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Teemo Build Guide by JACOBYJAGGER

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JACOBYJAGGER

SATAN aka Teemo

JACOBYJAGGER Last updated on September 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Coward Teemo

This is a starter point for those afraid to use jungle satan teemo. More health and lifesteal/spellvamp to sustain in jungle, and More mobility to escape counter junglers and invades. It is a weaker build meant not to carry a team but to help them enough while you learn the tactics used for an effective jungle satan teemo.

Sustain while jungling to help clear more camps
More health for teamfight durability
Enough power to be a nuisance
High mobility/ speed for lane hopping and ganking

Weak power
Not made for 1v1 fights
Not a carry or effective game changer

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This is SATAN Teemo. (note while all Teemos are Satan this is the most aggravating build that I've created) There are no boots on Satan as he does not need them kickass and chew bubblegum. He has about 415 movement speed with a maxed W passive, and activated it gives you about 500. You do lose the passive when hit by towers or champs but the build is made to kill not run away. I do however use ghost so if you do get caught in a jam (a jam meaning - more enemys than you have darts to dispatch them with) you can W and ghost for 5-600 move speed to GTFO.

SATAN is made to destroy 1v1 and wreck everyone in team fights. IF you use this build you have to be ballsy its not a hit and run build or a "let the shrooms do the work" build. Also if they are building oricles or a lot of magic resist, that means your doing your job by making them waste their money because both are pretty useless against this build. This Build is stronger in game than it appears on papper, trust me and try it out atleast once

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Versatility is key with this build. Liandrys, Wits, Runnans, and Sheen are the main parts of it. If the enemy is tanky and you need sustain get blade of the ruined king and get Frozen Gauntlet or Trinity over Lich Bane (as Lich uses AP not AD for its passive) then fallow that with Frozen mallet. More health helps with the Life steal and keeps you alive much longer. enemies constantly run into shrooms, add Deathcap to your build. Want more sustain without sacrificing too much Ap? Rage Blade is somewhat underrated and Spectral Wraith helps that and the Jungling side of things. Do they have an AP heavy team that makes your Q blind useless as they burst you to pieces? Build Abyssal, combined with your Wits, Liandrys, and a Void staff you'll not only defend yourself but you'll essentially be dealing true damage by making their MR useless. Its about speed, power, and pissing people off.

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Pros / Cons

easy 1v1s
quick farming
easy lane pushing
destruction in teamfights
beats most tanks
unique ganks

slow move speed for a teemo
can be burst killed
still cant solo baron
your playing the most hated champ ever

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Creeping / Jungling

With a good leash you should only use 1 pot on blue, 2 between wolves and wraiths, and be able to smite and take red with the last 3 pots. In some cases you can even take golems or wraiths again for a 2 buff, 4-5 camp clear before going back to shop. Alternately take red first use 1 health pot and 1 mana pot to then immediatly smite kill blue using up to 3 more health pots.

Then gank top at level 3 with double buff and 1 pot to spare while top is likely still level 2. After the initial jungle clear getting buffs every 5 minutes is all you really need to do in jungle because teemo does not need his ult to gank. Farm jungle when ever you like but your main goal is kills and assists. TIP: use your passive to let the enemy gank themselves. if your team is pushing walk into lane without getting seen by anyone then hold still and let your teammate pull back. the enemy will push up to you then you pop out to double team for the kill.

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Team Work

You need your team to be on the same page as you. If the enemy invades you immediately (and they usually do because well... you are teemo) you are kind of **** out of luck without a good leash. alternately if you get a weak leash even without the enemy team invading (ie your team puts one hit on the monster and leaves) you're also **** out of luck. You need there help so you can help them later. Side note, if the enemy has a strong bully jungler (Udyr, Sejuani, Hecarim, Lee Sin, etc.) ecpect them to counter jungle you and plan ahead. Plant shrooms at the entrances of your jungle so they dont surprise you and watch for mia's.

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Unexpected for a teemo jungle but Your passive makes this fun. Wait at the opponents blue or red while in stealth. Then when the times right smite it for the steal and run out, you have your W and ghost for a reason. If the opponent is weak you can also kill them then take it or wait for them to get the buff to kill them for it. Note: sometimes its better not to do anything and just stay in stealth till they leave, like when bot is moving through river heading mid or if they have help with them. Dont force it if they can just kill after you steal, it was beyond pointless.

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This build doesn't give you the most powerful shrooms as such I try to use them in unique ways. Plant them at your jungle entrances early defense early. You can also use them to guard a lane the enemy Jungler frequently ganks in order to help your team mates survival in the early/mid game. I also use them to ward enemy jungle to see where they are and where they are headed.

In the late game If we're behind I plant them up and down lane on minion paths and in front of turrets so a lost team fight isn't a lost game. If we're ahead I plant them in common escape paths in the enemy jungle where low health enemies are likely to run through when trying to escape. (You're seriously reading all of this?) I also save 1 or 2 when I'm about to go into a fight so i can either A: plant one under an enemy who jumps on me to help slow him so I can kite them for the kill or B: so I can plant them behind me for the getaway. It's about being tactical in when and where to plant them.

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Ranked Play

People will hate you, on both teams. Make sure you practice this before you jump into ranked, as you should with all builds and champs. A jungle Teemo will catch people off guard especially in ranked, use that to your advantage. They will either underestimate you and you'll make them pay for it or they will beat you into the ground because you're Teemo, and killing Teemo is fun. Be ready for it.

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Be brave my little Satans, counter play them more than they can ever counter play you, and remember its about speed, power, and most importantly pissing people off.