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Shen Build Guide by bushhunter

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bushhunter

Shen Dominates Dominion

bushhunter Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I know this isn't the flashiest looking guide but I think you will find it is one of the more succesfull item builds for Shen in Dominion.

Shen dominates in Dominion.

If you enjoy watching LeBlanc turn around and run from you.

If you like to enter a team fight first and come out last.

If you want to laugh at Katarina as she throw's her ultimate down and then she has to run away.

Well, then this is the guide for you in Dominion.

Originally I was going to make it very short and to the point but apparently I need 5000 letters in it to make it a "full guide" so I will elaborate and some points here and there.

First of all I am not a high ranked pro player and nor do I claim to be. What I am is a daily player who just enjoys doing really well with a very effective build for Shen in Dominion.

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Pros / Cons


* You are the tank, you command the outcome of most team fights
* You have very high survivability
* Your teammates will love you when you use Stand United
* You watch enemies turn around and run from you
* Your ultimate allows for global ganking and protecting your teammates
* And of course he is a ninja!


* You will die more often than your teammates
* Your teammates will demand the use of your ult even though it's on cooldown lol
* You are essentially just a meat shield
* Your damage output is ****
* You will not necessarily get many kills

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For runes I take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, Greater Mark of Armor, greater seal of vigor and Quintessence of Armor.

I don't really feel that these will necessarily "make or break" a persons build but essentially if you are planning on using a tank like Shen then you need to be resilient.

The glyphs,marks and quints are all obviously designed to do that and then I throw in some extra health regen with the seals.

Feel free to adjust them as you see fit, these are not etched in stone.

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For masteries I pretty much max out the defensive tree.

Magic resistance and more armor are always needed to use Shen effectively. I max out the health regen in Vigor which compliments my seals nicely. Durability and Veteran's Scars contribute nicely to your starting health pool.

I do not take Tough Skin or Bladed Armor since it's effectiveness is directly related to minions only. In dominion you can easily circumvent the minions simply by running through the middle of the map and generally when you are playing Shen you are not concerned about getting minion kills. You should be involved in any team fight you can.

Mercenary is a great mastery for Shen because it allows you to pick up some extra gold that you ordanairly would not be able to. Playing Shen yields a lot of assists but not neccesarily a lot of kills so this really helps you to finish your build.

After speccing down to Juggernaut I have 3 points left which I put in to improve my Ignite and Promote spell and then I spec into Improved Recall to help cutdown on some time so I can get back out into the fray.

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My first items are a Giant's Belt and 2 Health Potion. You will be slow but if you hit the speed pad and throw a shadow dash in there you will reach the top just fine. The bonus 430 health from the belt will be a huge advantage to you at the first team fight for control of the Windmill in the beginning. As your opponents drop 1 by 1 use a health pot to help you finish of any pesky stragglers who keep coming back to harass you.

Next up are Boots of Speed and then you want to build these into Mercury's Treads to give yourself some cc reduction and more magic resistance.

I now work on building a Phage (ruby crystal and longsword) so I end up with a Frozen Mallet. Frozen Mallet is awesome for Shen, it provides you with a ton of health and is great when paired with the next item you build. It also helps keep your enemies speed down so 1 of your teammates can show up and help finish them off.

Next is another Giant's Belt, then Chain Vest to build into a Sunfire Cape. The extra health is going to improve your survivability greatly and when you slow your enemies with the Frozen Mallet you get to also burn them with your Sunfire Cape :)

From here I will build Thornmail since 99% of the time you will be facing heavy melee opponents and this also contributes nicely to your damage output while still being defensive. So at this point you are very well equipped defensively but you also are putting out some damage, the best of both worlds.

After this I begin to build Force of Nature, starting off with buying a few Regrowth Pendant and finishing with the Negatron Cloak for some more magic resist. This is a great item, it really helps with your health regen but also you gain a nice movement speed increase which is always good while your hacking at your enemies with your Frozen Mallet and they are freaking out because they can't escape you lol.

At this point it's situational as far as what to get next, I usually start to build an Atma's Impaler to utilize all the health we have accumulated and put it into damage output. If my survivability is still low I will build a Warden's Mail.

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Skill Sequence

In the beginning of Dominion you get to put 3 points right away into your abilities. I put 1 into all 3.

This way you have your Vorpal Blade to chuck at "would be escapers" or to initiate the fight, you have your shield when you enter into the 1st team fight and you have your taunt to keep them there so your teammates can get a few kills.

