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Talon Build Guide by william01424

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author william01424


william01424 Last updated on September 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Anivia Avoid her spells and kill her at 3 - she is really squishy. Just basic her in egg form and you can kill her before she revives.
Karthus Kill him at 3 and your ghostblade can get you out of his passive.
Kassadin Kill this bitch at level 3, hemight harass you with his Q but if he does that, he wont be able to farm because of your W.
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Hi guys this is my first build on Mobafire, I just wanna say that I am not a pro at this game, I am only gold. However I do have good ranked stats with this build.
Shàdòw - check lolking

Win Rate of 65% with 3.2 KDA

This build basically gets it damage from the talon Q, when it crits it does about 1200 damage at full build every 2-3 seconds and you have all your other abilities to pull off as well.


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So the runes here work perfectly with talon and his scaling into late game, hence the scaling seal's and glyph's.

Marks: The armor penetration marks will ensure that armor does not become a major problem as you build your first 4 core items (inc boots). A lot of AP laners will build Seeker's Armguard which prevents a large amount of AD damage, these marks will keep that to a minimum.

Seals: The scaling health will be much more effective in the late game over the 9-10 armor you get from the seals. Also most of your laners will be AP so the armor seals do not help when it comes to early fights, other than reducing about 3% of there basic attack damage (which is already low). The health will give you much more defense in the mid/late game compared to the seals.

Glyphs: Flat Mres glyphs can be taken against AP mids with high poke but if you are more experienced and you think that you can dodge, the scaling CDR is a really strong stat to have, and will ensure that you get max CDR at about level 13-15 with blue buff and reaching about 35% at level 18 without blue, (Provided you follow the build).

Quints: The flat AD quints provide some damage for your early laning and roaming, some builds suggest a life steal quint - I find this is unnecessary as 1.5% isn't much and the 9 points in the utility tree with the biscuit trait will make up for the health lost.

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Talon is an Assassin, so taking 9 points in defense when your not always going to build armor/Mres is not wise. The points in the utility tree will come in handy in all your games:
Movement Speed
Mana Regeneration
Lane Sustain (Biscuit)

And obviously the 21 points in the offensive tree will provide some serious damage throughout the game. It's important that you take the twin weaving spells as spell weaving will proc twice from 1 W (the throw and return damage of the rake) and then you E in and you will have 3 stacks which will increase your Q damage by a further 3% just from masteries.[/color][/color]

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So why these items.

Rushing ghostblade is a must, it provides 20 armor penetration (which is great if they build seeker's armguard). It also gives you 15% crit chance, 30 AD, and 10% CDR.

The crit is the main focus of this build, your Q can crit. When it does you get a monster amount of damage from it, and then you have the bleed which will run on for the next 4 seconds.

You also have the active which is great for duels and roaming, as you can get around really quickly early game.

You can pickup your mobility boots along the way, which will make you one of the fastest champions in your game.

Next Infinity Edge.

This will further increase your AD by 80 points - with the recent buff it is a must-have on most AD mids. It adds another 25% crit chance and will increase your crit damage by 50%. This means that when your Q crits it will do 50% more base damage on the initial blow NOT THE BLEED.

Then Blood Thirster.

This will add life steal to your kit and the shield as always handy. Plus the bonus AD gives damage to your basics and all of your abilities.

Last Whisper.

This will ensure that armor really isn't much of a problem as you ignore 35% of their armor + all your runes, items, and masteries will mean that you can take down tanks easily if you need to - Don't focus tanks because you can kill them quicker than most other people.

Final Item.

This is really up to you, if you are getting focused hardcore then Guardian Angel can help out a lot.

If you need more damage then Black Cleaver works really well - Even more Armor Pen + Health + CDR + 50 base AD.

Mercurial Scimitar will get you out of any hard target CC (like a Vi ult) and the bonus 80 AD and MR can be useful if they have a lot of AP.

Randuin's Omen gives health, armor, and reduces attack speed when you get hit and the AoE slow is nice.

Maw of Malmortius gives AD and MR and the shield keeps you alive if your going against a good AP player, plus the passive ensures that duels are won most of the time, and the bonus MR keeps you resistances around 70-80+.

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Skill Sequence

So with Talon there are several different ways you can go about a kill.

My preferred method is to W-->E-->Q-->R-->R
This combo, utilizes the passive mercy for which you do 10% more damage with you basics (including the Q damage). So you have 10% more Q damage.

The only problem is that if the Q crits as well, you get carried away and waste your ult even though they are already dead ;(.

If you need to Stealth your way in:
R-->Ghostblade-->E-->Q-->W And then Ignite if you need
Basically even though people can see you have gone into your ult the bonus move speed + ghostblade + mobility boots and the range you have from the E to jump means that no one can get away> this is great for roaming bot or coming into lane and picking up an early kill after you have made your first or second B and your lane opponent is still farming.

