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Sejuani Build Guide by dusieqq

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dusieqq

Sejuani's Top Lane Guide

dusieqq Last updated on July 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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out of date

this guide is out of date since they nerfed the **** out of sejuani, i find her really hard to enjoy playing nowadays so untill they rework her again you wont see me riding teh boar of destruction.

RIP Sejuani.

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Hello my name is Torvi and I'm playing on Eu nordic east. This is my second guide about Sejuani, reason I made this second guide is because i feel like i haven't explained engouh on last guide. I play Sejuani as a Top or Solo Top champion and i want to share my point of view on this particullar champion. And the first question you may ask is...

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Why not jungling

Why not jungling?
The way i play sejuani makes her best as a top/solo top champion, with mine bulid and strategy shes got lots of hp, some def options and some ap, everything that can make her very versatile in soloing or initiating team fights. Jungle is also the way Sejuani should be played but i find her much more entertaining on top line (i preffer other champs to jungle with)

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Pros and Cons of playing as Sejuani


Great survivalability
Big size = easier to catch ults that are aimed on someone, on you like Ace in the Hole and suchs.
Damage of W scaling on Yours maximum hp - great AoE skill that applies lots of slow.
Damage of Q scaling on Enemy's current maximum hp - great initiate against tanks
Lots of slows and stuns
good mobility due to her Q - can dash trough almost every wall on map.
underplayed = rarely baned.

Early game problems with ad carrys.
very cooldown dependant.
kind of slow.
need to stick very close to the enemy champion
very squishy if you can't play it.

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Items explanation

Why I don’t have Rod of Ages? Well i tested it on very first games, it sure gives lots of sustain but i preffer Spirit of the Ancient Golem in this place. Why? Spirit gives you basically all you really need on early and late game. hp, cdr, regens, tenacity, butcher (makes even easier to farm) that's why i think it's better pick for Sejuani.

Why Ionian Boots of Lucidity? why not ninja tabi or mercury treads? Basically for a cooldown, if you face mixed ad/ap team it's better in my opinion to get some cdr which makes easier to run or spam abilities.

Liandry's Torment this item works very well with Sejuani's W. W is cool AoE spell that damages and slows enemies around you, that makes liandry hit them double harder due to slow. Since it was impleted in game, i find that item a very good pick... always. It gives good burn damage, Ap and health, things that are pretty much most important for Sejuani.

Ohmwrecker gives you ap, hp and regens. Things that again Sejuani crave for. it both makes you a little more tanky and gives slight increase of ap. Also it's honestly good underrated item for teamfights. How many times your team had to turret dive to secure a kill? how many times your mate died from turret while focusing their champion? lots of! and this item turns off closest turret for 2,5 second, that's something that your enemy don't except and it lets your team turret dive much easier.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives you ap, hp and nice slow but due to that you already have slows it's mostly only for hp and ap which are better than on ohmwrecker but item all in all is less usefull than it so it's really up to you which one feels better for you.

Sunfire Cape is quite self explanatory. Hp, armor, burn damage. This is one of very few totally tank oriented items in my bulid and so it's also a core item.

Spirit Visage is very good tanky item also. It gives hp, cdr which is still quite important even tho you have it from boots and if not, even more important. magic resist which gives you abit sustain and something i decided to pick it over warmong's. It's Passive that increases healing effect of all kind by 20%, that's very good thing because it makes your Heal giving more hp to you and your team mates, it allows therefore to fight little bit longer and raises chances of Acing their team.

Warmog's Armor lots of hp and better hp regen but nothing more to be honest. I don't really like that item because it focuses only on one thing while there are lots of diffrent much more usefull picks for you and your team. When you should buy it? late game when you got full bulid already and you feel you need more hp, the only item that should be sold for a place to get warmong's are boots.

Randuin's Omen great item against heavy ad teams. It gives lots of hp, armor and also slows on begin attacked. Pretty much everything eh? it also got quite cool active but not much of use for Sejuani as she is pretty much full of slows, still a very good pick.

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Masteries Explanation and other viable picks

I pick standard 9/21 for ap oriented tanks. It works just good and there is nothing that i feel to change here. You can probably take some more armor or minon damage reduction in place of summoner resolve but summoner resolve gives additional 90 hp due to heal in spells, which makes her a little more tanky and adds few points of dmg to Sejuani's W.

What you can also change is taking 3 points from offensive tree which will reduce damage and put it into movement speed in utility tree which will make Sejuani faster, easier to stick to enemy and easier to run away.

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runes explanation and other viable picks

Here is also standard among runes. Armor, Magic Resist, Health and Magic penetration. Another versatile pick is exchanging quint of health to quint of movement speed which makes Sejuani easier to stick to opponent and easier to run but in exchange reduces her hp for 52 hp, not really much but still something.

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Way of meant to be played.

Sejuani can be a very big threat on line since very beginning, she can either apply Aoe damage if you pick W on lv 1.(which i strongly advice) or can knock enemy up with Q on lv 1.(which i strongly dissuade as it drains your mana pretty fast) As you could see on skill sequence tree, take W first then E and Q, at lvl 3 you start to be really bad for them, slow, aoe, knock and it all gives nice damage. I feel when i top with someone, i just tell them pick anything you like, since i have so many slows and knocks you just pick whatever you are good with and we will lead top to win, and it works.

As you probably harassed and farmed as much as possible W+E on minions you are now quite feed and lvl 6. now you can either roam to mid and bot if they got problems and leave your mate on solo top for a while (if he can do it) or leave it for jungler and just keep your lane safe. Sejuani's ult is pretty strong, it's very similar to Lissandra's or Ashe's ults. It stuns, Slows and does AoE damage, but other than Lissandra's ult it need to be much more accurate and need to be precise like Ashe's ult due to it that it flies only in straight lines. Though it is still rewarding you if it don't hit enemy champion and they are close to it's maximum range, they are still damaged and slowed but... you know better to aim it good.

After team fight begin you now need to be with your team, not because you may have a bad time if they focus you, it's because you must be with your team to ignite a fight or save someone other ***. Mostly you will be saving them with Q, rarely with R, teamfight should be started with R 3-5 enemies on sight (if there are lots of enemies on very small field that will make your ult stun and damage them all. Or with Q when there are 2-3 enemies on sight.

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Combo skill sequence.

Close range: if you can reach them with Q

Q -> W -> E -> R (ult when target seem to be backing off)

Long range: if you can't reach them with Q but you can with R

R -> Q -> W -> E (use E right after ulti effect wears off)

Medium range: if you can reach them with R and are close engouh to start with W

R-> W -> E -> Q (use Q when they seem to be backing off)

Medium range: if you can reach them with R and are close engouh to start with W but are cunning (fast, ivisibles and suchs)

R -> Q -> W -> E (use E right after ulti effect wears off)