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Lee Sin Build Guide by x6Arnau

Jungle [Season 12] r/LeeSinMains COMPLETE Guide to Lee Sin

Jungle [Season 12] r/LeeSinMains COMPLETE Guide to Lee Sin

Updated on March 19, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author x6Arnau Build Guide By x6Arnau 14 1 38,385 Views 0 Comments
14 1 38,385 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author x6Arnau Lee Sin Build Guide By x6Arnau Updated on March 19, 2022
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[Season 12] r/LeeSinMains COMPLETE Guide to Lee Sin

By x6Arnau
My name is Arnau, I live in Spain and I have been main Lee Sin for 2 years.
I've looked at a lot of pro player guides.
I have watched more than 25 games of Kzh, I consider him to be the best Lee in the world. He has reached rank 1 in the Chinese super server with more than 80% winrate playing only Lee.
I want to thank the r/LeeSinMains reddit for their help.
Lee Sin - The Blind Monk

As with most champions, the key to mastering Lee Sin is adapting your strategy to maximize his passive.
Lee Sin can deal explosive damage by using his abilities and his secondary activations in quick succession, but this would cost a high amount of energy.
Lee Sin's Burst adds 40% Attack Speed ​​applying to the next two basic attacks immediately, each of which also restores 15 energy. In order to take full advantage of the effects of this buff, deal 2 basic attacks each time you use one of your abilities.
Sonic Wave/Resonant Strike is a great way to get close to your opponents. You can use Sonic Wave at range and then close in with Resonating Strike, initiating close combat. Or, if you're already in close combat, you can use Sonic Wave, faking a retreat, and come back with Resonating Strike to re-enter the battle.
He can use Sonic Wave/Resonant Strike when staying behind, going through some walls, and chasing enemies through an AoE slow such as Trundle's Pillar of Ice.
Be careful not to immediately use Resonating Strike after Sonic Wave. You could end up under a turret, an enemy champion in a bush, or even outnumbered if you're not careful.
The combination of Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike plus Ward is very useful for hit and run trades.
One of the most effective methods to poke with Lee Sin is to use Resonating Strike to attack an enemy and then immediately retreat with Safeguard. This can be a very favorable move early on in the laning phase. This combo can be used from level 2, depending on whether it has been upgraded.
On the top lane, if you're facing a champion who primarily uses AOE abilities to poke (e.g. Darius with Decimate or Renekton and his Tribute the Weak), they can be forced to push the lane, thus taking them by surprise by an ambush from your jungle.
Lee Sin abilities


INNATE: After casting an ability, Lee Sin's next 2 basic attacks within 3 seconds gain Attack speed icon.png 40% bonus attack speed and restore Energy icon.png energy.

The first attack restores 20 / 30 / 40 (based on level) energy and the second attack restores「 half of that amount. 」

Sonic Wave

ACTIVE: Lee Sin fires a sonic blast in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits and marking them for 3 seconds, during which they are True Sight revealed.
While the target is marked, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike Resonating Strike.

Resonating Strike

ACTIVE: Lee Sin Dash.png dashes to the nearby enemy marked by Sonic Wave Sonic Wave, consuming the mark upon arrival to deal them physical damage, increased by 0% − 100% (based on target's missing health).


ACTIVE: Lee Sin Dash.png dashes to the target allied unit's location. If the ally is a Champion, both they and Lee Sin are granted a Hybrid resistances shield for 2 seconds upon his arrival and Safeguard's Cooldown reduction cooldown is halved. Lee Sin can self-cast Safeguard to shield himself.

If Safeguard is used, Lee Sin can cast Iron Will Iron Will within the next 3 seconds at no delay.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin gains Life steal icon.png life steal and Spell vamp spell vamp for 4 seconds.


ACTIVE: Lee Sin smashes the ground beneath him, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, marking them for 4 seconds and, if they are not Akali Twilight Shroud invisible when struck, True Sight revealing them for the same duration.
If Tempest hits an enemy, Lee Sin can cast Cripple Cripple within the next 3 seconds after a 0.1-second delay.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin sends a wave at each nearby enemy marked by Tempest Tempest, which Slow slows them for 4 seconds, decaying over the duration.

Dragon's Rage

ACTIVE: Lee Sin Root roots the target enemy champion during the cast time after which he roundhouse kicks them, dealing them physical damage and Airborne knocking them back up-to 800 units over 0.8 seconds, rendering them Airborne airborne for 1 second.

Enemies that collide with the displaced enemy while it is Airborne airborne take bonus physical damage and are Airborne knocked up for 1 second.
What is the best skin for Lee Sin?
In my opinion, the best skin for Lee Sin is the storm dragon skin in conjunction with the Muay Thai skin.
Lee Sin best pathing

I highly recommend the page to see the most current pathing, now I'm going to show you the best ones for this season 12.

