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Shaco Build Guide by WHYSHACOWHY

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WHYSHACOWHY

Shaco guide by WHY SHACO WHY(3000+games with this clown)

WHYSHACOWHY Last updated on October 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello shaco lovers!

Since alot of people asked me so many different questions about my shaco i finally desided to make this guide. My build and playstyle is different compared to most other guides i seen around here so im sure everyone can learn something from this!(currently im Diamond 1 50lp and got over 3000ranked shaco games)

Im going to keep the guide as short as possible with the most important you need to know before you can start playing shaco like me! So if you are ALL NEW to this game i would suggest you to read another guide since i havent explained the very basics about shaco for example(like what happens when i use my E ability? = this happens).
So if you NEVER played shaco before i suggest you go play a few games just to try the skills before comming here :)

I would really like to hear what you think about the guide, is there anything i should add or change? make a comment and i will do my best to answer it! :)

ps: link to my stream for the best learning experience ;)

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Runes + Masteries

Marks - flat AD (but u can also get attack speed)
Seals - always flat armor
Glyphs - Cooldown reduction
Quints - always flat AD

It is very important to have the cdr runes if u want to clear your buffs really fast with help from your team, this will be explained later in the guide.

Masteries 21/0/9
Most guides tell you to go 21/9/0 for the extra tankiness but for my build u will benefit alot more by putting the 9 points in utility because ->
2/2 Artificer = 15% shorter cooldowns on both blade of the ruined king and ghostblade wich is the 2 first items to will build
1/1 runic afinity = 20% duration on blue and red earlygame is just awesome
3/4 points in sorcery insted of 3/4 in fury - this is because of the early jungle clear that will be explained later

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Do NOT start - reason why you will always choose the items above is the 10% extra dmg to monsters that is needed when you do both buffs same time since the boxes will deal 10% more dmg also!

I see that some people never upgrade to for the reason that a good shaco should gank alot and not farm jungle, i tell you to ALWAYS finish this item BECAUSE by the time you get its most likely time to sell your jungling item anyway. Selling will give you 120gold, selling will give you 490g wich is 370g more and the upgrade cost is 400g. So in the end the loss is only 30gold!

after these items you can either rush or if you want to get some extra gold you can get . What item to buy usually depends on the gold you have when you recall, if u got 1800 to finish always do it!

The reason why i always go for as my first 2 items is not only for the nice dmg but mostly for the mobility to easy escape a fight gone bad or to be able to chase down champions like even if they flash and use their escape spell.
+ /
Sometimes there is a hard choise to make, should you go for the extra dmg or defensive . If they have heavy CC or AOE team i suggest you go for GA first. If you think you can jump in on thier ADC/weak champ without getting killed i suggest you get the IE first!

if you wanna play shaco like a baws dont build this item, botrk use effect is just to op on shaco as escape or to chase someone down that flashed away!!

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Jungle route

So most likely you are going to do both buffs same time!! for this you need to have CDR runes/masteries so your toplane have time to help you without loosing any farm. Also you have to start because of the 10% extra dmg your boxes will do to monsters.

When game starts buy your items really fast and tell your team to come secure your ***, always put your boxes where your botlane is, if purple team = place boxes at blue buff if blue team place boxes at red. Place first box in the bush closest to red/blue spawn around 0.30-0.40 just incase they invade for some kill potential to your team. Second box place at 0.55 and after than you put 3 more on same place so there will be 4 boxes when buff spawn. It's important to place these boxes so they focus Big guy first(if they focus both small ones first the boxes duration will run out before they can kill the fat one)Just put the boxes close to wall behind blue/red to make sure they focus correctly!

So after the 4 boxes is put the timer should be around 1.40 then run fast to the other buff where your toplane is waiting and will help you finish it (IF YOU DONT RUN CDR RUNES YOU WILL BE TOPLANE BUFF 2.08ish insted of 1.57= toplane wont help)(smiteless pull is good if you want to counterjungle!), for counterjungle always scout enemy team, if botlane is late to lane its most likely because they helped thier jungler and then you know where he started!)

To get level 3 from this your 4 boxes have to lasthit buff + 1 small minion, so ask your midlane to do 1 spell if possible(gragas, lux and other midlaners with aoe spell can easily give a barrel or similar spell without loosing any farm and that 1 barrel helps ALOOOOOOT!!!!) Also the botlane have to do a few hits to red and then swap to the small ones, ranged support is always prefered if you are doing this start since he can more easily help wihtout leeching xp.

