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Fiora Build Guide by Lupus_ToplaneMain

Top [Season11] Low- and Mid-Elo Fiora Guide

Top [Season11] Low- and Mid-Elo Fiora Guide

Updated on August 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lupus_ToplaneMain Build Guide By Lupus_ToplaneMain 10 0 25,752 Views 1 Comments
10 0 25,752 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lupus_ToplaneMain Fiora Build Guide By Lupus_ToplaneMain Updated on August 13, 2021
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Runes: (Conq 3)

1 2 3 4 5
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Season11] Low- and Mid-Elo Fiora Guide

By Lupus_ToplaneMain
Why Listen to This Guide?
I dont know. I think im a good Fiora Player in low elo and I know how to play her. I just wanted to share my opinion and made this guide. A lot of the guides are made by and for high elo player so i thought this one is a bit differernt. THE MATCHUPS ARE MY EXPERIENCE IN LOW ELO!! So if any higher elo Fiora main (plat and higher) disgrees wiht me, its because you have a different experience than I have. But I tried to make the threads viable for most ranks. Often its a champ that does require much skill or game knowledge which is different. Jax for example is in dia+ Even or Major thread. And in Challenger Major or Extreme, because only skilled jax mains play him. Same goes for singed, even though hes easier to fight anyways.
About me
Im a toplane Main and currently in Silver. I dont play much ranked. Sorry for my bad english, im german but i want to make the guide in english in order for more people to understand it and to learn from it. I main fiora for over a year now, which isnt that much, i know, but I feel pretty confident and I watch a lot of videos and streams to learn. Also I have a lot knowledeg about the game for my rank, even though I dont use it that often.
Fiora is a really cool Champ. My Friend told me about her and i started playing her. I really liked the champ and i was good from the start. I went to mastery 7 quite fast. She is a really strong champ, but she requires a lot of skill too. Thats what i like so much about her. She easy to do decent on, but hard to be really good on. You are so happy when you win a 1v2 or even 1v3! It gives you more joy to win a fight with a champ that needs skill than with garen. (If i think about it, you probably laughing about how stupid and strong garen is ;)). She has a lot of cool skins too.
My favorite one is soaring sword Fiora, followed by IG Fiora.
KAYN (example of his 0 kill potential) (VIDEO)
This is an example of how useless unfed kayn early really is. I am fed in this one, i know, but this is similar to most kayn ganks if he isnt fed. If I werent fed, I think the yuumi would have made the difference, but she didnt. Kayn does close to 0 dmg and cant surviva the 1v2 (with yuumi) for a long time.
This is what the guide is for. I explained the runes, Item Builds and Matchups already. This is more like a short summary of the guide above!
You start the game, buy your start items and go to lane. Since your early game is really strong, go trough the Alkoven into their laning bush (except you play vs. Teemo) and wait for them there. You can all in them from there really easy and deal a good amount of damage. In lane you just farm. If the vitals are good, q into him and use the movementspeed you get from hitting a vital to run away. Try to get level 2 and 6 first. These are huge powerspikes for you. In certain Matchup the gameplan changes, as I1ve said in the "threat" List above. In mid-Lategame you want to splitpush. Why? because your not a great temfighter and with enough skill and items you can easily win 1v2´s and even 1v3´s. But still play safe. You dont have to splitpush, you can go for a mix and push top and bot a bit but concentrate on staying with your team.
The Krakenslayer Build
In FP stream, it was talked about the big nerfs coming for bruiser mythics in 11.2. One viewer asked if you could build ADC mythics on Fiora and then FP looked into it on stream and tested it.
NOT AN OPTION, BECAUSE it has Lifeline and then you couldnt build Gage or Maw.
AN OPTION, BECAUSE you can instaproc vitals with it and the dash is pretty far, but its not the best. BUT CRIT
-Kraken Slayer
AN OPTION, BECAUSE it provides even more True damage, which is good, and it also has no disadvantages with the passives or anything. BUT CRIT

To solve the crit problem, the new Rageblade comes in handy. It converts Crit-chance into on-hit Dmg. THis is insane good, because q applies onhit dmg and the rest of her kit are only Auto-attacks. Crit is bad on her, because of the way her e works and you wouldnt have 100% chance anyway. Now you dont have the problem wiht crit and have on-hit dmg everytime you Autoattack or q your enemy. Get more Crit you can buy essence reaver, but you dont have to. If you dont want to, change it to one of the situational items that I talked about earlier in this guide.
The Build - ordes are:

WITH Essence reaver
Krakenslayer - Ravenous Hydra - Boots - Sterags gage - Essence Reaver - Rageblade

WITHOUT Essence reaver
Krakenslayer - Ravenous Hydra - Boots - Sterags gage - Rageblade - situational

Krakenslayer - Ravenous Hydra - Boots - Sterags Gage - situational - GA (or situational)
You play it like this:

On your first back, get Vampiric scepter if possible, if not a second Dorans Blade. Then go for Noonquiver - Pickaxe and then Krakenslayer. You dont want to buy agility cloak. Buy tier one boots or Armor or MR instead, but try not to have to build agilty cloak. Then rush Hydra and Boots. Then you just complete the items in the build order I have mentioned before. You basically play the game with this itembuild the same way you would with the other itembuilds, but you arent as Tanky, your more of an Assassine rather than a fighter. (Shes both Classes, Fighter + Assassine, this build is more Assassine, the otehr ones more Fighter. How to play the game is in the next chapters. !! YOU ARE STILL NOT A TEAMFIGHTER !!
U dont want to teamfight, as i´ve maéntioned, but if you have to teamfight, dont fight front to back with you team! PLay like an assasin and go behind the enemy team. Then focus the ADC/APC or their main damage source in the backline. Kill that champion with ur Ult and get the hell out of there! Take 1 or two jungle camps to heal, but if you dont need the heal, circle back behind the enemy team and take out another backliner. Then the Teamfight should be won.
Video - Guide [Teamfighting]

