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Vayne Build Guide by majororange77

ADC SEASON 11 VAYNE FULL GUIDE || All Roles, All Builds

ADC SEASON 11 VAYNE FULL GUIDE || All Roles, All Builds

Updated on May 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author majororange77 Build Guide By majororange77 3,957 Views 0 Comments
3,957 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author majororange77 Vayne Build Guide By majororange77 Updated on May 4, 2021
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Runes: Default PTA

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Hey guys, I've been watching LOL since S3 and playing since S8. My elo is dog****, and I have only 600k mastery on Vayne, but I hope to think I know enough about her and the game that I can make a somewhat good guide.
She can be a very good laner, especially after 6. It's very matchup and support dependent, since there are a lot of ADC's that outrange per, outdamage her and sometimes outscale her.

You can poke with your Q into short ranged ADC's level 1, and level 2 you win short trades into most matchups with AA+AA+Q. Level 3 you have a small lethal threat, if you manage to get them low enough and can E them to a wall. Level 6 is where you start to thrive, as your Ultimate buffs you so much. Preferably you can get an item, boots and maybe some smaller components before you fight, as usually Noonquiver, Pickaxe and Boots help in fighting. If you do die, you can fall behind very quickly, but as long as you can go 1 for 1 it's good for Vayne, as it gets you closer to your items.

You can also play safe, and wait for your powerspikes, specifically Level 6. By staying in lane and staying for the XP rather than the Gold, you're hoping to hit your Level 6 before you can get more aggro. The issue with this is you give your laner so much room to bully you, and you're hoping that the 4 other people on your team don't feed their *** off before you can hit late game. This is usually better if you're in a farming lane, and can take Cull with a enchanter support. This allows you to still trade well because of your support, but also get more value from your Cull.
Runes have a looooooot to cover, so this will be long. I'll start to explaining why each keystone should be used, then the runes and rune pages will be in the next section.
Press the Attack -
Vayne has a 3 hit W, and PTA is a 3 hit. Pretty self explanatory. Since it has such great synergy with Vayne you can take it into just about all matchups, since even if the lane is tough the late game is great for her. It weakens the enemy after the original 3 hits as well, so in an all in, it provides a lot of extra damage.
Fleet Footwork -
Fleet was the default rune for Crit Vayne last year, but with the new items, it's fallen out of touch a bit. It's still a great sustain rune, and you can take it into poke matchups if you feel you have to. This is the recommended rune if you're using the Energized build, since it synergizes with all of the items that you'll be building.
Lethal Tempo -
This is a great Vayne keystone, purely for the attack speed it gives. I would only recommend taking this if you have an enchanter support, or if they have 4 melee champions. The reason is that it takes some time to give you the attack speed, leaving you vulnerable for a short time. If you can safely proc it against melee champions, then rail on them, or have an enchanter keeping you alive, then it's safe to use. I would still recommend PTA, since you're building a lot of attack speed already and it only lets you go over the attack speed cap for a short time.
Conqueror -
The changes to it have made it useless. You can take it into 4 melee over Lethal Tempo, but I wouldn't recommend it. It takes too long to stack conqueror, even if you use E, since your entire kit is based around your auto attacks.
Hail of Blades -
Gives you attack speed for 3 attacks, Vayne has a 3 hit W. Similar to PTA, it has great synergy with her W, but this one falls off immediately after the first 3 attacks, unless you use your Q and buy PD, and even then all it does it proc PD. Great into squishy comps and if you're running Lethality, but if you're building anything else I would still recommend sticking to the Precision tree.
Electrocute -
A case can be made if you're running full lethality, but I really wouldn't recommend it. The damage from PTA is more valuable in the long run, so unless you're trying to oneshot a target, PTA is a better option.
Dark Harvest -
I've seen this once and the person went 2/17, when I tried it I went 10/10. It gives nothing to Vayne, even after 50% HP. If you really want an execute, Collector is great, but since you do so much DPS it makes 0 difference if Dark Harvest procs. PD Rageblade make your W a lethal threat, so Dark Harvest is a waste.
