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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Self Healing, Hybrid Kennen

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on February 21, 2011
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Welcome to yet another chaotic session of theory-crafting. This time I give you my twisted look on Kennen. I wanted to make a hybrid, but I wanted something different. So I made him able to heal him-self. After all, he is capable of devastating power. I designed him with 40% Spell Vamp and 20% Life Steal. This is good since I splash a lil bit of AS into it ;)

Of course, a few of the items in this guide are standard, and that bugs me >.< Its not Chaotic If I cant make it twisted in my own way. Although I do have a few items that allows one to mix it up. I do find that the standard items so give him so wicked longevity. And I like longevity If you want a Hybrid, there are many great builds out there. But if you want one that heals? Look no farther than this Self-Healing Hybrid Kennen.

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Pros / Cons


1. Able to heal while dealing heavy dmg. We all know that Kennen has a nasty combo, and if he is low on HP, this simple combo can bring him back to full. So there should be no fear of being ganked. After all, a simply skill rotation can give him an edge if ganked ;)

2. A simple, yet powerfull skill rotation. This is great since he can be a lil bit squishy. With a simple combo at your disposal, you can heal easily. As the game goes on, your combo will become feared. Tread lightly.

3. 4 out of the 6 items are 'standard'. So if you can play Kennen, than you are well on your way to having a good start with this build.


1. You give up a lil bit of HP for the ability to heal. You will have to be a lil more wary about rushing into a fight.

2. This build starts off cheap, but can get a lil expensive.

3. Kennen is often the focus in team fights. After all he can deal epic dmg and throw down some mean CC.

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Masteries & Summoner Spells

Even though Kennen is naturally squishy, I take the standard caster Masteries of 9/0/21.


Tier 1: Cripple and Archmage's Savvy. These are great for AP and of course helping with dmg output. And since this is a healing Kennen, more dmg means more healing ;)

Tier 2: Sorcery. CDR is great for Kennen. More Shurikens and more up time on Ult. It might nto be much, but some is better than none.

Tier 3: 15% Mpen. Kennen deals heavy magic dmg so this is a good mastery to have.


Tier 1: Perseverence, Good Hands, and Spatial Accuracy. Regen is always good, faster Tele time, and less time dead. These all have their uses, and Kennen dont use mana so there is no point in taking mana based masteries.

Tier 2: Bonus XP. Kennen is a beastly farmer and the power to farm full creep waves is one way to get ahead of the enemy. Plus Ive always liked it.

Tier 3: Greed and Buff Duration. Kennen is a monster if he gets buffs. So having longer buffs can make him more of a pain than he should be. Greed isnt the best thing, but I need a filler. It works for that reason.

Tier 4: Movement speed. Kennen with mobility is a pest. Its nice to have mobility and this can give you a lil of it.

Tier 5: CDR again. Gotta love Shuriken Spam.

Tier 6: Summoner Spell CDR. The more up time you have on these, the better off you are.

Summoner Spells and

I have the improved versions in masteries, and they can grant survival and can save the day. is great if you need to stop someone from escaping or chasing your or yor team. Very useful for many reasons.

is great for the insane map mobility. Gank one lane>Port to another.
Gank against your team? Target a minion or turret and get in the fight. There are many uses for this, and Ill go into that later.

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Marks & Quints I take Mpen. Kennen is the mage ninja, so Mpen is always good. He has amazing AoE power so this helps with team fights and farming.

Seals I take MR per lvl. Makes him a lil more bulky. But Ive tried Greater Seal of Vitality, and it works just as well. Be it more HP or more defense against magic dmg, these work well.

Glyphs I choose flat AP. I take these for the AP in the early game. The more power I have early game, the more dmg I do. The more dmg I do, the more I heal for. And since Kennen doesnt use mana, there is no need to recall. Unless I have low health... But I heal so there is no need for recalling.

