.
If you're farming with it, try to stand in Worked Ground, so you don't use as much Mana. It has a pretty short cooldown once you start building into Morellonomicon. Targets that are hit more than once will take 50% less damage on the last four shots.

Worked Ground is formed after using Threaded Volley, which lasts for 2 minutes - 60 seconds (depending on cdr), it also gives 10-20% movement speed based on level.
When you use your Threaded Volley while on Worked Ground, you'll only fire 1 rock instead of 5, but it costs half the mana. It's best to try and poke your lane opponents with 1 rock instead of creating even more worked ground. You also do not want to miss CS just for some poke. With Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow, you should be able to catch up to anyone because of Worked Ground's movement speed boost.

Damage: 60/80/100/120/140 (+40% of ability power)
Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110

Seismic Shove is a simple, but pretty unique ability, the opponents are pretty much your puppets when it comes to this ability. One thing I see a LOT of Taliyah's do, is use Seismic Shove to poke, you'll only want to use it if you plan on engaging, or if the opponent is trying to back away.

You can also use it to peel for your carries or yourself, just push the opponent away from them with it. You also want to place your Unraveled Earth (Most of the time) before using your Seismic Shove.

This is definitely one of my favorite abilties in Taliyah's kit since it is just so helpful in so many ways.

Damage: 70/90/110/130/150 (+40% of ability power)
Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8
Cost: 90/95/100/105/110

Unraveled Earth is a great ability, it deals damage when you place it, and it deals even more to enemies who dash, get pushed, or pulled while in the area of Unraveled Earth. It also gives a 20% (+4% per 100 Ability Power) slow, along with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, they should never get away.

It is a great ability to counter many champions with, but each enemy can only get hurt by up to 4 rocks.

Try to place it on top of an enemy who has a dash, 'cause they will probably panic because of the slow, then they'll dash and take extra.

Try to use Seismic Shove before you use Unraveled Earth, it's less likely for an enemy to see it coming.

Each rock triggered after the first deals 50% less damage.

Radius: 3000/4500/6000
Cooldown: 180/150/120
Cost: 100 at all ranks

Weaver's Wall Is an AMAZING ability, it doesn't matter what position you are, it is great. You can catch enemies that are getting away, you can use it to gank any lane, you can use it to get to objectives too. Anyone that is in the way of the path will get knocked up, and pushed to the side. Recast Weaver's Wall to ride it, and once the Wall is made, you're able to cast it yet again to make the wall disintegrate.

You can jump off at anytime by simply clicking the side of the Wall you want to get to. If you're hit while riding, or charging up the Wall, it'll cancel/prevent you from riding it, it'll still create the Wall however.

If you're going to use it to cut off enemies that are chasing a teammate, be careful to not block off your teammate. You can also use your Wall to split their team in half during a team fight.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
So a lot of people will try to tell you should max E Unraveled Earth, which is wrong, and here's why, Unraveled Earth's cooldown is pretty high at all levels, so you only get one try to kill people in a fight, if you miss/don't kill them, you're completely vulnerable.

If you max Q Threaded Volley, it has a shorter cooldown, so if you miss your abilities/don't kill someone with them, you'll have it up again in just a few seconds, it has a high cooldown at first though, but the cooldown goes down fast the more you level it up, so maxing Q Threaded Volley is a MUST.

If you max W Seismic Shove, you're just crazy. It isn't too strong, and again, has a high cooldown, you can max it second if you're a support so you can peel more often, but I usually don't max it second as a support either.

Now for the items I use on Taliyah, I'll be placing these in the order I usually build. After Rabadon's Deathcap is situational/optional items.

Rod of
Rod of Ages is a great item on Taliyah, as Taliyah, you really need to health to last longer in fights so you have more of an impact. If you go with the suggested Runes and then the items I suggest, you should be able to get up to 3k health.
Rod of Ages will also give you a lot of mana, which you'll need because of the mana costs.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is an amazing item, it gives a 20% slow for 1 second on your abilities, so you can pretty much perma slow them with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it gives a great amount of Health and Ability power too! It is definitely one of the most important items on Taliyah.

Sorcerer's Shoes is a must, you're gonna want the early movement speed, and along with that, almost no one should be able to catch you/out run you. It also provides magic pen, which you'll need too of course.

Lately I have started to prefer Liandry's Torment over Void Staff. The passive on Liandry's Torment is amazing. Using abilities against enemies will burn them for 2% of their current health as magic damage and it is doubled if the enemies movement is impaired., so you delete tanks with no problem along with it's magic pen.

I like the burst that comes with Luden's Echo, and the charges that bounce off the enemies will inflict Rylai's Crystal Scepter's passive to them. If you're going to replace an item, I would choose this one, 'cause it's not as important, it's more of a want.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a must get, it increases your Ability power by 35%, so it will help you deal a lot of damage to pretty much, everyone.

Zhonya's Hourglass is real nice against enemies like Zed, Fizz or Rengar, it'll prevent you from dying right away, and may even help you kill them, if not, it should help you get away, it now also gives cool down reduction. You can replace Luden's Echo with this as a normal build.

You can replace Void Staff with Liandry's Torment, you'll want to take this if you want more sustain, it also works great with Rylai's Crystal Scepter because the burn from Liandry's Torment is increased to movement-impaired units.

You can use Morellonomicon to replace Rod of Ages if you're too far behind or if for whatever reason you didn't build Rod of Ages until like 20 minutes in, but I really wouldn't build it for any other reason, it can work well with Liandry's Torment too however.

