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Sejuani Build Guide by ahehe7

Sejuani - the Queen of CC

Sejuani - the Queen of CC

Updated on November 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ahehe7 Build Guide By ahehe7 11 3 49,788 Views 7 Comments
11 3 49,788 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ahehe7 Sejuani Build Guide By ahehe7 Updated on November 1, 2012
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Hello guys, this is going to my first guide, to my first and foremost favorite jungler. My name is Allen He, I have been playing League for a little more than half a year, but jungling has become my favorite role. I will not say I am an expert at League of Legends, but I will say I know a lot about Sejuani, her ups and downs, and there are reasons as to why she is my favorite. She is a rather underplayed champion as well, but isn't that what's great!?

So please, ladies and gents, sit back, keep your finger on that mouse wheel and I hope you enjoy reading about Sejuani.

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Why Boar Lady?

Pros of Sejuani--

-Great initiator with both her Arctic Assault and Glacial Prison.
-Powerful tank.
-Quick Jungler with Northern Winds.
-Easy to execute ganks.
-Rarely played.
-SO CC HEAVY, her passive Frost.
-TOO MUCH CC, her E, Permafrost.
-MORE CC, Glacial Prison.
-She's cooler than Ashe.
-I think she has the best dance in the game.

Cons of Sejuani--

-Has a particularly slow start if you compare her to other junglers like Nocturne, Shyvana, or Lee Sin.
-Until late game, most skills stay on cool down for a rather long time.
-Her damage really falls off mid + late game.
-She is very much like Amumu, but does less damage and has a shorter range.

Why do I play her?

I love jungling, and I think her ganks are the most fun to execute. I feel like with her, s lvl 3 gank is more often than not a guaranteed kill with the heavy cc on Permafrost. Watching someone run from Sejuani is like watching snails crawl across a desert.
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Runes.... AKA boring 1

AS for runes, I believe this is rather standard for a tanky-AP jungler.

The Quintessences I use include three Greater Quintessence of Swiftness runes for the extra movement speed for early ganking capabilities.

One has once suggested a Greater Quintessence of Resilience to add the slightest bit of armor to allow for prolonged jungling capabilities, really, up to you.

Greater Seal of Resilience - The Seals, of course flat Armor runes for those pesky wolves and your arch-nemesis from Frejlord, Ashe.

Greater Glyph of Shielding - The Glyphs consist of Magic Resist per level runes. Why these? Well most AP carries end up becoming much stronger in the later phase of the game, so compared to flat Magic Resist runes, magic resist per level runes are much more efficient.

Greater Mark of Insight - The marks, well, this one can go many ways. I personally prefer to use magic penetration marks to allow for those killer ganks early on. People can feel free to get attack speed runes, , (I've seen a 2k ELO person use those) to speed up jungling, or even get more AP for quicker jungling since all of your skills scale off AP.
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Masteries... AKA boring 2

Masteries, those 30 points that people always seem to have different views over. In my very own opinion, masteries are not extremely significant, but they do matter down to a very minor level, so as I lay my mastery page out, please keep in mind even if you used a completely different build you'd probably do fine.

I consider my build to be the standard tank mastery page. a 1 - 24 - 5 tree.

First let's talk Maok... I mean defensive tree.
- Tough Skin and Bladed Armor are 3 points needed whenever heading into the mighty jungle.
- Hardiness and Resistance - standard armor and MR bonuses.
- Vigor, Veteran's Scars, and Durability for the HP bonuses, need that warthog nice and beefy eh?
- Initiator points because that is what you are!
- Enlightenment scales late and mid game to allow for quicker cooldowns when you need to make bigger plays. This will become very helpful when you will be needing your Ultimate, Glacial Prison, more often, and as well as your Q, Arctic Assault, for more mobility which I will go into more detail later on.
- And of course, Summoner's Resolve for the extra gold when you smite something, allows you to freely use it for extra money, because later in the game smite will become seemingly more and more useless unless for baron and dragon.

Offensive tree-
The one point in the offensive tree for Summoner's Wrath is because as a jungler, I always carry exhaust for the best ganking outcoming. Also, as Sejuani, your Arctic Assault can act as a very efficient escape if used properly. Like Tryndamere's E, Sejuani's Arctic Assault allows you to pass over many walls and obstacles on the map, so flash is not ENTIRELY necessary, not saying it's unnecessary either :D.

