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Sejuani Build Guide by SilenceSUI

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilenceSUI

Sejuani solotop AP Tank / Full Tank

SilenceSUI Last updated on January 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi Guys

This is my second guide here on Mobafire. This time I've chosen Sejuani for a guide and especially because I always read here about jungle Sejuani, yes this is mybe good, but I prefer a solotop sejuani with a good amount of damage output and tankines. I hope you like my guide and have some fun with it.

Sry for my bad english :)

Because of some Feedbacks that AP Sejuani isn't so good, because her AP scalation is to low, I decided to make a 2nd Build, the first one will remain, but I added a Full tank Build.

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Good & Bad


-Cool passive (cool? got it :D )
-Perfect chaser
-Great tank with a good damage output
-A lot of CC
-Great initiater
-Maybe a bit OP ult?
-Rides on a boar :D


-Often focused if not tanky enough
-Chance to miss ult (because of flash or something)

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Materies & Runes

So let's start for the AP Tank

I think you may ask yourself why I put in points in tank masteries and chose AP Runes. First, Sejuani is in my eyes a good tank just from her basic stats and her skills are perfect to escape if you get ganked or whatever, so through these tank masteries she gets a nice amount everything she needs, a bit life, armor & magic res.
Now the runes are like for ever AP champ, Flat AP glyph's and quints, magic pen for the marks and Armor for the seals. Together with a Doran's Shield you get the tankiness you need in the beginning.

Full Tank

Here I take 1/22/7. One Point for the Eshaust Buff, then 22 Points in the defensive section and at least 7 points for the flash buff, shorter rebirth times and a bit of mana. I don't know what to explain much, but just take these Masteries and you will be on the right side.

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Items for AP Tank

So now we go for the items

This item is perfect for Sejuani, it gives her a nice amount of health, some armor and health regen. In my eyes are the doran's items the best items in the game, ofc they are useless late game, but what they give you is much more then they are worth. So take this item if you are solotop agains an ad champ or 2 champs. If you have a double lane you can take [Doran's ring] instead of the shield but I prefer the shield.

This Boots give Sejuani a bit of Magic resistance, Movement 2 and tenacity which is good on every champion. So I go for this boots because none of the other boots fit her, maybe the CDR boots but I prefer this ones.

Rush this item after you got the boots. Due to his passive which stacks over time you have to get this item as soon as possible. If you are lv 6 try to gank mid or bot with your ult and get yourself some kills so that you can get this item faster.

The next item is a warmogs. This item also is stackable so get it right after Rod of Ages so that you have the stackable items first. Your warmog's is the first step into your tanky build and it's necessary for her so go for it right after the rod.

After the warmog's we can get us some more ap again. Now this is the point where you can chose if you really want this item now or not, it depends on the game. If you have a good stat and your team is doing well, don't mind to take it and go for some extra damage. But if you are under pressure and the enemy team dominates, then it's maybe better if you go for another tank item instead of this. It's up to you :)
In addition your spells do also slow now, so add this as a super bonus to your Permafrost.

You can choose which item you want to buy first, Frozen Heart or Force of Nature it depends on the enemy team, if they're caster heavy, go for a force of nature first, if they have a lot of dps, so take a frozen heart.

Take a look at the text from Frozen Heart.

Possible items

Go for this item if your enemy is caster heavy and a mage is on a killing spree or better. It can save your life, trust me :D

If you haven't got so much money and want to get tankier faster then go for this instead of a warmogs, but I don't really recommend this because your W scales with life so more life is more damage and with a Warmog's Armor you have a lot more life then with a Sunfire Cape.

This item also is a good choice, so now you slow with your hits and on top you may slow if they hit you, isn't this just awesome?

There are a lot of good items for Sejuani but I don't wanna explain them all here so just try out for yourself and find the perfect match in tankiness and AP damage :)

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Items for Full Tank

As a tank I also start with a Doran's Shield you can read in the section "Items for AP Tank" why I like Doran's items so much and yeah it has everything a tank need in the beginning, so take this. You could also buy a Ruby Crystal for the Heart of Gold you will build next, but I don't appreciate it.