Hextech GLP-800 could work, although it doesn't provide as much burst, but it has a slow, so that is pretty helpful, it's passive is really good too, so you can also replace Luden's Echo with this.

Seraph's Embrace is a pretty nice item, you'll want to get Tear of the Goddess first, then stack that, right after the tear, start building Rod of Ages, once Tear of the Goddess is fully stacked, start building Seraph's Embrace, it'll give you more Ability power the more Mana you have, so with Rod of Ages, it's pretty strong.

Banshee's Veil is a really useful item, tank or not. You can get Banshee's Veil for the shield if you're getting CC'd or getting killed too fast, it'll give you more sustain too.

Teleport is by far my favorite spell besides Flash, it allows you to get to team fights, back to lane, and gank, it's basically like having two Weaver's Wall charges. It's great early, and late game.

Barrier is also a nice spell, it allows you to live in team fights, and in lane, it could actually help you land a kill, it also doesn't fall off late game.

Ignite is an okay spell, a lot of midlaners take it, it's great in 1 v 1 situations, but not as helpful other than that. It falls off late game too, so I personally am not a fan of it.

Exhaust is another spell that I think is okay, it helps the teams in a team fight by using Exhaust on the enemies ADC, or Carry in general, you can take it against champions like Yasuo, Zed or Talon, although I would usually take it if I were support.

I really wouldn't recommend Heal, it's not as good for midlaners, mostly 'cause the opponents are likely to take Ignite, which will lower the heal amount, so if you want, I'd recommend taking Barrier

I would never recommend this, it's just not as useful as other spells on Taliyah, you already have a lot of movement speed anyway, never take Ghost over Flash as Taliyah please.

Here I'll be telling you what masteries I recommend, I'll leave information as to why I don't go for some of the other masteries.

I like these masteries for mid lane and top lane, Sorcery is nice if you want your abilities to deal more damage, but Fury is good too if you want last hitting minions to be easier.

I like Feast for the sustain in lane, but it's not too helpful late game, while Expose Weakness is more of a support mastery, but it still works well, and it's great late game too in team fights.

Vampirism in my opinion is a lot better than Natural Talent , Vampirism will give you sustain in lane, and it's great for when you're low, and you just kite the enemies. Natural Talent just gives up to 15 Ability Power at level 18, which in my opinion, doesn't help much late game.

Oppressor vs Bounty Hunter , that's a pretty tough decision, I usually go for Oppressor , 'cause it helps early game, since you probably didn't kill everyone early in the game, Bounty Hunter won't help at that point, although, Bounty Hunter will/should give you 5% increased damage in the late game, so take one depending on what point of the game you're better at, or that you prefer.

Wanderer is like, the only working choice on Taliyah, it'll make you even faster while out of combat, so it's great with your passive, and on Worked Ground. Savagery Won't really work on Taliyah (besides the auto's), because none of her abilities are Single Target abilities. Although you can use this to help you clear camps in the jungle.

You can take Runic Affinity , Secret Stash or Assassin , I like Assassin a lot, it helps you in top, mid, and jg, it allows you to deal 2% increased damage to enemies while no allies are nearby. Secret Stash will work at mid/top too, it gives 15 Health and Mana upon consumption, and makes potions, flasks, and elixirs last 10% longer.
Runic Affinity is only effective if you're going jungle Taliyah

Merciless is good if you like to deal damage, it'll help with 1 v 1 situations, and in team fights too, Meditation is good if you have mana problems, but you honestly shouldn't with Rod of Ages.

Precision Will allow you to deal more damage because of its magic penetration. Intelligence is good if you just want that 5 extra points on Cooldown reduction, but Taliyah doesn't really get CDR anyways, so I wouldn't go for it.

Thunderlord's Decree is absolutely amazing on Taliyah, and pretty much every other mage, it deals a small AoE damage to enemies every third attack, or damaging spells, it deals 10 damage per level, and also 10% of ability power, and 30% of attack damage, it has a 25-15 second cooldown depending on level. I'm not even gonna add the other keystones, 'cause you NEED this on AP Taliyah.

For support I like to take Wanderer for the nice movement speed buff, you won't be needing Savagery because you're the support, you don't want to auto attack minions.

I also like taking Secret Stash for the sustain and because you're not there to kill the enemies just there to help, so you don't need Assassin , and since you're most likely not gonna get any buffs from your jungler, you won't be needing Runic Affinity

Now you can take Merciless or Meditation , Merciless will allow you to help your ADC get a kill, since you don't have any heals/shields, you're gonna want to engage, and cause a bit of damage. Meditation will help you have mana still while in team fights, so you can constantly help your teammates.

You can take Bandit or Dangerous Game , both will help, but I'll just show Bandit here, Bandit just gives you 1 extra gold for minions killed by an ally, and 3 for auto attacking champions. Dangerous Game , just like Meditation will help you have mana in team fights, so take one or the other if you're going to take either of them.

You're going to want Precision 'cause you'll be able to deal a bit more
damage, and also Intelligence will be useless on you because you're not CDR based.

Go for Thunderlord's Decree , it'll increase your damage a bit, and because that's the only one that will work on you as a support, you don't have heals/shields, so Windspeaker's Blessing is useless on you, and Stormraider's Surge will be useless because you won't have burst as a support.

Unyielding is probably the better choice, because you're going to be up against an adc, so armor is necessary, you can go for Recovery but it's probably not the best choice, you'll have Secret Stash so you'll heal fast anyways.