Phase Rush -
If you really need to kite, you can use this. I still think Vayne has more than enough movement in her kit, but in solo lanes this can be useful. Not as much in the bot lane though.
Grasp of the Undying -
Vayne is a Short Ranged Marksman who relies on dealing huge DPS to her targets. She can't safely proc Grasp into a lot of matchups, since they can outrade back straight away. I would never recommend this, even in the Grasp ADC meta.
Glacial Augment -
The only reason I've included this one is case your runes mess up. If someone positions too far forward, you can actually use AA+AA+Q on them without them getting away, and if they try to turn you can run away from them. It's useful in kiting melee champions, and if you really want you can get Serylda's to be extra annoying. Apart from that you just build normally and use it in fights to slow your target.
This is just for the specific runes, the rune pages come after this.
Triumph -
This is my preference, due to the health and gold you get on takedown. Most high elo Vayne players tend to take Overheal, since it provides a great shield in case you get caught out, and has great synergy with Bloodthirster. In higher elo, Vayne players position in the backline, and so using Triumph doesn't have as good value, while in lower elo Vayne players tend to get caught in the moment and try to focus down the enemies priority targets, and get themselves caught in the middle of the fight, so getting a takedown and healing up a tiny bit for the rest of the fight is crucial.
Overheal -
Great rune, this is my overall recommendation. You shouldn't be needing Triumph unless you're planning on skirmishing the other team, but even then the shield from Overheal is basically an extra bit of health for the fight, and most of the time you shouldn't be alone in lane waiting for the enemy to collapse onto you.
Presence of Mind -
This has become a lot more recently popular, with sites like and even recommending it at stages. Vayne doesn't need much mana, apart from her Q and E, but most of her damage is coming from her W, and her Q mana cost is only 30. If you really run out of mana, I would recommend learning mana management, rather than going Presence of Mind.
Legend: Alacrity -
Great rune for Vayne, since attack speed is all she wants for her W. It also gives a bit of attack speed early, which can help her early laning a lot, both in CS and in trading.
Legend: Tenacity -
Don't ever run this, even into heavy CC comps. If you're getting caught out and CC'd, you're already making positioning mistakes and you're already dead. Practice avoiding the CC and positioning safer rather than sacrificing power for tenacity.
Legend: Bloodline -
This is what Gosu seems to run. It is amazing late game, and I carry most of my new accounts using this rune. However, it is dog**** early game, so try to use this only if you have an enchanter support who wants to help you scale, or if you really think you can hit late game safely.
Coup de Grace -
Great for Vayne, since it helps execute the lower HP enemies. In lane, this rune lets you focus on one target, and and henceforth kill one target before swapping to the next one or getting out.
Cut Down -
Vayne one of the lowest starting HP ADC's, apart from Caitlyn, so you can theoretically use this most games. However, since you already do a lot of damage to tanks, personally I think CdG is much better, but if you're into tanks it can never hurt to deal extra damage.
Last Stand -
This is another rune that's useless in high elo and better in pisslow. You do not want to be low HP, so if you're positioning in the backline like you should be it gives no value. However, it can turn some close fights, but once again you shouldn't be trying to 1vx their team most of the time, unless you're ahead and you can safely 1v1 or 1v2.
Sudden Impact -
This is actually decent for your Empowered Q, and Duskblade if you're building lethality. It provides a bit more damage at the cost of healing, and I would only run this is you're running Hail of Blades, since as a secondary rune, Taste of Blood is too good.
Taste of Blood -
Great on Vayne, as it gives a bit of healing when it's not on CD. To be brutally honest, it doesn't do all too much, if anything it'll secure a barely winnable fight, but most of your healing is coming from Ravenous.