The utility... WELL this is where I think it's really free for all. I set my utility tree up like this because I prefer to recall faster and spend less time dead throughout the game. MANY people can disagree with me... but, in all honesty I wouldn't care because those 5 points I just played it out the way I wanted to, I feel like it really is more like a free for all than it is like a vital 5 points to a build.
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Items... AKA boring 3

Well then, now we talk money. MULA. Where to spend it, what to spend it on.

When I jungle Sejuani, I do not vouche for the Wriggle's Lantern as it is something many junglers like to carry when they...well, jungle. I prefer rushing for the Gold Per Second items, and just give a few hundred gold into getting wards. Why do I do this? Well, a wriggles doesn't really help Sejuani jungle too much because she jungles rather quickly with her skills, and her base attack speed is rather low, making a wriggle's not that effective.

On the contrary, when you rush the tanky gold per second items, like Heart of Gold or Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone, you get that slight bit of mana boost that you might need if your blue ends up going to your AP carry, and the health to keep jungling and ganking.

So after the gold items, you have like 3k gold from staying in base for over 22 minutes, WHAT IS NEXT!? Well, from here, EVERYTHING IS UP TO YOU! YOU BUY, WHAT YOUR TEAM NEEDS! Sounds simple yes?

For example: If your team needs more armor because the enemy team consists of a Tryndamere, Miss Fortune, Corki, Gangplank, and Garen... then build a Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, Randuin's Omen, and Guardian Angel.

If your team needs more magic resist because the enemy team consists of an Ahri, Akali, Katarina, Galio, and Morgana... then build a Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil, and Mercury TreadsMerc Treads.


I realized I missed something, boots! My favorite boots, BOOTS OF MOBILITY!!!!!!!!! The notorious boots of roaming! No, I'm just kidding. When you play a tanking champion like Sejuani, you would like to go for either Ninja Tabi or Mercury TreadsMerc Treads, and of course pick according to who is fed on the enemy team.


Before I move on, I'd like to point out I've provided a very basic guide to building a tank. It's really common sense, to counter build the enemy team. Something I used to do often was buy a Warmog's Armor early on. This is something I tended to do on Sejuani because after all, what is a tank without Health? Plus, Warmog's Armor scales with minion kills, so getting one early both allows you to use it efficiently and quickly build it to max stats.


Another suggestion is building somewhat support-tank-like...yeah. What do I mean? I mean building items like Shurelya's Reverie, or even a . The Shurelya item is fantastic on Sejuani because it provides a decent amount of cool down reduction, you already can build it off your Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone, and it makes you even better of an initiator. You can be in front of your team, and throw your Glacial Prison on the enemy team, then pop that Shurelya's Reverie active ability and POW POW POW POW RIGHT IN THE KISSAAAAAA.
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SKILLS, kind of interesting? Actually I hope you do read this.

Here comes the skill sequence, probably the reason why most people come here. First off I will explain all of her skills.

Sejuani's skill set makes her an amazing tank, ganker, initiator, and a very fun champion to play.

Her Passive-

Frost - Not breathtaking for a passive, but basically Frost is applied to champions she hits. This passive is the base of what makes Sejuani the CC queen.

Her Q, Arctic Assault-

Arctic Assault - It is a basic Dash that damages and applies Frost to all minions and champions hit. The Dash stops when Sejuani collides with an enemy champion.

PROS - With this skill, your ganks are surprising, your escapes are mind boggling, and your enemies will be jaw dropping. With this skill you can pass through nearly any wall in the Summoner's Rift Map, just like Tryndamere's Spinning skill, I believe it's his Spinning Slash. With this you can easy gank from the enemy's triangle bush by just using Arctic Assault over the wall behind either Baron or the Dragon.
CONS - This skill does require you to execute it very precisely and accurately, because it has an extraordinarily long cool down. Also, you must hit the champion you want to gank or slow, or else Frost won't be applied.

What to do - I take 1 point in Arctic Assault at lvl 2 because it allows me to jungle faster by applying Frost to all my jungle creeps at one time, which amplifies my Northern Winds damage.

Her W, Northern Winds-

Northern Winds - A storm swirls around Sejuani that deals magic damage over time to enemies around her. The damage of the storm in increased if the enemy is affected with Frost or Permafrost.

