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Nautilus Build Guide by ImCoco4CoCoPuffs

Support [Season 6 Updated] Nautilus Support

By ImCoco4CoCoPuffs | Updated on September 20, 2016
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Hello! I am ImCoco4CocoPuffs, a support and Nautilus main. This guide is here today to help you understand our one and only favorite Nautilus!

Nautilus is what was once a rarely used jungler into now a VERY potent support! He is now being used commonly in the LCS, LCK, LPL and international events like MSI. Due to his heavy CC, and tankiness he fills two roles at once.

If this guide gets enough support (PUNS FTW) then I might consider making more guides in the future.
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Pros / Cons

- Very Tanky
- Good Trading With W
- A whole ton of CC to lock down a target
- He's Nautilus.
- Good Chase Potential
- Late Game Scaling
- Increased Autoattack range for a melee champion 175-125
- /joke
- Compared to other supports like Thresh, he has more mobility with his Q, being able to essentiall "Dash" to walls and obstacles.

- No hard escape/generally slow (If no walls or targets to hook)
- Weak Early game until core items are acquired
- Mana problems early game
- Long early Cooldown on spells (Especially W and Q)
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I absolutely recommend ONLY Flash and Exhaust.

I take Flash to escape, since Nautilus doesn't really have a real escape. Also, it can be used very aggressively, to flash in then smack with passive to stall for your teammates to catch up on a priority target.

I take exaust to keep highly deadly auto attack based champions on the enemy team from doing damage or to prevent their escape. It can also be used as a counter engage tool, locking them down in place for your combo to hit. Note to not to use Riptide and Exhaust on top of eachother as stacking slows is less effective than having a long time slow.

Why don't you recommend Ignite on Nautilus? Why do other supports have it a possibility but Nautilus doesn't?

Nautilus excels late game, and only can all to nothing someone with his carry around level 6, by then the damage from Ignite compared to the enemy's health is much reduced from what a level 3 Ignite would do.
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I chose one and only one Greater Quintessence of Health to get more early game health. The reason being is to have more potent invades and to make your early game W have a bit more health to withstand some more trading and poking. Also, my masteries give me almost the amount of armor equivalent to another armor quint, so a bit more health cant hurt.

Greater Seal of Health I take 9 of these Health Seals, giving 8 health each x 9 = 72 more health. This plus the one Quint of health 26+72 = 98 more health than people who don't take health runes. This greatly increases your trade potential and will make you survive!

2 of Greater Quintessence of Armor and 9 Greater Mark of Armor will give you an additional 17 armor as the game starts. This will block some auto attack harass early game and will keep your little Nautilus Happy.

I took a combination of Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist so I can have scaling MR, for those mages who will slowly but surely gain power. I also took the initial MR runes to be a kind of base for the scaling runes to lay on top off. If too reliant on scaling, early game will be your biggest weakness.
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Although Nautilus IS a tanky support, he already is tanky enough that he doesn't necessarily mean he cant have any more. Nautilus is in my opinion a utility support Early-Start Mid Game then a Tanky in the later stages. By then the flat Armor and MR of the defense masteries lose their power. Getting bond of stone will increase your ADC's squishyness by a bit, but the sacrifice you will suffer is minimal. Although strength of the ages does help Naut scale, his power as a tank can't rely solely on the ability of his team to perform to his actions. In higher ELO or with more trusted carries this can be taken, however just helping them sustain is good.

Note that the Bond Of Stone, CAN NOT KILL YOU! IT will reduce your health to a minimum of 5%!

I chose not to go for expose weakness, because the bandit mastery gives more gold than either of the two Mid Choices in left tree. Although you could invest half in both, its not worth it unless building for a Mid Stone. As nautilus, gold, mana and more health from health pots outweighs CDR, ally damage and self damage.
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REMEMBER: All items listed in the item listing are just mere suggestions, they dont work in all situations and if necessary you can build some early armor/MR.
The first item start is my most recommended option, as it can keep you in lane long enough to afford the Targon's Brace and Sightstone on one back many times.

The second start is a highly aggressive start, with either the goal invading and deep warding for laneswaps, buff steals or spotting the jungler on his daily stroll to 7/11.

At all times, always be sure to invest in the consumables listed, as it ensures you stay on the field long enough to buy more than if you hadn't bought a potion at all.