As a tank I go for this boots, because they reduce incoming damage, except from turrets, by 10% perfect tank item isn't it? You could also take Mercury's Treads they give you Magic Res in the beginning and their tenacity is really good if the enemy team has a lot of CC's.

After you have your boots and the Heart of Gold get this item as first, because it has a Passive who needs to stack, so get it early in the game so that you have a full stackt Warmog's late game.

Get this item after Warmog's. All 45 Seconds you have a spell shield and it gives you some nice live, mana and the magic resistance you lacked til now except you bougth the Mercury's Treads

This item is pretty cool it gives you a little bit CDR (with your masteries it is 13% on lv. 18) and the best is his unique active, you can initiate a fight with your ult, run there with your Artic assault, Permafrost and use the active and your enemys will be stuned, slowed and their attack speed is decreased, a hell of a combo, I can tell ya.

It gives you additional magic res, armor and a awesome passive which lets you revive if you die. So get this item now so that you can tank your team longer then ever befor.

Now you can choose between these two items. Take the one which fits better the situation. If their Mage is fed, go for a force of nature, if their AD carry does a lot of damage, take a Thornmail instead.

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Skill Sequence

Now to our skills. It's for both builds the same skill sequence.

Normal passive, not op but also not bad. Special is, that every skill of you is chained with this passive. This is cool in one way because you can do more damage if your oponent is on frost but is also a great negative, then without Glacial Prison or Arctic Assault you have to go to your enemys and use auto attacks on them to unleash your full potential.

This skill is really cool. Your boar runs and if he hits an enemy champion, he will stop automaticaly, inflict damage and trigger your passive. Also use this skill to run away from the enemy team if they ganked you in the jungle, use it to run through thin walls and escape.
I take it first but max it at least.

This skill scales with your maximum amount of health. On lv. 5, 2% of your max live are added to her damage, so with this full build this makes around 2& of 4000 which is 80. So with 36 base damage + 16 damage from your AP + 80 damage from your health and your enemy is on Frost / Permafrost which means 50% more damage makes = 198 damage oper second to all surrounding enemys, not bad if you ask me.
I take this skill on lv. 4 and max it third.

This Skill is your best partner, together with Arctic Assault it can be a hard AoE slow for the hole enemy team, and if the slow has stoped you stil have your ult for an AoE stun so use it smart.
I max this skill second, right after my ult.

This Ultimate is kinda op, I mean take a look at Leona, she's also a Tank who scales with AP but her scaling is so bad that you can only play her on full tank. Then her ult is an AoE slow with stun in the middle, now Sejuani makes more damage, is in my eyes tankier then Leona and has the better ult, so this just makes her awesome.
This ult can be game changing for your team. It has a quite high cooldown, so use it wisely. If you wanna secure a teammate then think about it first, is it your fed AD carry or is it the feeding first time noob who hasn't one kill yet? So chose yourself if you wanna sefa them, but dont waste it!
The good thing is, even if you are the one who fed the enemy team, you can stay back, throw your ult and change the hole fight.
Take this Skill on lv. 6, 11 & 16.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells, go for it and no goes

Recommended for AP tank

Good summoner spell an almost every champ. Use it to catch up or get away if your Q is on cooldown.

Take this spell if no one else has it in your team because you gave the masterie point in Summoner's Insight so use this spell.

Recommended for tank

Good summoner spell an almost every champ. Use it to catch up or get away if your Q is on cooldown.

As a tank take this to add some extra safety for your team.


Always a good spell, take it if you want to get sure about some kills.

You have Artic assault for your speed, but if you are a fan of ghost instead of flash, be free to take it.

If no one else in your team has it, then take it, but better let AD carrys in your team take this.

Take this spell if you go into jungle, but then look for another guide then this one.

All other spells are

no goes

on her, I didn't tried them because I think they aren't of big use for her, but feel free to check them out

I didn't really made a big chapter with summoner spells, because a lot people have their favourites and the most players know which spells they should take and which one not.

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So I hope you enjoyed my guide, pls rate and comment on it so that I can improve it. I'm open for every kind of feedback except stupid, meaningless verbal slender.

Thy for reading and have fun :D
Greets Silence