Cheap Shot -
If you're running lethality with a Leona or Naut, it can be argued that cheap shot is great due to the high amounts of CC. However, relying on your team in solo queue to do anything is very risky, and I would recommend still taking Taste of Blood.
Eyeball Collection -
This is the only other rune I would recommend swapping with Taste of Blood in the secondary tree, only because it can help to snowball. If you're running Hail of Blades, take this over Zombie or Ghost.
Ghost Poro -
Your focus shouldn't be warding for Ghost Poro. If you're going to use something from this line, use Eyeball Collection. Especially after level 9, you should be using Blue Trinket, which doesn't expire.
Zombie Ward -
You're trolling if you're taking this. Unless you use Control Wards to your maximum advantage, you'll rarely ever stack this, since running Red Trinket is useless. If you're face checking a bush with a sweeper trying to get Zombie stacks, you've lost the game.
Ravenous Hunter -
By far Vayne's best rune, since she heals at maximum 7.5% of the damage she deals. This is what gives you most of your healing in skirmishes once you've stacked it up.
Relentless Hunter -
I wouldn't recommend this, since you're not really planning on roaming much. You don't need Relentless Hunter to show up for a fight, since 90% of the time you can show up a bit late to a fight, since the enemy is using all of their CD's on someone else, so you can come and clean up.
Ultimate Hunter -
This is actually a good rune, since your Ultimate is such a strong part of Vayne's kit. Using this takes away a lot of healing, but it helps avoid having to wait for your Ultimate before going in.
Nullifying Orb -
This is a lifesaver into AP comps, however I would recommend taking Nimbus Cloak for the extra safety if you have to use a summoner.
Manaflow Band -
I've used this once, and it was because I took the wrong runes. Once again, if you're having mana troubles on Vayne, practice your mana management, rather than handicapping yourself.
Nimbus Cloak -
Great defensive option, as it adds to the summoner spells usefulness. Either you can use the movement speed to get out, or to catch a target.
Absolute Focus -
A very niche rune. Only take this is you're trying to build one shot lethality.
Celerity -
Not great, as a lot of the time you don't need the movement speed. Chasing someone down is useful, but you have your passive for that, and 1 movement speed isn't going to help you get out of a bad situation.
Gathering Storm -
The Sorcery rune I would highly recommend. It makes Vayne's really late game a lot better, but at the cost of lane power. Take this is you're planning on hyperscaling.
Magical Footwear -
Helps you to hit our Mythic powerspike sooner, since you don't have to build boots. Better for laning power, but can help you to snowball.
Biscuit Delivery -
Great for a safe laning phase. While I've been very tough on mana management with other mana runes, this one is better for the health sustain as well, and therefore is better into bad matchups.
Future's Market -
Great for hitting powerspikes sooner, but at a literal cost of 50 gold, and a technical cost of better sustain. You can take this along with Boots if you don't think sustain is an issue, and you want to hit powerspikes ASAP.
Rune Pages
Told you runes open up a ****ing wormhole when you talk about them.
PTA Domination -
Easily Vayne's best rune set. Depending on preference you can take Overheal or Triumph, though I would recommend Overheal if you're competent at ADC. Alacrity and Bloodline can also be swapped around depending on the game, and if you need early game power or if you need to sustain more in the late game. Usually you take Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter in the secondary tree, for the great sustain it gives. This doesn't matter on matchup, since it's so good for Vayne and can help with trading.
PTA Sorcery -
This is a great choice if you're going to try to outscale the opponents. It was also her default rune page when Nimbus Cloak was super ****ing broken. Since you're not getting the healing from Domination as secondary, and you're focusing on scaling, I would recommend taking Triumph and Bloodline over Overheal and Alacrity. While both of those are great for lane, if you're taking Gathering Storm, you want to sustain late game with Bloodline and Triumph.