If you can not yet afford to get both items, go for Targon's Brace before Sightstone if possible, but still try to get the ruby crystal for tank stats and Sightstone build. Always remember that the sweeping lens goes with the Sightstone, theres no reason for your silly little trinket if you have 4 3 min wards.

Core Items

Face of the mountain
Is a Support/Gold Income item (Essential As Supports)
Grants 100% Health Regen (Provides Sustain Which Nautilus Doesn't have)
Grants 450 More Health (Provides Tanky Stats For Nautilus and helps W)
Grants 10% CDR (To Activate Shield And Ult Soon)
Passive: Can execute minions below 400 health, granting you and the closest champion the gold value of the minion and heath.
2 gold per 10 seconds
Active: Upon activation it grants either you or an ally (Depending on who was selected) a shield that is 10% of YOUR maximum health.
Try to proc the passive of this item whenever necessary, it provides quick and easy healing to Nautilus and the nearest teammate.
Why Face of the mountain over Eye of Equinox? The face of the mountain synergies with Nautilus's tanky, surviving playstyle and since he will be stacking health for his W, his FOTM will also benefit from this, making him have essentially a 27% Max health shield on command, or a reasonably large shield for a squishy team mate.

Righteous Glory
Grants 500 Health (Gives EVEN MORE Tanky Stats for W)
Grants 300 Mana (Works with 10% CDR from Face Of The Mountain)
Grants 100% Mana Regen (Works with the CDR and Mana)
Active: Upon activation grants Nautilus and all nearby allies 60% Move Speed toward enemy towers or champions. After 3 seconds it detonates slowing all nearby enemies by 80% for 1 second. Since Nautilus is a melee character He basically guarantees the second activation of the RG to hit.
Use this at the start or end of teamfights, using it at the start forces the enemy team to fight, while using at the end is good for picking of little cowards.

Sightstone/ Ruby Sightstone

Grants 400 Health (If you haven't noticed a pattern yet, well i can not help you.)
Passive: Give you 3-4 wards upon visiting shop
Active: Take a guess. It places a ward.
Note: You do not have to get Ruby Sightstone before getting any other items, I recommend getting it last. After the recent changes to sightstone, it now holds 1 total less ward which is balanced by the fact that the now regular warding totems can stack twice, however it is not as effective as it once was.
Note 2: The Sweeping Lens goes WITH the Sightstone as one bundle. Always attempt to upgrade to Oracles to sweep even MORE wards, as it now follows you, letting you sweep out any areas with 1 activation.

The Sightstone can be mixed with a support item tier 2 to merge the two together, however you will not get the buff that the final upgrade of the support item gives, but will have the base ability and the ability to place 3 wards in 1 item.

Boots! This Following Section will be boots.

If you feel you are comfortable with boots, then skip this section

As Nautilus, here are the occasions in which the boots you buy will fit.

Mercury's Treads: These are good against heavy AP compositions, or if they have a lot of lock-downs and slows. You need to be getting your passive off on everyone during teamfights so you need to be fast to the job.

Ninja Tabi: Against AD comps and auto attack centered champions on the enemy team. This most times goes hand in hand with thornmail, as anyone who auto attacks you will find them selves the dumbest human who ever played the game. Use this against champs like Caitlyn, Ekko, Bard (Yolo) Master Yi, and so on.

Boots of Mobility: Every other situation. Get that speed back to lane! Get that speed to rush into a teamfight! Rush to the bathroom to pee while your respawn timer is 34 seconds! Use it anywhere! It is an all purpose general-Nike brand boots.


Homeguards: A new change in homeguards removed it as an enchantment, now granting all players the buff at 20 minutes.

Distortion: Make some Flash Hook plays or just flash over walls sooner. Get if they have someone like a zed or an assassin who needs to be Exhausted as soon as they show their faces out.

Captain: You're the tank Captain! In teamfights you will mostly lead the charge and your allies can keep up too now! This is great for anyone who needs positioning on your team. Also, its good for that "ACE! All go now!" moment which we all had and were too slow to even get to Gromp.

Alacrity: Go fast. If your caught out, Go fast. If your going somewhere, Go Fast. Mainly if you have not much vision on the map, so you can run past enemies quicker and not get as caught as you would have.