PROS - This is your basic jungle skill, it is what allows Sejuani to jungle rather quickly. It is always wise to keep in mind that they receive more damage from Northern Winds if affected with Frost or even Permafrost.
CONS - Early on, it may be difficult to clear a camp even with Northern Winds only because her general damage output is rather low. Sometimes the cool down may seem unnecessarily long early game.

What to do - I take 1 point at lvl 1 for quick clearing of wolves and Blue Golem. I will do into detail later about choosing between Northern Winds and .

Her E, Permafrost-

Permafrost - AAAAAAH this skill is awesome. It allows you to convert the FROST applied to enemies into PERMAFROST, which SLOWS. THE. LIVING. BEJEEEZLES. OUT OF THEM. Oh, and it does some instant magic damage.

PROS - THIS MAKES YOUR GANKS FREAKEN AMAZING. Slows up to 70% MOVEMENT SPEED. SEVENTY. I CANNOT EVEN COUNT THAT HIGH. I STOP AT 69.. I mean... It is also a great farming tool late game when you have mana to waste.
CONS - This skill can only be used on enemies with Frost. Once you use it, it goes on a pretty long cool down, meaning you have to play EXTREMELY SMART with it. What I mean is, you can use Arctic Assault into your enemies, but only hit 2 of the enemy tanks. At a time like that, using your Permafrost may not be the best decision, because you let the rest of the team move freely, and the tanks shouldn't be your main focus in the first place.

What to do - I take a point in Permafrost at lvl 3 for amazing lvl 3 ganks, and again I will discuss what skill to focus on just below the paragraph about her ult.

Her R, Glacial Prison-
Glacial Prison - Just imagine... Ashe's ult, except it is just so. much. better.

PROS - The area of effect is pretty freaken large, making it VERY possible to stun 3+ people. The stun lasts longer on the enemy if they are hit directly, but even if you miss slightly, the ult will explode at the end of it's travel and stun those in the area, but just for a shorter amount of time. Another great thing about this is, it applies Frost to those that are hit. So, right after using your Glacial Prison, you can use Permafrost to keep them grounded even after the stun.



Okay, here comes the important part I left out. What do you choose to max? your amazing Permafrost? or your scary Northern Winds?

Well here are some ways to sort it out for yourelf.

Do you prefer to gank more? Then pick Permafrost.
Did your jungle get invaded, and you lost all but one small wraith!?!? (Omg I would hate that) But then you pick Northern Winds
Do you think the slow is not SLOW ENOUGH!? Then pick Permafrost.
Do you realize that none of your enemies ward their bushes!?!? Then pick Northern Winds Permafrost.
Do you find it extremely difficult to gank before lvl 6? Then pick Northern Winds

That's basically how you work it out... haha, what do I do? honestly I do think about those questions, then I make my decisions.

Remember a build is never set in stone, rather it's set in water. Where everyone who wants to can influence it and change it. ANDBECAUSESEJUANIMAKESICEWHICHISSORTOFLIKEWATER.
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Summoner Spells, you can feel free to ignore this part.


I just had to say that, sorry guys. But okay, let's be straight forward, as a jungler, PLEASE TAKE Smite. Please. Don't play like that Warwick who thinks it's cool to just jungle without smite and carry IGNITE AND FLASH.

The questions do run in as we decide on the 2nd skill. I'll provide some suggestions but my favorite is really Ghost. Ghost allows you to keep up with your team if you're a little behind and a fight is about to break out. Ghost also allows you to quickly keep up even if you miss your Arctic Assault for a gank. And Of course, Ghost can be used defensively as an escape.

What About Exhaust? Well, You don't really need the slow from Exhaust, because honestly with Sejuani's skill set your CC is outstanding without Exhaust.

Why not Ignite? Don't be that *** jungler who takes the kills when ganking with Ignite... it's just NOT COOL MAN.

How about Flash? DON'T BE SILLY. Flash is for NEWBS. Just kidding. You don't need Flash, when you have a readily available Arctic Assault that can get you out of any situation. Also, taking Ghost can also be an escape mechanism.

Teleport!?!?!?!?!? Oh c'mon, you already know from all the exclamations and question marks I just put up...

