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Gangplank Build Guide by ogodtehaftermath

AD Offtank Season 3 GP Mid Lane. Anti-Carry Tank/Dps

AD Offtank Season 3 GP Mid Lane. Anti-Carry Tank/Dps

Updated on January 14, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ogodtehaftermath Build Guide By ogodtehaftermath 5,032 Views 2 Comments
5,032 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ogodtehaftermath Gangplank Build Guide By ogodtehaftermath Updated on January 14, 2013
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About Me

I have been playing League of Legends for over two years now. I have over 3000+ games played and I finished with a Gold Rating in Season 2.

I main mid lane, but I can play any champ and can fulfill any role that my team needs.
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This is my first guide and I plan to make many more. Most of my guides will be playing bruisers mid and how to counter mages. The most difficult part about playing bruisers mid is trying to farm minions whilst being melee, but with your potions and crystalline flask you should be ok for the first few lvls just try to take minimal amounts of damage.
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For runes I take a different approach than most people. Extra AD for our red's so that we can last hit easier and have better harass early game. Mp5 yellow's for spamming our skills and we don't need armor since we will most likely be against a mage. Flat MR blue's because we want early game durability against mages and finally GP10 quints. Now most people will go crit or AD or armor pen, but I think an extra 3 gold every 10 secs adds up and is really useful throughout the game.
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My masteries are definitely different. I don't see any point in doing a 21-0-9 build or 21-9-0 or whatever. I just put points where I think they would be the most useful. A lot of masteries are really just tiny bonuses in game, so let's try to grab as many as possible.

We are going to be grabbing most of the offensive masteries with emphasis on last hitting and crit dmg/armor pen. Defensively we will be grabbing health + MR to counter mages and finally grabbing some extra mana regen will enable us to spam Parley. I put a point in Summoner's Insight and Improved Recall to reduce the cooldowns on my Flash and TP'ing back to base. I know one second or 15 seconds doesn't seem very much, but these have saved my lives so many times. I can't tell you how many times I've told my friends, "Yep, Improved Recall saved my life again." Plus being able to get back to your lane faster is always awesome.
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This is one of my favorite parts about GP. You can build him in sooo many different ways, especially now with all of the different items available. Experiment and see what you like the best. There are so many items that can be "essential" to GP, but we only have 6 slots so let's choose effectively.

I really like the Statikk Shiv + Iceborn Gauntlet combo. You can wipe out entire minion waves with ease and deal massive amounts of aoe dmg to teams. Combining these two elements with a Ravenous Hydra and you will be aoe critting everyone in sight.

Towards the end of the game be sure to sell your Statikk Shiv for an Infinity Edge or Guardian Angel or whatever really expensive and unique item you might need at the end of the game.

Another major item I think every champ can benefit from would be the Homeguard boots. Now I know it seems like they are only good for base defense, but I like to get them almost every game. It takes you normally about 10 seconds to leave base, but with Homeguard boots it takes only around 2-3 seconds. That is a HUGE difference. Combine this with our Improved Recall and our speed boost from Raise Morale and we back in lane in no time!
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Skill Sequence

This part is pretty simple. Obviously we want to max our Parrley first, but I like to level my Remove Scurvy second because it will heal us for a lot. Once we grab our Iceborn Gauntlets, we will be able to heal for 1/4 of our health easily and we can do that every 10-15 seconds or so with the cooldown reduction we'll gain.
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Honestly, this is optional and completely up to you. I prefer Flash on every champ and I will normally choose Ignite unless I need Teleport or some other spell to help my team or counter something on the other team. More than likely though Ignite is your best bet with TP or Exhaust coming in second.
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Well, that is pretty much it. The main thing you want to do is farm mid lane/wraiths/wolves. Be sure to keep an eye on the map to provide assistance with your ultimate. Hope you enjoy! Any feedback would be great! I know this isn't completely in-depth but I think some people will like it due to its originality :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ogodtehaftermath
ogodtehaftermath Gangplank Guide
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Season 3 GP Mid Lane. Anti-Carry Tank/Dps

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