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Talon Build Guide by gonzales1

Middle S9-S10 Challenger EUW | Live and die by the blade

Middle S9-S10 Challenger EUW | Live and die by the blade

Updated on July 14, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author gonzales1 Build Guide By gonzales1 4,563 Views 0 Comments
4,563 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author gonzales1 Talon Build Guide By gonzales1 Updated on July 14, 2020
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Runes: Assasin

1 2 3
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner spells:
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

S9-S10 Challenger EUW | Live and die by the blade

By gonzales1
About me
Hello everyone my name is Gonzales. I am a Talon one trick since the end of s8 and somehow I still enjoy the champ because im a filthy handless dog :D. I got Challenger s9 and s10 and some insane winrates. I used to be EUNE but s8 I transfered to EUW so I could improve as a player and I guess it happened. This is my Talon guide and I hope u enjoy it <3.
I stream on Twitch often and I sometimes upload my montages on Youtube. I hope you check it out
What motivated me to play Talon?

A lot of ppl ask me "Gonzales.. Why do u play talon? Why exactly Talon". It all started end of s8 cuz originally I was yasuo otp but I got bored and hated the champ because back in the day when there wasnt conq, yas had 42% wr and I was like **** off this is so boring I need 1v9 early game champ and there we go we found out about Talon. At 1st I was perma inting but with time I improved. I kinda liked the risky part of this champ like its risk wins risk loses ( the high risk high reward thingy I guess). I just freakin love that this champ if the risk is successfully taken can fully take over the game and carry his team to victory no matter what.

Pros and Cons

+ Great early/mid game

+ High mobility

+ High burst damage

+ Has stealth

+ Fast waveclear

+ Good roamer

+ Can 1v9 if played correctly early game

- Doesnt scale ( Bad late game )

- Hard to master

- Requires perfect macro in order to be useful

- Hard teamfighting

- AD Mid ( the team can lack ap )

- Hard to be useful if behind

- Countered by many meta mids atm ( Zoe, Syndra, Leblanc )
Tips and tricks
Talon combos

In this section I will talk about the most common combos and a little explanation in which situtation they are the best to be used in.

We will start from the easiest ones to the hardest ones which in my opinion need a lot of practice so I'd suggest trying them first in practice tool

1st Combo

Auto Attack > > Auto Attack This combo is used to reset your auto attack and apply as much dmg as possible. If you do it properly on time 1 auto attack time could be used as 2.

2nd Combo

> Wait until your starts comming back > > Auto attack to proke This combo is very good for lvl 2 all ins and to just burst someone if u dont have R. Never go in if u cant proke your . Only do it if you are sure you have a free kill.

3rd Combo

> > > Auto attack to proke This is the most basic oneshot combo when you get your R. You will mostly 100 to 0 everyone after your 1st lethality item if you do it correctly.

3rd Combo ( harder )

> > > Auto attack to proke > This is basically the same combo but with the most damage output and biggest efficiency. Be careful with because it can cancel your auto attack and it will **** up your entire combo. Practice it before using it.

3rd Combo aka The butterfly combo ( the hardest variation )

> > > > Auto attack to proke > > away to safety then return to the fight This is basically the same combo but the most complex one which is used to assasinate target which are far away from you. You mostly do it on adcs and squishies and after u assasinate u immediately away so the teamfight can be 4v5. Very hard to master need a lot of practice!

4th Combo ( Safe one )

> > > Auto attack to proke > This is a variation of the butterfly combo but I personally call it the safe one because you are steath, enemies have no idea where you are and before you you and you will be in safe position to either wait it or not and assasinate someone and most of the times escapes. You can also do the 1st combo in this one for the maximum damage output ( Auto attack > > Auto attack )

4th Combo ( Different variation )

> > > > Auto attack to proke your > This is a variation of the 4th combo and it is very good if enemy is in front of you but there is a wall inbetween. The problem is you need to do it really fast and perfect in order to pull it off and to assassinate someone in peace. Needs a lot of practice in my opinion.

5th Combo ( Last most common combo )

> > > Auto attack to proke your > > and if possibly away This is maybe the last most common combo which I personally rarely use because I find it slow but in some scanerios it might be useful. It doesnt need a lot of practice in my opinion only the might be crucial sometimes but you will get used to it.

