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Volibear Build Guide by armed sea hunter

Top [S8] Volibear: They See Me Rollin', They Hatin' [top/jungle]

By armed sea hunter | Updated on February 3, 2018
145 Votes
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  • LoL Champion: Volibear
    Volibear: the pwn4ge bear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear
    Volibear: Tropical Forest Bear
  • LoL Champion: Volibear
    Volibear: GO HAM!


Grasp of the Undying

Legend: Alacrity


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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About The Author

Hi, My nick is armedseahunter, I'm from Lithuania and this is my 1st build I have ever made, so I hope you like it! A rating or comment would be much appreciated if you liked my guide :3
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Volibear is a melee attack damage fighter, but first of all he's a bear who has #swag. To master the Bear, you have to be the Bear and this guide is perfect for unleashing your inner #volibearSwag
Why does he have #swag you might ask? Volibear can deal tons of damage building only 1 offensive item on just going full tank and he can kill any top laner in 1v1 duel. (yes, even Renekton with Tiamat)
Here you will learn:

  • how to play volibear to the MAX
  • how to have #swag with volibear
  • what items should you build and why
  • how to dominate your lane

Here is some of my Volibear's winning sprees
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Pros / Cons

Very tanky and hard to deal with
Is a flipin' Bear
Very strong 1 v 1 Fighter
Nice CC
Counters Ignite
Easy to play (has no skill-shots)

Easily Kited when spells are on CD
Suffers greatly form attack speed debuffs
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Summoner Spells

Best picks

Ignite for uncontested win in the top lane
For those Flash----> Rolling Thunder combos

Viable picks

Good, but you can't play as aggressive as with Ignite
Not as good as Flash, but if you don't have it you can take Ghost instead
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attack damage for easier last hitting and more face-mauling enemies
attack speed for more damage (especially with ultimate)
Scaling armor and magic resist, because you get same amount armor at lvl 6 from scaling armor seals then from flat ones and you won't be dealing with magic damage in the early game
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Chosen of the Storm----> Life saving passive, one of the best passives in game. easy surviving, no sweat
Rolling Thunder----> Not only a flip, but also a speed boost. Great for setting up ganks with your jungler #BetterThanSingedFlip
Frenzy----> Great attack speed bonus, works very well with utimate, and a great finishing spell #BetterThanLee'sDoubleSpells
Majestic Roar----> Slow that also prevents enemy lane minions from attacking you
Thunder Claws----> Very nice DPS Steroid that chains up and hits multiple targets. If you have enough attack speed you can even BURST'EM UP in few basic attacks + bite. Very useful in team fights. Can also be used to hit enemy champions from a distant by hitting minion wave so the lightning chains up and hits them at the end of it.
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Volibear]Feeds of attack speed and he needs to get to the enemy's back line and kill ADC/APC so Blade of the Ruined King is the best option. It's also very strong laning item, so It's a must on Volibear

Definately best boots option for Volibear because he gets stunned and rooted a lot, so tenacity is best way to minimize this

Great for catching up to enemies, and when Randuin's Omen has been nerfed in stats, and Riot changed how slows work, so now only the biggest slow will apply on enemy champion if he's affected by more than 1 slow (slows don't stack), This has became the main armor item on Volibear.
Slowing enemies and even more reduced kiting. Much better then Sunfire Cape on Volibear, because you're going to burst everyone anyway, so the burning of Sunfire Cape won't do much

Best magic resist item on Volibear, because it offers CD reduction and increased healing effects.

Because more HP = More #swag
Really good vs poke compositions, because it gives a ton of health regen when out of combat

If your main target will be adc, at least make sure he doesn't life steal when hitting you

If you need Mr, banshee's veil is 2nd most suitable tanky MR item

This can replace your Warmog's Armor with this if you have enough #swag and $money$

IF they can defeat Volibear once, can they defeat him the second time? It's also a great item, because your passive Chosen of the Storm works when your being revived, so you get up quite healthy

when you need to carry even harder and your tanky enough that no one kills you? then buy Wit's End to maximize your DPS

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Combo time with volibear

Rolling Thunder----> Majestic Roar they might decide to fight, so only use roar when they are running away when they realize they can't beat you, or just to do damage when the kill is guaranteed
Majestic Roar----> Rolling Thunder if you are very close to flipping, but can't reach them, or you want to flip them faster
Thunder Claws----> Frenzy ultimate dominance and mass destruction
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Early Game/Laning Phase