PTA Inspiration -
A safe rune page, this is what you should take if you're getting into a bad matchup and new to Vayne. This is more lane focused, so I would recommend taking Overheal and Alacrity in this page, as well as Magical Footwear and either Biscuit or Future's market. Overheal and Alacrity help fight early, which is good for Magical Footwear, which is trying to get to your Mythic ASAP. Once you get your Mythic, you can use Alacrity, Overheal and the boots as an item advantage and take over the lane. Future's market is siimilar, since it helps you to get your items sooner, even if it has a small fee. I would recommend Biscuit, since Future's Market can be expensive over time and doesn't help in lane at all, it just helps to get your items.
Lethal Tempo Sorcery -
Since Lethal Tempo is a better late game rune, it's better to use with Scaling runes. usually only take this if you're with an Enchanter like Lulu. Take Overheal and Bloodline over Triumph and Alacrity. Overheal because you're playing as your teams backline with this setup, and Bloodline because you do still need some lifesteal, and the attack speed from your items and Lethal are more than enough to cover the absence of Alacrity. Always take Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm, since they're the best scaling runes to take secondary.
Fleet Footwork Inspiration -
The safest viable rune page for Vayne. Build the runes as normal, and your build as normal, this just has great sustain for poke lanes.
Hail of Blades Precision -
This is great for early game fighting. The precision tree helps scale a tiny bit in case Hail of Blades falls off a little too hard. You can take this if you're with an engage support, although I find the default PTA page still does great. Swap out Taste of Blood for Sudden Impact if you want the extra damage, or building Lethality.
Hail of Blades Sorcery -
This is great for Lethality. I would recommend taking Sudden Impact for this page, and running Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm. The total extra damage combined is great for coming back to lane and running down the enemy ADC. This rune page falls off a tiny bit harder, since Absolute Focus doesn't offer as much late game as other runes.
Electrocute Sorcery -
This is similar to the last one, except you're hoping you hit 3 attacks without the attack speed bonus. It actually works without W, so it's still good for level 1 cheese.
Phase Rush -
Phase Rush is not too good, since you lose way too much for using it. It's good to kite and chase, and has the scaling runes built into it, so it can work great late game. It's up to you what you think you need for secondary, I recommend Domination since there is no sustain in the sorcery, but precision is also good for constant damage since sorcery doesn't have that either. Overall, you lose a lot by running Phase Rush.
Summoner Spells
Flash -
Take this EVERY SINGLE ****ING GAME. I've seen too many Vayne's take Ghost instead and get **** on level 3 because they couldn't flash away from a gank. It's a great summoner spell, since you can instantly blink to another location, whether that's closer to an enemy or further away from a threat.
Heal -
Great choice for a defensive summoner spell. It helps you and an ally get health back. Be careful for ignite, and try to heal before they Ignite you, since Heal is worse off after being Ignited.
Exhaust -
Great summoner spell, since it also counters assassins. I use this in 90% of my games, since it helps with all types of threats, and still has great lethal threat.
Cleanse -
Take into heavy CC matchups, or ones with crucial engage like Ashe and Varus.
Teleport -
This is great for bad matchups, or experience players. The ability to teleport back after a mistake or big trade is great, since it can both save you and win you the lane if used properly. It loses you a tiny bit of lethal threat, but provides great map pressure overall.
Barrier -
Dog**** rune, only take this if you're with a Yuumi. It has neither lethal threat nor escape, unlike Heal or Exhaust. It only gives you a shield, while Heal, Cleanse and Teleport speed you up, and Exhaust slows the enemy. That's why I only recommend with a Yuumi, since her E speeds you up anyway.
Ghost -
Great if you're cocky as ****, but can be risky. It provides the movement speed to chase or escape, but doesn't help buff you or debuff the enemy. If you can get the resets and get ahead, the value skyrockets, but otherwise it's a bit niche.
Ignite -
Don't ever use this. If you're going to try to kill your laner, you can do it without Ignite. It's better to not have Ignite and force them out of lane, than to lose any defensive pressure in lane. If they're low enough to Ignite, you can use AA+Q+E as a quick combo, or Flash+E to CC them and finish them with AA+Q.