After this my main priority is Vorpal Blade. Since I am building such a defensive item build this skill is really needed to help with your damage output and of course it acts as a slight heal for you as well.

Second ability I max is my Feint. This is your shield which obviously you should be utilizing whenever you enter a team fight. To a certain degree you do need to be aware of managing Shen's energy so judge the situation and decide wether it's time to taunt or shield but this skill does help mitigate a lot of damage.

Now, some people may argue to max Shadow Dash second over Feint as it is a primary tool when tanking with Shen. This may be true in classic gameplay but in my opinion when you are playing in Dominion, the smaller sized map and quicker game-play always means that one of your teammates is more than likely only a few steps away. Personally if you want to max this second over Feint then by all means do so, I am merely speaking from my own personal experience in Dom and have found that for my playing style this works best in the order I set forth.
Shadow Dash is Shen's taunt. Your enemies demise :) it allows your teammates to get those kills and for your enemies to hate you. Taunting while your team has control of a tower is always fun since you get the help of the turrets blasting away at your enemies, it prevents escapes and stragglers trying to get away and is also an escape tool for yourself on those occasions that the entire enemy team is chasing you down because they are so mad at you haha.

Your ultimate Stand United should get maxed out at every chance it allows you to put a point in it, which I believe is level 6, 11 and 16.
Your ultimate is a game changer! USE IT WISELY!

Watching the map is soooo important playing Shen. You should always be aware of your teammates and their health. A good Shen will know when to ult on a teammate and when it is not neccessary. Use this skill judiciously and it will change the outcome of the game.
Having the ability to instantly shield and be at your teammates side is invaluable.

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Summoner Spells

I take Summoner's Wrath for Ignite because Shen does not do a lot of damage I use this to help "soften up" enemies or to finish them off. I also choose Summoner's Insight to use with Promote. Promote is a great spell in dominion, the super minion's kills will grant you the gold and since you will not get a ton of kills with Shen the extra gold is usefull and also it helps your team charge the turret.

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Team Work

If you want to be an effective Shen you must keep an eye on your teammates.

Your job as Shen is to basically absorb damage and taunt your enemies into attacking you. Shen is designed exactly to do that. Your taunt, shield and heal (from Vorpal Blade) allow you to initiate team fights and keep the enemy there while your teammates nuke them down.

Watch the map and see where you are most needed, it's very simple but often overlooked by inexperienced Shen players who want to use him more as an assassin and they are not really helping the team. Chasing a Nidalee through the middle of the map while your teammates are in a 3vs4 battle at the Windmill will immediately result in abusive name calling at you haha.

You have to commit to being the meat shield for the team, if this does not interest you then you need to choose a different champion to play.

It is always a good idea to alert the teammate of who you are going to use your ultimate on. That way they know you are on your way to assist and they do not necessarily have to retreat from the fight.

Often times I will let my teammates know by pinging them 2 or 3 times or if for someone reason I am unaware of their situation I may say at the beginning of the game to ping me 3 times if they are in trouble. Sometimes this is a bad idea because all of a sudden you will get "pinged to death" or an inexperienced teammate will make you waste your ult on them when they are at like full health and they have already killed their opponent. Because of that I am very aware of keeping tabs on who is really in need of Stand United and who is just inexperienced.

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Unique Skills

So I am planning on making a video to demonstrate the potential of the build I outlined here, unfortunately my fraps program does not seem to be working that well for me lol.

I did however want to point out another reason why this build is so effective.

Ki Strike.

Ki Strike scales off of your bonus health. Frozen Mallet=700 bonus health, Sunfire Cape=450 bonus health, so there is 1150 bonus health to scale off of and we aren't even actively pursuing damage output, that is just "icing on the cake".

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Watch the map!

Shen is most effective when you come to the aid of your teammates.

Your ultimate will make your teammates love you and your enemies hate you haha , it's awesome.

That's pretty much it, like I said this is a guide for Dominion and players who already have some experience with Shen. This build has always worked very well for me in Dominion and it's so much fun to take on several champs and be the one who walks away laughing afterwards.

Give it a try, I think you will have great success.

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Lol vote please

So as of right now I still have not made the requirements to have this considered a "full guide", therefore it is not listed right away if a person where to google it.

I may have read it wrong but I think that if I were to get enough votes on this build it will make it more easily accesible for others when they aearch it.

So all I ask is that you give it a try on a couple games in Dominion and then tell me what you think, I can't help but feel you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks a lot for reading this and trying it.