In this Video you can see me getting a Pentakill with Fiora. I was out of practice and missed a lot of vitals and failed some combos, im sorry for that. But you can see how i went into backline in the fight and killed the ADC(s). Thats the way to teamfight with her, as i mentioned before. then u see me fighting the malphite 1v1. i dont get distracted and i dont kite or any fancy ****, because Fiora is best in boring easy 1v1 or 1v2. You just have to the vitals better than i did. Focus on one champion and ignore the other one in a 1v2, as i did vs. ashe and malphite, even though they didnt seem to care much that i killed them tbh. You can use the other one to ur advantage with your parry into stun. You are supposed to dodge the others skillshot and parry his cc, as ive mentioned, but dont attack him, it can be your death. Fiora isnt as OP as for example Sett is.
Buy blue Trinket and have 2 control wards ready. If you splitpush at botlane and ur blue side, put the controlward in the bush under the gromp and place the blue trinket from far away near the bluebuff, so you can see if somebody is coming from there to lane. The controlward shows enemies behind you. This way you are nearly as safe as possible and can splitpush very easy. You might have to mute your teams pings. If you are red side, place the wards in the brush under the dragon pit and in the Brush at the wall in front of the redbuff, so you see the enemies early and can react. If you Splitpush, take TP so you can tp from bot to top if enemies try to trap and kill you. Thats why you should have 2 control wards, because now u can put one top and it doesnt matter that the one botlane gets destroyed.
Video - Guide [Splitpush and 1v1´s]
ATTENTION; THE VIDEO IS SEASON 10 (and i was kinda bad when i clipped it xd)
Here you see what happens if ou underestimate Fiora and dont defend your base properly. YOu see the enemy team is all over the place and dont group. I use that to my advantage and push top, because I know how many are pushing and how many missing.I know my team can fight 4v3 long enough. They only have Kayn base and zed recalling. Gnar is going top to get to me from behind, which i didnt know. I can easily dive kayn and kill them, because I am fed and they are not. I try to take down tower, but kayn did too much damage. So i ran away in their base. I tried to kill Zed, but he disengaged so far, i could switch target and killed the kayn instead. I had to stay in their base because my minions were dead and zed was near. Gnar came but i could easily scare him. When Zed came i switched targets, which i didnt intend to, but it just happened it was good. i proceed to take tower and inhib, because Gnar doesnt do much damage. He jumped in with e like every low elo Gnar when their Ragebar is full so i was prepared. I stunned him by parrying his w and tried to kill him. I stuck to one target as im "supposed to" :). I attack the minions to get some HP back and then i kill Zed. Now MF is there, but shes an ADC and I am fed Fiora in S10. Because most of them were at their base with me, my team chased Senna to death, so I did not had to deal with her. I killed Kayn as he ran straight into me and waited for a wave to end the game, but they surrendered. What do we learn? Fiora is strongest in 1v1 or 1v2. THey kept coming at me solo or with a mate so it were 1v1 or 1v2´s, which i can easily win. MF and Senna didnt recall, because they underestimated me and thought their team could handle me. But its still low elo so the fact everyone, includint me, is just bad af helps a lot in this case. So search the small fights (thats why you splitpush, nearly every team only goes with 1 or 2 members to the sidelane to stop someone from pushing) and dont swap targets, kill one and then the other. DONT COPY ITEMBUILDS OR THE EXACT WAY I PLAYED IT WAS SEASON 10.
Video Guide [1v1´s]
In this Video you can see what I mean when I say shes good in 1v3 and its another example for her splitpushing quality. Its really similar to the last Video, but in season 11 this time. They dont fight me as a team, they go for 3 1v1´s. That is a huge mistake, I would ahve lost a 1v3, maybe even a 1v2 vs. Swain and Sejuani. i just stay cool, hit all the vitals and then i recall because I have no mana. Runes I used: Conq,Triumph,Bloodline,Coup de Grace,sudden impact,ravenous hunter (still had lee sin runes) and I used a standart Itembuild, I had 1 item.
Pentakill 1v5 (mostly)
This is another example of her insane 1v3 potential. I get 2 kills with the help of my teammates, but then they die and im 1v3. But I win it by hitting the vitals and by staying in my ult heal area for as long as possible.
Tips and Tricks
-I have named one already. Go into the enmiey brush at toplane trough the Alkoven and suprise them.
-Your passive has a range, so if the vital is placed poorly on the enemie, just walk our of the range and then back in to have it in a better position.Its also a good tipp against fiora!
-The vitals are kind of predictable. Every champ has 4 vitals. One at the top of the champ, one left and right of the champ and of under the champ. The top and the one on the right side form a "unit" and the other 2 form one. If a vital has appeared in the top/right Unit, the next will appear in the bottom/left unit. That way you can predict the vitals and hit them faster. Its also a good tipp against fiora!
-You can q over a lor of walls in the game, but not over all, so try to use your surroundings as your advantage!

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