Explorer is useful if you're a support that likes to roam and help mid lane also, if you're not one of those support players, you'll probably want to take Tough Skin so you don't take as much damage from the opposing ADC.

Again, you don't have shields/heals, so you don't want to take Runic Armor even if it's from an ally, the likelihood of an ally having that is pretty unlikely, you'll want Veteran's Scars , it'll allow you to take more punishment in team fights.

Take Insight so you'll have Exhaust and Flash up more often, you'll be able to help your ADC and other teammates a lot more.

For Jungle Masteries, I like to take Fury for the 4% bonus attack speed, it'll help you clear jungle camps early, you can take Sorcery if you don't mind being weak at clearing at the beginning.

Feast will help you a little with the sustain in jungle, you can also go for Expose Weakness , which will allow your teammates to deal more damage when you gank, and in team fights, it's a real good mastery, so you can choose between the two, but I like [[Expose weakness].

Vampirism helps you live in fights, it has spell vamp, which is a lot more helpful than most people think, I really wouldn't go for Natural Talent , it just gives you bonus AP, I'm not a fan of it, but if it's your preference, you go right ahead.

I really like Oppressor , it gives you 2.5% increased damage to enemies who have impaired movement (Stuns, slows, taunts, etc.), which is real nice for early game, the problem with Bounty Hunter , is it doesn't really help in the laning phase, and you might not even kill every one on the opponents team, but if you do manage to kill everyone on the opposing team, it is real rewarding.

Savagery is nice for the early jungle clear, but it doesn't really help you in late game, so you can replace it with Wanderer which is amazing with your passive Rock Surfing

Runic Affinity is real good, it makes Blue, Red, Baron, Elder Dragon, etc. buffs last longer, I wouldn't go for Secret Stash , because I buy Refillable Potion's anyways, as for Assassin , it is good when you're allowing in the jg, and someone attacks you, but it doesn't help later in team fights, and it doesn't help with ganks.

Merciless allows you to deal 5% extra damage to enemies who have 40% or less health, so it helps secure kills, and clean up if needed, Meditation won't really help if you have blue buff, or if you have mana regen runes, so I wouldn't choose this.

Dangerous Game gives you 5% of your missing health and mana upon killing or assisting a kill on a champion, it is amazing in team fights, and for Bandit ... You're not a support, so don't even think about it.

Precision grants you some magic penetration, it is a lot more helpful than Intelligence on Taliyah, she isn't cooldown based, so Intelligence won't really help you out.

And yet again, Thunderlord's Decree , it deals a small AoE damage on enemies on your third auto attack or damaging ability, the damage is increased by 10 for each level, and 10% of your ability power. (25-15 second cooldown, based on level)

Here I'll be talking about what Runes I like to take for each position. Mid, Top and Jungle are the same, again, these are the ones I recommend.

Mid Runes

For runes, I really like having Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power x9, 'cause at level 18, it'll give +28 ability power, that's a pretty nice boost, although you could replace it with Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, so you're not as squishy, you can even do a mix of the two.

Next I like having Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration x9, it's real nice for late game, you'll have +11 mana regen at level 18, so you don't really need blue buff because of that, and Rod of Ages together, just like with the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, you can replace these with Greater Seal of Armor if you don't like being squishy.

I take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9, because it's real nice to have against tanks, and to have that burst against the squishies, and I highly recommend that you do not replace these, they are great for mid/late game.

And of course we have Greater Quintessence of Ability Power which I take x3 of. Pretty much every mage takes these, it is a real nice boost to ability power, and I also wouldn't replace these ones, just 'cause they work so well.

Support Runes

For Support Runes, you'll want x9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to help you take poke from a support like Zyra, or Karma, it'll also help you live in team fights so you can peel for your ADC as much as possible.

This also allows you to sustain poke from the enemies support and ADC, and again, it'll allow you to be able to peel for your ADC or any carry in a team fight as long as possible, it should also help you survive ganks better, take x9 of these.

You'll also want to poke the enemies, and deal a decent amount of damage in team fights, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will allow you to help deal damage when engaging in a fight, and it'll allow you to deal more damage to tanks, I like to take x9 of these as well.

This will help with dealing damage in lane and team fights, just like the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, you're not a support that deals little damage ( Braum, Thresh, Leona), this will also allow you to secure a kill if needed, I take x2 of these.

You'll definitely want this, you have low base armor, and even though it's a little amount, it'll help lots, the ADC will deal way too much damage which will prevent you from peeling for your team in team fights, just take x1.

I am gonna go over some champion matchups for mid lane, since this guide is MAINLY for midlane Taliyah. Some information for like toplane matchups, or botlane matchups will be at the top with the low-depth matchup guide.

I will be telling you what to build depending on the matchup, and how to play against them, their weak points, where they're strong and such.

Just because a champion counters you, doesn't mean you'll automatically lose, it all depends on how good you are! It is possible to beat anyone as anyone! Each champion icon will automatically bring you to the part of the page that has their information. (Edit: Will be adding Top lane and Bot lane matchups!)

(Note: Each Champion is listed in Alphabetical order)

Green = Easy

Yellow = Medium

Red = Hard

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: You can take Barrier against her, while you're silenced by Charm, it allows you to use Barrier, so her combo will be less punishing to you if her Charm lands.

Summary: Against Ahri, you're gonna want to stand behind minions, her Charm can't go through them, so she shouldn't be able to land it, also try to avoid her Orb of Deception, it deals true damage on the way back.