Starting Items
Doran's Blade -
DBlade is a really good first item for Vayne, as it helps with CS and can also help with trades, as well as providing Omnivamp for some minor sustain. This is your go to in 95% of the games.
Doran's Shield -
DShield is great for poke lanes, and you can even use it if you're new to Vayne and not as comfortable on her yet. The item is more focused on sustain, and thus isn't as good for CS. It does do 5 extra damage to minions, but the AD from DBlade outweighs the 5 damage. Minions start with 0 armor, and have 16 armor by 37 minutes, meaning that usually you do more than 5 damage per attack.
Cull -
Great for farming. Even with the 1 less AD, after completing the item you get a +180 Gold profit, which is great for getting to your powerspikes. It also has a tiny bit of sustain, giving 3 HP per attack, which is very small but still something. You can techncially use Cull + Cut Down, since she has less HP than almost all champions in the botlane, but it's a very risky strategy. Without going into Math, she has less HP, and a weak early game, so disadvantaging yourself early with Cull can be brutal. The only ADC with less health is Caitlyn, and if you're taking a Cull into a poke lane like that, you're high on something.
Berserker's Greaves -
Great on Vayne, since the attack speed helps proc her W. I would recommend to take at least 90% of the time, since you can itemize against other threats with items.
Mercury Treads -
DO NOT BUY IF THEY HAVE CC. I cannot stress this enough, if you're CC'd, you're already dead and you've mispositioned. Only take if they have AP dive, such as a Fizz or Ekko.
Plated Steelcaps -
Great into AD Dive like Talon or Zed. I would recommend to take Berserker's unless the AD threat is really ahead.
Boots of Swiftness -
I've seen some people take this into Ashe, but your best bet is to go Berserker's and out DPS her late game once you hit some powerspikes.
Mythic Items
This is specifically for the Mythic items themselves. The items and builds are next.
Kraken Slayer -
The best for Vayne. It deals 60 true damage (+0.45 per AD), a well as gives every other legendary item you have 10% bonus attack speed. You won't be building too much AD early, but the attack speed bonus helps you to shred with your W, which deals 14% max HP true damage already, which is a higher priority.
Immortal Shieldbow -
Not as good thanks to the Serpents Fang buffs, but into heavy burst it does really well. Even without the shield, it gives bonus AD after the Lifeline procs, and gives you 5 AD and 50 HP per legendary item, which helps to survive the burst and then turn the fight.
Galeforce -
I have so much pent up rage for people that unironically build this ****ing item on Vayne. There is no point in the active dash, A) since you already have a Q for dodging any skillshots, and B) because you already do enough damage with your W that Galeforce would be a waste. The passive can be decent, but you don't really need movement speed on Vayne. Her passive helps her to chase down enemys, and her Q and E are good to avoiding enemy engages and peeling yourself.
Duskblade of Draktharr -
Decent synergy with Vayne, but only build if you're planning on going full lethality. The lack of attack speed is very bad, and why it's only viable with Hail of Blades.
Eclipse -
I don't see any point in building this. It does 6% max HP damage after 2 hits, and has some Omnivamp, but if you're worried about doing max HP damage, you're better off building On Hit to prioritise her 14% max HP W true damage. The Omnivamp can be ok, but once again if you're worried about lifesteal and sustain, there are better items and builds to go, including the default Ravenous Hunter page.
Legendary Items
This is for the legendary items, for the builds go to the next chapter.
Phantom Dancer -
Great item for Vayne, thanks to the bonus 30% attack speed at 4 stacks. It also grants ghosting on attack, which helps to chase down opponents. Even without the lifeline from last season, it's a must buy as second or third item. The only time I would recommend building it third item is if you need to deal with a tank, in which case you'd go Rageblade.