As nautilus, getting Frozen Heart is a great armor on nautilus, since he is a melee champ he will go in the front lines and end up reducing everyone's attack speed while taking majorly reduced damage from the 100 armor provided. This should not be combed with the Thornmail as it reduces their attack speed so they wont hit you as much. Get this item when facing Vayne especially, short ranged and relies on attack speed.

The Randuin's Omen is another great armor item on Nautilus, as it provides health for his W scaling, Armor, and anyone who autos him has their attack speed reduced. Use this instead of the Frozen Heart if the enemy team has more ranged and has champs like lee sin and Janna to keep you away. This should not be combed with the Thornmail as it reduces their attack speed so they wont hit you as much. Unlike the frozen heart, this can effect every champion, like Tristana and Kog Maw who might be able to outrange the frozen heart, will not prevent this item from reducing their AS.

The active of this item is very similar to E, Riptide as it slows all enemies in a circle. Use this before or after Riptides effects are finished, to not overkill the slow and instead stall more time.

The Thornmail is good against auto attack champions such as Caitlyn and Master Yi. It reflects 30% of damage taken back as magic damage to the attacker. This means if they deal 250 physical damage per auto they receive 75 magic damage back in return. If they are low and you have a lot of health, despite just being a support.


In it's current state, this item is too good too pass up. Giving movement speed, armor, more attack damage after running, there is nothing this item doesn't give. Actually thats a lie, it doesnt give much but it give a large variety of stats for a low price that is really just unbalanced in it's current state. Which is why you should get it!

Magic Resist

The Spirit Visage is not very recommended on Nautilus at all due to the fact he doesn't make good use of the passive that it gives which is Increases ALL healing by 20% as he does not have any healing abilities.

Mikael's Crucible is a situational item. Use only if they have large amounts of CC, such as Zyra, Thresh Ulti, etc. Using this on an ally or on yourself removes all CC. It also gives nautilus some Mana Regeneration, so he can spam his spells more carelessly. If they don't have CC then this item is essentially a heal. However, this is probably the 2nd most recommended MR item on Nautilus, as the LOTIS doesnt give much MR.

Banshee's Veil is not highly recommended on nautilus, as it blocks one spell. In most cases this is for the ADC or VIP of the team to block a Thresh hook of even an ultimate like Nautilus'. As the tank, you will be receiving many random spells tossed at you and a hook doesn't have to be the first one.

Locket of the Iron Solari is the most recommended MR item on Nautilus because of its unique aura passive which grants nearby allies 75% bonus health regeneration and 20 MR. If activated it gives all nearby allies 50 + (10*Level). This plus Face Of The Mountain and Nautilus's W, Titan's Wrath it can grant him an absolutely massive shield.

This is a pretty good item on most supports, as it allows a lane to easily be pushed without much attention paid to it, and the bonuses it give on it's own to the user make up for the high price and possible low stats. I am not aware if it stacks with Locket, however I do not recommend getting both.

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Passive: Staggering Blow

Effect: Nautilus' basic attacks deal an additional「 2 + (6 × Nautilus' level) 」physical damage and root his target for 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 seconds. This effect cannot trigger on the same target more than once every few seconds.
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Range: Auto-Attack Range
This passive is what makes Nautilus such an annoying but amazing support. Each auto attack (On a cooldown) will root the target. This means blue buff for kiting, an assassin reaching your backline, or the sad little caster minion. Try to proc this in teamfights as much as possible, but make sure you use it efficiently and not root a target for no reason.

Q - Dredge Line

Effect: Nautilus hurls his anchor forward in a line. If it hits an enemy unit, Nautilus drags himself and the unit together, dealing magic damage and briefly stunning the enemy.
COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10
RANGE: 1100
MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 75% AP)
COST: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 MANA
This is your main early game engage, which becomes a secondary engage later game. Landing Dredge Line stuns a target, which can be followed up by your passive Staggering Blow for a root, for a free long movement impairment combo. Use this to get to lane faster, by hooking turrets on your way. This is also a great escape due to the same reason.

W- Titans wrath

Effect: Nautilus gains a shield for up to 10 seconds that absorbs a base amount of damage plus a percentage of his maximum health. While the shield persists, Nautilus' basic attacks apply a debuff to all enemies within 175 range of his target, dealing bonus magic damage over 2 seconds.