If she uses her ult Spirit Rush, place your Unraveled Earth to zone her, if she goes through it, it'll deal a massive amount of damage to her. If she misses her Charm she shouldn't be able to do much, so that's your time to engage, you can try baiting her ult with your Seismic Shove, or you can wait till she uses Spirit Rush] so you can land Seismic Shove.

She is a mobile champion, so it may be hard to land skillshots on her, even when she doesn't have her Spirit Rush, her Orb of Deception gives her movement speed. Also maker sure to ping when you notice she's gone, she'll probably roam bot a lot, which will cause her to get fed, so you can roam with her, or you can push.

Also try to engage when she doesn't have Spirit Rush, it'll reduce her chances of surviving significantly, and reduce her damage potential.

I also wouldn't try too hard to block her off using Weaver's Wall, she'll just dash over it, but if you KNOW she doesn't have ult, go ahead, but if you're not sure, don't waste it.

Just focus on dodging her abilities, just dodge, don't focus on dealing damage to her, until you dodged her abilities. Try to CC her as much as possible, I know it could be hard, but if you pull it off successfully, it's worth it.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: Get a Vision Ward, it'll allow you too see her when she uses her Twilight Shroud, so she won't be able to use it defensively.

Summary: When she uses her Twilight Shroud, place your Unraveled Earth, it will damage her if she tries dashing out on you, and even if you can see her, when you place it, it'll hurt her, you can also use your Threaded Volley to get an idea of where she may be. If she starts chasing after you, or wants to engage, assume she's going to use Shadow Dance, so place your Unraveled Earth so you'll be already be ahead of her during the fight.

Try not to use Seismic Shove until she gets on top of you, she'll probably just dash right back to you, but it gives you a break from her for a second or two.

Akali may run out of energy if she's not focusing on that, so watch her energy gauge in case she runs out, if she runs out, all in her, she won't be able to do a thing. If you CC her properly, you should be able to shut her down completely, she has no CC or peel for her team.

It is REALLY hard to get her off of you once she has used Shadow Dance, so try not to get caught out, and have keep vision on the map.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Anivia is an immobile champ, so you could land pretty much every skillshot, try not to fight her in tight spaces (Jungle), she'll trap you with Crystallize, and then use her abilities to finish you off.

If she misses her Flash Frost, punish her for it, she won't have anything to stop you, besides her wall, but her Flash Frost is her main engage, so if she misses it, go in for the engage.

Some Anivia's will take Teleport, because right they're about to turn into their Egg, she'll activate Teleport, which will continue to teleport her egg, so you'll want to save your Seismic Shove before she can successfully Teleport away.

Her abilities cost a lot of mana, so try to engage if she's low on it. You should also try to CC her if you can, because it'll cancel her ult, and she has no escapes. Her Frostbite deals a lot of damage if you have the chill effect on you, so try to stay away from her Flash Frost and Glacial Storm.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Annie is immobile, so you should be able to land most skill shots, you can now see how close she is to getting her Stun, so if she is at only the first bar, you should engage, she won't be able to stun you during the fight.

She has an insane amount of burst in her kit, her Flash Summon: Tibbers combo is pretty frightening, always keep an eye on her stun gauge, if it's low, you can try to engage, but care for her Summon: Tibbers.

Try to CC her as much as possible, it'll prevent her from snowballing, which will make her useless for the rest of the game and in team fights. Watch her stun bar in team fights though, one good Summon: Tibbers stun, and your team will most likely die.

She has a shorter range then you, so you should be able to kite her if she doesn't have Flash.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: Get Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil against him for when he builds up his stun.

Summary: Against Aurelion Sol, you'll want to keep moving to the sides to try dodging his Starsurge and Voice of Light, a lot of people run straight to out run Aurelion Sol, which is a bad idea.

Aurelion Sol is pretty fast, so it can be hard to stay out of the range of his Celestial Expansion, you'll want to buy boots asap, also you can use your Seismic Shove to push him back, which will stop his Celestial Expansion from hitting you.

for engaging, you can also close in on him when he uses Celestial Expansion, his Starsurge also has a 10 second cooldown, so you have time to engage and potentially killing him in those 10 seconds.

He also gains movement speed by moving in the same direction because of his Comet of Legend passive, so keep moving to the sides to prevent him from gaining the movement speed.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: None

Summary: So Azir could be considered mobile because of his Shifting Sands, although, he won't use it just to dodge your Seismic Shove because it has a long cooldown, so you can do the Seismic Shove and Unraveled Earth easily on him.

Azir's soldiers deal quite a bit of damage, but keep in mind, just because he stopped attacking with them, doesn't mean he can't anymore, he's able to auto with them as long as they're alive. He can't attack with them if he's too far away them.

Azir can have his soldiers dash to you, but the cooldown is pretty long, so when he has them close down on you, move towards him (Unless he's near his turret.), his soldiers are his only source of damage, so if you move in on him, he won't be able to adjust his soldiers.

If he ults you away from your turret (During laning phase), don't try to go back to it right away, you'll want to try going through the jg, he won't have his Shifting Sands, and since you're real fast, you should be able to get away.

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: You can buy Zhonya's Hourglass or Barrier, Zhonya's Hourglass may help you survive his ult, but it'll keep you vulnerable during his next spell, Barrier will allow you to keep moving, and it should protect you from his burn.

Summary: Brand may be immobile, but he is such a tough match up, his burns and the damage from his abilities along with his range is pretty insane, you'll want to constantly be moving side to side, to prevent getting burned, and also getting the secondary effects from his abilities.