Pro Lee Sin Jungle Path —six camp clear with a Red Buff start

This Pro Lee Sin Jungle Path is a six camp clear which means that Lee Sin skips Krugs. The route starts on the Red Brambleback with Lee Sin unlocking Safeguard/Iron Will. After killing the Red Buff and reaching level two, it is preferred to unlock Tempest/Cripple because of the AoE clear which allows Lee Sin to easily clear the Raptor camp. After the Raptors, Lee moves towards the Blue Buff side of the jungle and clears the Wolves, Blue Buff and Gromp. This grants him level three, allowing him to unlock Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike. This makes him dangerous in most duels vs junglers at level three. Scuttler is the last camp in this Lee Sin jungle clear and after that he can choose to gank one of the lanes that are connected to the river.
This Lee Sin Jungle Clear prioritizes getting as many camps as possible for the most optimal Gold and XP while making it in time for the Scuttler spawn and being able to duel the enemy jungler on it.

Fast gank Jungle Lee Sin Path —six camp clear with a Blue Buff start

This Lee Sin Jungle Path features a six camp clear that starts on the Blue Buff with Lee Sin leveling Safeguard/Iron Will for the shield and lifesteal. After killing the Blue Sentinel and reaching level two, you will have to level up Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike as it provides much needed single-target damage for the Gromp kill. After Gromp, you clear the Wolves as this provides you with level three allowing you to unlock Tempest/Cripple. This makes you ready to gank, you can do so by continuing to path towards the middle lane and gank it. In the event that mid lane is not gankable, simply continue the jungle route by killing Raptors and Red Buff. Lastly, path towards the river Scuttler, try to kill it and look to fight with the enemy jungler if you're in a winning matchup. After the Scuttler kill, you can attempt to gank one of the lanes once again for even more lane pressure.
Most SoloQ players prefer to do this Lee Sin Clear as it can result in easy early game kills which can tilt the enemy laners, whilst keeping up with the jungler's farm and getting a rift Scuttler.

Lee Sin Jungle Path —five camp clear with a Red Buff start

This Lee Sin Jungle Path has a five camp clear that starts on the Red Buff with Lee Sin having the shield skill unlocked once again. You'll need to be certain that the enemy jungler is not starting on their Red Buff side for this pathing to work. After killing the Red Buff and reaching level two, you will unlock Sonic Wave for the Blue Buff and Gromp kills. After killing these two, Lee Sin levels up to level three and you can unlock the remaining Tempest/Cripple ability. At this point all of the enemies are level two and you can safely invade (and keep track of the enemy laners as it might be warded!). Steal the enemy jungler's Red Buff and rotate into a gank onto one of the lanes. After that you're free to get a Scuttler kill and go back to the jungle and get any of your remaining camps.
The Lee Sin Invade Jungle Path is risky to pull off but it can place your team significantly ahead whilst hindering the enemy jungler as they will not get the Gold, XP or buffs from their Red Brambleback.
This is not going to be a huge section. But if you would like private coaching dm me on discord x6Arnau#2055.
Mentality is a key part of being a professional player weather you want to be a soloqueue player, amateur player, platinum player any type of player having good mentality will always better you. Ways to improve on these can include focusing on the external parts of your life. Things I did was only play a maximum of 6 games per day, eat only healthy food and worked out every second day. My schedule and life was incredibly strict around performance when I was a professional player and I recommend all people who love the game to also take care of themselves.
When and how to gank?
Those champions in the second list, most of them at least, will get their 2 buffs and level 3 as soon as possible and gank a lane - a bit like us but we're slightly quicker since we can gank at level 2. Therefore, we can get to a lane without threat of being (and I'll show you guys the best clear for Shaco in the 'Early Game' chapter if we want to gank) and pick up easy kills. This will be easier to envision in the forthcoming chapter but we need to think about WHICH LANE to gank. I'll list a few reasons why we'd want to gank a certain lane early...
-> Our laner(s) has CC
-> Enemy champion(s) has no Flash or their Flash is on cooldown (CD)
-> Enemy champion(s) will push the lane early (making them more susceptible to a gank)
-> The matchup is 'snowbally' - one kill might decide the lane
-> We anticipate that the enemy jungler will gank that lane early, so we want to counter-gank IF we win the 2v2 or we try to get there first of course
If a lane has only one reason I listed then it's still worthy of a gank early game!
I am going to recommend watching these 3 videos, where they explain all the combos that exist.

This is my favorite Youtuber/Streamer, I recommend watching his guides and gameplays. They are the best of all YouTube.

I’d like to thank you for getting this far and reading this guide to the end. Hopefully this has given you a better understanding of how to carry with Lee Sin or how to play against him. This guide was put together by dedicated Lee Sin mains with millions of mastery points and thousands of hours invested into the champion so we’ve tried to bring you the most comprehensive guide possible, so we hope you appreciate the time put into outlining what Lee Sin is capable of. Free free to drop by our Subreddit for all things Lee Sin as well as our YouTube Channel. If you would like to be part of our Discord community, please do so as it’s one of the best ways to discuss Lee Sin.


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