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Skill Sequence

I always take one skill 3/5 before LvL 6. Like all Kennen, I take . This is his primary harassment since he doesnt have to get in close. Its a Skill Shot, so make sure you can lead.

I take at LvL 2 and leave it there. The stacks are nice for the extra bit of dmg. I dont lvl this upp till after LvL 10 since I wont have too much AD untill that time.

I LvL second since it has the higher amount of dmg between it and ES. The only downside to this skill is the energy cost. If you miss an enemy champ, you have wasted the energy and left your-self exposed. Take care when rushing in.

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Inspired by my Soul Sucking Morgana, I built this Kennen with Spell Vamp... And possibly Life Steal. This will allow him to dive into a fight, but not have to prioritize escape.

With no natural healing like, , Kenne will need this. Cheap to make, great stats, and it helps anyone that deals magic dmg. Think of this as Offensive Support for your team. Cheap, yet effective item. This will help you survive in the early stages.

for the Mpen. Adding this to the runes, and you can be an effective Nuker/Ganker. Although, since mobility is something I favor on Kennen. work great too.

is one my my favorite items EVER! This gives AP, AD, and with stacks, AS. All the things that this guide needs. The AP will be great when it comes to dealing dmg. More AP dmg means more healing. The AD helps make ES' passive more stronger. The AS from the stacks, helps get the stacks for the passive of ES. It gives this Hybrid all he needs.

Is by far one of the best items to have. Kennen has to be in the middle of the team fight to pull off his combo, and this item helps. AP, MR (in case of heavy Magic Dmg), and the 20MR debuff to the enemy. What more can you ask for for a mage that has to get close to deal dmg? A standard item, but still viable for this build.

only makes this guide better in all ways. Hextech gives AP, AD, Spell Vamp, Life Steal, and a pretty wicked active. This helps with all of Kennen's dmg: AP for skills, AD to get more out of ES' passive, Spell Vamp for a total of 40%, Life Steal for 20% total, and the passive... Oh man... The master of CC just got another form of it. Add this to . I think that Kennen just brought more CC to the table.

That 6th Item and Situtational Items

For that 6th item you have a few options.

is one option. The AS it gives can help you get stacks of ES faster, which is good. The health regen is great too. After all, Kennen doesnt need to recall unless he is low on HP. The Life Steal is nice too. It gives 20% Life Steal, and that gives you a total of 40% with Hextech. So 40% of any dmg you deal, will heal you.

I think that this item should be taken if you are doing well, and you have few deaths. Its a team item so it might be risky on Kennen if he isnt performing well.

is a pretty common item for Kennen. This is great for his skill combo if you have being focused. The AP if great too. More AP means more healing. The active it always fun if you get focused when you go to pull of your combo. Keeps you alive, while you dish out the CC Kennen is known for

if you want a lil more AD and AS. This will give you more Auto-Attack dmg, and the debuff. More dmg is good since you have have some Life Steal from Hextech. More dmg from ES' passive too. Its a great item if you want a lil more AD. Plus this brings your AP and AD closer in terms of dmg.

if you want to build more Life Steal and Dmg. This item can help keep you alive, and help you deal more dmg. More dmg means more healing. Its a great option if you want more AD.

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Items: Starting Items and Item building

This is where it gets fun.

Starting item: and as many as you can. The only thing that makes Kennen recall is low HP. Some people take , but with the recent increase in gold, you cant get the potions. Another reason I take Amp Tome first is what it builds into.

First Recall: and . More AP, and you get some healing to help you stay in lane longer.

Second Recall: and . This will give you more power, and more Spell Vamp. More power to farm, and you can heal while farming. Gotta love when HP is the only reason to recall. You can deal any dmg, and get healed. Thats whats up.

Third Recall: If you are doing well, this is the item you need. It will give you AS, more HP Regen, and Life Steal. This will make sure that no matter how you attack, you will be healing your self. The debuff is great too. This will help your physical dmg team mates deal extra dmg.