He out ranges you, so I don't think you'll be able to kite him successfully. Also during team fights, stay away from teammates, his Pillar of Flame secondary effect will be devastating to you, and your team, you'll want to try to cc Brand as much as possible.

His ult Pyroclasm is also pretty devastating in team fights, if you see Brand use this, you'll want to spread out from your teammates.

If you have Brand's Blaze effect on you, you'll want to try your hardest to dodge his abilities, his Sear will stun you if you're burned, so try to move side to side, and his Conflagration will spread to allies if you're already burned.

So try to push him away from you if you're able to, and dodge his skill shots.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Cassiopeia is pretty fast, so it may be hard to hit abilities, she has to stay still while using her abilities, so you'll want to use your abilities when she's in place, also make sure to poke her down before engaging.

If Cassiopeia lands her Noxious Blast, she'll gain bonus movement speed, and it'll poison you, allowing her Twin Fangs to heal her, and deal bonus magic damage, so make sure to avoid this ability by walking side to side, if you see Cassiopeia is low on mana, that is probably the time to engage, she won't be able to kill you.

Make sure to stay out of her Miasma, it'll keep you grounded, so you can't use your flash in it, which will suck for you, it'll poison and slow you while you're in the area. Cassiopeia's Petrifying Gaze is a pretty unique ability, if you're facing towards her, it'll stun you for 2 seconds, if you're facing away from her, it'll slow you by 40% for 2 seconds, so make sure you're facing away from her in team fights.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: You can take Barrier to protect you from his Feast, also take Void Staff to help you deal damage to him.

Summary: You should be able to kite Cho'Gath easily, he's also immobile, so landing abilities should be a piece of cake.

Cho'Gath's Rupture has a pretty long range, but it also has a pretty long cooldown, so try to poke him when it's down.

He also has a silence, so try not to get too close, 'cause if he silences you, you won't be able to kite him using Threaded Volley, or push him back using Seismic Shove, Cho'Gath will also beat you when it comes to auto attacks, he'll deal magic damage while you don't, but he shouldn't be able to auto attack you in the first place.

Now his Feast is pretty scary, it deals true damage, so if you're low, it's best to just run, also try to dodge his Rupture, 'cause if that lands, you'll probably die. So try to keep kiting him and pushing him away from you.

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Diana could be hard to get off you, but you could predict when she's about to use Lunar Rush, they usually want to land their Crescent Strike before using Lunar Rush so she could dash twice, you can use Unraveled Earth if they land their Crescent Strike, so when they dash, you'll deal damage to them before they get to you, the best way to dodge Crescent Strike is to simply move to the left, because it comes from the right.

Try to stay away from Diana while she has her Pale Cascade active, once it wears off, she won't have her shield, if all 3 orbs from her Pale Cascade hits, it'll reset.

Don't get close to Diana, even if she already used Lunar Rush, she can use Moonfall to draw everyone towards her, and this could be devastating if they also have a Orianna or Jarvan IV for example.

You can try baiting her shield by poking her down with Threaded Volley, and if you do it enough, you can try making her use her mana to the point where it'll be safe to engage,

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: Get Zhonya's Hourglass, 'cause you'll probably want it for his Parallel Convergence.

Summary: When Ekko uses Parallel Convergence, they almost always use Phase Dive, so when you see the animation for it, place your Unraveled Earth, that way hell take some damage on the way,

Try to keep him off of you using your Seismic Shove, you'll want to use it before he gets three hits on you, if he gets three hits, it'll activate his Z-Drive Resonance which gives him bonus movement speed.

Always watch for his hologram following him, if you're about to kill him, but it turns out you're right on the hologram, he'll just Chronobreak which could cause you to lose the fight with him.

His Timewinder will slow you quite a bit, so try not to get hit by it. It deals more damage on it's way back, so try to dodge the second hit if you can.

I also wouldn't try too hard to block off Ekko with your Weaver's Wall, he may have his Phase Dive up, the he can just dash to the other side, so I would save Weaver's Wall for someone else, or for a team fight.

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: Get Zhonya's, his ult Chum the Waters deals a large amount of damage, and is usually the reason he kills you.

Summary: Fizz is hard to land abilities on, he has his Playful / Trickster so he can dodge your Seismic Shove and your other abilities, so save your abilities until he uses Playful / Trickster, then you should be able to land it.

If for whatever reason he decides to engage using Playful / Trickster, place your Unraveled Earth under him, they usually dash right after that, and since they won't have an ability to back off, you should be able to kill him.

If he usually engages using Urchin Strike, place your Unraveled Earth if he starts getting aggressive, he'll dash into it, and then most likely back off.

Try to move to the sides to make it hard for him to get you with his Chum the Waters, it has a pretty good slow on it, and it allows his abilities to deal extra damage to you for 6 seconds.

And again, don't try too hard to wall him off using Weaver's Wall, he can just use Playful / Trickster over it, which makes it pointless to try walling him off, so save it for someone else.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: None

Summary: You out range his H-28G Evolution Turret, so you can destroy them pretty easily, but they deal quite a bit of damage, so try not to get stuck in the middle of them, you should also be able to land your abilities quite easily, because he is immobile.

You're going to want to stay behind minions, because Heimerdinger's Hextech Micro-Rockets deal quite a bit of damage if all of them hit you, they also deal additional damage to Champions and Monsters.

You'll want to avoid his CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade, if you're near the middle of the AoE, it'll stun you, and if you're near the end of the radius, it'll slow ya, so you'll want to prevent getting stunned so he can't hit you successfully with his Hextech Micro-Rockets.