But lets say you have blitzcrank support and fizz mid i would suggest you just solo both buffs since it will be hard for them to help you well and will most likely just end up stealing or not doing enough dmg before your boxes end!

Since your team setup will affect how well this works i will show some examples of champs that will make this dubblebuff start easy/hard for you!
Good mid champs: Ahri, anivia, gragas, jayce, lux, xerath, zed
Bad mid champs: Fizz, Akali, Kha'zix and any other midchamp

Good supports Any ranged is good but fidle is the best because his E deals alot of dmg!
Bad supports Any melee champ(BUT this is only if the support dont know how to do it, any melee support can run in and help but if they dont know how to do they might take agro and drag away buff from boxes or leech xp!)

This is the start i do most of the games (but since i play against same people so often i change route sometimes to not make it so obvious) But for any non shaco only player i think its possible to do this every game!

Video link for jungle route:

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Ganking toplane or invade enemy jungler!

Toplane gank: if you manage to get early kill on enemy toplaner you can make his life REALLY hard, after the kill simply decive in between his first and second tower to the bush and wait for him for a chance on another kill, just have in mind you must use your decive when there is no minons between the towers or the enemy team might see the smoke!(PS i never ran all the way to the bush since vlad was already coming,if you cant see the toplane just hide in the brush close to thier inner turret and wait for him!)
Clippie clip:

Since you most likely got a really fast dubble buff(around 2.15 in time) there will be no jungler faster than that! So if you dont want to early gank mid top go wait for him when he is going to his second buff. TAKE CARE they might ward thier buff since they are up against a shaco!

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How to use your boxes like a baws!

Your jack in the boxes can be used to block any singetarget skillshot in the game! This trick is kinda hard to pull of so it will take some practice, but it will foh sure save your life(or your teammates!)
You have to place the box slightly before they use thier ability so you have to use your spider senses and place the box at the moment you think they will use thier skillshot at you! For this trick i suggest you practise with a friend. At first tell him when to shoot and try block it with your box. When you master this you can always make tell your friend to shoot at random, dont juke it just try to block with your box!
When you know how to make this move ingame i will give you a cookie :)
Watch the clip for how you can practise together with a friend:

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Jukes on u!

Dont make it to obvious that you always jump in the direction you move.One of my favorite moves is to run in a direction and then you turn really fast in another direction but make sure the enemy team saw it and isntantly after you made that turn use your decive in the way you where first walking. Most people will think you failed and by accident showed them where you jumped and will keep chasing in the direction where you want them to go... like bots!!!
watch this clip for some examples.:

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How to make great use of your ultimate!

When you press your ultimate shaco cant be targeted or be dealt any dmg to for a very short time, this will take alot of practise but when you master it... there really isnt anything more OP :D
i will make a list of some examples what you can dodge!
Karthus ultimate
Zed ultimate
Vi ultimate
Gragas ultimate
Shen taunt
Blitz hook
this list could be made very long but i will keep it shourt! YOU CAN DODGE ANYTHING!!!(perhaps the only exeption is noc fear that cant get dodged for some reason :(( )
You can dodge pretty much anything, perhaps the last tick of ignite or just a normal autoattack to save your life!
Watch this for example!

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How to play shaco mid/lategame?

This is where most shaco players fail and all community for some reason think he is useless.
Most games dont go rambo splitpushing, join your team but DO NOT enter first wait some time and after enemy team used thier burst jump in and try assasinate high priority targets like thier ADC/AP carry!((BUT all games is different sometimes it might be worth more to splitpush)

Also lets say after a big teamfight, watch mid/top lanes if you can see one of your lanes is pushing with alot of minions. Run to that lane and stand behind the minions so enemy team cant see you, if one of enemy team go to take that farm, jump in and kill (ofcourse there have to be someone what you can 1v1!)

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The end!

I did not put any effort explaining how to gank and where to gank since this will be different in each game, but i would suggest you make 1 lane snowball hard! This is extremely effective because enemy team will start flaming the lane that falls behind alot and BAM game more or less won!

But if one of your lanes fall behind alot make sure to make some time for them also!

Use the tips and trix in this guide and im sure you can improve your shaco skills fast!

If you enjoyed this guide you can show your support by upvoting and follow me on twitch!
GL climbing the ladders /WHY SHACO WHY