Range: Auto-Attack range + 175 Units from target
MAGIC DAMAGE: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 (+ 40% AP)
SHIELD STRENGTH: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 (+ 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17% of max health)

This is Nautilus' main tank tool. Scaling of Max health, this shield can save your life in most occasions. Ashe arrow heading towards your recalling ADC? No worries, press W to bodyblock like Braum. This ability plus other shield providing items, like Locket of the Iron Solari and Face of the mountain can create a massive shield that can almost double your survival rate if each shield is used in sequence.

This is also your main trading tool in lane, combos to poke and trade in lane are mentioned in the following chapter.

E- Riptide

Effect:Nautilus slams the ground, causing a ring of explosions to radiate out from him in 3 waves. Each explosion deals magic damage to enemies in the area and slows them, decaying over 1.5 seconds. Enemies take 50% less damage from explosions beyond the first that hits them.
RANGE: 600
COOLDOWN: 7 / 6.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 5
MAGIC DAMAGE PER WAVE: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 30% AP)
SLOW: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%

COST: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 MANA
This skill, is one of the most important poking and teamfighting skills Nautilus has. Activating this in the middle of a teamfight can slow every enemy for 30-50%, and its even easier than landing a Fiora ult. This is also great for chasing, even as a giant 10 ton beast.

R- Depth Charge

Effect: Nautilus fires a tidal wave that chases a target enemy champion, dealing magic damage and knocking up enemies it passes through for 0.5 seconds. The shockwave explodes upon reaching its target, dealing magic damage to the target, as well as knocking them up for 1 second and stunning them
RANGE: 825
COOLDOWN 140s 110s 80s
EXPLOSION MAGIC DAMAGE: 200 / 325 / 450 (+ 80% AP)
PASSTHROUGH MAGIC DAMAGE: 125 / 175 / 225 (+ 40% AP)
STUN DURATION: 1 / 1.5 / 2
A Vi's ult with a stun, the ability to hit many targets, and doesn't involve being a Kamekazi bomber. This ult will completely turn any teamfight your way. Tanks in front and the little eggs in the back. By ulting the carries you knock up the tanks out of your way, and deal massive damage to the carries. Following up will be to E them all (Especially the carries) to prevent their escape so your team can pick up the kills and store the gold away.
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Ability Sequence

For skills, I try to find a even maxing balance between Naut's W- Titan's Wrath and E- Riptide . I also take points into my ultimate- Depth Charge whenever possible.

My Sequence is:
Begin E, Riptide as the first skill, then I get Q, Dredge Line as my second and then my third ability is W Titan's Wrath. As I said before I take points into my ultimate, Depth Charge at levels 6, 11, and 16. I only put one point into my Q Dredge Line at level 2 and then get the rest for last at levels 14, 15, 17, and 18. If needed, I will start W first or second delaying Q if playing safe is needed or if bot lane decides to start krugs/gromp, and you are required to tank.

My reasoning for this is:
The Q is not very necessary for damage, as the CC and range of it stays static.
Titans wrath shield is more valuable and so is the long range and massive slow Riptide can apply, and the ultimate is self explanatory, as it is the most important ability Nautilus has.
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Ability Combos

Note: Be very conservative using all abilities, Nautilus uses mana very quickly if too many hooks are missed or too many poke combos are attempted.

Average Poke Combo:
Activate W- Titans wrath
Close Distance with target quickly while shield persists
Activate E- Riptide to slow and damage your enemy as they run through the rings of damage.
Land your passive- Staggering Blow to stun and deal bonus damage to the target.
Fall back.
Since you had Titan's Wrath up you blocked out most damage from the target and minions.

Pro:- Not much damage taken, Good poke strategy if ADC follows with AA
Con- VERY mana hungry combo, best if used when at full or close to full mana.

Average Engagement

Land Dredge Line on a target, make sure to be in a safe spot with no incoming ganks from the enemy jungler.
Auto attack ( Dredge Line will automatically make you auto attack your hit target) to proc your passive Staggering Blow to root the target.
Activate W- Titan's Wrath to block some minion aggro damage or from any retaliation from champions.
As they attempt to flee use E- Riptide to deal large amounts of damage as they pass through each ring and get a large slow on them.
If necessary use Depth Charge or Exhaust to completely lock their fate.

