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Shaco Build Guide by MrSemQ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrSemQ

Shaco The Demon Clown

MrSemQ Last updated on June 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction and Abilities

Shaco is an AD/AP hybrid champ. He uses his abilities together in quick succession and makes a great jungler and ganker. Shaco has 4 moves that work in unison. His Passive is backstab. This grants Shaco 20% extra bonus damage when attacking someone from behind. His Q is Deceive. This teleports a short distance and turns him invisible for 3.5 seconds at max. This also gives him a critical strike buff for the duration. When deceive is used on a champion, it does a 140% crit, 160% crit etc., up to 220%. This move initiates ganks and gets you out of sticky situations. This is why you don't need to waste a summoner on flash. Shaco's next move is Jack in the box. This is a trap for Shaco that goes invisible after two seconds of placing and fearing an enemy for 1 seconds aswell as shooting them for 5 seconds. Shaco's E is Two-Shiv Poison. This move is similar to Katarinas Q. It throws a knife at the target from a distance and does a lot of damage depending on your AD/AP. Lastly we have Shaco's Ultimate. Hallucinate makes a clone of Shaco that does 75% but also receives 50% more damage. On death the clone explodes dealing a lot of damage + 100% of Your AP.

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- Shaco has an excellent ability to gank. Using Deceive into two shiv poison will get off a nice amount of damage. Make sure to cover all exits with your jack in the box to secure the kill.
- With his ult, does 175% damage towards turrets/enemies.
- Gap closer
- Has invisible ability
- Smart players know who is you or your double when using your ult.
- Does poorly against bruisers (ex: Garen, Sejuani, Darius)
- Clears jungle slow
- Long CD's

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Why Pick Shaco?

Shaco is an exceptional jungler for his teemo-like boxes, and invisible ganks. His ability to initiate is great and can take on 2 people with his ultimate move. Shaco not only jungles but is an excellent top laner. Even in some solo top lane situations, Shaco can dominate. With his Ultimate its almost like he isn't the only one there. While this is up it can win a lot of fights. Shaco's ultimate also explodes and does AOE damage to targets near him. This is why it is crucial to act like a dumb bot when you pop your ultimate. They will always look for the one that moves first in the right direction.

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The mastery chart is using Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Armor Pen to maximize damage output with Shaco. He has a quite low attack speed to start so good runes and masteries can help you a lot. The defense ones we have help to take damage including armor and health. Shaco isn't a squishy champion but is usually one of good damage dealers and is focused if fed. So any help from that will help him take punishment.

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Skill Sequence

In my opinion, your two-shiv poison is the best move shaco has next to his ultimate. It will do the most damage and when covering a lane, can harass an enemy easily because of its long range. Jack in the box will be leveled up second, acting like a teemo shroom,but for 1 minute instead of ten. Not only that but it will fear. Incase your team mate is being chased you lay down a trap to kill them or get them off your mate. Deceive will be leveled up last because it is only used for ganking. It doesnt do as much damage as both Two-Shiv Poison or jack in the box does. Your ultimate will be leveled up at all chances at 6, 11, and 16.

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Shaco isn't much of a farmer, but if he is only top laning and not jungling you have to wait for last hits often. Your jack in the box will only last for 5 seconds and wont do much damage until you have a decent amount of AP. Rely on your minions and Two-Shiv Poison to get last hits.

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Team Work

When in team fights Shaco's ultimate takes a huge toll on the team fight, not only does your duplicate do damage on death but it can be focused often. When using your ult you and your duplicate are different colors to the enemy. This makes one of you look fake and they may focus your duplicate if they aren't smart. This will take pressure off of your ADC and possibly result in a Team fight victory as they spent a few seconds not attacking a champion.

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Creeping / Jungling

Although jack in the box isn't very good in lane, it is ideal in jungling. when facing creeps you can use your jack in the box to focus the creep and take aggro for the first few seconds. Take a point at this at level one and can actually solo blue buff at that level if it focuses the golem. Sometimes it has the tendancy to focus the smaller guys or wolves. You out put a lot of damage and have generally short CD's for deceive and Two-Shiv Poison.