Need I really explain the rest, I'm sure many know why Heal, or Revive, or even Clarity is a bad decision for Sejuani.
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The Lazy Way Out

For those who did not bother to read anything I wrote :[

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Team Work/Gameplay of a jungler


The jungle! The mighty jungle. The feared jungle. I don't know why, but a lot of people do not like to jungle. But I am not one of those people, I love being in the jungle, the level of freedom as a jungler is incomparable to that of those in lane. When someone tells you a jungler is not important, FALSE.

So false, the like the chief commander of a war battle. The jungler is the one that pays attention to everything. Like, LITERALLY, everything. From when your own jungle creeps spawn, to when red and blue buff spawn, to when dragon and baron spawn, ALONG with where EVERYONE on both your team and the enemy team is, ALSO [hah, bet you thought I was done] where the wards are at.

Think of the jungler as the babysitter for the lanes that are doing bad, the bully for the lanes that are doing well, and the make or break for the evenly performing lanes.

I think, many people misunderstand "priority" in the game of the leaguing of the legends. If I get any point across in this guide, I hope it's this: YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

That's right, sorry for bashing on those brightly shining egos of everyone! But this is something that needs to be understood. So, what do I mean by that phrase? Well, unless you are an AD carry, AP carry, you are not that important. Do not get me too wrong when I say this, just please let me explain. As a jungler, I tend to like to give kills to the people I gank for. Why? Because when I play Sejuani, or Trundle, or Nocturne, I don't need that money as much as my lanes do. Also, when you give the 300g to those in lane, they'll have a much higher advantage in lane compared to me taking the 300g and staying in the jungle, while those in lane only received 75g.

This way, you allow those in your lanes to either get a higher advantage, or catch up if they're doing bad.

It might sound tough, but it's really not that bad, in the end you're helping out your team more than you think. Also, that's where the gold from the Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone and the Heart of Gold come in handy!

Going back to the phrase, if you had to choose between getting yourself killed [as Sejuani lets say], or getting your AD carry killed, you should let the Ezreal die because no one likes AD Ezreal anyways :X. Hehehehe just kidding! OF COURSE YOU TAKE THE HIT. Especially when you're such a CC heavy champion, you should be able to save both yourself and Ezreal easily if that Pulsefire skin can't save you guys.

What do I mean by that last example though? Well, think of it this way, it's better to have someone with FEW kills die, than letting someone with a 5 kill rampage get shut down. [Remember!? NO TAKING KILLS WHEN JUNGLING... There are exceptions however, but that's besides the point.]
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Jungle Route


That's my standard route for Sejuani. The parenthesis means it's an optional move. It really depends on opportunity, if you think your gank will be useful after blue buff, then go for it and gank top or mid.

However it is usually wise to gank right after red buff, by that time you should be lvl 3, and with your entire skill set a gank should be very easy to execute. When ganking, keep in mind that your Q Arctic Assault allows you to go over walls.
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You, and the Others.

Now comes the section where we review the junglers and how they compare, counter, or make games easier for Sejuani.

Amumu I think is Sejuani's equal. Both with teamfight/game changing ults, a dependency on blue, a NOT SO FAST jungle clearing speed, easy to counter jungle, and great lvl 3-5 gank potential. So, what to do? well honestly you can ignore him. He won't try too hard to pull off excellent ganks prior to 6, but he will once he hits 6. He rarely counter jungles because his speed at jungling isn't that fast until later in the game. He is also a tank, so honestly, to win against him, position yourself well enough to avoid that Curse of the MummyCurse of The Mummy ultimate of his that will snare you for quite a while.

Difficulty to deal with as a jungler = 6/10
Difficulty to deal with in a overall game = 8.5/10

Warwick, the "supposed" king of the jungle, but maybe not anymore after Kha'zix's and Rengar's release. Warwick has a relatively quick jungle speed, and a great dueling capability, so he can very easily invade your jungle, but he will more often than not focus on reaching lvl 6 than anything because of his lack of early game cc. He has little to no gank potential early game. But he does scale pretty well later on depending on item build. Honestly, I never thought Warwick was that great of a jungler, despite his great sustain and clearing speed, he has more potential at top lane.

