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Rengar Build Guide by Ferocity Stacks

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferocity Stacks

Season 5 - Rengar Bot Guide

Ferocity Stacks Last updated on February 18, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction - Rengar Bot

Hello! I am Ferocity Stacks and wish to share with you my Rengar Bot Guide.
In this guide we will go over the basics and the more advanced tactics when playing as League's favorite tooth fairy. I decided to write this guide since my other guide ( ) got some love from you guys. Thank you!

Are you tired of the meta? Are you tired of being told by your fellow (scumbag) ADC or Support what you should play. Do you love Rengar? Then this guide will help you become the Rengar Bot your team needs.

Before anyone lunges out on me, let me ask you one thing. Do you know why there is support and ADC's in the current meta? Like, the real reason? Not because someone told you that the pro players play like it and that's why everyone else should play it as well. Would you say that Rengar Bot doesn't work because the he is marked as a Assassin/Fighter and therefor doesn't work in the bot lane?

Allow me to clearify: Define a support that's good at fighting, also an ADC. I would say Leona and Thresh for their overall CC and increased damage compared to other supports. As ADC's I would say someone who can poke heavily without being in danger of committing to a fight, like Corki. Graves is tankier and eager to fight more because of his passive armor and MR. He's more the fighter ADC. Now imagine a champion that can push out heavy amounts of damage, that's hard to escape, gets tankier when fighting and makes the bush impossible to contest. Say Rengar who have saved 5 Ferocity and is waiting in the brush with a pink ward in the middle of it. You can't ward it, you can't go into the bush because he'll get wrecking, his zone of control when in the bush makes you not wanting to get close, and you don't want to stay too close to the river side because of ganks. The zone that you have available is pretty small. That's how Rengar Bot works.
Remember that you might even lose lane if you play the meta, and to be honest, my chances of winning a bot lane is greater when playing Rengar than ADC or Support. Play what you feel like. Not because someone told you to.

I will try my best to tell you everything I know about Rengar Bot.

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Thoughts On Rengar

Quote from my recent guide:

Rengar is a Jungler, Top Laner or even able to Bot Lane if you practice at it. His ability to pick off targets quickly is umatched compared most Champions in the game at the moment. He has incredible chase potential and good escape and will prove to be a solid pick in pretty much any situation.

Pros About Rengar:
Extreme burst, self heal, root, stealth, vision of enemies when ulting, gap closer when in brushes or stealth, interaction with Tiamat, slow, armor and magic resist increase.

Cons About Rengar:
Lowered threat when bushes are not available, enemies know when you are nearby when using ultimate, All-In champion, weak when low on Ferocity, have to choose between CC or burst or self heal when full Ferocity, some champions can completely shut him down.

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Level 2 - 5 Ferocity Rengar Q = RIP


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The Game Starts

The first thing you will do is to buy either Cloth Armor and 5 Pots or Long Sword and 3 pots, all depending on the match-up. If your lane opponents have strong pshysical damage poke or have a support that have alot of CC or overall melee damage you should get Cloth Armor and 5 pots. Only buy this if you fear that you will end up being on the defensive enough for them to push the lane away from the bush and into your tower early in the game (before LV 2-3). Champions like these can be Thresh, Graves, Lucian, Morgana, Ezreal and some more.

Try to not lose bush control by getting pushed into the tower. Push back so that you can establish the control you need!

However, if their Bot Lane comp are champions that can't really fight that well early in the game, you can establish control in the bush. You can do this by pushing the lane up so that you'll get help from the minions if you start fighting or ward the other bush so that when their support goes into their bush to ward yours, you can jump onto them and unload your combo. This tactic is probably the best since when you land on your target, you will still have bush around you to jump again once they start running. Also they might run back by panic, running through the bush instead of out right away. These are the easist kills. Champions to buy Long Sword and 3 Pots against are: Nami, Sona, Soraka, Varus, Miss Fortune and some more.

Also, watch out for minions when jumping into the middle of the lane to fight. Minions deal alot of damage early in the game and can be the deciding factor when fighting. They can also block skill shots. Try to avoid enemy minions when fighting in the lane! Fight once the minions are few or gone entirely.

Note that this tactic is best used when premade.
Now you know the basics of the lane and are now able to learn the more advanced tactics.

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Level 3+

Around 3-4 minutes into the game, the lane changes based on if you have a kill or not, depending on wrong aggression by the enemy lane or attempting to get bush control when you are in it. If you have gotten a kill you most likely have put them on the defensive, and it's now easier to see a gank coming by how they act. You can now start zoning them out of the minion wave by staying in the bruh with 5 Ferocity, jumping out of the bush to either take minions or as a scare tactic. They never know when you might throw a bola followed up by a jungler or your fellow bot laner. It's also easier to lane gank through a lane that has bush control, so keep that in mind if your jungler comes down.

Your agressive lane should also attract their jungler also, so keep that in mind and try to keep the river warded in case of a gank. You might even kill all 3 of them if they decide to enter the bush to fight you. Rengar is not to be underestimated when inside a bush. A countergank by your jungler can easily decide the game!