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Flash provides mobility in tight situations, or can be used to get a kill if need be.

Ignite provides some nice DoT damage which, combo'd with Noxian Diplomacy, causes people to bleed and burn 2 bars of HP.

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Pros / Cons

Extremely Good at taking out enemies that are fed
High Burst post 6
High Mobility for early roaming
1 second silence is enough time to kill AP mid's before they can hourglass at level 18
Great escape with ult+ghost blade
Awesome Dance

Can be killed with high CC (like any assassin)
Difficult to farm early
High Mana costs early
If you don't get kills early you wont scale well into late game

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Ranked Play

So when playing Talon it is all about the roaming. If you are lucky or they are stupid you can pick up early kills but it is unlikely.

Early Game:

Try to farm, remember you do have a lot of level 3 damage with ignite, so if they get below half don't be scared to go for the kill.
If you are playing against someone who is poking then hold back and farm with your W and ask the jungler for assistance. With the two of you, most mid laners wont stand a chance and you will burn flash or get FB.

Mid Game:

As soon as you get ghost blade and mobility boots, this is your time to get roaming, anticipation of the enemy jungler is important, the amount of kills I have got by predicting what their jungler is going to do is uncountable. The way to do this is to look at where they are heading and guess the camp. Junglers always pop and get wolves and wraiths when they are low - take advantage of it. With talon you can kill them before they flash.
Usually lanes will get pushed and you can sweep in and start raking in kills, HOWEVER, make sure you leave kills for other people on the team like the ADC and TOP laner. Because a talon with all the kills cannot win the game, the team needs damage too.

Late Game:
Focus on getting vision and picking off people - If you do this right the enemy team will get really far behind and will surrender A LOT, so you don't even need to team fight. If you do have to team fight make sure you tell the team who to focus and 9/10 times they will listen.

If you want a team fight rundown, look at the skill sequence chapter - there I a full rundown of what you need to do there.[/color][/color]

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Farming can be difficult with Talon in the early game due to the harass you can take. Try to get to the lane first and kill a minion first to get the EXP advantage. At this point you may to so sit back and farm with your W to ensure you don't take too much damage. Your focus, as with all champions, is to get as many minions as possible. You want to be aiming for around 75 minions at 10 minutes, if you are really good you can get 100 at 10 minutes, but that's very difficult to pull off.

You may hit 10 minutes with less minions than 75, the only reason for this should be that you have had a really nasty lane or you have been roaming a little bit and picked up 1 or 2 kills.

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Unique Skills

Talon has some neat little tricks that you can pull of to maximize your damage.

The main one is that his Q if timed correctly adds another auto-attack.
So to do this basically just after you basic attack hit Q and you will instantly do your ability. To see this Check out the Video below.

Rather than explain them all I made a few videos to watch just below so watch those and you should understand it. It's not too hard.

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Math Bit

Lets say that talon has his Q up. His normal basic does 500 damage (not inc bonus damage from his Q).
Lets say his Q does another 500 including the bleed.

With infinity edge and a crit the Q base damage will now increase by 250%
(250% x 500) = 1250 Base Damage
1250 + Q = 1750 Damage.

Now lets take into account their armor. Lets say they have 100 armor. From last whisper and ghostblade you get 20 armor penetration and you ignore 35% of their armor.
So their 100 armor goes down to 65 due to last whisper and then you take into account the runes and masteries.

you get 6% armor pen from the offensive tree. So that's actually 41% ignored = 59 armor left.

Then you get 20 Armor pen from Ghostblade, 12 Armor Pen from Marks, so they only have 27 armor left.

Now if you have Black Cleaver and you basic them 5 times (if they aren't already dead) they have 27 armor reduced by another 25%...So 27-6.75= 20.25
Which is like none..

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The Teamfight

So this is where it gets difficult because you need to use your R for cover. With talon you want to let your team go in first and pick out your target, usually their ADC carry. As their ADC moves forward you want to Proc your Q and E-->W-->R and at this point they will be most likely be dead or forced out of the fight.

Now you will still be in your ult (invisible), so you can choose another target, their mid laner is likely to still be alive, so Run over with Ghostblade (while still in your ult) and position yourself to get the return damage of the ult and Q then W and Ignite if there not already dead.

At this point the Team fight is won most of the time and you can go for the tanks, you will be able to take them down solo because of the armor pen and life steal you have.

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Video Tutorials

Full Game with the Build + Commentary
Talon Game

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So basically follow the build, get the Core items and you can swap out black cleaver for other items if needed.

Roaming well takes practice, so don't go straight into ranked with talon, once you get quick with your combo you will notice that you get really fed really quickly in a lot of your ranked solo Q's.

Good luck!
This build was brought to you by a Shàdòw[/color][/u]