Guinsoo's Rageblade or Infinity Edge -
Rageblade is used for the on hit builds, while Infinity Edge is for the Crit damage. Rageblade is usually better if you want to prioritise your W, while Infinity Edge is great if you want some extra crit damage later in the game. Decide early if you want the extra W procs, or more damage, since you can only buy one of these
I personally recommend Rageblade, since your W is more than enough damage. However, Infinity Edge can be useful into squishier teams.
Blade of the Ruined King -
Really good for the on hit damage. Because of the nerfs to ranged champions and the new items, its priority is a bit further down this season. It can work as a second item, but I personally prefer Phantom Dancer. If you don't have tanks to shred, take this as your third item, since it helps with your dueling potential, and your lethal threat can skyrocket in small fights, since the 6% current health damage is still amazing.
Bloodthirster -
Great as a last item, since by now the enemy team wants to focus you down. This has great synergy with Overheal, which is another reason to take Overheal.
Death's Dance -
Great into AD comps, since it converts 15% of post-mitigation damage as a bleed, which is cleansed on takedown. It also acts as a Triumph, so if you think you're going to build this you can go Triumph for an insane heal after a kill.
Wit's End -
Good into AP comps. I've seen some people recommend this if you're in an all AD comp, but your true damage means that you don't have to do magic damage to make up for the lack of magic damage.
Mercurial Scimitar -
Buy QSS ASAP into certain matchups like Mordekaiser and Malzahar, or into heavy CC comps that you think you'll need it. Buy the full item last.
Lord Dominik's Regards -
I don't actually recommend this unless they have a lot of HP. If you need to Cut Down an enemy tank or bruiser (😉), then take Cut Down. If you need the armor penetration, then just rush Rageblade second for the W procs. The reason I wouldn't recommend it on Vayne is that there are better ways to go about taking down tanks, especially if they're stacking armor, since LDR does bonus physical damage instead of true damage.
Guardian Angel -
Great for surviving in general, although it can be somewhat niche. It respawns you where you died, which if you died, is usually in a dangerous position, meaning that you'll just die again. It's good if you have a team that can back you up or if they have some long range Ultimates (Caitlyn, Karthus, Xerath). This is so you can respawn while being kept safe, or atleast far away from the threat.
Serpent's Fang -
I've actually been rushing this second into Kai'Sa because of the recent buffs. It's great for heavy shield comps, and has only become viable recently. Abuse it now while it's strong.
Zhonya's Hourglass -
Zhonya's has actually always been a great last item because it's active is the most broken in the game. It can save you, and maybe even turn a teamfight if everyone's focused on you. Try to buy this as late as possible, since Vayne has no AP scaling. Be warned, some people might flame you hard if you build this, but it's better to be alive than to be dead.
Mortal Reminder -
I haven't been as happy with Mortal Reminder this season. I would recommend buying just Executioner's as an item, then finish the item last. This is because the full item offers very little more compared to Executioners, and other items work a lot better on Vayne.
Essence Reaver -
This item is very niche. It's only good in Crit and Lethality builds where you don't have as much DPS. This is because late game on hit Vayne has so much attack speed, that it's better not to Q as it actually lowers your DPS.
Stormrazor -
Stormrazor has always been the best crit item for Vayne. It helps you to run down targets, and if paired with RFC makes you unescapable 90% of the time.
Rapid Firecannon -
RFC can be used in all builds, although I am confident that PD is a better buy. The only time I buy this is if I have Stormrazor, for the synergy between the two.
Collector -
This is great in Lethality builds if you're snowballing. If you're ahead you can build it with on hit later, but it's unnecessary due to the amount of damage Vayne already does. In saying that, it helps to confirm the kills in every build.
Maw of Malmortius -
I wouldn't recommend this as much this season, especially with Wit's End getting buffed slightly this patch. It's got a good lifeline, but if you're buying Shieldbow, you can't buy this.
Sanguine Blade -
We're starting to get into the off-meta items. This is good for skirmishing or splitpushing, and gives some good lifesteal.