It's after 3-4 minutes that you have to get ready to ward your river. At this point you should be level 3 and have all your basic abilities to spend and build Ferocity off. This makes you able to quickly build up Ferocity after using an Enpowered version, either to heal off poke or straight up fight. Note that while you are low on Ferocity the enemy lane might turn agressive since you are weak at this point.

In this stage of the game you should have the upper hand if a fight breaks loose in the lane, so try to force the enemy laners to fight. Always use Enpowered Q to start off the fight. It will force them back since they can't fight Rengar with the Enpowered Q buff on him. Only use Bola if you need the root for the follow-up from your fellow laner. This can also be used to escape either a gank or if you are too low to fight and have to run.

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Buying Items

Those of you who have seen my recent guide knows how much I valuate the Tiamat Rengar Combo. I will tell you how to do this later in the guide. After you have gotten your 2-3 Doran's Blades you can pretty much lane forever. You have life steal, damage and health. Everything you need to continue wrecking. You should now build your Tiamat, preferably Pickaxe first. However, if you fall behind you should build Brutalizer before the Tiamat. If your combo is weak because you are behind, don't try to make it count. Get damage from auto attacks and Savagery (Q) first. Also don't get Mobility Boots right after Tiamat if you are behind, better get the stats to win a fight than chasing. Remember that you prefer fights in the bush, so boots won't help you.

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The Combo - Skill Sequence

This combo is what you need to one-shot. It's also featured in my other guide.

Quoted: "Now that you have your main items, let's get to the fun part!

Rengar has a special interaction with Tiamat. Using Tiamat when jumping with your passive will not interfere with your auto attack animation when landing, meaning you can jump, use Tiamat activate, and still get your Q proc off as soon as you land of our target. This opens up a nasty combo with Tiamat, Bola (E), Roar (W) and Savagery (Q).

The following Skill Order can be REALLY difficult to perform, and even the slightest mess-up can result in you having to wait an entire auto attack animation, if not even more, meaning you will be quickly disposed of unless your opponents are bread crumbs.

You will start off with 5 Ferocity, use your Ultimate (Thrill Of the Hunt) and find your target. Use Youmuu's Ghostblade to gain move speed (so you won't be spotted too early). Use Enpowered Q a moment before jumping. While your are in your jump animation you have to throw your Bola (E) at your target (recommend smart casting). After that use Roar (W) and Tiamat BEFORE LANDING.
You will then land to finish off your target with the Enpowered Savagery (Q).
Your Bola will hit somewhat close to when you land on your target.
(Ult, Youmuu's, Q, Jump, Bola, W, Tiamat, Very Dead.
You have very little time to perform these actions while in jump animation, and you have to get the order right. Focus.
Kill them until they die to death.

This might be pretty hard to do correctly and I recommend practicing with friends or in custom games if you are unexperienced with it. I have managed to burst down carries in 0,10 seconds. As a comparison the average human reaction time is 0.25-0.3 seconds."

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Champions To Combo Rengar Bot With

Rengar can be played either as ADC or as a fighting support. It depends on what you have with you on the lane. If it's a ADC, try focusing on keeping the lane and river warded by getting some wards. I mentioned how good a pink ward can be to keep enemy vision out of the bush you are lurking in. Place it so that the enemy laners have to fight an unwinnable fight to get rid of it.

You can also combo Rengar with support, like Nami or Sona to make your attacks hurt more and having some more CC and sustain on your lane.

My favorite combo with Rengar is with another fighter with a solid gap closer. Xin Zhao, Wukong, Pantheon are the better ones, since they have a gap closer and CC (except Wukong, but he has armor shred on his Q).

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If you have managed to win your lane and the opponents have no choice but to freeze as far into the turret as they can, you can see if you can pressure either mid or the enemy jungle. Remember that based on where the jungler starts, he will most likely take the second buff around the 3 minute mark. If that buff is near your lane you can travel there to contest. Warding deep into enemy jungle can show when you're getting ganked, and exposing the enemy jungler if he's low.

You have to judge if you want to leave your lane though, since you can quickly loose control over it if you do.

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Late Game Targets

As always, aiming for carries will be your best bet. However some items can make you want to change targets. Most AP carries are loving the **** out of Zhonya's Hourglass. This item is basically Rengar Insurance. Most AD carries however lack items to protect themselves other than the reaction of their team. As I said in the section above, they might not get the time to react if you do the combo perectly. Speed will be your greatest weapon against carries. Carries without good escapes in their kit will be the easiest prey. Ezreal, Caitlyn, Lucian and Tristana have natural escape and have to be killed quickly!

There might be situations when Top, Jungler or Support will be most important, but you have to judge this in-game.

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Important Bans

You should watch out for a couple of champions in particular when playing Rengar Bot.

Morgana, Thresh and Braum can cause alot of trouble and you should try to ban at least Morgana for this to even work. Other champions to mess you up is Ezreal and Graves, since they can pull out alot of early game damage, but also have solid gap closers to escape.

As to clearify, Morgana will be the most important Ban when playing Rengar Bot. You can survive the others if you don't mess up.