Heimerdinger's ultimate UPGRADE!!! will empower his next basic ability he uses, his H-28Q Apex Turret damage is increased, and will slow you with each shot, and will deal splash damage to units near the main target, so you'll want to stay away from the turret if he uses it.

Again, stay behind minions when he uses Hextech Rocket Swarm, it'll just demolish you, so try to move to the sides, so it won't just instantly kill you.

Heimerdinger's CH-3X Lightning Grenade will bounce up to 3 times, it'll deal a decent amount of damage to you, and it'll stun/slow you if you're in the radius, so try to move side to side when he uses this.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: Zhonya's Hourglass could help you dodge his bullets from his Curtain Call, you can also take Barrier to reduce damage from him as much as possible.

Summary: Jhin is immobile, you can land every skillshot and should be able to burst him down, but keep in mind how much damage he deals, and try not to get hit by his root.

When he has his 4th auto attack up, try to stay out of range, and force him to use it on minions, or reload, but don't skip out on farm either, also keep an eye on where he lays his Captive Audience, he'll try to root you, and if it blows up on you, it deals quite a bit of damage.

When Jhin uses Curtain Call, try to go towards him, and knock him up (Unless of course, he is way too far from you), try moving to the sides a lot, but don't do it too much, or he'll start noticing a pattern, so try to change it up a bit. Keep in mind that with every bullet that hits you, the last shot will deal extra damage.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Karma is a fairly easy match up, she has low mobility (Besides her Inspire), but it has a a bit of a long cooldown, so that's a bit of a time frame for you to hit your abilities on her.

Her only reliable source of damage is from her Soulflare, which can be blocked by minions, so stay behind them as much as possible, also move from side to side.

Her Focused Resolve along with her Inspire will end up rooting you, so what you can do is use Seismic Shove to push her away from you when she uses this, you should be able to get away from it every time if you push her away, and if you're in Worked Ground.

Karma's Mantra will empower one of her abilities, so she can choose to help her team engage, or just poke you, it has a pretty long cooldown, so if it's down, try to engage while she can't shield her whole team, and if it's just you and her, if she misses her Soulflare, then you should be able to kill her pretty easily.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: Zhonya's Hourglass

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: You can take Barrier which will reduce the damage dealt to you if she jumps on top of you, you can also get Zhonya's Hourglass if she jumps into your team and uses her Death Lotus.

Summary: Katarina is a pretty easy champion to deal with in lane, (As Taliyah) She'll usually buy Boots of Speed at the beginning, so you should be able to get more out of a trade against her early, prelevel 6, you'll want to use your Unraveled Earth and Seismic Shove combo to deal as much damage to her as possible, once she reaches level 6, save your Seismic Shove until she ults.

Her Bouncing Blades bounces up to 4 times, so try to move away from your minions if you see her use it, if it lands, try to stay away from her until the mark is gone, it allows her to deal more magic damage to targets marked.

Katarina's Shunpo is probably the most annoying ability, she'll use it after she gets hurt quite a bit, so you can save your Seismic Shove until she uses it to bring her back into the fight.

You'll probably want to start saving your Seismic Shove once she reaches level 6, you'll want to be able to cancel her Death Lotus, also try not to push while she's in lane, you'll want to be close to your turret, so if she engages, you have something to prevent her from killing you.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: Banshee's Veil is an option against LeBlanc, it can block her first Distortion, or block her Sigil of Malice, which will prevent her from dealing extra damage.

Summary: LeBlanc is a mobile champion, so I wouldn't try too hard on landing my Seismic Shove, doesn't mean you shouldn't try however, but when she uses her Sigil of Malice, she'll most likely use Distortion, so you'll want to place your Unraveled Earth, it'll deal quite a lot of damage to her, and she might back off after that.

When she goes back onto her platform, you can use Seismic Shove to bring her back to fight, or you can predict she'll use return to her platform, 'cause sometimes they'll panic as soon as they see the Seismic Shove panel on the ground, so the might move back onto it.

Also try to stay behind minions, her Ethereal Chains will be blocked by them, so she won't be able to snare you, but keep in mind, if you're behind minions, you probably won't be able to hit her with your Threaded Volley until she uses Distortion.

I also wouldn't try to block of LeBlanc using your Weaver's Wall, she'll just dash over it, which will render it useless.

There is a chance that LeBlanc will use Distortion to get in the right position, then use Sigil of Malice then use Distortion again, and if she keeps doing that, she could poke you down quite a bit, so it may make the match up a little more difficult.

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Lulu is pretty easy to deal with, you should be able to kill her with no problem until level 6, once she hits level 6, you'll want to poke her down before going all in because her Wild Growth could help her win the 1 v 1, you don't want to get close to her when she has her ult, it'll knock you up.

Her Glitterlance deals quite a lot of damage, but still not as much damage as your Unraveled Earth and Seismic Shove combo, if you get hit, it'll slow you, so try to move side to side to throw her off.

Her Whimsy could also help her win in 1 v 1 situations, she'll silence you which could end up in you losing the 1 v 1, if you know it's down, try to engage if you know she also doesn't have Wild Growth.

Lulu's Help, Pix! could either shield her, be used to poke you, or increase her range on her Glitterlance, again, if you know it's down, try to engage if her other abilities are also down.

Her abilities have a decently long cooldown, so like I said in pretty much all her abilities, try to engage if her abilities are down.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: You'll want to buy Zhonya's Hourglass so you won't get punished for getting hit by Lux's Light Binding, you can also go for Barrier lower the damage from her combo.

