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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rimmon

Shen Da'Tank

Rimmon Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Shen, as everyone knows, is a great tank, if played right. Many people know that when they get a ****py Shen bad things happen. So I'm making this guide to make maybe some of those ****py Shens who want to get better will read this. (lol)

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The magic pen marks are used to increase vorpal blades damage and penetration cause thats shens really only main damage skill other than passive buff. Next the armor p.lvl. seals is really just to get tanker but could be substituted with energy regen of course. Next the magic res per lvl glyphs is the same purpose and really helps in early game and in late game. Now the Quintessences. I listed four different types, the Armor p.lvl., Magic Res p.lvl., Flat Health Quints, and Flat Armor Quints. These could all be good choices for the quints you use so I listed them all and you could mix-and-match but I don't think that is a great option in the long run, but all of them are beneficial.

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Now I go 0/21/9 for masteries, because well one Shen is a tank, so 21 in defense tree makes obvious sense. Now I see a lot of Shen's go 9/21/0. I think this is stupid because i mean sure he has vorpal blade but your not the damage on the team, so getting that extra magic pen from archaic knowledge isn't worth it in the long run. Also I get the 9 in utility for the faster leveling which allows you to help the team quicker with your ultimate and gank quicker as well. I'll go into that in Team Work section below.

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Ok items,

Core Build: For Early/Mid Game

These items are essential to the beginning now, if you have a support who gets Aegis before you then don't get that instead look at the team and decide if you need more armor or magic res and go from there. Next getting Force of Nature or Randuin's Omen depends on who is on the enemy team, a lot of AP then go with Force of Nature, but a lot of AD go Randuin's omen.

Now I know there are seven items on the build list,(8 if you count the potion lol)but I put seven up because if its one of those games that lasts forever and you can get full build, sell Doran's Shield and get the because of Warmog's Armor the passive should be greatly useful on Shen with all that HP, plus gives extra armor.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells:
A great spell and good to counter some character with healing spells like Mundo. Added to the effect in a fight with your Sunfire Cape ignite is useful for gettin those who run away.

Also a great spell either to chase with shadow dash causing to catch up quickly or get away quickly(since your the tank, should rarely happen when you need to run away)

Now those are the one's I use personally, I see others Flash or Teleport but is good enough that you dont need it. And for Teleport, just no, your ult is good enough you dont need to cut down on a Summoner spell that good be used better like Ignite or Exhuast which is another good summoner spell.

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Team Work

Many Shen's are horrible at this, either cowards or bad at using Stand United
It's absolutely crucial, to be MAP AWARE. Especially after level six, you have to know what is going around the map constantly and if a chance for a gank arises or to save a teammates life you have to take it, and you have to know whats happening around the map. Watch allies hp on the left side. You dont have to be perfect obviously, but you have to use your ultimate, I see many Shen's who don't even use their ultimate and it really causes serious implications.
Now Shen can't be a coward either even if you only have 1/3 hp left you have to stay in that team fight no matter what, especially if your the only tank, you have to take that damage to allow your allies to kill them. Shadow Dash to keep them on you cover your dps's like ashe who need extra attention. At less the 1/4 of my hp with this build I was able to tank a Rammus, Xin Shao, Sion, and Teemo, along with a turret and still live while my team killed them. Just follow these guidelines to the best you can and you should do better. Don't forget the big thing MAP AWARENESS!! :D

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Hope this guide will help those who love being a Ninja and also help those you want to get better at Shen, and thank you for reading! Please vote and comment!! :D