Difficulty to deal with as a jungler = 4/10
Difficulty to deal with in a overall game = 6.5/10

Probably. THE fastest jungle clearer in the game. She will be done with her entire jungle, before you even start the Red Lizard Buff Camp. Shyvana is also one of my favorite junglers, because she is SO powerful without needing to build damage items. Her downfall? No CC whatsoever besides her Dragon Form Ult. But she makes up for it with her extraordinary jungle speed and powerful damage output. Be advised that knowing that she lacks cc means ganking is very difficult. When the enemy team picks Shyvana, more often than not they are trying to deny YOU as a jungler of your jungle. She is very quick and can run into your jungle, steal a creep, and just run back out before you even notice. Do be cautious if you see her in your jungle, she has great dueling potential. When you're up against her, only real tip I can give is go back early and buy wards, and have your team ward your jungle for you so you can catch Shyvana when she's invading.

Difficulty to deal with as a jungler = 7.5/10
Difficulty to deal with in a overall game = 7/10

A wild Skarner appeared! Skarner, a very feared champion. When Skarner is on the enemy team, your AD carry must take caution. Skarner is played because of two reasons, one: his ultimate, and two, his perma-slow. Skarner has the ability to slow you for as long as he stands hext to you, and with his speed boost shield and passive, it is very difficult to escape a Skarner. He is not an early ganking jungler, but he definitely could be. His jungle speed is mediocre, a little blue dependent, but he is very mobile and once he his 6 you will see him on lanes much more often. Be warned however, Skarner is VERY strong duelist early game, do not engage him 1v1 unless you're sure you have an advantage.

Difficulty to deal with as a jungler = 6.5/10
Difficulty to deal with in a overall game = 8/10

A used-to-be popular choice, until his ultimate, Paranoia got nerfed. Nocturne has many benefits and also many downsides. Let's start with the ups. He is a very quick jungler, maybe just below Shyvana. He has great early gank potential with his E, Unspeakable Horror, which can fear a champion or minion for a couple seconds. Mid-game he gains the benefit of his ultimate skill, which removes all enemy vision, and allows Nocturne to jump to a champion visible on the map within a really long range. Usually, when your team goes against a Nocturne jungler, just know that when you see the screen go dark, expect him to show up if there is activity where you are. His downs, well, he tends to fall of late game by either having to choose to be tanky or damage. Also, when he tries to invade a jungle, his Q is very easily visible on the other sides of the terrain, making it sometimes easy to track his movement or actions. If you see him, expect a lot of ganks, and expect invasions. Nothing you cannot handle with the help of wards.

Difficulty to deal with as a jungler = 7/10
Difficulty to deal with in a overall game = 7/10


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The All Seeing WARDS

Wards. WARDS. WARDDSSS. So important. SO SO important.

Sight Ward

That 75 or 125 gold spent on wards will get you kills, and prevent your team from dying.
here's a ward to show you where to place your wards.


Here are a bunch of reasons for each of the areas that I've pointed out for wards--
Baron Nashor : Because... Baron is worth 1500 gold to your entire team, and can make a team either come back, or gain a better lead.

Dragon : Warding it allows the bot lane to have view of the PURPLE SIDE's jungle entrance, and allows you to attempt to counter or steal when the enemy team tries to take it.

River to either TOP or BOT lane : Well. This prevents the basic ganks, and due to the map being disproportionate, if you are on the BOTTOM of PURPLE side/TOP of BLUE side, you only need to ward that area to prevent ganks.

Triangle-Bush next to river : A better jungler would gank from that bush knowing/thinking that the river bushes are already warded.

Bushes next to middle lane : Well, clearly these allow you to prevent the middle lane from getting ganked.

The Enemy's BLUE or RED buffs : This will allow you to know if someone's taking it, and provide you as a jungler the opportunity to either steal, or coordinate with your team to gank them in their jungle.

Your BLUE or RED buffs : Warding these will allow you to know if anyone were to walk into your jungle and try to take your buffs. Knowing when people are in your jungle allows you to quickly react with your team to gank them taking both the kill and the buff back.

NOTE - with the new buff to Evelynn, Sight WardSight Wards will not reveal her, even if she's near them. a CHAMPION must be near her for her to be revealed, unless her stealth is on cooldown.
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Short record, Will build over time

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"/></a>
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Please be patient, I'll add more about ways to jungle efficiently, little bits and tips, ways to gank, dominion, and some plays you can make. Please enjoy what I have been able to create, and please all feedback is welcome.

Thank you everyone.
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