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Quinn Build Guide by Bunny Ripper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bunny Ripper

Season 6 CAW CAW the ultimate guide to qwuinn all your games

Bunny Ripper Last updated on September 17, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Quinn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks Rarely played mid anymore but if he is, you can mess him up. if he drains, E him. If he ults, you can also E him. He can't do anything to you
Katarina Very easy matchup. If she tries to burst you with her ult, cancel it with your E, and harrass her in lane so she can't farm.
Kha'Zix Easy af. Harrass him in lane so he can't farm and if he jumps, just E away and deal Five million damage.
Morgana Haven't see lots of morgana mids, but she won't be too hard. Blind her so she can't hit her skillshots and overall, if she doesn't hit the Q, you're golden. Be careful of the ult though.
Riven Easy. Vault away from her engage and blind her so she can't get to you. Harass her in lane and she can't do anything.
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Hello everyone. I am Pride, and this is going to be my super in-depth guide on the champion Quinn. In my opinion, Quinn is a very interesting champion with mobility, ganking, and burst potential that a lot of adcs don't have. Quinn is my favorite champion and I played tons of games with her and found many tricks on this champion.


I'm a person that lives in Boston, and my in-game name is Bunnie Boi NA server. My favorite champion is Quinn. So I'm making a guide about her right here. Although I'm currently Gold 3 I can still give you lots of information about this champion. I started in around the middle of season 4 and when I hit level 30, I immediately picked up Quinn, and fell in love with her. I played her top a million times until the rework, where I decided her best position should actually be mid.
In conclusion, I'm a Quinn main with lots of knowledge on her and I can give you good tips on this champion.

Now let's jump into this guide!

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Pros / Cons


-Good Dps and Burst
-Very good mobility and roaming potential
-Strong in all phases of the game
-Many different build choices
-You can check the two midlane brushes with your W
-Great duelist
-Great splitpusher


-Vulnerable to CC
-Ult doesn't deal too much damage
-Passive seems kind of random
-Not the best teamfighter

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Summoner Spells

Almost all champions take flash. Quinn is no exception.

Barrier is an excellent choice on Quinn. Quinn is squishy and barrier will compensate for that. Also a ton of bursty people go mid and barrier will definitely help. And most midlaners either run ignite or teleport and barrier will protect you from ignite. And Quinn is a splendind tower diver so barrier can help tank a few tower shots.

Heal is also a good option, But I personally think barrier is better because it gives more resist early and it wont get debuffed by ignite.

Teleport is also a great choice because Quinn has really good tp presence. Personally I don't use it much since I already have an ult for roaming.

Another splendid choice. Ignite can help you burst people early and grab a kill. I still would prefer barrier though.

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I take 9 ad marks for the early game last hitting and harassing. I feel like it really helps.
Since you're usually going to be against AP midlaners I take some magic resist. For the quints i take one attack speed and 2 AD. The attack speed will help a little in the late game. And for the seals i take some armor just so you dont take much damage to the other champions in the game.

Reason why i dont take 3 attack speed quints is because i feel like quinn is more bursty than a lot of carries and more AD is just much better imo.

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Standard adc masteries.
I take fervor for the keystone mastery. Yes thunderlords is very good right now but i personally love fervor and i find it much more helpful

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Against Ap

I would go Hexdrinker, into an Essence Reaver, Shiv, then a Bloodthirster. Hexdrinker will definitely help you against those Ap mages and assassins. It'll neglate a lot of their burst too and is a very powerful item atm. Essence Reaver solves some of the mana problems you might have if you contionously spam spells and is a major powerspike to your passive auto attacks and overall damage burst. The crit and flat Ad is also very nice. I would then get blade of the ruined king for the Ad, Attack speed, and life steal. The current health damage, although nerfed, is still very nice. I would get mobility boots sometime after the hexdrinker or essence reaver. You can also get attack speed boots or merc treads or ninja tabi, but i think the mobility boots will make your ult even more affective and overall, very nice. After those items, i'd probably go for an infinity edge for the extra crit damage and ad. And if you get to that very late game, get an elixir of wrath, which can help a ton.

Against AD

To be honest, this build is pretty much the same thing as against AP, except you rush essence reaver into mobility boots with shiv, bloodthirster, infinity edge, than a defense item of these. Depending on the enemies, I would get a defensive item. Frozen Mallet if i need to kite, randuins if they have bunch of ad, Banshees if they have someone like veigar or leblanc, or bloodthirster if you need more lifesteal. Guardian's angel is also a great choice if you feel like you keep dying and the resurrect might help you.

Other Great Item choices.

Runaans Hurricane, Phantom Dancer, Rapidfirecannon, can all replace your shiv if you need one of the stats they give.

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Skill Sequence

I max Q because it's your main blind tool and poke. It's ad ratio is crazy at rank 5 so max it!
Next max E so you can get a lower cooldown dash/reposition tool. Finally get the W for more movement speed and attack speed on harrier marks.

