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Sejuani Build Guide by Coorowko

Jungle Sejuani Carry: Save Games and Douse Flames

Jungle Sejuani Carry: Save Games and Douse Flames

Updated on October 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coorowko Build Guide By Coorowko 7,831 Views 0 Comments
7,831 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coorowko Sejuani Build Guide By Coorowko Updated on October 6, 2021
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Runes: Best Runes

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Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Sejuani Carry: Save Games and Douse Flames

By Coorowko
Sejuani is one of two champions that make me love League, the other being Vi. Sejuani is my main through and through, and I often find she lacks the offensive pressure of most tanks, junglers, and tank junglers. I've found this build to be an excellent balance of offense and defense, using a a few off meta items for Sejuani like Demonic Embrace and to a lesser extent Titanic Hydra, Sejuani can become a great Jungle carry with amazing utility. That said, this is an expensive build, you need a lot of resources to effectively get these items and if you get too far behind it's gonna be extremely hard to come back. Play smart, play well, and you'll have a great time with this build. ^.^

Also a disclaimer, I'm pretty average at League, so take this all with a grain of salt.
I'm pretty new to guide formatting so the visuals on this guide are pretty bare bones, but when I have time I'll make everything look pretty.

Aftershock is just Sejuani's best primary rune, it has great synergy with her cc and gives her a lot of survivability during fights. Although this build
generally builds less Armour and MR than normal Sej, it still greatly benefits from Aftershock's effects.

Demolish is great for mid to late game pressure when pushing turrets, Sej has pitiful damage versus turrets so this can make pushes much easier. You can switch to Font of Life is a great utility rune and pretty much the only rune in this slot that has any synergy with Sej and provides a little extra support to allies during team fights enough to decide whether they live or die. But Demolish I've found ends up being extremely useful in the lategame, especially if you're the last one standing after a team fight or split pushing.

Gives bonus Armour and MR, usually you'll have Sunfire Aegis and your boots at this point giving a pretty significat bonus to your defenses. Also works well with Aftershock's scaling.

Bonus health empowers Sunfire Aegis ,Titanic Hydra , and Warmog's Armour pick this every time, even if you're running different rune this and conditioning are essential.

Extra gold is nice but the healing upon takedown is exceptionally good with Sejuani, it can save team fights and tower dives. As an alternate Rune you can sub Triumph with Coup de Grace , but I've generally found Triumph to be the more consistently valuable effect.

Bonus attack speed to stack Permafrost
Meme Runes

Glacial Augment is my meme build for Sejuani, that said it can definitely perform relatively well especially with the utility of Inspiration runes. Glacial Augment is a pretty nice addition to Sejuani's game, it makes dealing with champions with a lot of mobility way way easier and raises your chances of a successful gank.

Free boots is nice, if you're doing well on Sej you'll get them pretty early and in time for the Conditioning buff.

Gets you ahead when building items, can really give you an edge if you get items before the enemy jungler and laners.

Makes ganking and running down enemies easy, really helps at any stage of the game.

Same reasoning as primary Runes. While Triumph and Alacrity definitely add alot to Sejuani's offensive utility, while Conditioning and Overgrowth help Sejuani scale defensively. Just pick whether you want the offensive or defensive scaling.

Same reasoning as primary Runes.
Sejuani has a pretty easy build, the only variation game to game outside of her core items are her boots and tank items.

This item gives Sejuani everything she needs. Its damage scales off of her bonus health, which is why we build essentially exclusively items that grant bonus health with the exception of boots. It also grants her some nice defensive buffs to her Armour and MR, and the Mythic bonus gives her slow resistance and tenacity making her very able to shrug off crowd control.

Grants Sejuani a massive boost to her bonus health and to her damage. Hydra is a fantastic offensive item that melts through creeps and enemies, it scales off of Sej's health and drastically increases her dps.

Demonic Embrace is a genuinely great item for Sejuani. All of Sej's abilities scale off of ability power but as a tank she really doesn't get to build a lot of offensively scaling items outside of her bonus health damage items. Demonic Embrace gives Sej so much it's ridiculous, first off it increases her ability damage and gives her a nice chunk of bonus health. Its unique effect gives Sej great DoTs and anti tank utility, and also importantly grants her bonus Armor and Magic Resistance while the effect is active. It may seem a bit outside Sejuani's norm but Demonic Embrace is honestly so good for Sej and gives her greater pressure and survivability in fights.

Warmog's gives Sejuani a massive boost to her bonus health and keeps her healthy between fights. Most of Sejuani's items and runes benefit from bonus health and Warmog's gives the greatest amount. Solid item, always build.

Always pick Armour or MR boots on Sejuani, nothing else is relevant. These picks are situational and completely up to your judgement as to which one is necessary.

If the enemy team is balanced I usually pick Stoneplate, it provides great across the board defensive stats and bonus' and its active gives Sej an extra bit of survivability during team fights or if disengaging.

Superb magic resistance and offensive effects, Abyssal Mask is my favourite MR item to build if the enemy team is AP heavy. If you really need a purely defensive boost you can replace this pick with Spirit Visage .

THE tank anti-heal item, it shuts down omnivamp, lifesteal, and heals and provides pretty nice bonus Armour. There really is no replacement for this item, but if you're in the rare situation where the enemy team is mostly AD and doesn't have any or much vamp you can propably sub Randuin's Omen .
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coorowko
Coorowko Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani Carry: Save Games and Douse Flames

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