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Shaco Build Guide by FreudianSlip

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreudianSlip

Shaco - Under the Bridge: Trolling friends and foes alike

FreudianSlip Last updated on June 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I'm



If you skipped the third word of that last sentence we are off to a good start.

However, I used to main Shaco in Season 1, which admittedly were more fun and better days in LoL where nobody knew what they were doing and just did random stuff all the time. Shaco is not only a viable jungle and mid, but the best jungle and mid. Also, never ever play Shaco support unless you're username is: Poodlelord. This offense is punishable by banishment from League of Legends.

Here is a link to My Season 1 Shaco Guide that got great reviews such as, "Very nice Eric >.<"

Things have changed. Now the only way to actually win games is to tryhard as Shaco. Oh how times have changed. Often times, Riot Games will rig games without a Shaco to end in a draw. This is part of why NA and EU have never won worlds is cause they haven't figured this out yet. Just sayin, Dyrus never played Shaco. Illuminati confirmed.

Before you start pointing out everything supposedly wrong with the previous paragraph, you should just clear your mind and keep reading.

Into the crazed abyss we go.

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Pros / Cons

There are a few reason's you should only play Shaco for the rest of your league career, and surprisingly enough a few reasons that he has too high a skill cap for you petty bronzie to learn.


- He is crazy amazing in all phases of the game, early, mid, and late game. If someone tries to tell you that his mid game isn't very good, just whip out your personal jack in the box and beat them to death with it.

- He has an invisible flash every 10 seconds or so. "Where the hell did he go? Olad, I ded." - Kog Maw. Also easy to escape, all you gotta do is go the exact opposite direction that they think you are gonna go. Makes for an amusing escape when you Deceive into the bush next to them and recall while they sprint around looking for you.

- You can put 4 boxes in a bush then sit there and instantly kill anyone that walks in there. Good for patient players with nothing better to do.

- Sick plays with your ult Hallucinate since you can juke people, lure them into bad spots, and then blow up in their face. One of the best trolling abilities in League.

- The enemy team is already annoyed just playing against you, if you make some good plays, they will get frustrated quickly and then you have creeped into their mind and can haunt them from within.

- If you win, it's a bonus, cause nobody expects to win the game when Shaco is on their team.


- The only con of playing Shaco is that he isn't easy. Shaco isn't one of those champions that is easy enough that you don't need any skill and can just be bronze 5 and master. Expect to suck for the first 4 years worth of playing him, but it will pay off in the long run.

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Usually starting with runes on certain champions gives you an advantage during certain parts of the game.

If you don't like using runes, you probably should probably reconsider your stance.

Jungle Shaco:

Use these Greater Mark of Attack Speed for faster jungle clear speeds.

Use these Greater Seal of Armor so your scrub doesn't die in the jungle

Use these Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist so you can laugh later in the game as the enemy tries to kill your clone but can't cause you have these suckers.

Then Finally, use these Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to run in circles around your enemies before igniting them and doing the worm on their grave and then getting executed by tower just to prove a point.

Mid Shaco:

Use these Greater Mark of Attack Damage to pack some serious early game punch with your daggers. That might not sound like it makes sense, but just trust me that it does.

Use these Greater Seal of Scaling Armor Cause everyone knows Shaco's early game is terrible and you really just need to rely on late game power.

Use these Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Cause after you ruin the life of the enemy mid laner, they will do everything in their power to get revenge on you late game tunneling on you like none other. Yet if you happen to disconnect mid fight and get hit by an ability, you wont die and will have a chance to stomp on their petty lives and remind them that nobody loves them and that they are better off disconnecting and returning to their sad lives as janitors and garbagemen. Yeah #rekt.

Finally use these: Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage so that you stab people more effectively.

A demon jester naturally needs terrifying runes, so there ya go. Take those runes or just lose every game the rest of your life. Up to you.

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Do ya masteries by yourself I dont give a fack. Take some AD. Or if you want to be a less useful sack of turds, take some AP.

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Contrary to popular belief, Heal and Clarity are not good choices on Shaco.

Always take Ignite.

When laning I like to take Exhaust cause that makes the ultimate kill lane giving you another laning summoner spell. The common saying is that they can run, but they can't hide, but with exhaust they can't run or hide cause you are a demon jester instilling fear into the heart of the devil himself.

When jungling take Smite. Do I really need to explain this one to you people? Eh, you know what, your top laner probably is taking smite anyway, just take Teleport. This way you also don't get blamed if you miss smite on Dragon or Baron. A win-win scenario.

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Skill Sequence

Backstab Stand behind your enemies to get bonus damage. You also appear 10% more menacing when attacking behind them as well. Everyone likes to look cool, so do it... peer pressure.

Deceive This is maybe Shaco's most useful abilty since it is essentially a flash that turns you invisible and lets you do bonus crit damage on your next auto. Use it for ganking or get called a baddie.

