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Shaco Build Guide by Moonshock

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moonshock

Shaco: For the Gentleman (Critical Top Lane)

Moonshock Last updated on July 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello! My name is Moonshockk here to prepare a guide for particularly top lane critical shaco. There is one other guide on Mobafire for top lane shaco and as it says there are no other guides, but I still didn't believe that one to be a very good one. This guide is for critical assassin shaco to take down enemies 1v1 in a matter of seconds with the element of surprise. There are some pros and cons of this, but believe me it is extremely fun.

I Also threw in a bonus Full AP Shaco build and I am working on the guide half of it as you read this.

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Pros / Cons


+ Insane Damage late game
+ Element of surprise
+ Extremely fun
+ Get away every time >:D
+ Make the enemy team angry

- WEAK Early game
- Squishyyyy
- Frustrating if you don't play smart
- People think you're trolling
- Make your own team angry

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are basics. They win fights and save your life. Of course you can also take Ghost or Heal instead of Flash because shaco already has his q, Deceive to get away, but I like to take Flash for times when Deceive is on cooldown and I need to save myself. Often times mistakes are made and having a second chance keeps me alive nearly every time.

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You can see why these are the runes you would use for this build and play-style. Change them if you don't like them.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage

Attack Damage is a must with this build so we want as much as we can. Take 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage for an advantage. Next up, Shaco is super squishy so we need defenses. 9 Greater Seal of Armor and 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. Finally, because this is critical shaco and we're all about those one hit kills, take 3 Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage to add 15% critical damage to all critical hits. Mix that with Deceive 220% bonus, Infinity Edge 250% bonus, Backstab 20% bonus, and Havoc 3% increased damage, and you'll be making a mark for sure.

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Masteries are done to give a maximum critical damage output. Change them if you don't like them, but they are the best setup masteries for how critical shaco is meant to be played.


Double-Edged Sword gives you damage you want. It also makes you take damage you don't want, but that's okay because we will be killing our targets before they realize what's happening. Fury andFrenzy give you attack speed to shred enemies and everything else is pretty much for bonus attack damage. We then put 3 points into Fleet of Foot for chasing and escaping, and 3 points into Meditation so there's always just enough mana in a tight situation to Deceive away.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Our Passive is Backstab and let me tell you that 20% is HUGE. This passive helps up in so many ways it's unbelievable. I'll get into details later, but it helps with chasing and killing, invisible first strikes, and can be used in a large number of combinaions.

Deceive is the bread and butter of our critical shaco. at level 5 Deceive the first strike gives us 220% damage as a critical strike and hits as critical every time. The Backstab bonus of 20% adds some much wanted damage and Infinity Edge boosts 250% criticals to make an outcome of 250% ( Infinity Edge) + 220% ( Deceive) +20% ( Backstab) = 490% PLUS Statikk Shiv DAMAGE WHICH CAN CRIT proccing everything all over again therefore 100 magic damage becomes 490 damage to make your first strike about 490% AD + 490 damage in one hit.

Jack In The Box is great for a bush trap or fearing an enemy that is trying to escape. The boxes have short delays when put down so try to place them strategically beforehand. Remember however the boxes only last 60 seconds. Early game damage is pretty high and can be placed behind blue buff at the beginning of the game to give your jungler a head start.

Two-Shiv Poison is yet another bread and butter skill for late game shaco. When picking off the squishies or the weak that wander into the jungle, it is common for them to flash, speed up, and run like hell. Two shiv poison can fix that, as the max slow % is 30% and our items such as zeal and greaves give us a lot of speed to catch up. Backstab also comes into play once you catch up for the kill. don't use Two-Shiv Poison immediately as the slow only lasts for 2 seconds, but once they start to run, shiv away.

Hallucinate is an extremely underestimated skill. The half second dodge can negate A LOT of things if timed properly and it's two shacos. It nearly DOUBLES your DPS. At level 6 killing a squishy is extremely easy as your damage adds up in the end and you can kill them before they kill you. If not, just Deceive away. Hallucinate is also extremely useful for escapes. Running away from enemies, if you can't juke them with a normal q, run into a bush, Hallucinate , Deceive , and send the clone somewhere else. It will look like you just ran into a bush and ran back out. But the real, invisible you will be off somewhere else making your escape.

When you have your Infinity Edge, Sword of the Divine, and a good amount of AD, your sequence will be:
Deceive > Backstab > Two-Shiv Poison > Sword of the Divine > AUTO ATTACK x3 > Chase them down and kill them if they are even still alive at this point.

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Items are also extremely important. Without items, Shaco is literally useless.

Starting Items

Start of with basic Boots of Speed and 4 Health Potion. Get a Warding Totem as well. The other totems really just aren't that great.

First Back

Alright so after your first or second back, you will want to get a Zeal and Berserker's Greaves. Your zeal is the start of your Statikk Shiv and it gives some good early movement speed, attack speed, and critical chance to make farming a bit easier sometimes.

Increase Damage

After you keep farming safely (Farming chapter can be found below to learn to safely farm) come back and purchase your Statikk Shiv and work your way towards a B. F. Sword for damage. REMEMBER: Your early game is very weak. This takes patience and smarts. Don't dive in yet - YOU WILL DIE.

Become a Critical Maniac

Farm, farm, and farm some more. Go ahead and purchase your Infinity Edge and at this point, you may start to Deceive and backstab for damage. Continue to farm and then the fun part comes. Purchase Sword of the Divine and have a blast.


Activate it after your first strike out of Deceive for maximum damage output. You can literally shred someone to death in a second. I like to venture into the jungle and put boxes down in the enemy jungle. When someone with not a lot of health walks into one, I run after them, Deceive, and unleash my combo for a kill.

Keep your damage, Keep your Health

The money you get from this point on goes into a Last Whisper to keep your damage when the enemies start to build armor and a situational defense item such as a Guardian Angel for that second chance when you don't escape the first time around.

At this point in the game, your job is to annihilate an enemy (preferably one that does a lot of damage) and then force a team fight so the enemy team is down a member, and you will win the fight.

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Alright so farming is a little bit tricky with this shaco. Early game IT WILL BE HARD. Let minions push up to your tower and farm them under tower. You can time the hits well and with Backstab get all of the cs easily. If someone jumps on you, Deceive away and you will be safe. Once you get to a Statikk Shiv farming will go a lot faster and you can harass your enemy with full statikk charges. DO NOT Deceive IN OR ELSE YOU WON'T HAVE AN ESCAPE OUT. Late game farming is a breeze and if someone bothers you, play with them. Have fun, mind tricks, make them angry, and most importantly, get away every time.

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Basically How to Play

Critical Shaco is meant to take down an enemy so that a team fight can be forced and won. After a team fight is won, objectives should be taken. Shaco is also great at pushing down towers as both Jack In The Box and Hallucinate damage towers. Shaco is a fantastic split pusher with the attack speed this build provides and he can easily escape when someone comes to stop you. If you are in need of money, you can hang around in the jungle and when someone comes by alone, kill them. If they are too much of a threat to you, Deceive and juke away. YOUR PURPOSE IS TO KILL FOR YOUR TEAM. Have fun with it. Your damage is zero early game but late game it will spike and you can basically 100 - 0 someone in a second or two.

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This guide is obviously under work. I am working to publish the Full AP side of this shaco guide and to do champion match ups and make the guide prettier. I hope you have fun with this because it is my favorite role in league. Any questions send me a message here on MobaFire and please vote and leave a comment! I'd appreciate it a lot and it would motivate me to make more fun guides for you guys. Who doesn't like to have some fun and win at the same time?