Summary: Lux is immobile, however, if she lands her Light Binding, you're most likely dead, she deals a lot of damage because of her Final Spark, although, that is her main source of damage, so if she misses it, you should be able to engage on her, and kill her.

Her shield is also slower now, so it'll take time for her to get the second half of the shield on herself, you can do a lot of damage in the time it takes for the shield to come back.

Lux's auto attacks, and her Final Spark will deal quite a lot of damage to you, the damage scales with levels, so just try to avoid her abilities.

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Orianna has some pretty good poke, although she relies completely on her ball, so if you can catch her at a point where her ball is far away from her, that's a good time to go in, but make sure to poke her down first.

Orianna's Command: Attack is usually what she uses to poke, it's how she controls her ball, the more units it hits, the less damage it deals, so try to stay behind minions.

Orianna also has her Command: Dissonance, which deals almost just as much damage as her ult later into the game, it gives her and her allies a speed boost, but it'll slow you and your allies, so again, try to stay away from her ball.

Now for Orianna's team destroyer move, her ult Command: Shockwave will destroy your team if she's fed or if she gets a good Command: Shockwave on you guys, always keep an eye on where her ball is, otherwise she can catch you off guard.

Also remember that Orianna is immobile, so you should be able to land skill shots on her pretty easily, so try to poke her down before engaging, and don't turret dive her.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Ryze is pretty easy to deal with, he has no dashes or blinks, so you should be able to hit your ability. Try not to bring him too close to you at level 6, otherwise he'll just burst you down.

Try to poke him down before fully engaging, otherwise he can lock you down, and since your cooldowns are pretty long, he'll be able to kill you while your cooldowns are up, so try to kit him if possible.

If an ally is being killed by Ryze, try not to stand too close, his Spell Flux will deal damage to nearby units, it'll also lower the targets magic resist. His Desperate Power will cause all his abilities to deal AoE damage, so try to stay a good distance from the person being focused, but still stay with the team, you don't want to just bail out on them.

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: You'll want to take Barrier for Syndra's Unleashed Power, it'll burst you down pretty fast depending on how many Dark Spheres she has, for late game, you're gonna want to buy Zhonya's Hourglass to deal with her Unleashed Power, because Barrier won't be able to help late game against it.

Summary: Syndra is very strong against Taliyah if the person knows what they're doing, at level 6, you cannot 1 v 1 Syndra, so try to kill her prelevel 6, or just wait for a gank after level 6.

You'll want to keep moving around so she can't land her Dark Spheres easily, keep in mind, they have a pretty short cooldown, you can also engage if you see that she's out of mana.

You'll also want to keep moving so you can dodge her Force of Will, it'll slow you, and it deals more damage than her Dark Spheres, it does have a longer cooldown though, so you can use that to your advantage.

Her Scatter the Weak will stun you if you are hit by one of her Dark Spheres, so again, you'll want to keep moving around so it'll most likely miss. If you are hit however, that will give her enough time to burst you down with her abilities. It does have a long cooldown however.

Unleashed Power deals more damage the more Dark Spheres she has, before engaging on her, make sure she doesn't have many summoned already, otherwise, she could one shot you.

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: You'll want to keep buying Vision Ward's for Talon for when he uses Shadow Assault, you'll be able to see where he is, although, he does gain quite a bit of movement speed, so it may be hard to land abilities.

Summary: So I haven't been against Talon much, but I'll tell you what I learned by going against him the few times I have... I will keep this updated.

So Talon's passive Mercy allows him to deal 10% extra damage to enemies that are slowed, stunned, suppressed, and rooted, so his cutthroat will deal quite a bit on his first auto, along with Noxian Diplomacy, so save your Seismic Shove until he jumps onto you.

Talon's abilities Rake and Cutthroat have long cooldowns, so when Rake is down, try to deal a lot of damage to him, same with cutthroat.

It is real hard to be successful while engaging against Talon, I would play safe near turret until you get a gank, and if he decides to use Cutthroat near your turret, use Seismic Shove to push him under it to scare him off, or to potentially kill him.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: None

Summary: Twisted Fate is a pretty easy match up, he is immobile, but he doesn't run out of mana, so you can't just wait for him to run out, his Wild Cards are easy to dodge.

Try to stay away from him when he has his stun card available, he'll be able to set up a gank, and land his Wild Cards, I also wouldn't try trading with him when it comes to auto attacks, because he has higher attack speed than you, and also deals magic damage with them every 4 hits.

Always be aware of where Twisted Fate is, you don't want him teleporting bot or top to grab a free kill, you're able to cancel his Destiny by using Seismic Shove, so that'll help a lot.

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: You can take Barrier if you'd like, it would help you survive his burst.

Summary: Viktor can be an easy, or a hard match up, it really depends on how well you play Taliyah and how well they can play Viktor, you both have real good wave clear, but he can't follow you easily when you roam, so use that to your advantage.

You can dodge his Death Ray by moving side to side, try to fake him out, he is a fast champion, especially if he takes Ghost, so it could be hard to land your Seismic Shove.

You'll want to walk around his Gravity Field always, if you get stunned by it, it leaves you vulnerable for way too long, he or his teammates can kill you while you're stunned, so if he's running away and the only way to get to him is to run through it, walk around, it's not worth it.

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: You'll want to take Ignite or build Morellonomicon, or even both, it'll lower the amount of healing he can receive.

Summary: WiP

Vladimir is a real annoying champion to fight against, he has his healing which will help him stay in lane forever.