Pick Frenzy and go smash their face in. BE sure to be hitting minions at all times, so if they decide to fight, you will have attack speed stacked up and ready to bite his face off. Only use Frenzy as the last thing you do to them before backing away. Don't be afraid to be aggressive in lane if you have your passive to save you. Try to be as aggressive as you can and don't let enemy top laner farm easily, if they try to farm just flip them and punish them as hard as you can. Don't worry, they can't kill you, because you have too much #swag for them to handle

easy double kill strategy
Volibear is very underrated and underplayed champion, so no one expects big plays from it, so you can use it in your advantage. When you get ganked by a weak jungler (like Evelynn) early game, past your LVL 6, when they don't have LVL 6, take the chance, turn around and kill the jungler with few basic attacks and Frenzy, then weaker enemy top laner is alone, and probably far away from his turret, so you can kill him too, because ult duration is quite long and your passive will keep you alive (you have to trust in the power of passive and NOT run away from them even for 1 second, unless your trying to bait them)
Or you can just maul them like this if you fight with a big wave of minions:
#easy #NotEvenClose
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Mid game

Two options:
1.Go help your team, cause team fights, take all dem Dragons
2.Split push to the MAX because no one can take you in 1v1 battle, so while you push and distract at least 2 members of enemy team your team could get objectives (bottom and mid towers, dragons), and if they leave you alone, they soon realize that Volibear is already hitting their inhib :3
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Late game

Your job, as a super tanky and unstoppable force, is to go in and FLIP THE LIVING HELL out of enemy adc, use ulty and start smashing him. with all the slows from Majestic Roar, Blade of the Ruined King and Randuin's Omen they won't be able to escape easily and then use Frenzy to finish them off. Easy. If you can't reach enemy adc (or they are not worthy your smashing) you can just ulty up and smash everything that comes in your path.
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#Swag'o'meter vs volibear

CLARITY: swagz = difficulty for Volibear to fight against those champions. The more Swagz, the harder it is for Volibear to lane/ fight vs them.

Laning Phase

=10 swagz

basically Teemo Nr.2 when in small form. Can kite and harass you in lane, when you try to flip him he just jumps away. You can try cathing him with Flash flip, cutglass, and your E, and bursting him fast. As a big Gnar he can go about even with Volibear in a 1v1 duel, your chances increase with the length of the battle, because big Gnar runs out of steam fast, and you got your Thunder Claws
Personally I ban gnar most of the times, as it is the most popular Volibear counter and overall is a strong champion and worthy of a ban.

=8 swagz

He is a really strong lane bully and has a sweet true damage finisher ult that totally denies your passive if used right

>9000 swagz

Probably the hardest match-up you will encounter as bruiser Volibear, because you can't fight him and he has 400 true damage ''poke'' every few seconds so Chosen of the Storm passive becomes useless early game.
Atleast he isn't popular

=9 swagz

Jayce is very strong vs Volibear, because he has poke and when you try to flip him, he bashes you away. As long as you ask for a few ganks you should be OK

=7 swagz

Teemo does very well vs Volibear, and all in all is a very annoying champion to lane against. When you get some LVL (around 6) and Blade of the Ruined King, Then you can just flip him and smash him down in 1 easy fight (CAUTION: the fight may not be easy as intended)

Outside laning phase

=9 swagz

Very annoying attack/movement speed debuff which ruins Volibear's ultimate damage. :C

=9 swagz

Jump away is annoying on any adc your chasing, healing reduction is bad too, and there is nothing more annoying than knock backs

=10 swagz

Invisibility + good kiting + knock back + Max HP true dmg shred = Not Fun fur Volibear (pun intended)

=8 swagz

ALL THE PEELS + lantern for enemy safety

=6 swagz

Has knock back and some peel, but at least she is easy target

For The Lulz

=500 swagz

His ultimate ( Vengeful Maelstrom ) is a circle, therefore armed SEA hunter's BEAR (seabear)
can't get through to hit Maokai :'C. Refrence from spongebob The campin episode (where spongebob drew a circle around himself to keep the seabear out)
League of Legends Build Guide Author armed sea hunter
armed sea hunter Volibear Guide
[S8] Volibear: They See Me Rollin', They Hatin' [top/jungle]