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Sejuani Build Guide by edgtrv

Sejuani - Underestimated and Underplayed, not Underpowered

Sejuani - Underestimated and Underplayed, not Underpowered

Updated on May 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author edgtrv Build Guide By edgtrv 11,436 Views 5 Comments
11,436 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author edgtrv Sejuani Build Guide By edgtrv Updated on May 10, 2012
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This is the build I use for Sejuani. In low ELO games, it seems like Sejuani with this build is more than most players can deal with. It gives a decent amount of burst with tons of survivability and loads of CC. The AD or AP carry is even slightly out of position and you can lock them down for quite a while. Sejuani, to me at least, seems like an easier and slightly more offensive Leona.
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration because most of Sejuani's jungling damage comes from QWE, so this speeds it up more than anything else. I see people take AS reds on Sej, but I don't feel like they add as much as MagP reds do.

Greater Seal of Armor because she's a jungler. Standard stuff.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because she's a tank. Scaling Mag defence is good stuff. I thing CDR blues would be okay as well, but she doesn't need it early because of Blue and then my item build compensates for her not having CDR.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor really helps out her early jungle presence. I feel like I'm low health when I'm clearing without these Quints. With the Regrowth Pendant start, you have plenty of HP/10 to get you through the early clear with room to gank.
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These, I think, are pretty easy to understand. You can tweak these as you see fit, I'd just make sure to keep 21 in Defense because Sej is a tank. She scales poorly with any offensive builds and just doesn't work that way. The 9 in Utility could possibly be switched to Offense for the MagP, but I feel she gets a lot more out of Mana Regen and longer buff duration.
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Skill Sequence

Arctic Assault is there to apply Frost to a group of enemies and to jump ledges when chasing or escaping.

I think Sejuani gets more out of maxing Northern Winds than she does from Permafrost. I like the constant pressure than Northern Winds provides. You want to get into a fight and stay there, constantly causing problems. Permafrost is more of a burst ability. The damage is fairly comparable between the two, but the Permafrost slow is much more powerful.
Northern Winds does 44 damage per second for 6 seconds which means 264 AoE damage.
Northern Winds does 66 damage per second for 6 seconds to frosted enemies in the area, which means 396 (potential) AoE damage.
Permafrost does 260 damage to frosted enemies in the area.

This also doesn't take into account the HP scaling of W, so that's even more damage.
With Northern Winds being an over-time ability, I can see the merit of taking E over W, but I rather W over E. It's close enough between the two that I can see both being 100% viable to max first.

The main reason I take Northern Winds over Permafrost is because if you don't auto-attack or hit an the enemy with Q or R, then E does nothing. If you whiff your Ult and Q, then W still allows you be a presence in fights. You whiff your Ult and Q, then E does nothing at all, unless you run up to each enemy and auto-attack them.

Glacial Prison is a beast of an ability. One of my favorite abilities in the game, hands down. Catching the AP and AD in this, then QWE onto them and you've won that fight.
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Glacial Prison is Awesome

Glacial Prison is a very underestimated ability. You can, ideally, start a fight with all 5 enemies stunned. It allows you to pick when to start but you don't have to commit to anything if it's not a good start. You whiff it and you just wait for it to come back.
Unstoppable Force and you are committed to that fight.
Flash + Curse of the Sad Mummy and you are committed to that fight.
Cataclysm and you are committed to that fight.

Depth Charge and Solar Flare are comparable, but not really in more than application. Depth Charge is slow and "easily" dodged because enemies are alerted to it being used. Solar Flare is easy to dodge and doesn't have that large of a hit area for the stun. I feel that Nautilus, Leona and Sejuani are all very similar characters, but I feel like Sejuani easily trumps Nautilus and only loses to Leona as a bot lane support.
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Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion for start.

Boots and Philosopher's Stone then Heart of Gold

Mercury's Treads

Glacial Shroud for the armor and CDR.

Negatron Cloak for early MR boost.

Frozen Heart gives a lot of armor, mana and CDR with a good passive. I really like this. It's comparable to Randuin's Omen, but I feel like the extra mana and CDR make the Frozen Heart a much better choice.

Force of Nature because... it's beautiful. Nice health regen, MR and move speed. Complements Frozen Heart beautifully.

Locket of the Iron Solari comes out of the Heart of Gold. Again, lots of stuff that Sejuani likes. With Fon and FH, she's build enough resistances, so the extra health and health regen are nice, but the killer is the active.

Shurelya's Battlesong is nice, but not really necessary. At this point, the main point of this item is the active. If you don't need the active then go with something else. Late game Warmog's Armor isn't terrible. Aegis of the Legion if nobody else got it. Zeke's Herald would be a decent pick-up as well. Abyssal Mask is another option for a good bit of MR if the enemy has a dominant AP.
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Summoner Spells

Smite because any jungler that doesn't take smite is dumb. Nunu & Willump or Cho'Gath are the only possible exceptions. Smite is not for damage anymore. It's not "needed" to jungle, everyone knows this. You take smite for buff control, buff stealing and epic monster control. The enemy jungler doesn't have smite, it takes a ton of pressure off of you if you go for a somewhat contestable Dragon.

Ghost to help position much easier and to get into the fight and chase. Ghost gives you much more versatility than Flash does.

Flash does work on Sej, but I rather Ghost. Flash is good for positioning yourself for a solid Glacial Prison, but with a little patience, an opportunity will arise. Just be smart and Ghost wins over Flash.

Exhaust isn't really a good option on Sej because of her innate slow speed. You have to have at least Flash or Ghost to position whatever you are doing.
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If you trust your team to help with wolves and not leach them:
Wolves>Blue>gank bot if possible>Wraiths>Golems>Red

If you don't trust your team to help with wolves and not leach them:
Blue>Wolves>Wraiths>gank mid if possible>Golems>Red

Ganking with Sejuani is really easy considering her Arctic Assault dash and the slows she has. If the top laner doesn't have a built in escape, I really like to immediately re-gank them. Go in, bait Flash or Ghost and just back out into the bush. Then go in if they come back out to CS again. Don't waste time if it's not going to work out, as it can put you a good bit behind.
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Team Work

Sejuani has one of the best, if not the best, initiations in the game. Glacial Prison is a ranged AoE stun that applies Frost. You should start the fights when possible. If there is a stand-off, then you are the one that should find the opening or make on.

It's optimal to Glacial Prison into Arctic Assault then Northern Winds then Permafrost. This basically slows anyone hit with Glacial Prison or Arctic Assault and then slows them further once you blow Permafrost.

If you can catch one of their carries, with just a Glacial Prison, then do it. Sejuani's full RQWE combo does more damage than most people expect. With a small bit of backup damage, you can almost instagib a low health character.

If needed, you can always use Arctic Assault to position yourself for a better Glacial Prison. I save Ghost for these times. Without having Arctic Assault to close the gap, you need the boost to get on top of whoever you hit with Glacial Prison.

If you whiff Glacial Prison or hit a bad target (tank or bruiser), then just reset and wait. With this build, you get plenty of cooldown reduction and your Glacial Prison will be back up soon enough to not risk a halfway decent start to a fight.
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Sejuani is a tank. Sejuani is a jungler. Glacial Prison is the best initiation in the game.

See the AD or AP not behind other enemy champs? If no, wait. If yes, proceed:
Glacial Prison
Landed it? If no, wait. If yes, proceed:
Arctic Assault
Northern Winds
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League of Legends Build Guide Author edgtrv
edgtrv Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani - Underestimated and Underplayed, not Underpowered

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