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Difficulty: Medium

Items/Spells: None

Summary: I think Yasuo is a fairly easy match up, although, if they are actually good, they could be pretty tough, but most that are medium/low elo aren't really "good", so I'll put him as medium.

Yasuo is a mobile champion, there are some Yasuo's that just keep dashing on every minion back and fourth, which usually freaks me out, but as Taliyah, it is pretty easy to put up with, if they start dashing a lot, place your Unraveled Earth, and he'll quickly learn that he won't want to do that against you. Some don't get the hint and keep dashing, which is actually good for you.

If he's one of those Yasuo's that don't dash around like crazy, that's also good for you, you'll be able to land your Unraveled Earth and Seismic Shove Pretty easily. But after laning phase, he can be pretty tough for you to 1 v 1.

You'll want to keep dodging his Steel Tempest so he can't knock you up and land his Last Breath on you. He'll usually block your Threaded Volley with his Wind Wall, but that doesn't block your Unraveled Earth and Seismic Shove, so you should be able to damage him using that.

Difficulty: Hard

Items/Spells: You can take Barrier so his ult will deal less damage to you, but you'll always want to take Zhonya's Hourglass against him, he pretty much forces you to rush it, so buy a Sapphire Crystal after if you need mana.

Summary: Zed is tied with Fizz on how cancerous the match up is, so what you'll want to do is dodge his Razor Shuriken's, the second one that hits deals 75% extra damage, it's weaker if it hits minions before it hits you, so try to stay behind them and try dodging the ability.

You really don't want to knock Zed towards you using Seismic Shove, he can use that as an engage, so he can ult right after, so if you know he has no ult, try to poke him down.

If he Death Mark's you, make sure you dodge the abilities from him and his shadow's, they'll cause his Death Mark to deal more damage to you, which is usually how he deals so much damage. Also keep in mind on how strong his auto attacks are, they deal extra damage if you're below 50% health.

Zed's Shadow Slash will slow you if a shadow hits you with it, if more than one Shadow Slash hits you, it won't deal extra damage, but it'll increase the slow, and restore his energy.

His Living Shadow's passive gives Zed Bonus attack damage, so it'll make his attacks hurt quite a lot, his Living Shadow's can be used to let him get away, engage, or just poke, they are pretty annoying, so try staying away from them.

If you can, try to avoid going against Zed at all, by banning him or anything, he is pretty devastating to you and the team.

Difficulty: Easy

Items/Spells: You're able to go for Zhonya's Hourglass for his ult, you can also take Barrier to win 1 v 1 scenarios.

Summary: Ziggs has a lot of poke with his Bouncing Bomb's, so try to move side to side to avoid the bomb, he uses a lot of mana by trying to poke you, so if he wastes his mana by trying to poke you with Bouncing Bomb, try to engage on him, he won't have enough mana to deal enough damage to you.

Ziggs can use his Satchel Charge to knock you away from him, push you towards him and his team, or dash away, you can use your Unraveled Earth before he uses it so you can damage him in the middle of his flight, you can also use Seismic Shove in the middle of the jump to bring him back towards you.

Try to stay away from Ziggs' Hexplosive Minefield, it'll slow you so he or his team can catch you out, and each bomb will deal a decent amount of damage to you.

Mega Inferno Bomb deals a massive amount of damage to you, especially if you're in the middle of the explosion radius, if you're in the middle, it'll deal 50% extra damage to you, so try to stay out of the middle, if you also know he's level 6, and you're low and recalling, back off to an area that he'll most likely not predict where you are.

Difficulty: WiP

Items/Spells: WiP

Summary: WiP

Playing Taliyah Jungle is definitely the toughest position to play her in, the early clear isn't so great, so that's why the mid and jungle masteries are different.

You may get invaded if you're playing Taliyah in the jungle, so it shouldn't be too surprising, so you'll want to ward around blue buff and be cautious.

You'll usually want to follow the path on the map shown below, although it doesn't hurt to start at the krugs, and the go to raptors, then rift scuttle then blue. If the opponents have a Blitzcrank, I am almost 100% positive they'll invade, it's very rare for them not to.

After the first back, the camps should be easier on you.

Your ganks are insanely strong at level 6, you're able to block off the entire lane of an opponent, but make sure you don't block off your laners, it could 'cause you or them to die, if the opponents Flash over your Weaver's Wall, just leave it if they aren't low on health.

You could gank a lane at level 2, it's usually a guaranteed first blood, if you're planning on ganking at level 2, level up your Seismic Shove second, not Unraveled Earth.

When ganking, try to save Seismic Shove until they Flash or dash, you don't have to, but it could secure a kill.

Remember, it is okay to have assists and not kills, although, don't always try to give the laner the kill, 'cause they may end up messing up which may cause the enemy to get away, also if a lane is not doing too well, and the enemies laner is too fed for the both of you, just leave that lane alone, have your laner play safe, and try to help your other lanes get fed.

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Youmuu's had a video that had me as a guest in it explaining Champion mastery level 6 and 7! Please check him out by clicking right Here, he makes some pretty great videos!

Here I'll be add any changes to Taliyah on the PBE, I will update it as soon as I find out any new information on her!

6.20: Missed a lot of updates, took a long break from league, but Taliyah got nerfed hard. Need to find a way to work with her again.

6.11: Riot buffed Taliyah's base health from 500 to 520, and buffed her Threaded Volley to deal 50% more damage to minions.

6.10 Hotfix: Riot buffed Taliyah's Threaded Volley by decreasing Mana cost, and Worked Ground duration