. Why not main stream this? It can situtational. If you are getting focused, or want to be more tradional, this item will give you great AP and survival. It fits into the standard Kennen Skill Combo, and thats why I like it. So Much Synergy.

Fourth Recall: should be next. This gives you a lil more AD to help increase Life Steal if you get Stark's. But it also gives you more dmg from passive. The actice is nice too. It will slow down the one you want to focus. Be it just you, or be it the team. Having two slows, make you a threat. Be careful.

Fifth Recall: . AP,AP, and AS via stacks. Which are easy to get. This is a powerful item for this build. It powers all forms of dmg, and withthat power you get more healing. If you have enough, grab a .

Sixth Recall: will be made and its another common item for Kennen. AP, MR, and a MR debuff. What more can you ask for in an item.

Seventh Recall: Finish This will give you a total of 40% Spell Vamp, 300 magic dmg (before MR), 20% Life Steal (40% if you build Stark's), More AP and more AD. Just a lovely Hybrid item.

As for and , these can take the place of Stark's and Zhonya's if you want a lil more AD. Both have their pros and cons. But its up to you.

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Let's face it... When it comes to farming, Kennen is a great farmer. Landing his Rush/Surge combo you can auto-attack farm. Farming is great, not only for the gold, but for harassing purposes.

Kill the creeps, and the enemy retreats to a turret. This intense farming can also allow minions to help you get the kill. Kennen's Rush/Surge/Shuriken combo, can clear creeps, stun the enemy, and allows your minions to attack the enemy champ. Never under-estimate the power of your creeps.

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Team Work

When it comes to team work, Kennen is a powerful ally or an annoying enemy. In this crafter's mind, no one has better CC and AoE dmg. If you have a team that can effectively utilize Kennen's CC and AoE power, you will have no problems with team fights.

Remember that Kennen should never be the first into a fight. NEVER! Think of Kennen as a Mage/Assassin. Flank the enemy, drop your combo, and get to a safe place. Yes, you might be able to heal, but if you get focused, you cant help the team.

When it comes to ganks, you have to wait for the right time. And always be aware of key gank spots. So you can avoid a gank, or set one up.

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Ill make this simple. Self Healing Hybrid. With a mix of Spell Vamp and Life Steal, this build is meant to deal dmg and heal you at the same time. The hybrid version of my Soul Sucking Morgana. Only every time he deals dmg he is healing. This Kennen also has the power to be an aura bot if you so choose. Giving more to the team than just his CC and AoE burst.

Powerful harassment and farming. Potent CC and dmg. The ability to heal no matter how much he deals dmg. Such is the way of Chaos.

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Tips & Tricks

is the best way to scout brush. If you think someone might be hiding, this is a good way to scout. If you hear it land, you know you are being stalked. It might be wasted if you dont land it, but its better to check the brush. If you land, thats a mark of the storm. And if you get lucky you can Rush/Surge, get a stun and maybe a kill.

Tele-ganking. I find that with Kennen's CC and , you can control the flow of a lane. This is something that your team can help with. Make sure that someone on your team buys a ward and plants it in the brush or even in the middle of a lane. Why? Flanking. By porting behind an enemy, or into some brush, you have the element of surprise. Along with heavy CC and smart mates, the lane is yours.

With the power to heal, you will have strong lane presence. Why? As I said before, the only reason a Kennen should have to recall is Low HP. The power to heal adds to survival and longevity. The more harassment you can take the more of a threat you are. and since you are able to heal by dealing any kind of dmg, you have some protection against ganks.

Like in my Soul Sucking Morgana, drive bys are always so much fun. Running away and need to get some HP? Rush some jungle creeps and get a heal. Shuriken the one chasing you and heal up. When HP is all you need to worry about, this can help you get enough to get back into a fight.

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If it were not for his feedback, I would never have found the right build order. He has a similar build, Here. Again if not for his feedback I would not have been able to make this guide.

Trojan995, it was my honor to have worked with you, and I hope that you have more success during your time playing LoL and here on Mobafire.