Laning Phase
Laning phase might sound very easy to play 100% u have heard this "ahh u play braindead champ u push and roam" but its not that simple in fact most of your matchups outpush you before Tiamat such as Syndra , Azir , Orianna and so on..
On first waves just try to Rake the entire wave so you can push it fast so you make your enemy lose cs under tower or he tries to get them but loses hp. Your laning phase is mostly around roming and getting kills due to your Assassin's Path which doesnt deal dmg but its made to be a roam ability so i'd say talon laning phase is pretty bad compared to other champions ( ofc not if he is 10/0 ;D ). U need to always look at the map and if there is an opportunity to roam take it whenever. Sometimes I even roam and ditch my wave if I know the kill is 100% secure. Always pay attention top/bot wave. Is it pushed, is it frozen, is it pushing to enemy. Always pay attention which side of the map the wave is on. U can either dive if there is an opportunity or if its pushed to your bot its free roam for you.

In low elo u can always cheese ur enemy and kill him early lvls but in higher people respect you and its better to either wait for your jgl and kill ur laner or just roam and get a kill. I personally love roaming and I prefer it than flipping for a kill on mid unless its 100% free. I also play smart like im one of the few talon otps who dont have negative score and dont flip everygame. I'd say im pretty consistent in terms of not inting the game :DD.
Mid game
Mid game is the time when Talon is hard spiking. That's the time when all the strenght, power and sexiness is being combined in 1 little character called Talon. Basically mid game you are a walking "blade". You just oneshot everything because most likely you will be ahead as **** from early game. If not then u did something wrong during early game I'd say. You can play mid game in 2 different ways.

Splitpush You can be a splitpusher pretty much going on side lane pushign very fast with Tiamat and either pushing towers and trying to 1v1 your opponent which in my opinion is really **** cuz most of the bruisers win vs you always because of Ninja Tabi being an item. I rarely do that but in some scenarios u are kinda forced to do it if enemy has something like Zilean Kayle or something preventing you from oneshotting. If you go conq build oneshotting isnt your priority anyways.

Grouping This is the one which I prefer which is basically goin side pushing the wave with tiamat very fast then either grouping or just making pressure for your team because in higher elo there is a little chance that I can 1v1 enemy top laner on side at all. So I just prefer pushing side so someone can match me then rotating fast either providing vision or if I can assasinate someone for free. Having this pressure is sometimes really important for your team. The other reason that you can't 1v1 top laners with the assassin build is cuz of an item called Death's Dance which imo is dumb as **** to have both MR, Armor and reducing 30% of the dmg ad the same time which prevents you pretty ****in hard from oneshotting him...
Late game
It is hard to believe that you will ever make it to late game with Talon but sometimes 10% of the games you just scale it up to late game. I advice u to try ending the game before late because you don't scale at all and you will most like lose due to items such as Death's Dance, Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angel and so on... Oh and there is the dumb spell Exhaust. But anyways lets not complain and jump right into late game!
So late game your main target are squishies. You just need to be useful and try to assassinate someone even if it is the support and due to your insane high mobility late game it is very likey you will escape. You cant rlly go side lanes vs top because they will for sure win vs you late game. You can only push waves and rotate to your team while someone from enemy matches your push. Just try to do this strat and always group for important objective such as Baron or Drakes and ALWAYS LOOK FOR A FLANK ON ENEMY! If you flank them you have so much better chances to destroy their back line and win the game!
How Conq Talon works

In this part I will talk about conq talon overall, how it works, why it is viable, when to pick Conqueror and my personal opinion about it.

How it works?

So basically it is more like a bruiser talon playstyle and main goal is to stack Conqueror so you can have insane amount of healing and at the same time good amount of dmg. You dont aim for an oneshot but more like to sustain the fight, tank some dmg and use your high mobility which will lead u to victory.

Why is it viable?

The main reason which makes conq talon viable at all is that Conqueror gets 2 stacks per ability and AA which means after your full combo ( or if u use a lot of AAs inbetween ) stacks fully your keystone and after it is stacked you can pretty much pop off.

My personal opinion

My personal opinion about conq talon is that it is more like a scaling build. You dont have much early game dmg and your laning is bad as **** but I would go Conqueror if I cant just go Electrocute. If enemy is really tanky I cant go burst build so I just go Conqueror build instead. But late game is insane good in my opinion, you legit 1v9 but I dont like the part that I dont burst anyone so I just simply rarely go this build honestly.
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