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Cooldown:8 (goes down when you build crit)
Valor will mark an enemy as vulnerable and Quinn's next basic attack against the enemy will deal 15-100 based on level with an additional 116%-150% ad ratio based on level. Harrier can also be activated by Blinding assault and Vault.
TIP: This does lots of damage and is one of the main parts of your burst. Use this to your advantage!

Blinding Assault

Quinn throws valor in a line, stopping at the first enemy that gets hit, and deals physical damage in an aoe. Enemy champions hit by Blinding Assault have nearsight for 2 seconds and non champions are disarmed instead for 2 seconds. Physical damage: 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+ 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120% AD) (50%AP)

TIP:This is your main poke spell. The blind also helps and when enemies get cloes to you, you can use it to save yourself.

Heightened Senses

Range on active: 2100
Passive: Attacking harrier targets grants you attack speed and movement speed of 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds.
Active: Valor reveals an area for 2 seconds.

TIP your main scouting tool, you can also proc harrier marks to again the extra attack speed to push.


Quinn dashes to an enemy, knocking them back a short distance and deals 40/70/100/130/160 (+20% bonus AD) physical damage. After the knockback, the target is slowed by 50%, decaying in 1.5 seconds, before leaping back to your maximum attack range.

TIP use this for repositioning, chasing, and fleeing from enemies. A lot of people aren't aware of the mini knockback and this ability can be used for Yasuo Last Breath and you can interrupt channels. This is why Quinn can be so good against champions like Katarina with channels.

Behind Enemy Lines

After channeling for 2 seconds, Valor picks up Quinn, and they unite, gaining MASSIVE Total Movement speed 70/100/130%. Quinn then gets the ability to use skystrike. Taking damage from anything other than minions or using Blinding Assault, an auto attack, or vault will immediately activate skystrike.

TIP:This is what makes Quinn the roaming monster she is. Use this skill to roam bottom or top and to get back to lane. You can get up to 700 movement speed at max rank and mobility boots and use this as an advantage.



Quinn lets go of valor, ending Behind Enemy Lines effect and you deal 100% of your total attack damage to all enemies around her.

TIP: I feel like skystrike isn't really that great. Used to, this was used as an execute ability but now, the only thing you can use it for is wave clear.

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How to play Quinn in game.

Early Game

Quinn can be very good in the early game. Your harrier does lots of damage early. Use this to your advantage. Also in the early game, Quinn's blind can help, making skillshot reliant midlaners to miss their damages. Some combos you can pull out is Harrier auto attack, vault, auto attack. vault is an auto attack reset so you can pull out some fast attacks like that. Be sure to use your E and Q to get more passive marks! With so many of abilities giving you many passive procs, you can deal lots of damage throughout the whole game! Sometimes, the passive auto, e auto, then Q auto can be hard to pull off so you can vault and then Q instantly to confirm a hit since the E displaces the enemy and slows them, making skillshots easier to hit. Also, if valor marks your enemy champion, it can provide good zoning in the laning phase. Try to just harass enemies when your passive is onto them and your E can be used on the enemy champion or a minion to dodge some important skillshots. Once the enemy is about 50 percent-ish health you can go in for a full combo

Combos from easiest that deals less damage to hardest but more damage to pull off
Combos that deal from the most damage, to the last, but harder to pull off.
auto, E, auto, Q, auto
Auto, E, Q, auto
Auto, E, Q,
Auto, E, Auto
Auto, E
E, Auto

Mid Game

Once you hit level 6, it's time to roam! Push out your wave, and let valor fly you everywhere! By this point you should have your essence reaver to deal mass amount of burst. If you see an enemy overextending top or bot, you can easily fly over there. W can also help scout out the jungler to prevent counter ganks. You can help get objectives and with a few items, you can maybe try to burst the enemy laner.
To properly gank, Engage with your E and your skystrike will pop off. Auto, then Q and your teammates should follow you up. Make sure to ping so your laners know. Try to go behind the enemies and vault so you will push them into your teammates and it should guarantee a kill

Late Game

Quinn isn't a very great teamfighter, but late game her split push is very good. Try to pressure one of the lanes and push. Your attack speed steroid on your W is very good so use advantage of that. But if you see your team in trouble, Ult in to the fight. But do not ever use your E to engage into the whole enemy team

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That was my Quinn guide! I hope you learned a lot from it!
I'll continue to update it and PLEASE comment. I would love some positive and negative feedback and it would help me a ton.

Enjoy playing Quinn! CAW CAW CAW

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Contact Info

If you want to contact me, just email me here at
You can friend me on league too. Summoner name: Bunny Ripper. (sorry I'm only on NA)
Join my chatroom too if you want. Chatroom name: Bunny Ripper
Comment in the discussion Tab and I'll read every comment :D
Recently I also made a Quinn Jungle guide so check that out!