Pro- If done correctly ALMOST ensures a kill every time.
Con- If the target is a bait or happens to have reinforcements you may have a hard time escaping especially with Dredge Line on cooldown.

Wave Clear
Not much to explain, just Riptide to deal damage to all minions and Titan's Wrath to block some damage and deal a portion of AOE damage. This is good to make sure that minions don't go to waste under tower while your ADC is away.
Pro- Kills lots of minions
Con- Uses a portion of your mana
If caught out, no abilities left.

After playing Nautilus a long time myself, when my ADC backs/roams or happens to be dead, I can efficiently get the farm by carefully timing my Riptide to safely reach the back minions while I melee the front minions for last hits. Using your W Titans wrath can help with larger clears, as the AOE per hit can help, however this often ends up backfiring and should only be used if you need to shield.
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Early Game-Laning

I recommend at level 1 to stay back and avoid any fights, however being annoying, and forcing the duo bot to back away from minions or have them face your passive is well worth it, if played safely. Staying in the bush closest to their tower and using Riptide and autoing them will deal damage and provide opportunity for your ADC to poke. within lane,
how ever Nautilus brings great power to any jungle skirmish because of the strengths of Riptide.

At level 2, continue to play safe and attempt to poke with Riptide and activate Relic Shield when ever necessary.

At level 3 and 4 when all abilities are learned, go for small but not all in engages unless you are 110% sure you can get a kill. Follow your average engage combo to chunk and poke with your ADC.

At level 5, play back or recall at this stage to fill up on mana and health and prepare for your ultimate power spike.

At level 6, look for a target to kill almost instantly when you get back into lane, or try to communicate with your team to set up a skirmish around objectives like dragon where Nautilus' CC can make a bigger impact than a carry.

At level 7 and above, if you have an considerable advantage and are aware that the enemy jungler and top/mid arent roaming/teleporting bot any time sooner, go in for engages whenever you can, you will almost always out trade if you have synergy with your ADC. If you have a disadvantage, hold on and save your mana, health and abilities until help from other lanes arrive, in which you can turn the tides. During this time you and your ADC should have sufficient supplies of pots and your Relic Shield passive will provide some decent sustain for the both of you.


Out side of laning phase, Nautilus can set up some incredible tower dives as he can prevent and lock down the escape of who ever you are diving, while tanking the turret for a while.

Try to use Nautilus' mid-late game spike when he gets around 2 itmes to CC and Tanky infinitely. His ulti, when used on the right target can be, hold on let me put an emphasis on this, ulting the right target can be DEVASTATING. Disrupting all channeled abilities, such as Nunu & Willump Katarina when they attempt to dive or make a dangerous play. Then the 5 CCs (Knock up, Stun, Root, Hook, Slow) basically is a 100% dead champion.

Even if you are losing, if there is another late game scaling champ on your team (Ex: Ryze, Maokai, Vayne) you will most likely turn it around as Nautilus' tankiness and CC compacted into one un-kill-able titan is unmatched in the late game.

Team Fights

In Team Fights always remember YOUR ACTIVES, too many supports attempt to make sick hooks and are too tunnel visioned landing their ulti. Locket of the Iron Solari your team as soon as you want to engage and tank some damage, or Righteous Glory to chase and engage. Face of the mountain your carry when ever they are being dived, and Randuin's Omen their carries to add even more CC.

If the enemy has any invisible champions like Twitch or Akali, toss down your oracles lens to spot them and make quick work of these squishy targets.

exaust any assassins attempting to dive or chase your carries, but only if you can follow up and either protect a high priority target or kill the assassin.
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Nautilus is a champion that all supports should know how to play in the growing tank meta, having a incredible amount of CC at his disposal and being a incredibly good late game scaling champion, you cant go wrong with him.

This has been ImCoco4CocoPuffs, and this was my first MobaFire guide! Comments and ideas will be appreciated! I will constantly revise and fix up this guide as updates come. Thank you for reading my guide!
League of Legends Build Guide Author ImCoco4CoCoPuffs
ImCoco4CoCoPuffs Nautilus Guide
[Season 6 Updated] Nautilus Support
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