Serylda's Grudge -
Great for sticking to a target, but the armor penetration isn't too useful. Overall, because of it's cost, I wouldn't recommend it, because it costs so much and gives so little.
Youmuu's Ghostblade -
Good in lethality builds to catch your priority target or escape bad situations.
Manamune -
This is a horrible item on Vayne. I tried it with Lethality Vayne once because I saw it online. You can only proc it with your E, which has a 20 second CD at rank 1, and E is the last skill you level up. You could theoretically max it sooner, but it's a waste to max E just to proc your tear more. You can buy it really early and just leave it in your inventory until 50 minutes, but it would take a long time to actually hit 360 stacks unless you're spamming E.
On Hit
On hit can be great into all comps.
1) You can take Kraken 100% of the time if you're comfortable with it, or take Shieldbow when you want to go defensive into heavy burst. I would recommend learning macro awareness, and letting your team die to the burst, then shredding them while their CD's aren't up.
2) Almost always go Phantom Dancer second. The only time you don't go Phantom Dancer is if you have to deal with a tank threat, in which case you go Rageblade and then Phantom Dancer, or if they have shields in which case you CAN go Serpent's Fang. If you're not comfortable with Serpent's Fang, build normally.
3) This depends on what's happening in the game. If you've already built Phantom Dancer, look to see if they have a tank threat. If they do, go Rageblade for your W. Otherwise go Blade of the Ruined King to maximize your fighting potential. If you've gone Rageblade second, buy Phantom Dancer no matter what. If you've gone Rageblade, it's assumed you have to deal with a tank, so Phantom Dancer will help more than Blade of the Ruined King.
4) This gets very deep, as it depends entirely on the situation. If you haven't build PD by now, build it. Otherwise, think about what you need.
Usually you've built this by now, but it's great for tanks.
This is great for dueling potential.
Great last item for the sustain, but you can build it as you need.
Another great sustain option into AD comps.
Really helpful into AP comps.
If you need to build this, build QSS ASAP and finish it last.
If you still have issues with a tank, build this, but by now you should be able to pop everyone.
Great defensive item, mainly into AD comps.
Great item into shielding, especially after it's buffs. I would recommend building this every game you can, before it gets nerfed back into the ground.
Zhonya's Hourglass is a great item for Vayne as the final item, due to its broken as **** active. Only build this last, as by the final item you've got more than enough damage.
If you need to counter healing, buy Executioners Calling as soon as you need it, then full build the item at the end of the game.
After the new items, I would highly recommend building on hit, but swapping out Rageblade for Infinity Edge. A lot of marksman items now give 20% crit, including Phantom Dancer.
1) You can take Kraken 100% of the time if you're comfortable with it, or take Shieldbow when you want to go defensive into heavy burst. I would recommend learning macro awareness, and letting your team die to the burst, then shredding them while their CD's aren't up.
2) This time you're taking Phantom Dancer as a second item 100% of the time. If you're going crit, you can't take Rageblade, as all of your crit goes into on hit damage.
3) Go either Essence Reaver or Stormrazor depending on prefernce. Essence Reaver is great for Q damage, while Stormrazor helps Vayne stick to her target.

4) This build has a lot less to think about, as usually you go this against squishy teams.
Great for sustain, and it gives crit chance this season.
I would highly recommend, as it makes your crits deal extra damage.
More viable with crit, as you don't have the luxury of Rageblade. Only really take if you have to shred a bruiser, if they have tanks I would recommend on hit.
Great for CC, buy QSS ASAP and full build Scimitar later.
Great for anti-heals, and also gives crit now. God bless Riot.
Really good synergy with Stormrazor, as eventually you can attack from further away and slow them.
Great for snowballing and securing the kills sooner.
Try to use the above for a rough guide, I'll get around to this when I get the chance.
Similar to old crit vayne, I'll get around to going in-depth when I can.
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