Jack In The Box The toys that fear. Put them in your target's escape route then /l when they run into it. They may get away, but at least you got the last laugh. If you max this first, your enemies better be bronze.

Two-Shiv Poison This is Shaco's main form of poke and his slow. Max it first regardless of whether you are jungling or laning.

Hallucinate This has a lot of uses.
1: do a lot more damage in extended fights.
2: confuse your opponent while you try to escape.
3: sit in a bush and ult, then have your clone run out and they attack the clone and full-combo them while you laugh in the bush, then deceive out and kill them, then tea-bag their corpses, cause let's be real, they deserve it.
4: you dissapear from the game for about .5 seconds, time it right and you can avoid things like Karthus ult, Cassiopeia ult, Malphite ult, and some other stuff. Everyone will call you a hacker, but let's be real, if you unlocked and are playing Shaco, you should get reported for hacking.

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Here is where this guide might get a little controversial, but trust me, this build is super great.

There are some items that are pretty self explanatory, so I am going to go and explain the choice of items that may seem like they make no gosh darn sense, but actually are completely logical.

This item right here is dank af. Three blades for mega penetration. This item is more essential on Shaco than a bomb is to a terrorist. Do you want some move speed? WELL HERES SOME MOVE SPEED! Would you like some attack speed? YES NOW GIVE ME SOME OF THAT ATTACK SPEED! Sir, would you kindly like.....YES AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AOIH4TEAOHOAEIWHGAOHGEOWHGAWGHWEOIGHEWOAHTATEaihaohgahegiaohgaovinanoaiesht.... aoihtea.... Sadly this poor Shaco died from a fatal erection. He shot his semen everywhere after realizing that he got mana, ability power, enhanced damage on his autos following his skills, health, damage, and a speed buff following his autos. Don't make the same mistake, just buy the item and dont think about everything it supplies.

Yo homie, this item gives you some mad sustained damage, lifesteal, attack speed, and an active that just screams, suck on a firecracker bruh. If you dont build this you're a moron.

I like building Merc Treads cause they have tenacity, and if I am mid, also a little bit of MR to counter mages. This helps you survive longer engages and makes you a little beefier in the process. The alternative is for more map roaming and such.

Hey man, this gives you a lot of health, and you know what's scarier than a squishy little Shaco running at your carry? A 3500 health Shaco running at your carry. They never expect it, and it helps you survive longer engages. If this item was a song it would be "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses . It's kind of a throwback but still rocks and in the right situation it bring down the house.
This item gives you some magic resist and armor. Plus when you die, you dont actually die, cause when you respawn you just deceive away leaving the entire enemy team enraged beyond belief. Half of them might ragequit, which is an added bonus, but even if they do not, they will at least be highly discouraged and upset which might require years of counseling to repair their spirits. By that time you will have backdoored their nexus and be playing top lane for TSM.

This item gives you a lot of health like Warmog's, but also slows your opponent leaving them to deal with the constant damage from your BorK and the speed up from Tri Force. Buy this item if you are stomping, but otherwise Warmog's is better defensively.

This item used to be a staple on my signature Shaco back in season 1, but now has been relegated to situational use on mid Shaco. The sheen from Trinity Force gives a little bit of AP and the mana is really useful, so rushing a revolver for some poke is not as good in my opinion. Build it if you are ahead after BorK and Tri Force. Otherwise wait till after you have 5 items and see what you need. It gives you a slow too on the active which is a plus, along with hybrid damage that I like to have for good burst, and solid follow up.

I honestly don't know why I put this in here, but this supplies good hybrid damage and a passive that isn't that great on Shaco. I mostly put this in here cause my friend Will told me it's good. I don't really believe him, but this is here for good measure.

Most of the other items are self explanatory. If you're jungling build the jungle item, if you're mid dont build that. If you want armor pen, build a . If you want to go fast, build mobility boots.

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Ranked Play

Please don't play this champion in ranked.

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Team Work

It was expected when you locked in Shaco, that you weren't going to cooperate with the team.

Do not give them false hope. Ignore them all game and do your own thing. If you lose, at least you will be 11/3/0 and you weren't the reason your team lost. Not your fault your laners all suck. (Alternatively, if you are mid Shaco, it's not your fault your jungler is trashy.)

Every Shaco game is a 1v9. Play that way and if necessary, sabotage your team in order to get those dank kills. Your items are expensive so you need that maaaaad Mitt Romney money.

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How about a magic trick?

I have successfully taught you how to play Shaco the correct way, the way Riot intended. His build order is tricky, his plays are tricker, and not cooperating at all with your team is the trickiest.

However, I have faith that


can pull it off. If you don't, it's your own fault you sh1tter. Take accountability for your own terrible play. Shaco take's a lot of skill and time to master, so if you don't get a S+ ranking on your first game, it's not worth your time, you will never fulfill Shaco's infinite potential.